And Sister Cums Too

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“Come on Lucy! Please!!”

“Oh I don’t know. I’ll think about it. Ok?”


“Just stop bugging me. Ok?” I said to my brother Ben, hoping he would leave me alone at last.

“Ok,” he replied, expecting to be disappointed by my final answer.


Ok, I’m Lucy. I celebrated my eighteenth birthday last week. I’ve just left high school and at the end of September I am going to university to study medicine and hopefully one day become a doctor.

Like the rest of my family I am tall(ish). Just under six feet. I am slim, have long legs, a firm ass and small breasts. 32A for those that need to know.

I have been dating Jack for three months but we both accept it is nothing serious as we are both going to universities a long way from each other.

He’s my first real boyfriend.

Otherwise my sexual experience has been a strange three year obsession with my cousin, Ryan, which has mostly consisted of flirting, holding hands, kissing then finally this year a bit of fondling!

I currently live at home with my parents and eldest brother, Luke, who is twenty five. He is a motor mechanic and has a steady girlfriend, Jenny, who I get on well with. They are hoping to get their own place in the next year or so.

My other brother is Ben, who is twenty two. He is at university already, also studying medicine, with plans to be a doctor. I am going to a different uni to him as I feel now is the time to branch out in life and be independent.

Ben is the real star of the family. As well as being at uni he is very athletic. He excelled at basketball and long jump at school and has taken these talents to represent his university and his local county, winning medals.

He is also tall and slim and good looking, but despite all these gifts he is strangely unsuccessful with girls. He is very shy in this respect.

I have always been close to Ben. Really really close. I think the age gap between me and Luke always seemed so great when I was growing up. Ben and I did so much together and he always seemed like my best friend when I was a child. I think I’ve always been secretly in love with him.

Now though that Ben is away for large parts of the year I have finally started to get on better with Luke and realize what a great guy he is.

Anyway back to the story.

What Ben was bugging me about was to go camping with him and Luke. Ben was home for summer vacation and at least once every year the two of them go away camping together. They always ask me and I always say no.

When I was eight our parents bought us kids a tent to go in our back garden. I survived one night of being terrified of the dark and the weird noises, but halfway through the second night I had to be led, in tears, indoors by Luke, into the arms of our parents and the safety of our house!

My brothers on the other hand loved it. I tried again when I was about thirteen but again found the whole thing unappealing, if not quite so terrifying. Around the same time, Ben and Luke started going away on proper camping trips and would always come home, telling us of their adventures.

I think they would always try to talk me into coming with them but it got to be a family joke how hopeless I was at surviving away from my home comforts.

So once again Ben went through the ritual of begging me to come. No doubt Luke would try as well.

However only an hour had passed since Ben first asked when mum caught me in the kitchen.

“You know, you really should think hard about this camping trip,” she said, surprising me with her serious tone.

“Mum?” I was confused.

“Well, you’re all growing up now. This could be the last summer when you’re still, you know, my children. This time next year Ben will have left university and may have a job somewhere. Luke may have a place with Jenny, and you, well you never know, you might have met a boy at university and be too busy,” she explained, almost melancholic.

“I suppose…..” I hesitated.

“Your brothers would really love you to go. One last summer as the three of you. Before you all go off in the world,” she continued.

“Ok mum. I promise I’ll think about it. Just give me time.”

“Good girl,” she said as she kissed me on the forehead.

I went to my bedroom, mum’s words swirling around my head. I had never really thought of things the way she had. You don’t when you’re young, do you? You think things will always be the same but it’s only when you’re older you realize how things do change and you can’t get back some things.

I listened to some music for an hour or two. Still thinking. I took a deep breath then went across the corridor to knock on Ben’s door.

“Ben?” I asked as he opened the door.

“Are you serious about wanting me to come camping?” I asked him quietly.

“Yes of course. It would be cool if you came. Are you really thinking about it?” he seemed wary.

I nodded my head. He told me about their plans for the trip. Green Ridges National Park. Forests, istanbul escort mountains, a lake, a waterfall and peace and quiet. I knew of it but I had never been. Luke and Ben had been each of the last two summers.

They would even upgrade their old tent to a three man one, to accommodate me.

Despite all my reservations I agreed to go with them.

