Alice Ch. 01

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Edited with my grateful thanks:



I’m a twenty year old woman that’s had to move south to the London area for work, where I quickly came to realize I couldn’t afford to live. I had to move further out, which didn’t help all that much, though I discovered I could get a cheap seasonal rail ticket. I had a good job which had started out on a low wage until I got to know the dos and do nots, just like an apprenticeship, but it’s not an apprenticeship, if you get my meaning.

So I rented a room at a boarding house that was cheap enough, got a couple of days off work to move in and to find my way around. Not once did I think it would be like this, just to get to work from where I was, but it was!

First I’d ride my bike to the station where I’d lock it up for the return journey. Then I’d take the train to a station close to where I work and walk from there. Nobody told me how crowded the train would be every morning. Only passengers getting on at the earlier stations actually found seats in less crowded cars. Anyone else had to stand in the aisles, crammed in like sardines. There was no personal space whatsoever! You just grabbed hold of what you could and hung on ’till you could get off at your station.

By the Friday after my move, I rang up my manager to let him know I could return to work earlier than expected, if he needed me. He asked if I’d be willing to come in on the Saturday for a few hours to make up some of the time I’d taken off to move. I was an inconvenience but how could I say no, so I agreed to come in over the weekend for a few hours a day.

Being the weekend I didn’t think the train would be as crowded as it was, but with all the mum’s, dads and their kids barging their way past you, it was just as busy. One of the young girls pushed past me knocking me over, I ended up sitting on this poor man’s hand who was trying to get it out from under me. It didn’t seem to matter how hard I tried to get back up, I’d just fall back on him. It was embarrassing to feel him touching me like that; his hand was wriggling about under me. I could still feel it against me, when I got back up and we apologised to each other.

I moved up the car away from him out of sheer embarrassment and stood in front of the doors next to another woman. The pole you can hang onto, that splits the corridor in two, was the only thing I could grab to hold myself steady. Because I wasn’t tall enough to reach for the overhead straps, I reached for the post instead. The only part of it I was able to grab onto was the curvy bit of the child’s post.

It soon became apparent, with the movement of the train, that this woman’s hip would touch the back of my hand. It didn’t really bother me until she turned to me, to say something about how crowded the train was. The train jostled, someone bumped into the back of her, and she complained to that person over her shoulder. I looked down at my hand shocked, completely shocked! Her womanhood had my hand trapped, rubbing herself against the back of my hand.

‘She must know; she must feel my hand there!’ my mind screamed at me.

She said to me “I’m sorry about that dear, there are some really ignorant people about these days, don’t you think? Still you can’t blame them for the train being so over crowed. It’s like having an orgy fully clothed, you’ve got to expect being touched-up some times when it’s like this, just ignore it love, you’ll do alright!”

When I looked at her, to discreetly let her know I could feel her rubbing against my hand, she was just looking off into the distance completely ignoring what was happening down there. I couldn’t simply let go, I’d be tossed about like a leaf in the wind.

“Excuse me miss, I whispered quietly, “But I can feel… Ow!”

Some guy moved past me, reaching for the pole too, hitting my bust right across my nipple.

“Some people,” she said, leaning in to whisper and pressing herself even harder against my hand. “Some people will do anything for a quick touch of a woman’s tits! There was no point in saying anything to him, it was an accident after all, plus I don’t think you want to make a fuss, not with all these kids about, best to just ignore it is what I say, pretend it wasn’t happening.”

What she said next has stayed with me ever since. “Can I ask you something dear?” she whispered in my ear, I could feel her warm breath against my neck. “Tell me; are your nipples hard like mine now? I can’t see them so I can’t tell, but mine, here look, they’re like tent poles against my blouse!” she said, indicating her chest and rubbing herself, harder and faster, against the back of my hand.

I could have told her yes, if it wasn’t for the way my body started to react almanbahis adresi to what had already happened; was happening. There was a tingling from my nipples as they got harder from that guy hitting them, and I could still feel that first guy’s hand touching me from when I fell on him. I was already moist, and it was getting harder for me to breathe, and I could feel my cheeks start to blush. Oh, I was badly missing my ex-boyfriend, who I hadn’t seen now for some moths, I needed male companionship badly to sort me out.

It didn’t want this woman, rubbing herself against the back of my hand and gaining a positive glow about her. When I looked down though, I saw that it wasn’t actually her, well not all of it anyway; it was the man who stood behind her, thrusting himself against her while she’d been whispering in my ear, which then pushed her womanhood onto my hand. She was getting it from both ends, and by the look on her face she was enjoying it.

I’d never before, considered myself a lesbian, but feeling her soft openness, on the back of my hand, had me wondering, as the train pulled up at my station, what it would be like to feel another woman, to kiss her and to taste her?

I got off the train and went straight to the public lavatories to calm myself down before I got to work. There were drip trails down the inside of my thighs, I was that wet! My knickers were even worse; I had to take them off and put them in my bag, then dry myself. I knew what I was like when I got like this, I’d be unsettled all day till I got back home to sort myself out.

I did my best to calm myself with a splash of water on my face and chest then set off to work.

