A Night of Passion and Lust

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Once again an english story with the usual ask of not blaming me too much for the bad wording and spelling of my writing in a foreign language.

This is the continuation of “A creamy beach surprise”, where I (Carmen, 24 years old on holiday in Spain) had a surprising, hot creaming session and more on the beach with a much older (66) American lady. My friends finally came to the beach and so we had to break but promised to see at night in her rented beach house. So please, if you haven´t read it yet, read the first part first.

My friends were in a great mood, when they came down the beach. All three of them had found a lover for the night and they all had spent some hot nights. They were telling and exchanging their night time experiences in the typical “girls-only-round-manner” an I liked the story, just had to find some excuses for not finding a lover myself, as none of them knew that I was a lesbian.

They had not seen me, making love on the beach to Shelley. The day went by quickly and in the evening we made ready for going out. My three friends had made appointments with their holiday lovers. We hade a funny dinner, sitting outdoors and when I left the six of them, nobody really took notice, as they were quite engaged with themselves. I was sure that my friends would have a hot night again – but I was sure too, that my night would be even better.

I had been aroused almost all day, thinking of the lusty morning session with Shelley and even more of thinking of the night to come. I had dressed in a light summer dress of a very thin fabric – and I wore nothing beneath!

I was a bit nervous when I found the way to the house she had rent, just above the beach where we had met this morning. She was so much older than me and so much more experienced. The morning sex had been so wonderful, I just had to try her again, to touch her mature, feminine body again, to taste her juices again.

When I finally knocked on the door of the small house, I just heard her call:

“Is it you, Carmen? Come in and lock the door!”

I did as she said and followed her voice till I found the sleeping room. It open to a balcony, that was just beyond the cliffs. One could hear the sea rolling. The room was lit by a dozen of candles. Everything was romantic to the most. But I could not concentrate on the romantic atmosphere, my eyes were fixed to that gorgeous lady, that Shelly really was.

She was sitting on the bed, dressed in a short night-shirt only. Only one button just above her breasts was closed. It did not Bostancı Escort cover anything of her opened crotch. I swallowed and took time now to just take in that most sexy look of this adoring 66year-old woman. I have always liked the looks of some feminine, active mature woman that cared about their body, but Shelley was fascinating more than I had dreamed of. Her legs were opened a bit and I could see a glimmer of wetness on her cunt and the nipples of her breasts pressed through the fabric of the night-shirt. Her mature face showed a smile for me.

“I´m so happy that you really come to me, Carmen. I almost can´t believe!”

I didn´t not answer but pulled my thin dressed over my head. I stood in front of her completely naked with my nipples already hard.

“You are such a beauty, Carmen! Such a young beauty!”

Her eyes were fixed to my firm body. I finally walked over to her and knelt before the bed. I took hold of her legs and drew her closer, till I knelt directly between her legs, her wet pussy just in front of my face.

I felt her softly stroking my hair. I planted some first shy kisses around her crotch, smelling her fabulous juices.

“Tell me, what you did after the beach, Shelley!” I finally said and my heart was pounding of excitement.

Shelley swallowed and then she said:

“I went here and got my dildo and sat here thinking of you and fucking myself with my dildo. God, I wanted you so bad to be with me, it hurt. My body was moving in slow sensuous movements, wishing it was your tongue and fingers going into my pussy and ass. I would have come instantly if it had been you. I played with my nipples, pretending it was your lips nipping gently at them making them stand right up. I wet my fingers and ran them around the nipple, pretending it was your tongue making love to me. It was very erotic for me and when I did climax, I had juice all over me. I had a towel underneath me and it was nice and wet. I wish you could have enjoyed my nectar and then kissed me deeply with your tongue and shared my juices.”

I was becoming hot and wet hearing her softly spoken words, her hands caressing my hair, while I was kissing the hot insides of her legs.

“What would you have done if I had been with you?” I whispered asking her.

