A Saturday Morning in the Office

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James’ field of expertise was contingency planning; drawing up emergency plans which could be used by his clients to minimise the impact of negative events on their future business. His background was in the emergency services, but the principles of such planning were relevant across all sectors. He had 20 years of experience behind him, and now, in his early 40’s he was putting it to good use and making a very good living from it.

His company was bidding for another very lucrative contract and time was short. He had been putting in a lot of extra hours in his own time, something which he had done for years and enjoyed, but this approach had, at the very least, been a contributing factor in the demise of his marriage. There had been other factors of course, but he and his ex-wife had grown apart and just didn’t want to live together any more. The world is full of such stories and James bore no grudges. His divorce was behind him and he was very much focussed on his future, his job for sure, but he hoped to find a love interest, or maybe just a sexual partner if the opportunity arose.

The office, as those who work in that environment will know, is not necessarily the best place when it comes to mixing business with pleasure. Depending on the number of staff, there may seem to be plenty of opportunities, but gossip and jealousy can quickly become destructive. For this reason James had always resisted any thought of becoming involved with any of the staff. As the boss he had to maintain a bit distance and respect, in contrast to some guys who appeared to feel that any female member of staff was fair game. His approach worked, and he was pretty universally regarded as a nice guy who treated people respectfully whilst demanding high standards.

Recently however, his attention had been drawn to one of the researchers, with whom he had previously only had limited involvement. Her name was Rachel, and for this particular contract she had already been really helpful. Her background, after university, was in the oil industry, and she knew the business well, something James knew would give him an edge when bidding for the contract. Rachel had been quite a high flyer for a dozen years or more, quickly rising up the promotion ladder of the company she then worked for, but similarly to James, her marriage had suffered and eventually broken under the strain. She re-evaluated her life, moved to a different area and took a less stressful job, quite content to be meaningfully occupied, earn reasonable money, but have more of a life to do the things she enjoyed.

She was an athletic woman, immaculately dressed, also in her early 40’s, slim, pale skinned, with a well-toned body that curved in and out in all the right places. In spite of this she was very much more comfortable these days taking a quiet, professional, industrious role and not drawing attention to herself.

In recent weeks, James had sought Rachel’s opinion on a few detailed points in connection with his current project. She had provided some valuable insight and had also demonstrated a cheery light-hearted side, often adding funny little comments to the numerous e-mails they had exchanged. It was obvious the two of them shared a similar sense of humour.

It was Thursday afternoon and James knew he had a full schedule of meetings on Friday. He realised he would have to put in more of his own time over the coming weekend to really try to polish up his proposal for the new contract. It still needed some refining in both the content and the presentation. He could do the basic word processing, but certainly lacked the skills to produce a finished document. He decided to seek further help and knew exactly who to speak to. He dialled Rachel’s extension number and asked her to come through to his office.

A couple of minutes later, there was a knock at the door and Rachel came in. She was, as usual, wearing a smart business suit (she always felt this was appropriate in the office), and had her long fair hair tied up neatly. James smiled at her and thought, not for the first time, how attractive she looked. Rachel smiled back in her customary warm yet slightly demure manner. Although she very much kept her thoughts to herself, she found James attractive, both physically and in his personality. He was pretty fit, without looking as if he spent too much time at the gym, lightly tanned and had a friendly smile, particularly in his twinkly eyes.

She sat down and James explained his time constraints. His request was a simple one. Was Rachel prepared to come in at the weekend and work with him, one to one, to try to put the contract bid to bed once and for all? She smiled at the terminology and was happy to say that she would spend as long as was needed. After all she had nothing else planned. They agreed to meet at 9.30 am on Saturday in James’ office. He would ensure they had plenty of refreshments to keep them going.

