A Walk at the Beach

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She knew right away that she wanted him…

Earlier in the day, Angela was enjoying a quiet day walking at the beach with her dog. No cares, no interruptions, no busy “life” issues, but just an escape. A soft breeze off the ocean tempered the late summer sun. She’d even had a contemplative moment to just close her eyes, and she heard nothing but her dog’s panting and the waves lapping gently on the sand. Heaven…however, a loud yelp and hollering by 5 noisy young males startled Angela from her quiet reverie. The lads meant no harm per se, but they were no less obnoxious as they took over her beach bubble. She called to her pooch, and decided to retreat back into the nearby woods to escape their noise and shenanigans. As she came around a corner, Angela came across a man in his fifties on his haunches holding a camera up to his face, fixated on something nearby on the ground in front of him. He heard her footsteps and glanced up just as her dog approached him tail wagging and promptly put a wet nose in his groin.

“Oh my god! I am so sorry!…come here, now! Stay down!” Mortified at her own “intrusion” on another’s quiet solitude, she was relieved when he smiled up at her with a charming boyish grin and said “Oh, it’s all right. I love dogs! Problem is, they all love me too!” Angela thought to herself: stop staring even though he is cute!

“Well, nerd alert here! I was just photographing a cooperative ‘Lorquin’s Admiral’…you know, the butterfly? Do you want to see the pics?” He held up the camera close to her, and she put her hand on his arm to centre the view finder for better view. His arm was soft, but also revealed a strength and she felt his muscles tense. She murmured some appreciation for his photography skills, and secretly smiled at his enthusiastic ramblings about the life cycle of Lepidoptera. She also noticed the way the dog was responding to him as he stroked its head (dogs are such a good judge of character).

“Oh wow! Here I am pontificating about flutterby’s and you’re wearing a butterfly tshirt!” Angela blushed as she felt underdressed, even though out on a casual hike. She then wondered if that was just a male excuse to check out her ample kuşadası escort cleavage?! However, she found herself oddly aroused by his attention, and even arched her back, straightened her shoulders to offer him a better look at the garment.

“Um, this may seem forward, but would you be interested in going for a coffee as I have other pics on my laptop that I’d love your opinion on?”

Angela blushed and then admitted “I really shouldn’t as I am married you know.”

“I did notice the ring, but the offer still stands” he said with a cheeky Cheshire cat grin. “I’m off work today, and I gather you are too. Just be nice to chat with someone who appreciates the outdoors and nature. I promise I won’t bite, ha!” Angela couldn’t stop blushing, and even surprised herself as she felt a knowing tingle, an ache between her legs. (NO! She couldn’t…should she?).

“Alright, but only because Max likes you!…I’m Angela by the way” she said, holding out her hand. He took her hand firmly and gently in his and said “I’m enchanted Angela. I am David.” She swore his fingers lingered as he pulled away, intentionally caressing her palm and the inside of her wrist ever so lightly. Angela shuddered.

The coffee shop was mercifully quiet and they found a nice table.

As he pulled out his laptop to show off his photos, she found herself obliged to lean up and over him. Angela smiled a mischievous smile and surprised herself by intentionally putting the back of her head and hair in his face. As she pulled back, she could see David was admiring her neck line.

“You smell nice” was all he said in a low, deep voice.

The bantered with safe small talk for awhile – family, work, travels, dogs, etc. However, Angela noticed how he slyly put his arm around her shoulders, and their thighs were pressed up against each other. At one point he made her laugh with some silly witticism, and as she leaned into him giggling she steadied herself by placing her hand on his thigh under the table. She felt David tense and straighten up at her touch.

Angela glanced around room. Assured the angle of how they sat and the table cloth concealed her actions, she took action. Running a finger tip along the inside of his muscular thigh, she melted him with a come-hither look with her pretty green eyes. She reveled in the power play, the transfer of roles.

His shorts were loose enough to pull aside as her fingers crept up to touch his cock. Angela gasped at how hard he was, at how hard SHE was making him! (“Oh my gosh, what are you doing gurl?!”).

David smiled and quietly said “I tend to produce copious amounts of Precum. Does my being that wet unnerve you, or turn you on?”

“It is amazing! And yes, hot!” Angela said.

“I’ll be right back, I have to use the ladies room…hold that thought!” as she popped a fingertip in her mouth to taste him. “Mmmm, salty!” she teased. David’s eyes lit up.

Minutes later she was washing her hands, and “wooshing” her hair as she winked at herself in the mirror of the bathroom. Suddenly, Angela was shocked to see David walk into the small one-person ladies’ room! He’d somehow picked the lock; the sly devil! He locked the door behind him. Angela was both turned on and fearful at his boldness as he moved catlike towards her.

“No one saw me come in, but we probably only have a couple of minutes.” He firmly pulled her close to his chest with a firm hand. Their mouths met and fireworks ensued. His warm lips met her soft mouth, and his beard tickled her a bit but also turned her on. David’s hands found hers, and their fingers clasped, squeezed tightly and entwined. She guided his hand to her ass and he groped at her hungrily. However, before she could take a breath, David spun her around and pressed her hard up against the wall, pinning her. His strong fingers yanked her shorts down to her ankles and she let out a gasp equally filled with surprise, resistance, and pleasure. He then lustily but ever sooo slowly slid a hand down her panties down the crack of her ass, making her shiver. After briefly tickling her forbidden rosebud, that same hand then cupped her moist pussy for a moment, grounding her. Angela instinctively arched as he dipped a finger between her well-lubed labia. She tried to stifle her moans of pleasure, not wanting to alert the staff or patrons. As he continued to gently but adroitly finger-bang her, she could feel David’s turgid, wet cock press and hump against her leg.

What he did next truly rattled her though, making her swoon…David deftly grabbed both of her arms behind her, and using his arm as a brace at her elbows he pressed his weight up against her, locking her in position. His other hand wrapped around her throat, not choking her, but holding her, taking her, possessing her like property. His hard cock was like a heat seeking missile as it found her wet pussy opening and he began to fuck her like she hadn’t been fucked in a long time. Angela couldn’t believe the waves of pleasure as his cock filled her, slamming into her as he held her tight from behind. This was animal sex, monkey sex, true Harvey Wallbanger kind of banal sex that they both obviously needed. Angela began to quiver as her first climax pushed her over the edge as she let out a quiet scream. “Cum all over my cock! Yes, yessss!” he grunted. As she felt him tense, she could feel his hot cum splash her inner walls and he groaned into her ear and that pushed her over the edge with yet another orgasm.

There was a knock at the door. A muffled “Is everything all right in there?” made the two of them giggle like school kids as they scrambled to get clothes back in place. A wad of tissue was needed to soak up their juices flowing down Angela’s inner thighs.

Angela managed to blurt out: “I’m fine. Sorry, I just managed to knock over the garbage can in here! Such a klutz! Just cleaning it up, thanks.”

David whispered “We are so going to hell for this! I have never done anything like that it in my whole life! Look, I know we have to get going. You go out first to see if coast is clear, and I’ll slip out the back entrance. Please, please give me your cell number though so I can call and text you — I MUST see you again. Oh my gosh, that was insanely good!” Angela smiled through flushed cheeks, grabbed his hand, pulled out a pen from her purse and wrote her number on his palm. Angela quickly planted a big kiss on his lips. She then went to the door, peeked around the corner both ways, and signalled him to quickly go on his way.

(“Now, I think I’ll have to stop by the Y to have a shower before going home as I smell like sex!” she thought to herself).

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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