Affair with an Older Woman Ch. 04

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As a preface, I thought I’d write about this affair I had with a married woman when I was younger. Let’s call her Gemma. I was 20 and she was about 10 years older and married to a guy she didn’t love. We snuck around a lot while her husband was at work or out of town. We had many sexual encounters, and she was the first woman I had sex with. I’ll write about many of these escapades as it was an interesting time in my life. The sneaking around was sexy but not the smartest choices I’ve made in my life. I think writing about them would be fun to relive some of these moments. Also know, it’s every boy’s fantasy to be with an older woman with sexual experience. You can read about my first few experiences with her in my previous writings.

There was one encounter that happened at a lover’s lane. It was halfway up the mountain that overlooked the city. It was a Saturday night and we decided to meet there since it was about halfway between our houses. Gemma made up a story about going out with her girlfriend to tell her husband. We met up around 8pm and parked next to each other. The place where everyone parks is about 100 feet from the side of the road up to the lookout, it’s in clear sight of anyone, but there are always 10-20 cars there. We parked next to each other and she came into my car. Which was actually my brother’s car and it was a station wagon. I had come prepared and the seats were folded down already with a blanket to make things more comfortable. We laid in the car propping Haramidere escort ourselves up on our elbows looking at the lights and the cars around us. We were trying to see if we could see others having sex in their cars. We couldn’t see through the windows which gave us some comfort that we couldn’t be seen either.

We chatted a little bit and I asked her what she told her husband.

‘What did you tell him?’

‘I said I was going out with Sarah (made up name). He asked a whole bunch of questions and I just said I’m going out and that’s it. I’m not answering any of your questions.’

‘Oh ok. He’s very jealous.’ In hindsight, his wife was going out to have sex with someone else so fair enough

We were lying down now and kissing, hands roaming all over one an another. Gemma had a skirt on and I put my hand up her skirt, feeling her thighs up and down getting closer to her pussy. Gemma opened her legs a little bit and my hand went up further and touched her pussy. She let out a moan as we kept kissing. I opened her pussy up with my fingers and put a finger inside her. I was so pleased to feel she was super wet and ready for my dick. I fingered her a few minutes and alternated rubbing her clit and sliding a finger in and out of her. She was pulling at my pants now and rubbing my hard dick through them. I rolled on my back and took them off. Taking pants off in a car while trying to lay low and stay out of sight isn’t easy. I got İkitelli escort bayan my pants off and my dick was standing up so hard wanting her pussy. She slid her hand up and down my shaft moaning and purring.

‘Mmm such a nice dick.’

Her soft dry hands slid up and down my dick so nicely. She was a master with her hands. She circled the head with her hand and twisted around then ran her soft hands down the shaft again, moaning at the same time.

I was enjoying her hands so much, eventually she pulled me on top of her. Gemma opened her legs wide, very wide and grabbed my dick and positioned it at her wet entrance. Then she pulled at my ass to get my dick in her. I pushed in a little to get the head in and she loud out a moan

‘Oohh yeah. Slide it in.’

I pushed my dick in further and slid it back out. Slowly working more and more of my dick inside of her each thrust. With Gemma’s skirt still on and hiked up around her waist, her legs fully opened for me and in the car dimly lit by the street lights, this was too good to be happening. But it was. I pushed the whole way into her pussy as our pelvises met tightly. She threw her head back and moaned as I held my dick deep in her with pressure against her. So sexy.

I started thrusting in and out of her wet pussy slowly and I was taking in everything. Her soft moaning in rhythm to our fucking, her widely spread open legs, her wet pussy around my cock sliding in and out. Escort Çapa Unforgettable. Having sex in a car was actually quite fun. We paused whenever headlights shone into the car and checked to see if anyone was watching us. We started doing this thing while we were fucking, I’d stop thrusting into Gemma and she would use my dick like a dildo and rub her clit. So I propped myself up above her, with her legs open, she grabbed my dick and started rubbing her clit. After a few minutes, Gemma started to cum. Her legs wrapped around me as she rubbed her clit a little harder until her orgasm subsided. She laid there out of breath as I slid my dick back inside her. She moaned as I went the whole way in. She had a break as she caught her breath. I started sliding in and out of her again and it was my turn to cum. I sped up my thrusting and pulled out of her wet pussy and I jerked and came over her pussy. Squirting cum on her clit and pussy. Gemma reached down and rubbed my cum around her pussy and then stroked my dick as I finished.

I laid down beside her and we both said it was a fun experience. We checked the time and it was getting late. We don’t know where the time went. We got dressed and hopped outside to say our goodbyes. A car drove past with a guy hanging out the window and yelled.

‘Fuck her, I did!!!’

Gemma laughed at this but I didn’t quite hear what he said until I asked her to repeat it.

We had plenty to talk about on ICQ that night. She didn’t get too much heat from her husband according to what she told me. Just the usual, where did you? What did you do? I guess Gemma had a cover story ready. I think she and Sarah had already coordinated. The same friend in my earlier story that wished she got fucked for hours every week. What would be our next encounter?

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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