Saturday, and promptly at 9.30, Rachel’s red Mazda MX5 pulled escort bayanlar into the car park. James was waiting at the main entrance and watched her walk briskly towards him, admiring her easy, fluid movement. She was wearing a simple but elegant summer dress, nicely fitted to her curves and fairly modest but still showing off her shapely legs. It was, after all, a lovely sunny, warm day. James approved and felt that his selection of pale chinos and smart polo shirt had been a good choice. Rachel smiled warmly at him and felt a little flutter inside. He was a good looking guy.

James let them into the building, locking the main door behind them, and they made their way up to his office. He led the way which gave Rachel the opportunity to check out the shape of his bum. Nice and firm, clad in the chinos, which were just tight enough to show the lines of his body.

James’ office was quite spacious, without being too grand. He had a large desk complete with desktop PC and several mail trays. There were some smart filing cabinets and a couple of cupboards, one of which had a coffee maker on top. On the other side of the room was a coffee table with 4 comfy chairs arranged informally around it. A few paintings dotted the walls and there was a mirror to one side of his desk which allowed him to check his attire before he entered into an important meeting. There was a conference room across the corridor for larger meetings, but this was a less formal space for private conversations. Rachel had never really spent more than a few minutes in the room previously.

James thanked her for giving up her weekend to help and outlined what he hoped to achieve, at least from a work point of view! He made it clear that he very much valued Rachel’s frank views on both the content and the format of the finished document. She should feel free to say whatever she thought. Rachel nodded her agreement.

James logged in to the system and opened the set of documents he had been working with, then gave up the main seat to Rachel. After all, she would be doing all the creative formatting and hopefully making some other useful changes as well. He pulled up a second chair and sat next to her, perhaps a little closer than was strictly necessary.

They quickly settled down to the task in hand, working through the lengthy document which Rachel was already familiar with having contributed to earlier versions. James was impressed with the effortless way she turned the rough presentation into a professional-looking format. In addition her knowledge of the subject matter resulted in some useful amendments and additions.

As they worked James quickly found himself attracted to Rachel’s smooth skin, her silky long blonde hair, worn loose for a change, and her wonderful perfume which he recognised as “La Petite Robe Noire”. They worked well together, reviewing the wording, discussing some of the technical detail, and would sometimes find themselves brushing against one another as they pointed to the screen. They both found it a surprisingly intimate process.

After about an hour, James wanted to review the work they had already done. They started at the beginning again with James standing at Rachel’s shoulder looking down at the screen. He quickly realised that the angle gave him a clear view down the front of Rachel’s dress. He wasn’t in the habit of “down-blousing”, but felt he could safely have a good look given that Rachel’s eyes were firmly fixed on the screen. He liked what he saw. Rachel’s breasts were bigger than he imagined, held firmly by an attractive, lacy, nude-coloured bra. He imagined she must be a D or E cup, although her boobs looked nicely in proportion with her trim figure. He leaned slightly forward trying to get a peek of her nipples, but the bra was a well-fitting one and that wasn’t going to work. He found himself strangely aroused, after all he was a mature man, not a 14 year old, but he definitely felt a distinct stiffening in his pants. Sometimes the imagination can work wonders! He shifted his position slightly so the growing bulge in his chinos was not quite so obvious. It was time for a break!

“That’s great so far” he said. Let’s have a cuppa”.

James selected the capsules for the machine and prepared the coffees before carrying them over to the table. He had thoughtfully brought in a couple of croissants, Danish pastries and some biscuits. He wasn’t sure of her taste after all. Rachel settled into the chair opposite James and selected a croissant. Somehow he guessed she would go for the less sweet, arguably more refined option. They chatted away in relaxed manner feeling good about the way the day was turning out.

Of course had James known that Rachel was, in fact, very much aware that he had been looking down her dress, he might have been a little less relaxed. She had seen his reflection clearly in the screen and found herself feeling rather excited that he was so interested, even tuzla anal escort leaning a little further forward to give him a better view, a move that surprised even her! She was also aware of the effect the view had on James, catching the swelling in the front of his trousers out of the corner of her eye and noticing the way he moved to disguise it. After all she wasn’t a stranger to sex, she just hadn’t had it for a while.