I told my stunned family that evening at dinner time and the next day Ben went with me into town to buy some kit for me. A back pack, sleeping bag and all the other essentials. The next day Ben and Luke went back to town, with dad’s credit card, and bought a three man tent.

We were to go on Saturday morning and for the next four days, my family were on tenterhooks, waiting for me to change my mind. I never did.

I waivered on Friday evening when Ben re-packed my backpack, taking out about half my clothes and replacing them with camping gear! He also queried my i pod and phone.

“No electricity,” he smiled.

“I bought a solar charger,” I countered, feeling proud of my initiative.

He smiled knowingly, but said nothing. Making me very worried.

“What?” I asked.

“Solar chargers take hours and hours. Then you’ll only play three songs before you need to charge it again,” he joked.


“Take some books,” he suggested.

I had even more doubts on Saturday morning when I put the backpack on my back. It was so heavy.

Luke saw the look on my face.

“I’m carrying the tent equipment, so you and Ben have to share carrying my stuff. Sorry,” he laughed.

I groaned.

“Welcome to camping,” he said.

We left our house. By the time I reached the bus stop I was already complaining. It was hot and sunny and I was sweating.

“It’s going to get hotter, they say,” said Luke helpfully.

We got the bus to the train station, had a two hour train journey then a one hour bus journey, followed by a five mile hike to the edge of the national park, where we camp for our first night.

At the train station I changed out of my heavy shirt into a lacy black shirt which was see through. You could see my black bra clearly.

I should mention that I’m a bit gothy in style. Black or purple or dark red or dark blue are my colors. My hair is down to the bottom of my shoulder blades and at the moment is colored a dark red.

I wear these clothes at home quite often so it wouldn’t have been anything new for my brothers to see through my top and see my bra. Also this summer I have been going running with Ben a lot and often wear shorts and a sports bra with no shirt. So my brothers are quite used to seeing me in my underwear and at home I often saw them in just boxers or trunks.

Anyway we finally reached our first nights camping place. I’m not sure what I expected but it was just a clearing in the trees at the top of a hill. Seemingly miles from anywhere or anybody.

We unpacked our backpacks and started to assemble the tent. At least my brothers did. I had no clue. It was now six pm.

“Lucy, we’ll do the tent,” said Ben, sensing my inability to cope.

“You make a fire,” suggested Luke.

“What do we want a fire for?” I asked.

“Dinner,” laughed Luke, throwing a couple of tins of food and a pan towards me.

I tried to pretend I knew how to make a fire, and picked up two sticks to rub together. I thought I did a good job of looking like I knew what I was doing.

“You’ll want these,” Ben said, cracking up as he threw me a box of matches.

“It’s basic but not that basic!” smiled Luke.

“Yeah don’t worry you won’t have to go and hunt for a dinosaur for our meal,” Ben joked.

I gave them a moody look, but even I had to laugh a bit.

We got the tent up, got the fire going and had a meal of sorts from our tins of beans and vegetables.

“Better get used to this sort of food for the next week,” said Ben.

I groaned, not for the first time that day.

We sat by the fire and talked for ages, then the boys stripped to their underwear and got into their sleeping bags. I stood outside the tent and put a long shirt over my bra and panties before going in and getting in my sleeping bag.

Luke switched off the lantern. I peered into the darkness.

“Why do you love it so much?” I asked no one in particular.

“What?” asked Ben.

“Camping. I mean no proper food, warmth, bed, anything.”

“This is good. The weather’s great. Hot and sunny. Try it in the wind and rain. Seriously though it’s fun. Back to nature and all that. By the end of this week you’ll either be hooked or you’ll never do it again,” explained Luke.


Sunday morning. We awoke to a beautiful sunny morning. It was going to be hot today. Breakfast was bread and water. Great! We took down the tent, packed our stuff away and set off.

Today promised a four to five hour trek through the park to our camping place by the lake. Within an hour the boys had stripped to just shorts. I got a bit further, before I too took off my shirt, leaving me avrupa yakası escort in just a sports bra on my top half. I wore a just above knee length black skirt.

We stopped for lunch before carrying on. Eventually we reached a camp site with shops, a bar and cafe, showers. Cars everywhere. Big luxurious camper vans and trailers.

“Oh this is ok,” I said.

“This is not it. This is awful,” said Luke.