I couldn’t keep still in the office; I’d be typing something and rubbing myself against the edge of my seat, or sitting on the corner of the table reading something. Thankfully I was the only one in the office, so no one was about, to be a witness to my deviant behaviour. At lunch time I took myself off to the toilets for a wee, not intending, though ending up doing things to myself. I got some tissue paper to wipe myself, and moaned out loud the moment I touched myself.

I pulled my skirt up to my waist and looked down; I was open, puffy and wet looking. My clitoris stood proudly between my lips demanding attention. I touched it then sank my fingers inside to satisfy my urgent need. I thought I was all alone, till I heard shuffling from the next cubical.

“Hello!” I called out.

The only reply was the sound of someone standing up, flushing the toilet, then opening the door to her cubical. If I wasn’t so close to relieving myself and unable to stop, I would have done exactly that, stop. As it was, I still had an exposed breast in one hand, and the other hand clamped between my thighs covering my hot wetness, when the door to my cubical suddenly opened.

“Oh, it’s you,” said the woman standing to one side of the door. “Aren’t you that girl from the train this morning?” she said.

I was just as shocked to see her, as she was to see me. If it wasn’t for what happened this morning on the train, and the way it left me feeling, I wouldn’t have been here in this situation now, to come across this woman, this unknown woman, who had been rubbing herself against my hand and that now was standing in front of me with the front of her dress tucked up into her waistband! It was shocking to say the least.

She was knicker-less, hairless, with her womanhood on display, and utterly without shame, lightly touching herself as she stepped into my cubical and closed the door behind her.

“You did this to me, by letting me rub myself against you’re hand” she whispered.

I looked up at her speechless; she opened her blouse and extracted her breasts, rolling the nipples between her fingers and smiling down at me.

“I was just thinking about you, wishing there was some way in which I could thank you, and here you are, It must be fate!” she said straddling one of my thighs.

I was in a world of my own intense desirers, greater than I’d ever felt before with anyone, and I mean anyone. I felt real pain from the nipple I was pinching, my vision became squarely focused on her hips, and the back of her hand as it moved about with the tips of her fingers inside herself. My own sex seemed to want her to touch me, feel me; it wanted her inside me, the way she was doing herself.

She leant forward, and with her wet clammy hand, she reached and squeezed my exposed breast, before she kissed and sucked the nipple into her mouth. I sighed and spread my legs as far apart as I could when I felt her fingers moving slowly up my inner thigh toward her wanton gaol. I had such an intense craving to touch another woman, to feel her softness, almanbahis adres her wetness I could hardly hold back my desire, and why should I!

She was now suckling on both my breasts alternately, her hand sliding back and forward pushing her fingers deep inside me, driving me crazy with lust. The best I could do at that moment was to reach under her blouse, for her breasts and play with her nipples. She sat on my thigh, splitting herself open on my leg, lifting my right knee over hers; she slid herself back and forth while she kissed me and continued her fingering of me. It didn’t take me long to orgasm, her thrust had become hard and vigorous against my thigh, and she pinched my clitoris between her fingers. I moaned my release around her tongue in my mouth; she followed my example shortly after.

It was a delicious feeling to hold her in my arms, as she held on to me in our orgasmic aftermath. She sat back, and held my face in her hands smiling, and moving herself against my thigh.

“How was that for you?” she asked.

“I’ve never done anything like this before,” I said smiling, “But it felt like the most wondrous thing in the world, EVER!” I cried, and I meant it.

I could already feel myself becoming aroused again and would gladly have done the whole thing all over again. But she kissed me tenderly and got up letting her dress fall to cover her luscious lips. I left my thighs open, my breasts still on display, supporting hard and erect nipples. She put her breasts away and leaned down to kiss me again, and touch me down there one last time before she left.

“Would you like to do that again?” she asked teasing my need.

“Yes,” I sighed.

She kissed me, stood up and left me sitting there aroused without another word. I dried myself, and went back to my office thinking about her and the fantastic experience she’s just given me.

I was still thinking about her an hour later when I got a call from the BIG boss’s secretary to attend a meeting straight away. People like me never got to meet, ‘the big boss,’ unless you were going to get sacked. Well that’s what I’d heard, so you can understand why I turned up wondering why I was being summoned to his office.

‘Maybe, it was all just a silly mistake’, I thought, sitting in his outer office. Or maybe he’d found out about what had just happened in the ladies loo, and he wanted to sack me himself for unprofessional conduct. If it was, I knew I’d not get a good job like this again and would probably have to move back home in shame.

I was sure that’s what it must be, and felt absolutely wretched as I opened the office door to face him. All I could see was the back of his swivel chair behind his desk, as he was facing toward the window when I entered. I was almost shaking waiting for him just to acknowledge I was there. I stared down at my feet in shame and my heart beat madly in my chest as the chair started turning to face me.

‘This is it’, I thought, ‘I’m finished here, “Get out of my office and never come back! You’ll never work in this city again,”‘ where the words I was expecting. I was even going to get into trouble with my mum and dad I thought, for coming home, sacked and in disgrace.