Here she was in the workplace with an attractive man, who was clearly interested in her, and although she had never done anything like this in her life, she decided she was going to really push her normal boundaries and see what happened. Everyone has their little fantasies, and most of Rachel’s were situational in nature, the office being a particular favourite. She might never get a better opportunity, so she shifted position slightly in the seat and relaxed her normal careful attention to keeping her knees together. She had given a little thought to her underwear when she dressed in the morning, and was wearing a nice lacy thong; not too small at the front, subtle and classy. It was a pale beige “nude” colour, matching her bra, so it wouldn’t show under her dress, but with a sheer front panel and a very fine string up the back between her firm cheeks. She parted her legs slightly, just enough that it wasn’t obvious, but ensuring she was angled so James would get a clear view of her panties. She hoped the fabric wouldn’t give away the fact that she was already quite aroused and had leaked a small wet patch into them.

Unsurprisingly, James noticed immediately. He couldn’t believe his luck. Just when he had allowed his mind to drift back to the view of Rachel’s boobs, he was now looking up her dress at the crotch of her panties. Again he felt like a teenager, amazed at how aroused he was becoming. He felt his chinos tightening and again tried to hide the growing bulge.

Rachel chatted casually while she watched James’ reaction. Considering this was her first time teasing like this, she felt surprisingly calm; more than could be said for James who was getting really turned on. After a couple of minutes, Rachel moved again, taking up a more demure position before excusing herself to go to the ladies. James used the opportunity to fumble with his trousers, trying to re-arrange himself so the bulge wasn’t obvious.

After a few minutes, Rachel returned and they sat down to work once more. They both focussed on the real work of the day and made good progress, continuing to enjoy the sensation of working closely together with the occasional light brush of skin on skin as their arms or hands touched. After another hour or so the time came to once again review progress. James took up his position at Rachel’s left shoulder and peered down at the screen before, of course, lowering his eyes once again to glance down the front of her dress. He did a double take and felt a lurch in his stomach. This time he had a clear view of Rachel’s boobs, with firm nipples clearly on show. His stomach wasn’t the only thing to lurch! His cock sprang to attention and there was little chance of disguising it this time. He was trying to get a grip on the situation as Rachel turned to him smiling. She glanced at the large bulge in James’ pants and then looked up into his eyes.

“My my! What’s going on there?” she murmured.

James could actually feel himself blushing, something he really wasn’t accustomed to! Getting no response, Rachel continued.

“Did you really think I couldn’t see you looking down my dress earlier, and looking at my panties when were finishing coffee?”

James didn’t know what to say! He had been well and truly busted!

“I took off my bra in the ladies” she continued, answering his unspoken question. “I hope you like the view better now?”

Still James was so taken aback he didn’t really react. Only when Rachel reached out and gently rubbed her hand on his hard cock through the bulge in his trousers did he pull himself together. He leaned forward and moved his mouth closer to Rachel’s pale pink lips, again enjoying the scent of her perfume. He kissed her with a mounting sense of excitement and she responded passionately. God she was turned on! She could hardly believe she had behaved in this brazen way towards her boss.

Their lips met as Rachel rose to her feet and they pressed their bodies closer. She felt his strong warm arms around her and their tongues twined together as they gave in to the sexual tension that had been rising throughout the morning. After a minute of passionate embrace, James slid his hands down her shoulders, over the smooth fabric of Rachel’s pretty dress and cupped her beautiful breasts in his hands. He could feel her firm nipples through the fine material. She let out a little “Mmmmm” of pleasure as she felt his warm hands pressed against her boobs, then he slid his hands around the back, located the zip, and slowly pulled it down. escort tuzla bayan He had regained his usual composure.

