Alistbeth.. My best friends girl.

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My name is Kris, I’m 5’11 and black. It was my senior year in high school. I had just turned 18 and I was living life to the fullest. I was a mixed martial arts fighter, apart of my schools swim team and did very well with the ladies. I was quite popular at my school, not because of my athletic background however, because of my humor. I was so down to earth and it worked in my favor 99% of the time.
My best friend, Taylor, (White and about 5’9) was also a star athlete at our high school and he too shared the same sense of humor as I did. He had been popular among the girls but his heart was for one girl only, Alisbeth.
I hooked Taylor and Alisbeth up my Sophomore year. She was two years older than us. It’s quite funny, we both wanted her back then and she seemed to have interest in the both of us but as time went on I let Taylor have her. In a way it made us closer, me giving up a shot at one of the hottest seniors that year to my best friend. Alisbeth was short, about 5’4, and she was a light skinned hispanic. Her body was perfectly tanned from being apart of the swim team and also a cheer leader. She was a B cup, nice and perky but not too big. She had a small waist and a pretty nice ass. I couldn’t help but to look occasionally. I think the most attractive thing about her was how she wore glasses. It gave her this sex appeal that was unbearable at times.
Alisbeth and I were close, we spent hours with each other before she even met Taylor. She was one of my best friends.

It was two weeks before graduation. I was partying and living an ideal life for a high schooler. Taylor was always by my side when he wasn’t with Alisbeth. There was a partying coming up this Saturday.

” Hey man! You going to that party this weekend?!” I asked as I approached Taylor at his locker.

” Yeah, most likely. Probably gonna bring Alisbeth with me” He answered.

” Alright, cool. I’ll see you after school” I said as I headed to class.

Me and Taylor were like a dynamic duo, a powerhouse. People wanted us to attend their parties. More so me because I was single and could have as much fun as I wanted. That Saturday I went to the gym and trained in some MMA. After 3 years of MMA training my body was muscular and lean. I was proud of it after being so over weight in middle school. After I got out of practice, I headed home to get ready for the party. Just as I was getting ready to shower, Alisbeth had called me.

” Hey Krissy poo!” She said, that was her nickname for me.

” What’s up Alis” I answered back excitingly.

” What are you doing? ”

” Getting ready for the party?” I answered

” Ok cool, so hey, Taylor is gonna be able to come tonight, I guess he got called in for work” She said sounding slightly bummed but Ankara bayan escort excited as well in a sense.

” Aww, that’s cool I guess. Just me and you, just like old times” I stated reassuringly.

” You know it! I’ll pick you up in a bit” She said as we hung up the phone.

Alisbeth had her brothers car for the night and she was our designated driver. That remained the same although Taylor was no longer joining us. She picked me up at about 9 that night and we headed to the party. She was wearing a nice short little dress that showed her perky breast and perfect thighs. Her hair down and she had on a little sweater over it. She looked great. After a few hours there we were both completely drunk. I had smoked a little too. My horemoans had kicked in with the booze.

” Alis, you ready to go?” I asked as I saw her sitting on the couch just staring at the wall.

“No a few more minutes, take me to the bathroom Kris”

I took her to the bathroom and went in with her to make sure she was ok. I turned my back while she peed. After ward I took her to one of the rooms in the house and laid her on the bed. I had demanded a few people to leave the room, and because of my reputation they did it without question. I guess they assumed I was going to fuck her.

” Here lay down” I said as I lay her on the bed.

” Lay with me, I need some rest before I drive”

” Yeah ok, maybe next time you only have two beers haha” I said jokingly.

As I got on the bed, Alisbeth had curled up next to me. I started to feel warm. Not in a sexual way but as if maybe my feelings for her were resurfacing. We had fallen asleep for about ten minutes and I woke her up.

” It’s time to go, I’ll drive” I said as I got her up.

” Ok” She responded handing me the keys.

We both felt a little bit more aware after the rest but still way under the influence. It was barely 12:30am and I didn’t want to go home so I asked her if she wanted to go home.

” We can stay out longer, it’s still kinda early” She said.

I was happy, I loved being with her, especially now that I started to feel for her again.

” Hey how about we go to the mountains” I suggested.

“You sure we’ll make it? We’re pretty messed up” She said sounding unsure.

” Yes of course!”

We drove about thirty minutes until we reached a high point in the mountains. On the way up we saw severely parked cars and we would point them out and assume they were fucking. When we finally reached the top I suggested that we should smoke some of my left over weed.

” Hey you know what I love? Being up here and just being at peace” I said as I took a hit from the pipe.

” Agreed” she said.

We were up there for a while just looking at the sky.

” I miss this, us hanging out together. Escort bayan Ankara Like old times Alis” I said as my emotions began to poor out

” I missed you” she said rolling over to her stomach looking at me.

