Asian Servant Boy

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Asian Servant Boy

I am a senior in college living in an off campus apartment. The apartment is a two bedroom

right across the street from the campus so when my roommate of 3 years graduated I put a notice

up in the dorms for a roommate.

A young asian guy came by in response of the ad. His name was Roxy he was small and slight in

build probably about 100lbs looking for some place quiet so he could study. Since I was a senior

focused on graduating not partying he figured that living here would be what he needed. I

figured that since he wanted some quiet for studing he would be the perfect roommate.

Roxy moved in and we got along OK. Between his studying and his part-time job in the local

pizza parlor as a waitor we only saw each other for a few minutes day.

After about a month and a half he lost his job as the pizza parlor cut back due to the slow

economy. I told him he could stay til the end of the month but after that he would have to

leave. Roxy was cool with that as he thought he could find another job. However at the end of

the month Roxy was still unemployed.

I was in the kitchen when Roxy came in.

“I am very sorry but I can not find another job.” Roxy said. “But I have an idea that you

might like.”

Feeling sorry for him “Oh like what?”

“Where I am from many a white men have asian boys for servants.” he explained.

“Servants? What kind of servant?” I ask.

“I clean your house, do you laundry, run errands, and take care of any needs you have.” he


“OK we’ll try it for a while.” I respond.

For the next week Roxy kept the apartment clean, izmit escort did the laundry, and ran errands for me. He

was a good cook and would also bring me drinks while I watched TV. Graduately he started to do

more such as prepare my showers by turning the water on and letting the water get hot then

letting me know that it was ready. At these times he would help me undress so that I wouldn’t

miss any of the hot water. Other times when doing laundry he would have me undress so that he

could wash what I was wearing. This would often leave me naked since he would wash all my

clothes so I would just hang out in the apartment naked.

After a while it was not unusual for me to be naked around him. Roxy for his part usually

wore just gym shorts and sometimes a t-shirt. A couple times when he was in the shower he would

come straight out of the shower naked to serve me. Some days he wouldn’t get dressed at all and

would do everything naked. I noticed he had absolutely no body hair at all. He touched me quite

alot or stood so close that our bodies would be touching when he was tending to my needs.

Taking advantage of the situation I started to have him give me neck and shoulder massages.

He had soft but firm hands and they felt really good on my neck and shoulders.

One night I went out on a date had a good time and brought her back to the apartment. Roxy

stayed out of sight the whole time. While making love to my date I thought that I saw him

peeking through the door but wasn’t sure. My date had to leave earlier than normal so I walked

her to the door naked.

After I shut the door Roxy came out in his gym shorts yahya kaptan escort only.

“Very good sir. Roxy is glad for you. But why she leave so early?” Roxy saids.

“Well she has to get up early for work.” I answer as I walk over to the sofa and sit down.

“But she leave you still hard. This no good.” Roxy states.

Roxy walks over to me and kneels between my legs. “Let Roxy finish you off.” He saids.

Before I could respond Roxy deep throats my hard dick, his hand fondling my balls. I

couldn’t believe that he took in my whole hard dick that fast, his nose was buried in my pubic

hair. Up and down he went.

Roxy looks up at me “I can taste her pussy on your dick. Mmm”

Roxy sucked and licked my hard dick for several minutes while fondling my balls. He would

suck all the way down so that my cock was deep in his throat and then pull all the way out and

lick the tip. Then over again.

I felt the urge build up in me and I grabbed Roxy’s head and held it all the way down on my

dick. I started shooting my cum deep into his mouth and released his head. Roxy pulled off my

dick and I shot a wad on his face. Roxy milked my dick for all the cum he could and licked it


“Much better for you! Relieve much pressure. Roxy happy to serve!” Roxy says as he bowed his


I get up to get a drink and afterwards lay down in bed. I start thinking over my night’s

activities, first sex with my date then a blowjob from Roxy. I realize that I am hard again.

“Roxy.” I shout out.

Roxy appears at the door. “Yes sir.”

“I’m still hard. Climb gebze escort in bed.” I order.

Roxy gets on the bed and grabs my dick and starts licking it.

“Get on your hands and knees.” I command.

“Yes sir. Roxy happy to please.” Roxy saids.

I had some lube in the nightstand and use it to lube up my dick. I pull down Roxys shorts

and toss them on the floor. I put a little dab on his cute little asshole.

I put the tip of my dick on his asshole and use it to work the lube into his asshole. I

slowly work the tip in trying to be gentle but suddenly Roxy pushs back onto my dick and the

whole thing slides in. His butt cheeks are pressed hard against my hips. Then he pulls out and

back down again. We get a rhythmn going and soon I am fucking his ass hard. Roxy reaches down

under his legs and fondles my balls.

I look down so I can watch my dick go in and out of his ass. I marvel about his tightness.

Roxy takes everthing I can give him and as I shoot a big load in his ass I hold him by the back

of the neck and push his head into the pillow.

“Mmm Roxy will do anything for you Sir.” He states.

“Good.” I say and get up to wash off.

After that Roxy would give me blowjobs, full body massages, bathe me in the shower, and let

me fuck his ass whenever I wanted it. I would have him naked in the apartment whenever possible

so I could watch his little body.

One day One of my dates left her white panties and a lacey slip so I started having Roxy wear

them as he sucked my dick or I fucked his ass. He looked so sexy in the white lacey slip

kneeling doggie style that I was fucking him constantly and eventually took to buying him sexy

lingere so I could fuck him even more in them.

Roxy stayed with me after I graduated and started my first job.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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