Adventures of a Hair Lover: Ch. 02

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The next time I woke up it was daylight and Annie was preparing to leave the tent in last night’s t-shirt and a pair of cut-off jeans. I could hear other people stirring outside.

“What time is it, ” I asked.

She came over and gave me a quick good-morning kiss before answering. “It’s about six-thirty, Hon; breakfast will be ready in another hour. There’s probably some coffee now though.” With a little wave and a smile she disappeared out the door. I lay back, listening to the sounds of people moving around me and the quiet murmur of voices. It was odd to have the private and public spheres separated only by a thin sheet of nylon fabric.

Finally I rose and, like Annie, donned a pair of cut-offs and a t-shirt and ambled down to the dining tent. There were about fifteen people sitting around drinking coffee or tea and talking. Annie was busy making french toast so I got my own cup of coffee and sat on the outside of the circle and listened to the conversation. After about fifteen minutes Heather appeared and, after speaking to Annie for a couple of minutes, brought her cup of coffee over to sit beside me. She was wearing a long purple and black dress that was made out of a diaphanous, almost transparent, material. The fact that I could see the vague shapes of her large breasts shifting under the gauze and the shadow of her full pubic patch unnerved me. Somehow she seemed more naked than the nude women I’d seen yesterday. I was extremely aroused, especially after the fantasy session with Annie last night, but I didn’t feel comfortable revealing this to Heather. However, adding to my distress, I had the distinct suspicion that Heather was well aware of my turmoil and was intentionally playing on my arousal. And succeeding. Even though we managed to maintain a mangled conversation our words conveyed the least of our communication.

At one point Annie came over and brought Heather and me each a plate piled with scrambled eggs, fried potatoes and french toast. As she set the plates in front of us I happened to catch the rather enigmatic glance that passed between them.

“You’ve got a very sweet husband, ” Heather said, placing her hand on my bare thigh and giving it a squeeze.

I felt flushed and flustered. I had an almost full erection that, because I’d been unable to adjust it, had snaked down the leg of my cut-offs and was threatening to stick its head out the bottom. I looked at Annie with a pleading expression. My dear wife just giggled and headed back to the stove.

I tried to focus my attention on eating but it was hard to concentrate with Heather’s nearly naked body so close by. I couldn’t help but wonder what she’d look like without the dress on, what the true extent of her hairiness was. Annie had talked about Heather’s “hairy cunt” last night but I didn’t know if she was speaking of something she’d seen or was just trying to excite me. I was hoping I’d get the chance to see for myself sometime during the weekend.

Even while I was entertaining these thoughts, and we ate, Heather and I continued to talk. As she stopped being so flirtatious and the conversation deepened I began to feel more at ease. I asked her about her involvement with the Wylde Wymyn and what it meant to her and, as she answered my questions, I realized that what I’d taken to be a kind of joke was actually a disciplined search for life-sustaining values. We finished eating and kept talking.

“What is the meaning of not shaving your legs and armpits?” I asked. She gave me a brief, but knowing, look of amusement and then became serious.

“I’ve felt for a long time that it’s important for me to accept and respect the form my body naturally takes. This means, for me, accepting that I’m a big woman, what many would call fat; it also means accepting the fact that due to my genetic makeup my body sprouts great quantities of hair. I choose not to fight those things. But it’s been hard. There have been people who’ve felt they had the right to say some pretty nasty things to me.” There was a slight catch in her voice that I sensed indicated the presence of a hidden well of pain. “And yet, on the positive side, it moved me to seek out others who view life the same way I do. As the poet Charles Simic puts it, ‘He who cannot howl will never find his pack’. I’ve found my pack and I’ve never been happier in my life. “

At some point Annie joined us with her own plate of food. Then Cassie showed up. The conversation flowed off into directions that didn’t really interest me and I grew restive. One of the kitchen assistants came by looking for volunteers to help collect and haul the garbage and I offered my services. This occupied about an hour and a half.

It was about 10:30 when I got back to the tent. Annie was nowhere in sight and there was very little activity around the tents. After considering my options I decided to try my luck at the “Old Swimming Hole” again. Taking an old blanket and a book, A Guide for the Perplexed, I headed antalya seks hikayeleri down the path I’d taken yesterday.