Rachel stood, excitedly but compliantly as James unzipped her dress, then she obligingly shrugged her shoulders one at a time to allow the straps to fall away, and her dress slid swiftly and silently to the floor. She looked at James’ face as he drank in the sight of her nearly naked body; her pale skin, large boobs, still nice and firm with their darker coloured small hard nipples standing out prominently. All she was wearing now was her “nude” coloured pair of panties; a thong in fact, which covered her at the front but left nothing to the imagination at the back. He could see a slight damp patch at the crotch. God it had been a long time since he had such an attractive, naked woman in front of him. He could hardly wait to touch her, but Rachel wanted her turn to start undressing him first.

She leaned forward and kissed him softly, flicking her tongue between his lips playfully. The she unbuttoned the 2 buttons on his polo shirt, reached down to take hold of the hem, and gently lifted it, turning it inside out as it passed over his head. She dropped the shirt on the floor and took in the sight of James’ bare torso for the first time. He was toned, not exactly 6-pack buff, but definitely not flabby, with a flat tummy and a fairly hairy chest. She liked what she saw.

Next she reached down and unbuttoned his chinos, which were straining at the zip! She swiftly pulled the zip down to relieve the pressure and tugged his trousers down over his hips. He was wearing gingham patterned boxers which were ‘tented’ at the front with an impressive erection. There was an obvious damp spot where his cock was pushing at the material. Clearly he had been turned on long enough the start leaking! She loved it when a man was wet.

She pulled down his trousers fully and James slipped off his shoes and socks and stepped out of them. He glanced behind him to check the blinds were closed and was pleased to see they weren’t about to put on a show to their neighbouring offices. He put his arms around Rachel, pressing her bare breasts against his hairy chest, then stepped forwards pushing her slightly off balance so her bum was now perched on the edge of his leather-topped desk.

He kissed down her neck, Rachel enjoying the feeling of his slight stubble against her skin, and then kissed across her pale shoulders and down to her boobs. She leaned back as he kissed her right breast, working his way across the skin until he was able to take her firm nipple between his lips. Having fully recovered from his initial surprise, he was now really in control and he knew how to turn a woman on. He sucked on Rachel’s nipple, gently at first, then more firmly, before giving it quite a firm nip between his front teeth. Rachel allowed a little moan to escape her. She loved having her nipples stimulated like that. It sent little shivers of pleasure down her spine. Her pussy was tingling.

James gave her left breast the same careful attention and noted the dreamy look on Rachel’s face. She was loving it. He moved his lips down her abdomen, kissing and licking her taut belly, until he reached the elastic of her panties. He kissed along the line of the elastic, knowing this was a bit of a tease and sensing her anticipation, but then continued, kissing down the thin fabric until he felt dampness on his lips. He inhaled deeply, and was rewarded with the fabulous musky smell of a very excited pussy. Rachel felt James’ hot breath through her panties and, just for a moment, felt slightly self-conscious about how wet she had made them. It was a real give-away! God she was horny!

James slipped his fingers into each side of the elastic and gently eased her panties down. Rachel arched her back, lifting her bum off the desk far enough to allow her knickers to slide down. The crotch was glistening with her juices and James couldn’t resist flicking a finger over the surface, relishing the slippery texture which told him everything he needed to know. As her panties reached her ankles, Rachel lifted each foot in turn to step out of them, and suddenly she was totally naked. James was kneeling in front of her getting a wonderful close-up view of her pussy, which was neatly trimmed but still with a natural looking triangle of short pubic hair. He leaned forward and parted her legs. Rachel lay back on the desk and closed her eyes, waiting for the first touch of his lips. She wasn’t disappointed. He kissed her pubes first, taking his time to kiss every square millimetre and enjoying her reaction, then moved to her groin where he started gently licking. His tongue was warm and wet and his breath was hot on her thigh. He kissed down onto the inside of her thigh and inhaled again to get the wonderful smell of her sex.

He wanted to build the tension, the anticipation, so he continued licking, but avoided direct contact with her vagina. He ran his tongue around her pubic area, tracing the line of her neatly trimmed hair. He placed his lips on her trembling body and breathed out heavily. She could feel the hot breath wafting over her. Next he blew gently, directing the air current onto her pussy. The contrast of the cool breeze with his hot breath was exciting.

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