“I need you to do something for me,” said this feminine voice, I looked up, surprised that I recognised it from somewhere. Smiling back at me was a face I’d seen not so long ago, it was her, and she’d turned out to be the BIG boss I’d never met before today.

She sat in a big leather swivel chair, behind a large oak desk, dressed in the business jacket and blouse I’d seen her in before, but now she had a bow-tied scarf, around her neck that she was playing with, twisting between her fingers.

She said “I’ve decided that after our interview earlier.., I want to give you an immediate promotion, to my personal, ‘personal’, secretary. It will be your sole responsibility to see to it, that I have everything I need, ‘whatever it is…’ do you accept the post,” she asked pulling at a corner of her scarf.

My jaw dropped open, and my eyes opened wide at not only the offer of the job, but also at seeing her in the ‘boss’s’ office, let alone getting to know that she was that said boss.

“I, I, I,” I stuttered lost for words. She smiled.

“Well I don’t remember you being so tongue tied when we met earlier.” She said.

Embarrassed but eager to be her new secretary, I quickly said that I’d be pleased to work for her.

“Good,” she said, pulling on the corner of her scarf. “Now come around here, I have something I need you to attend to straight away.” Curious, I walked around the other side of the desk to see what she wanted me to do. She turned in her chair to face me, her skirt almanbahis adres was already up around her waist and her legs were wide open.

“What I need,” she said opening her blouse and extracting her breasts once more, “Is a damned good tongue lashing, and a tongue clean up afterwards,” she said quietly parting her lips.

Before I knew it, I was on my knees between her thighs ready to do what she wanted me to do, but she stopped me. She kissed me first; it was a hot kiss, a kiss that ignited the flames of my desire. When she held and squeezed my breasts in her hands she whispered in my ear that from then on I wasn’t to wear any under clothes for work. I totally agreed with her as she began slowly unfastening the buttons to my blouse all the way down to my waist. I felt a bit ashamed when she opened my blouse and saw the old bra I was wearing.

“What’s this old thing?” She said pulling the front up and over my bust.

One of her hands went to the back of my head and pulled me towards her because she wanted me to suck on her nipples first. She had her other hand on my breast with my nipple between her fingers gently rolling, pinching and pulling, while I sucked on hers and pushed my hand up her thigh and into her open need.

‘Oh my god’, I thought, she was wet and ready, waiting for me, she pushed my head down her body and between her thighs.

“Please, please, do it now,” she quietly moaned.

My face was just in front of her openness, the scent coming off her was intoxicating. Teasing her, I first imagined what I would like, then did that to her, I kissed all the way around her swollen fanny, not touching even once with my cheek regardless of how hard she tried to pull me to her.

First I kissed down one side of her lips, then up the other side, getting closer as I got toward the top. She sighed and tried to move herself so my mouth was touching between her lips by holding and pressing my head to her.

We were just getting into it when the desktop intercom buzzed; it was her secretary informing her that the people for her next meeting had turned up early.

I pressed my face into her, she nearly groaned into the machine but she managed to control herself… just!

“Quick, get under the desk where no one will be able to see you there” she said to me.

“Ask them to wait a moment will you” she spoke into the intercom.

“I’ll finish this meeting quickly, come on, get under the desk before they come in,” she said fastening up her blouse.

I scrambled under the table into a box like alcove between two sets of draws on either side and with a wood backing; it was like hiding myself in a small open sided cupboard as the other people came into the room. She pushed the front of her skirt down her thighs and moved herself into place under the table in front of me.

It was cramped, believe me it was cramped, but that didn’t stop me trying to be naughty with her. If I pushed my head between the desk top above me and over the top of her thighs I guessed that I could feel my bust rubbing against her knees. So I got myself into a position where I’d removed her shoes, and had her feet between my thighs, then I crawled up her thighs taking her skirt up with me.

She surprised me, it didn’t seem to bother her what I was doing, so I prised her knees apart and pressed myself in between them and closed her legs trapping a breast, and like that, I was able to rub myself against her shin’s and the tops of her feet.

The meeting was still going on when she pushed her bottom to the edge of her seat and managed to get her legs open regardless of how hard I tried to keep them closed. She was open and available, and I went straight in not giving her a chance. My lips closed in around her sensitive little bud, sucking it hard into my mouth. There was only a small pause with her before I started licking her from top to bottom and back again, and inserting my fingers deep into her. I could tell by her clasping and unclasping hands when she had them under the table that she was close to her orgasm and I’d back off before getting her there again.

She managed to keep herself calm until the end of the meeting but as soon as the office door was shut she grabbed my hair at the back of my head and pressed my face against her, rubbing herself against me until she’d finished with her orgasm. She was exhausted, I lay my head on her pubic mound breathing hard, with one hand squeezing my breasts and the other between my legs until I too had an orgasm on my knees.

She moved out of the way, and I crawled out after her and stood up. She too stood up letting her skirt fall back into place, and then she kissed me and stepped back. She was again in ‘business mode’.

“I won’t need you for the rest of the day,” she said, “Give my secretary your address and phone number, where I can get in touch with you twenty-four hours a day. Then you can go home if you wish” she said, as I opened the office door to leave.

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