This time I was in luck. There was a small group of naked men and women splashing in the water and several children playing among the rocks at the river’s edge. Feeling a little guilty about being here only to watch the naked women I walked past them a ways and settled myself in the shade of a large evergreen whose lower branches had been lopped off. I sat looking around with my book in my hand pretending to be absorbing the marvels of nature, which I was, but I was more intent on catching glimpses of the naiads playing in the pool than the trees, rocks, and sky. All the women had dark patches under their arms.

After about fifteen minutes I began to feel increasingly conspicuous being the only one dressed. I’ve always been a fairly modest person so the idea of taking off my own clothes was slow in forming. But finally, figuring that everyone else was naked so I might as well be naked too, I pulled off my t-shirt and slid out of my cutoffs. It was a peculiar sensation at first. To be exposed in a public setting, even if everyone else was exposed too. And yet, as I lay there, I began to feel the same deep sense of relaxation I’d felt yesterday afternoon. Gradually I became less focused on the people in the water and actually began to read my book. A couple of hours later the population in the pool had dwindled down to one couple sitting chest deep in the water gazing into each other’s eyes. I decided, somewhat reluctantly, that my time could probably be better spent working on the training manual so I put on my cut-offs, gathered my things, and walked back up the path. As I neared the tent I heard the pealing of female laughter. I pushed through the door and was greeted by the abrupt descent of conspiratorial silence. Heather and Cassie were sitting on two of our camp stools while Annie, completely naked, was stretched out on the bedding and leaning against a couple of cushions. Heather was wearing the same purple and black dress she’d been wearing earlier and Cassie had on a yellow cotton sundress. Each of them was holding a glass of white wine. They were looking at me and I felt an indefinable sense of tense expectation.

“Hi Sweetheart, ” my wife said, “why don’t you pour yourself some wine and join us?”

“What’s going on?” I asked as I took the glass Annie handed me and tipped the jug to fill it. The three women giggled, a bit hysterically I thought.

“Oh… just having some girltalk,” Heather said and they all giggled again. I looked at each one of them in turn with growing suspicion. I couldn’t imagine why they were acting this way, like little kids with a guilty secret.

“Annie, what’s going on?” I asked again.

“Somebody’s got to get this thing rolling, ” Heather said. I couldn’t tell if she was talking to herself or to the two other women. I knew I wasn’t the recipient. “And it might as well be me. “

Annie and Cassie shifted nervously and exchanged a brief glance. Cassie ran the palms of her hands down her thighs and then clasped her hands around her knee. I was mystified.

Heather spread her legs under the dress and put her hands on her knees. “Annie says you like hairy women,” she said, sliding her hands up her thighs with seductive deliberation until her dress was bunched up around her waist. “How do you like this?”

I felt as if I’d been slammed in the chest with a sledge hammer. My heart was beating madly and my mouth was dry. A hot flush spread across my face; I couldn’t believe this was happening. I licked my lips involuntarily and looked at Annie. She seemed to be enjoying my discomfiture. They all were. My gaze returned to Heather. She was the hairiest woman I’d seen in my life in or out of a magazine. Her legs were covered with a profusion of short black hair that dwindled somewhat past her knees but then burst forth in rich, curly, abundance around her pussy, spreading out over her inner thighs.

“Show him the rest of it, ” Annie said.

“I will if Cassie shows him hers, ” Heather replied. We all turned to Cassie who flushed. She hesitated for just a moment, stood up, and quickly pulled her dress over her head. She, like Heather, wasn’t wearing anything underneath her dress. I was beginning to recover from the shock of Heather’s sudden exposure and so was able to focus my attention on Cassie a little better.

Cassie’s hairiness was different, less dramatic, than Heather’s. Her hair was a light brown, almost blond, and covered her lower body with a soft carpet of fuzz. She too had a thick pubic patch but only a narrow line of longer hairs climbed all the way to her navel. She made a teasing little turn, like a model at the end of a runway, lifted her arms and clasped her hands behind her head to show off the full growth under her arms.

At this point I had no idea how far this was meant to go or even if there was any kind of real understanding among the three of them. I only knew that I was enjoying what I was seeing and if they were willing and Annie didn’t mind I sure as hell wasn’t going to complain.

“Your turn Heather,” Cassie said, sitting down.