I grabbed her and was about to kiss her but last minute I moved my head to the side and went in for a hug.

” I think we should head down, while I still have energy.” I said.

We got into the car and before I started it I looked over at her. Her dress had rode up her thighs as she was sitting and a wave of lust hit me. I grabbed her hand.

” I miss you” I said, suggesting more than what was coming out.

” I missed you too” She said back to me almost instantly.

I leaned over the seat and hugged her but this time she kissed me. We were making out in the car and before I knew it she was on the drivers side with me on my lap. I was so turned on. Her soft lips on mine and her small body on my lap as my cock got hard.

” Taylor.. ” She said as she pulled away from me.

” He isn’t here right now” I said, almost not caring about their relationship.

“You’re his best friend! I’m his girlfriend” She said back seeming worried.

” I… I..” I didn’t know what to say. She got off of me. I was so turned on and wanted more. I climbed to the back seat and pulled her back.

” Kris.. we can’t.” She said as she was coming back with me.

” We’ve already begun.” I said convincingly. She instantly started to suck on my neck and grind on my lap. I was being dry fucked by my best friends girl. I started to pull Alisbeths dress up and slip off her panties.

” What’re you doing?” She asked although she knew.

Without answering I laid her back and began fingering her soft tight pussy. I assume her and Taylor had fucked after dating for so long but even so her pussy was so tight. I could only fit two fingers in at most. We were making out as I fingered her. Her breathe hitting my face.

“Ahhh! Kris, why are we doing this?” She asked although she began taking off my pants.

My cock was throbbing, it hung about 7 inches when hard and was thick. Alis had began to go down on me. She slid her lips down my shaft slowly and passionately.

” Oh fuck.. ” I said as the feeling overwhelmed me.

She was sucking my dick so hard that it felt like it was in a vacuum. She gagged on my dick which made me tighten up in sensation as her tongue slapped my dick. She started to blow my dick. It felt so erotic. Her warm but cool breathe blowing over my cock. The car windows were fogged up and the smell of sweat, pussy, cock and saliva filled the car.

After she blew me, she climbed up on top of me and guided my dick into her pussy. She rode it slowly and passionately as we kissed. It was as if we were making love.

Bayan escort Ankara Ahh, Kris” she moaned.

” Oh my god” I would say as she would grind on my cock.

” Get on top of me and fuck me.” She demanded.

I put her on her back and laid over her. We were on the backseat so my legs were on the window as I lay on top of her.
I guided my shaft into her tight pussy. She breathed heavily on my face I did so and it got me going. I began to fuck her. Slowly at first but eventually I wanted us to both be sweating like pigs so I began to fuck her faster. As sweat ran down our bodies I could hear her soft moans.

” Mmm!” ” Mm yeah” she said as I pounded away. It was sexy to me, that although I was fucking her so hard she moaned softly.

” I want to put it in your ass” I told her.

” Kris.. I’ve never done that.”

I turned her over and began putting my thumb and fingers in her ass. Fingering and stretching her out

” Oh my god” She said out load as she was coping with the pain.

I slid my cock down slowly into her ass hole but once it was in, I was pumping away. In and out at a medium pace out of care for her. I didn’t want to hurt her.

” Ahh! It feels so good” She said. Soon the pain turned into sensation. She felt so dirty letting her boyfriends best friend fuck her ass hole.

” Tell me why you chose him” I ordered Alis, referring to Taylor as I pumped her tight ass hole.

” I.. don’t know. I wanted you more” She got out as she moaned.

” You want me more now?” I said as I rammed her ass hole.

” Yes!!” she screamed out.

” I.. I love you Kris!” She exclaimed as she was getting pounded.

My hormones mixed with immense feelings for her led to my climax. I came into her ass shooting load after load oozing into her body. I held her tight as I groaned.

” What’d you say?” I asked her as I turned her over. Before giving her the chance to answer I slid my dick into her pussy again.

” Ahh!” she let out as she felt me into her pussy.

” What’d you say?” I asked again as I started to pump in her pussy.

” Ahh!’ She moaned. Hearing her moan was so incredible, she was orgasming too. Her pussy squeezed tight around my cock. I came again. This time harder. Grabbing her waist and squeezing as I shot my sperm into her pussy.

As I pulled my dick out and lay there on top of her for a few minutes. Feeling so accomplished and good. My dick throbbing but sensitive. Slightly in pain from cumming so hard.

” I love you Kris” Alis said to me after we laid there for a few minutes.

” I love you too Alis.” I said back to her. Feeling so in love again. I knew it was pointless though, she was Taylors and I couldn’t just take her. I felt guilty. I had just fucked my best friends girlfriend in the backseat of a car , and also came in her ass hole and pussy. So much cum that it was dripping out onto the seats. At the same time, I was thinking.. when can I fuck her again?


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