Art School Torture

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Ronald Lepki was a sleazebag. He was however a fairly rich sleazebag who often in order to sate his taste for torturing young nubile women advertised for would be movie models and lured them to his studio with the offer of big bucks for easy work.

Sarah Gentile needed money for her next terms tuition. She had responded to an ad for art film subjects. Ronald Lepki met her at the door of his loft studio and let her in immediately.

He told her from his first sight of her, he knew she was perfect. He didn’t tell her she was the only person who had answered his ad, and that he had a fetish for torturing breasts on film especially upright, large nipped big breasts on small petite Jewish princess types.

Sarah had a creamy rose-white complexion and large red lips and typical Jewish nose. She was small only four feet seven but she had a 44dd bust, and the people who bought his torture movies loved big-breasted woman with long nipples that hardened under his administrations.

He explained to Sarah what kind of movies he filmed, and that when she finished, the check he wrote out and gave her for $2000.00 could be cashed immediately. He promised to leave no marks that wouldn’t fade with time.

He smelled her arousal as he continued to talk to her, and to show her other film clips he had done in the past. The films Sarah viewed were the erotic ones, no pain and no torture that was not obviously pleasurable for all involved. When he saw, her nipples harden under her flimsy tight sweater. He knew they were ready. Sarah was a horny woman who was just discovering a little kink in her makeup.

He set the camera on automatic with a click of his remote, and walked over to the sofa on which she was sitting.

“Lose the sweater bitch.”

Sarah stood up and pulled the sweater over her head.

He smiled, “Now the bra.”

It was one of those industrial strength white cotton ones that if you were a breast fancier you knew held mountains of beautiful, fuckable flesh to kiss, bite, whip and torture until their owner passed out from the intense pain or pleasure.

He walked close enough to touch them, as they were freed from their prison. He bent his head and inhaled first the right nipple then the left, then both together. He had to open his mouth so far it hurt to contain both of her fabulous engorging nipples in his mouth. He pulled them taut and then let them go.

He bent again and taking the right one into his hand, reached into his pocket and took out a large stainless steel breast clip.

“Smile for the camera, baby”

She did, after all it did’nt hurt putting it on, even tightening it down was only a small twinge of pain, she would find out the pain came later, when he removed it. He moved to the left and treated it the same.

“Tell me when it gets to tight baby,” he smiled at her.

When he saw tears in her eyes and she softly asked him to stop. He turned them three more times and smiled, “Now that appears just about right.”

Sarah asked him again to stop, told him she had changed her mind and Ronald gently took her by her shoulders and before she could move, had her hands behind her back in handcuffs and a gag in her mouth.

She tried to kick him and run but he tackled her and threw her on the floor, trussed up her legs and pulled them behind her and attached them to her handcuffs. She was in perfect posture for showing off her magnificent breasts, and he told her so, as he took rope and bound it around her breasts tightly so that they would swell and show off to best advantage when he whipped her.

He went to get his whip explaining to his audience that the bitch had changed her mind about the movie, and that she didn’t seem to understand who was in charge. He would soon teach the ungrateful bitch a lesson she would never forget. Actually, he would have ended up tying her up eventually she just moved the movie along a little faster then anticipated and gave it an extra ounce of raunchy fun.

He picked up his whip and a large butcher knife. The knife he used to cut off her skirt and her large white cotton panties. That done he smiled and showed his audience two extra large vibrating cocks with wires, no battery rundown on his watch.

He pushed one into her obviously wet pussy laughing as bayburt seks hikayeleri it slid in without to much effort at all.

“It appears dear watchers our lovely Jewish Princess is not a virgin. We could wonder about her anal virginity but why wonder?”

He greased it up with ointment and then removing her tit clamps and gag, so he could really hear her scream he pushed it against her dainty anal star. It was difficult going especially with the large dildo already in her pussy but he was ready to suffer for his craft and after ten minutes he had it buried deep inside her ass the plastic balls banging against her anal star.

Once that was completed, he turned them on and smiled. Let’s give her a ten-minute reward before the fun begins. He tweaked her hardening breasts the bondage was working well she had swelled up another two sizes since he tied her up. She would really feel it when he started to whip her.

Ronald smiled into the camera and then wetting his thumb started to play with the bitch’s clit as he turned the two cocks up to ten. She was orgasmic almost at once and stayed at that level until he turned them down to four. He wanted her perched on the edge of a climax when he started whipping her not dead from sexual gratification.

After a few strokes more, he stopped, “now for the fun gentlemen and ladies, as we start with her clit and work our way up.”