Heather stood up and pulled off her dress. She was what I’d describe as plump, not obese really, but well padded with large pendulous breasts tipped with dark areolas the size of mason jar lids and sporting thick nipples. Seeing her upright made me realize just how bushy her bush really was. The thick mass of hair rose in a pyramid to her navel with a few stragglers climbing past it. She, like Cassie, clasped her hands behind her head and did a flirtatious little bump and grind. Her armpits bristled with a long luxurious growth. There was even a small patch between her breasts and a number of curly hairs growing out of her areolas.

“Well, we’re all naked. Why don’t you join us, ” Cassie said.

“I, uhhh…” I turned my eyes to Annie. I had a full erection which I was sure she was aware of. The others had probably seen it too.

“Don’t look at me, ” she said, “fair is fair.”

It was beginning to sink in that the only limit here might be the sky. The idea was exciting, certainly, but it was also more than a little intimidating. Not only was the thought of satisfying three women daunting but I wasn’t at all sure how Annie would handle the reality of seeing me with someone else. For one thing Annie was somewhat sensitive about the size of her breasts and, obviously, Heather was quite large; Cassie too, while much smaller than Heather, had bigger boobs than my darling wife. The notion of finding myself in the middle of an ugly scene didn’t appeal to me at all. I was still looking into Annie’s eyes.

“It’s alright Mark, it really is, ” Annie said. “This was basically my idea and Heather and Cassie were willing.

“An it harms none, do as you will, ” Heather said before turning and arranging her dress on a box next to the wall of the tent. I marveled at the sight of her full bottom and the hair that swarmed out of the crack of her butt and over the inner cheeks. Then, her large breasts swinging, she returned to the stool.

They were all watching me. I felt rather awkward and ridiculous but also excited by the feeling of suspense. This must be how a stripper feels, I thought. And, acting the part, I undid the top button and, holding the side together, slowly pulled down the zipper. It was funny to see the intentness on their faces, even Annie who knew very well what was going to pop out. I turned around and wiggled my butt.

They got into the spirit of my little game and started calling for me to take it off. All off. I wrapped my t-shirt around my waist, slid my cut-offs down my legs, stepped out of them, and flung them in the air. The women laughed and clapped. Holding my t-shirt in front of me I turned around to face them and, with a sinking feeling, threw the t-shirt after the shorts.

I’d compared the size of my erect cock with enough of my boyhood friends to know that I was bigger than many and not as big as some. I didn’t generally worry. But to have three women avidly staring at that one part of my anatomy made me anxious .

“Nice, ” said Cassie.

“Hmmm, ” Heather added.

“Come here, baby,” my wife said, patting the bedding. When I sat down beside her she put her hand on my chest and gently pushed me back till I was supine. “I don’t think Mark will mind if you get better acquainted,” Annie told them .

Heather eased off the stool and, dropping to her hands and knees, crawled towards me. Her nipples brushed my legs and thighs. At this point Annie leaned over and kissed me passionately, fervently pushing her tongue into my mouth. A sensation of wet warmth enveloped the head of my cock and descended the shaft. A moment later I sensed someone, it had to be Cassie, settle down to my left and a hand began to rub my belly. I felt as if I was suspended in a warm bath of sensuality .

Annie pulled back and looked down at Heather. All that could be seen was a veil of long black hair moving up and down. Then Cassie bent down to kiss me. Her lips were cooler than Annie’s and her kiss more tentative. I reached out and stroked her shoulder and back before sliding my hand around to cup her breast.

“Hmm, ” she hummed into my mouth. I caught her nipple with the tips of my fingers and gently tugged. “Hmmm, ” she said again. The tentativeness began to melt away as her kiss became more forceful. I felt her reach across me. Curious, I opened my eyes and turned them as far to the right as I could; I saw that she’d captured one of Annie’s long nipples with her own fingertips. I gave the nipple in my fingertips a couple of sharp tugs and felt her laugh. I turned my eyes in time to see her do the same to Annie. Annie opened her eyes to look at us. I tugged Cassie’s tit again and watched her tug Annie’s. Annie reached out to give my nipple a hard pinch.

“Ouch! ” I said.