“Looks alright to me.”

“No no. We’re further along around the lake. It’s a lot quieter there.”

So we walked for another ninety minutes before the boys finally stopped beside the lake.

“This is the place. Busy isn’t it, Luke?” said Ben.

I looked around. It certainly was a beautiful place. There were about ten other tents.

“You can’t get a vehicle here,” Ben pointed out.

“It’s too rough for cars. Thankfully,” added Luke.

We put up the tent. Our home until Friday morning.

The tent was situated right beside the lake and by two fallen tree trunks.

“This is the spot. We put the fire between these logs and sit around it every night. Fantastic,” exclaimed Luke.

I watched as Ben hung some rope between the tent and a tree. He saw me looking.

“Washing line,” he explained.

“Gosh, you two are so resourceful. You think of everything,” I wondered.

“Years of experience little sis,” added Luke.

As we were finishing making our plot homely a couple, maybe in their late thirties, walked by along the shore of the lake.

“Just arrived?” asked the man.

“Sure thing,” answered Ben, adopting a strange cowboy sound to his voice, making me smile to myself.

“Busy, ain’t it?” said the man.

“Uh-huh,” answered Luke, also trying to be Clint Eastwood.

“Holiday weekend. This lot will be gone this time tomorrow. See if I’m right. Ed by the way. This here’s my girl Mary,” he said, holding out his hand to shake ours.

“Luke. This is Ben and Lucy. My brother and sister,” said Luke, as we all shook hands.

“When you here till?” asked Ed.

“Friday. You?”

“Mmmmmm the same. Be just us then I’ll wager,” said Ed.

“Good to meet you. See you around,” added Ben, as Ed and Mary walked on.

Tent erected, the boys changed into swim shorts inside then I changed into my bikini. Purple. The lake was so inviting. We swam for a while, cooked, ate and drank some beer.

The plan for Monday was to chill in the morning then go to the big camp for some supplies. Food and drink. Water. Beer. Lots of beer!

It was now past ten pm. Dark and at last a bit cooler. We went for one more swim.

After I went in the tent and changed into panties and a plain black tee shirt. No bra. I climbed into my sleeping bag. The boys came in a while later in boxers and we settled down for the night. Like last night I was on the far left, then Luke in the middle then Ben on the far side.

I slept surprisingly well again. When I awoke I was surprised to find myself sprawled across Luke. My head was on his right shoulder and my chest was squeezed against his. I had no idea how I had got like this or how long for.

Monday went according to plan and by the time we got back from the campsite with our shopping, and having had a meal in the cafe there, we were pleased to find our little camping area was quiet. Just the two tents – ours and Ed and Mary’s.

We changed into our swim gear and went in the lake. After a refreshing swim we sat by the fire and opened some beer. It was still very hot. It got to about eleven thirty pm as the boys gave each other a strange knowing look.

“Swim?” asked Ben.

Luke nodded. So did I. It was still hot and a swim in the cool lake would be just the thing to help us get to sleep.

Luke smiled at Ben.

“Skinny dip?” asked Ben.

With that my brothers stood up, ran toward the lake and stripped out of their shorts by the edge of the water.

I was still struggling to get my head around the question and there they were frolicking in the water.

I really had no intention of stripping in front of anybody, least of all my own brothers! Like a sensible school teacher in charge of an unruly class I picked up my towel and walked towards the lake.

The boys had been so quick I hadn’t really seen anything when they stripped. A quick flash of their butts but I wasn’t really concentrating. I kept my bikini on as I stepped in the water.

We splashed around for a while before they went back ashore. I watched as they walked naked back to the fire, straight past their shorts, and wrapped towels around themselves and sat down.

I left the lake, wrapped my towel on me and joined them.

“So you didn’t fancy skinny dipping then?” laughed Luke.

“No thank you. You two are mad. What if that Ed and Mary had seen you?”

“Sorry Lucy, it’s just a bit of fun. Anyway it’s so dark,” said Ben.

“Actually it’s a bit of a camping tradition of ours, skinny dipping. We do it every time we come here,” added Luke.

“Well bahçelievler escort that’s one camping habit you can count me out of,” I said sternly, causing them to both laugh.

“We’ll see. By the end of the week you’ll have your tits out in the lake!” joked Ben.