He picked up his small whip and started to whip her clit,

“See her shake and shiver under my strokes?” She did climaxing again from the painful stimulation.

While she was mewing with the pleasure -pain, he picked up his bigger flogger and smacked her bound breasts leaving livid purple marks and gaining a scream that should have been heard outside if his building wasn’t so well soundproofed.

“While now that was a good start, lets try this and his next stroke hit both nipples leaving a mark across the pair and a thin streak of blood.”

Ronald for the first time was getting aroused you could see his cock bulge growing under his tight jeans. Anyone who watched his films knew when the jeans came off the best torture would start to happen.

He hit her several more times leaving welted purple marks on both breasts and three more strips on her nipples. At one point, he leaned over licked the blood off and then pulled them out further then any nipple should be able to move. Extended at their full length he bit them, leaving teeth marks and blood behind.

“You know I almost feel bad about that biting ladies, and gentlemen. I promised the bitch no permanent marks and I’m afraid those will be there. Of course you that watch my films know that every girl that appears has those marks so what can I do?”

He laughed.

The automatic camera with a nudge from his remote panned in to see the tears falling silently down the face of his actress.

It was at this point that Ronald picked up his knife and ct the ropes holding the blood in her breasts loose. He couldn’t have paid anyone to scream as well as she did when the blood returned to her breasts.

He stood and removed his jeans, showing off his cock in his tiny black Speedo briefs.

He pulled it loose and watching her eyes peed over her chest and aiming well onto her nipples. He knew the humiliation of the act would please his watchers and they would love what the salt in his urine did to her welts.

When he was finished, he picked up a handful of her glorious long black hair and wiped himself dry. He cut the rope holding her feet to the handcuffs and picking her up took her over to the coffee table and bent her over it.

Once he had her breasts on top of the table with her long nipples nicely arranged, he took small carpet tacks and a hammer and carefully nailed her nipples to the wood underneath.

“I can’t have you moving for the next part baby.”

He filled two glasses with whiskey and balanced them on her nailed nipples. He then strode back and picked up a long, slick, wicked looking bullwhip. He covered his eyes with a blindfold and arching back with his arm snapped it out. He missed the glass and hit the side of her breast. She screamed in pain.

“Sorry about that, next time will be better.”

He pulled the blindfold back down and raising his arm tried again. This time he hit the one glass shattering it and pouring whiskey all over her open wounds. It was a million dollar shot.

“Cheer up only one more glass to go.”

This one took four tries and a short intermission as she managed to pull one breast loose in her trying to avoid the whip. He tied her legs to the table legs forcing her to remain steady and admonished her for ruining her beautiful nipple by pulling the nail loose.

“Now I have to do it all over again. This time he hammered in two larger nails. It was harder as well, because the nipple had swollen up from his previous mistreatment. She had been sweating and so the nipples moved around. He hit her breast several times and the pleading whimpers and cries she made had him hard, and so he knew, several of his watching clients would be creaming their jeans at the sight of his hammer hitting her vulnerable flesh.

Once he was sure she was unable to move, and that she had waited long enough for the feel of his whip once again descending on her trapped flesh he reared back and with more force then any of the other strikes and without benefit of the blindfold he hit the glass dead on. It shattered and spilled the whiskey all over her bleeding nipple.

He gave a war whoop and turning smiled at the group watching on his network. “Now that’s what I call a hit.”

He went to the table and with his claw hammer pulled the nails loose. She screamed and pleaded with him to be gentle. Ronald didn’t know the meaning of the word gentle. He pulled her up and carried her over to a large well-padded armchair. He arranged her over the arm with her tortured breasts hanging down, droplets of blood seeping to the skin slowly one by one. He bent and licked up two drops and smiled, “Yummy stuff” He then pulled his cock out of his Speedo’s where he had tucked it away while he was using the whips and holding her tits tight together rammed his cock up and down brushing her lips with the head at every upstroke. He was into the rhythm and feeling the building orgasm when he looked down and saw her tongue snake out to lick at the precome gathering at the head of his cock.

He laughed aloud. He had been right the bitch was kinky. He reached over to the table leaving her one breast bounce as he picked up the remote and clicked it for a close up.

“Suck my cock you bitch of a whore, eat my sperm.”

He pushed her tits together and pushed his cock up to her mouth. She opened wide and he slid inside. She was hot and wet and it felt wonderful. He slid out and his orgasm was upon him. He drew back and plastered her tits, her face, and her open mouth with one then another hard heavy spurt of his crème.

She swallowed all that was in her mouth pushed her tongue out to lick more and when he scooped it up and feed it to her she ate it all.