Cassie pulled away laughing and I felt Heather’s mouth leave my cock. I glanced down to see her looking up with a quizzical smile, holding my gleaming cock upright in her hand. No one offered to explain why we were laughing so she went back to licking along the shaft. I looked at Annie and saw that her gaze was fixed on Cassie’s face. Turning to Cassie I saw that she was looking at Annie with the same intent expression. A moment later they both leaned into me and their lips met above my chest. I was more than a little shocked; Annie had never expressed any explicit sexual interest in a woman before. She was definitely expressing it now. I could see the passion sparking between them. I maneuvered my arms out of the tangle and moved them till I could stroke both their backs. But a moment later Annie was standing up and stepping across me as Cassie rolled over on her back. In another second they were in each other’s arms. I was astounded.

At this point Heather grew tired of sucking my cock. She got up and reached into a pocket in her dress, pulled out a condom, and knelt beside me to roll it on. Then she straddled my middle, rubbing her pussy along my cock, raised her bottom, reached down to hold my cock upright and slowly pressed herself down over me. I reveled in the delicious sensation of being swallowed by her slick moist heat perceptible even through the latex. We both sighed involuntarily as her buttocks pushed tight against my thighs. I was running my hands over her belly, delighting in the crisp fleeciness of the curly black hair, following it to where it reached an apex at her navel.

“You really do like hair, don’t you?” She said leaning over, squashing her boobs against my chest like two soft pillows, to kiss my face with soft pecks before seeking out my mouth. I was stroking her thighs and ass to feel the mossy fuzz. “You’re a funny man,” she said, sitting up and moving on me. “A lot of guys don’t even seem to notice it, or ignore it, and some think it’s a turn-off. I haven’t met many who like it the way you do.”

I began fondling her bobbing breasts, teasing the thick nipples, as we smiled into each other’s eyes. We’d found a slow, pleasing, rhythm. She’d lift up off me until only the head of my cock remained inside her and then descend, making my full length disappear into her pink warmth. As she reached bottom I’d push up to meet her till we’d achieved maximum connection. “Hmmm, ” she’d sigh. And then lift off me again.

I looked over to see what Annie and Cassie were doing. Cassie was lying on her back with her eyes closed while Annie crouched over her kissing and sucking her breasts and nipples. I watched as Annie moved downward, rubbing her cheek on the fuzz of Cassie’s belly. As Annie neared her pussy Cassie spread her legs; I caught a glimpse of glistening pinkness just before Annie’s red head blocked my view .

Heather must have seen the amazement on my face. “You didn’t know your wife was a cunnivore?” She asked. Cassie laughed quietly, her eyes still closed. Annie grinned at me over Cassie’s belly. I could see her arm moving and knew her fingers must be sliding into Cassie’s pussy.

“Do you remember Laura?” My wife asked.

Did I remember Laura? Laura had been Annie’s roommate in college and, about two years after Annie and I had first gotten together, she’d come on to me at a party while Annie was out of town, visiting her parents. I spent the night at her apartment. Later I learned that Annie had told Laura that if she was interested in being with me she, Annie, wouldn’t mind. Laura and I got together several times after that first night.

“Laura!?” I said.

My wife giggled at my tone of astonishment. “Yes, dear, Laura. More than a few times. We were living in the same room, after all. “

“Cunnilingus. Lingus means tongue. Annie must be bi-lingual, ” Cassie said in an affected voice. Heather and Annie groaned.

I was busy attempting to remember all the times that Laura, Annie and I had been together socially, trying to recall if there had been any sign of their intimacy. Nothing came to mind.

Heather, who’d paused during the conversation, now began to move again. She was moving faster, with more concentration. Her eyes closed. I wiggled my finger through the mass of black curls and found the button of her clit. She opened her eyes, smiled at me, and then closed them again.

Cassie’s hand reached out to lightly stroke my arm. When I looked at her I saw that her eyes were shut. I caught her hand and her fingers intertwined with mine. She gave my hand a squeeze. I dropped my gaze to Annie’s bobbing head,

“Oh! ” Cassie sighed. I saw her stomach undulate.

The sound of Cassie’s expression of pleasure seemed to stir Heather’s desire. She began to ride me harder. “Ugh! ” she cried as she smacked down on me. “Ugh! ” she cried again.

All of a sudden everyone’s mood had become deadly serious. It was as if we’d been transformed from joggers bouncing along with light camaraderie into sprinters straining every sinew in order to cross the finish line.

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