“You wish,” I scolded him.

We opened some more beers. After a short while Luke stood up to poke the fire with a long stick, just to boost the flames. He was opposite me. He had his towel draped over his shoulders.

As he prodded the fire I realized I could see his cock dangling down between his legs beneath the bottom of the towel. I don’t think he realized I could see it. I watched as it swung gently from one side to another as he moved.

Now I had never seen either of my brothers naked before. I must admit I had never even thought of them as males before. When you’re a teenage girl, there’s boys, then men. Then there’s your family. I had probably never even imagined Ben or Luke as having a penis before.

So to see my eldest brother’s cock glimmering in the flicker of the firelight was a strange moment.

He sat back down again. We finished our beers then the boys headed into the tent, still wrapped in their towels.

I stood up and headed towards the lake to fetch their trunks. Then I hid round the back of the tent and changed from my bikini into a pair of shorts and my sports bra. I hid behind the tent as I didn’t want anyone to see me change. Anyone? The boys were inside and there was no signs of life from the other tent.

Maybe a bear might be checking me out somewhere in the trees!?

I entered the tent, climbed into my sleeping bag and let Luke turn out the light. I woke up a couple of times in the night, but was surprised once again when I awoke in the morning. As with the previous morning I was laying across Luke’s bare chest.

My head rested on his shoulder and my bra enclosed breasts were squashed against his skin. My left hand was hanging down by his right side. His sleeping bag came up just below his navel.

I lay there in silence with my eyes shut for a few minutes. When I opened them again something stirred that I could see from the corner of my eye.

I glanced carefully towards Ben on the other side of Luke.

Ben’s right hand was in his sleeping bag and I could swear from the movement he was making he was stroking his cock. I watched for a moment or two, careful not to let him know I was awake.

This continued for about four or five minutes then I noticed Ben cautiously look over in my direction to see if Luke or I was awake.

Confident that we were both fast asleep he slid his sleeping bag down towards his knees, exposing his erect cock.

I just managed to stifle a gasp as he resumed masturbating.

Ben, my favorite brother. My childhood partner in crime. My, well, my brother, was jerking off in front of me.

I had never seen his cock before. Not even last night. Not hard, not soft. Not ever.

I peeked out of the corner of my eye as he stroked his firm shaft. His cock glistened as pre cum soaked his hand.

For minutes I watched this most private and personal of acts. I sensed his breathing quicken as he got nearer to climax.

Then I was amazed as shot after shot of cum streamed out from the end of his penis onto his stomach and chest.

He lay there quietly for a couple of minutes, glancing over to see if either of us had woken up.

Then he slipped out of his sleeping bag, picked up his shorts and went out of the tent.

I lay there, still cradling Luke’s chest. Ten minutes past before I heard Ben outside the tent, pottering about. I presume he was getting breakfast ready.

Then Luke woke up.

“Hey,” he said to me, sitting up.

“Morning,” I replied.

“Where’s Ben?”

“Oh I think he must be up already. I can hear him outside. Breakfast time!” I answered, not wanting to let on what I had just seen.

Luke moved to get out of his sleeping bag. His cock poked out just as he realized he was still naked.

“Sorry,” he smiled at me, a little embarrassed that I had just seen it.

“No problem, ” I replied, reaching his shorts for him. Then I went outside, followed a moment later by Luke, this time in shorts.

Ben was getting breakfast. His hair was damp so I decided that he had gone for a swim after his morning wank.

We had breakfast then talked about our plans for the day. It was another scorching hot day with perfect blue skies.

The boys decided they would like to go fishing. Apparently you could hire small boats and fishing gear from the main camp site.

I would rather relax and catch up on a bit of reading.

“Come with us to the big camp. We need to get some supplies from the store. If you decide then you don’t fancy fishing just walk back and do what you want,” suggested Luke.

Seemed a good plan. I changed into a tight black bikini and put over it a cropped vest. Black, with a skull on the front. Cropped to just below my breasts. Certainly not sexy!

We walked for an hour and a half to the camp. My brothers just wore shorts.

We got the supplies and I said I would head back to the tent if they wanted to go fishing.

“We’ll catch a big fish for dinner!” Ben called out.

“Yeah right!” I shouted.

“Back about seven,” Luke informed me.

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