“I would have gone down on you licking and nipping at your beautiful clit. I would have taken it in between my fingers and would have fondled it while my tongue explored down around your lips and darted it in and out of your beautiful Bostancı Escort Bayan sweet pussy. I would have entered you as far as my tongue would go, inserting one, two, three fingers to explore and satisfy your needs. I would have put my thumb in you ass while my tongue and fingers were in your pussy. You would have been riding them like you would ride a wild bull. You would have been throwing your body up and down riding me going into oblivion as you climaxed. I would have sucked your sweet juices as you came into my mouth. Then I would have come up to kiss you deeply, our tongues exchanging each others nectars. God, Carmen, I would love to fuck you with every thing that I have. You are something that I have dreamed of since I was very young, but didn’t realize what it was that I was desiring. It is you. I adore everything about you.”

When I heard her speak these wonderful, sexy words I was dripping wet already – and I was licking along her juicy slit. Her last words were a moaning. I looked up to her for a short moment, seeing that she had taken off the night-shirt completely and that her hands were fondling her own mature but wonderful breasts.

“I have never gotten so hot, just hearing somebody talk. Your words are so sexy and I will love you to do all to me, that you just said but before I will finish, what I couldn´t finish on the beach this morning!”

My face dove into her crotch and I kissed her, licked her, dug my tongue deep into that wet pussy, drank all her love nectar. I used my fingers to fuck her while I was licking and sucking her aroused clit. Shelley pressed my head between her legs. She was moaning loud of lust and passion and she came hard against my face in a furious orgasm, robbing her wet, juicy, mature sex wildly against my face, covering with her lust juices all over. I loved it to feel and smell her juices all over my face. When she had calmed down a bit I crawled up to her on the bed and we deeply French kissed and she started licking all her juices from my face. Our breasts were close to each other, I moved my firm, young breasts over her mature flesh, caressing her breasts with my nipples, letting our nipples touch and rob against each other; and I sill enjoyed this lady licking and kissing my face.

After a while Shelley finally rolled me over, so that now she was on top and then she started loving me as she said. She loved me with all the experience of her age, with all the passion of her desire for my younger body and with all the sexual lust of a Escort Bostancı woman. I was fucked to an incredible orgasm by her fingers, I came on her face, licking me and she made me cum by just sucking my nipples and playing with my breasts, using all her woman´s experience.

It was an orgy of passion and lust, a fight of young and old, the young using her wildness and the old using her passion and experience to be the better lover. It lasted for hours and I´m sure that Shelley won our competition of making the other come lightly. None of my girlfriends had made me come like this before.

It was almost four in the morning when we took a break. Shelley had opened a bottle of great sparkling wine and we stepped out on the balcony, standing their naked and looking down on the beach and sea. The only light was stars and moon.

I stood behind Shelley, hugging her from behind, letting my fingers softly fondle her breasts, taking in the smell of her body and kissing her neck softly from time to time.

After a while Shelley asked me:

“I almost can´t believe that this night really happened, that a beautiful, young woman like you really spends the night with an old lady like me. What do you like on me, Carmen?”

“I love you being the passionate, experienced woman you are, your way of being mature and feminine. I love how you keep your body in shape, how young at heart you are and I will show you what else I love…”

I turned her around and pressed my body against hers. I was wet again between my legs when we French kissed. I started kissing down her body softly, kissing her breasts, her nipples, kissing her stomach and licking her navel. I kissed and licked her pubic hair, very tenderly kissed her sex and made my way further down her legs – first the left and then the right. Shelley was sighing with pleasure. After a while I turned her round and again started kissing down her body, her neck, her back and I came to her wonderful ass. I kissed her cheeks starting softly and getting more passionate with each kiss, moving to licks later on and letting my tongues glide between her cheeks finally. I liked down her ass, till I tasted her wet cunt and up again. My tongue found her anus.

“No,” she whispered softly but sighing.

I just went further caressing her butt hole with my lips and tongue until I felt her opening her legs more, leaning forward and pressing her ass to my face. I put one finger into her pussy, fucking her slowly and licking her anus until she came, her body shivering.

My head rested on her mature, soft breasts when we both fell asleep in her bed exhausted after this night of lust and passion.

“There are three nights left,” I thought before I drifted into sleep.

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Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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