He undid her handcuffs, turned off the camera and carried her into the bathroom. He ran her a tub while she huddled on the floor and then picked her up and pushed her into the water.

He left her there to consider what he had done to her, went out, and got an old pair of running shorts and a long white shirt for her to wear since he had ruined her clothes.

He didn’t bother with the bra since she was to swollen to wear it and he had ruined her panties. He checked his statistics and he had made over $50,000 dollars for the live broadcast and had several hundred requests for a copy of the DVD. He wondered if it would be possible to use her again. He was leaving for Boston tonight and he would love to take the bitch with him. A permanent woman to take his abuse would be cheaper then hiring someone and moving all the time. He had iron clad contracts but still the Judges was getting tired of seeing him.

He was getting hard just thinking of what he could do to her if she stayed. He imagined tattooing her breasts and almost shot another load without any one touching him. This woman was dynamite to his imagination.

He sat up his camera and turned it on to start the minute their was motion in the room. He returned to the bathroom after getting out his tattoo equipment.

She was done washing and was out of the tub carefully drying her tortured body. He sat beside her and pulled her into his mouth. He shot his tongue out and whispered, “This is a reward for being so good.”

Ronald was a class a pussy eater and holding her steady he managed to bring her off three times before, she collapsed in his arms. He pushed her to the bathroom floor and up on her hands and knees. He pulled her legs apart and jammed his cock deep into her pussy.

“You earned this baby; you’re the best damn actress I ever had here.” He kept fucking her as he heard her ask in a little girl voice. “I did good?”

“You’re the best. I just wish I could tattoo you for the camera before you leave. I would pay you another $1000.00 to put my name on your left tit. What do you say?”

She turned her head and looked into his eyes, “Would you fuck me again when you’re done?” He lightly slapped her ass again and again as he fucked her and promised to fuck her so well when it was over she would pass out from the pleasure.”

She came on his cock and pulling free said, “Alright but you have to add a rose.”

He agreed with a smirk after all he knew something she didn’t pain sluts got addicted quickly and needed more to get the high they had come to appreciate. He would and could make her his with enough time…

They wondered out into the main room and he sat her down in his chair and smiled for the camera saying as he twisted her nipple harshly and they listened to her moan.

“This bitch is now my bitch and I am going to tattoo her tit so everyone will always know it.”

He put her tit in a vise and tightened it down hard. She looked like you do when you go for a mammogram but upright instead of flat. Once she was secure. He got his needle out and turned it on.

“I am going to put my name right here” and he touched her left tit with the needle and her face changed from happily interested to pain. I am then going to give you that rose you wanted with your nipple being the inside of the bud and the petals overlapping the breast. When that’s done, I am going to fuck the bitch until she passes out in pleasure.

The audience watched as he traced the name and design in blood around and around her tit until it said Ronald’s Bitch, he then added the rose, which was a lengthy process when he was done and he had wiped her off, and put soothing crème on the tattoo he undid the vise. She screamed as he grabbed her to hold her still.

He kissed her and talked low to her and in minutes she was bending over a chair her tits hanging down as he pulled her legs apart and pushed into her pussy. The audience gasped as once his cock was inserted deep inside her pussy, he picked up an obscenely large cock and greasing it up pushed it slowly, torturously up her ass. They could see her eyes rolling in her head and hear her moans. Funny thing they sounded like pleasure and not pain He began moving his hand in rhythm with his cock as he started to fuck the bitch he had just tattooed. When his left hand found her breasts and the audience watched him maul her still swollen, freshly tattooed breast, as he pulled and twisted the nipples as if they were corks he was trying to remove from a wine bottle. You could hear the collective sighs of the watchers wishing they were there doing the bitch with him.

. He told the audience. “If you like this give her a couple days to recover and come back to my place where I will be putting her breasts in Japanese rope torture. It will be worth the fee.

Sarah passed out as he withdrew his cock and spewed his crème all over her ass and back. He smiled as he cleaned his cock once again on her long luxurious hair and turned the direct feed camera to off.

He moved her so that she was lying on the long chair her feet up on the hassock and grabbing a beer sat down to watch her. He figured even if when she came to she left she had been worth the money but he had a feeling she wouldn’t that she would be his to do with, as he wanted for as long as he wanted.

No one had ever treated Sarah like he had today, and she craved the misery they all did, and she would be his until she found someone who treated her worse.

It had been a profitable day and he was tired, he finished his beer stood up and walked to the bathroom to clean up and then fell into bed, another day another dollar.

Tomorrow if she was here, he would introduce her to breast paddling and the more intricate notes of Japanese rope bondage. After all, he had to practice if he was going to be perfect in his next film.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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