At My Cabin Ch. 07

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Big Ass

It has been a week since Stephanie was in her belt and I in mine. I haven’t worn it since thought i have used the regular machine quite a bit. And, it’s getting cold out so all of this has happened indoors. And, by myself.

I’ve been contemplating wearing the belt again; this time for 8 – 10 hours. I’m thinking about that again when I hear a knock. I’m surprised to see Stephanie, especially without Karen.

I open the door and give Stephanie a simple “Hi”.

“Can I come in?”

“Of course” as I wave her in. She takes a seat, and looks at me.

Karen has told a couple we know about you and your teasing machines. They might be interested in buying versions for themselves. Are you interested?”

“I don’t know. It seems like a lot of work for people I don’t know.”

“They have said they’ll pay. And, I think they have money.”

I thought about it but I still wasn’t sure.

“If you started selling them, I bet you could make more money making these machines than by what you do now. They are unique and a lot of people would love them.”

“I never thought about that. Maybe I am interested.”

She smiles. “We were thinking that you and I should demo them. I’ll wear the belt, you will demo the machine. That way, they will really understand what the machines do.”

I look at her surprised. “Me? In the machine? With a couple in my house?”

“Yes. It’s your machine and I think you need to show it. Plus, you look incredible when you are being teased by it. And, we thought you’d be okay with that since the first time we saw you, you were outside in full public view.”

I didn’t know how to reply so I stood their tongue tied and probably looking a bit pathetic.

“Could we do this tonight? They are available and anxious. I could come over about 5:00, you could get me into the belt and get the machine ready for you. Karen, Sam and Hank would be here around 6:00?”

“Sam and Hank? Am I demoing this for a only guys?”

“No, silly, Sam is short for Samantha. And I think you’ll like how she looks” she says, smiling.

Before I thought about this too much, I said “Ok”. She kissed me on the cheek and left.

A few minutes later I started to realize what I agreed to. I had put myself in positions to get caught before but I had never performed in front of a group before. But that’s what was expected of me tonight.

That thought was making me hard. So I figured I’d go through with it and see what happened.

5:00 took forever to come. I held back and didn’t cum all day. Since I was hard most of the day, this took a lot of self control.

I heard the knock and Stephanie let herself in. She took off her coat and she looked stunning. She was wearing a tight t-shirt, no bra, and a skirt that came to mid-thigh.

“I didn’t want to have to walk around naked all night. So I wore something that I could wear with the belt.”

“But when I get into the machine, I don’t want to be the only one naked.”

“Oh, don’t worry, Before you get into the machine, I’ll get naked with you. I might get dressed when you are done or I might stay naked until I cum. I just don’t want to be naked when everyone else gets here.”

I showed her everything was ready.

“I’ve made a few changes to the belt and to the program. You won’t notice most of those changes. But I am wondering how long we should do this for? I was thinking 60 – 90 minutes for me but how long for you?”

“I don’t know, I hadn’t really thought about it.”

“How about 3 – 4 hours? That seems long enough, especially if we start the belt before everyone else gets here.”


I get busy setting up the program while Stephanie gets herself ready. As she’s putting in her butt plug, she asks me about the changes I made.

“Let me remember. The one you might notice is that I’ve tweaked the settings so that it should bring us closer to orgasm than before.”

“Second, the timing starts with you are ready to cum instead of when the vibrators start. So if it’s set to edge you 20 minutes out of every 30 and you take 10 minutes to be ready to cum, the next 30 minute session will start right away. So the breaks be shorter early on and longer after you’ve been edged for a while.”

There are a few more changes but I decide not to mention them right now.

“Are these changes just for me?” Steph asks.

“No. These changes will affect us both.”

I’m done setting up the program so I help Stephanie finish getting the belt on. We do a quick test to make sure it is positioned correctly. She puts her skirt back on and we wait.

I turn on the tv and put on a news program. I think we are both antsy as neither of us is watching the program. I’m really horny and sitting with an erection. Knowing Steph has the belt on and is waiting just adds to my frustration.

“Do you want me to turn the belt on now?”

“I’d like to wait until everyone is here. Though I can’t wait for it to start.”

So we both continue to wait for the others to show.

6:00 comes and goes. Finally, about 10 minutes edirne escort late, Karen shows up with Sam and Hank. Sam looks about 40, he looks a few years older. Hank is an okay looking guy from my limited perspective. Sam looks great; she is someone I’d love to see naked. I get a bit more excited when I realize that I might get to see her.

“Welcome” is all I can think of to say.

I don’t wait for an invitation and show them the machine. Hank starts asking me all sorts of questions about it; I tell him a lot though I leave out a few details to protect my interests. He might realize this because he starts asking more detailed questions.

I finally have to say, “Why don’t we just show you.”

I call Steph over and have her show them her belt. Sam is examining it pretty closely. She asks Steph, “You can’t touch your pussy with this belt on, can you?”

Steph just shakes her head no. She goes back to the sofa and takes a sit. Karen moves next to her while Sam and Hank sit in a love seat across the room from them. I move towards my computer to get things started.

“First, I will start Steph’s belt.” Steph let’s a little moan escape her lips when the vibrators start. That grabs everyones attention; we are all staring at her as the vibrators keep bringing her closer and closer to orgasm.

I look at Sam and Hank but I’m not sure if Hank is enjoying the show. He’s watching but it doesn’t look like he’s hard. Sam, though, looks like she might be getting horny.

It’s been five minutes and the machine starts edging her. It’s then that I realize she was really horny before we started, her first session usually takes closer to fifteen minutes.

As the edging starts, I start telling Hank and Sam how it works, “The belt has two vibrators, one on her clit and one in her butt. They work in concert to make her cum but as she gets close to cumming, they slow down so that she can’t cum. They will stop if they have to and will start up again as soon as she has moved away from orgasm a little bit.”

“It will edge her for 20 out of every 30 minutes. When the 20 minutes are over, the vibrators will shut down until it is time to start again. After three to four hours of this, the vibrators will give her an orgasm.”

“What’s the longest she’s gone?” Sam asks.

“A little more more than 2 days but with it running much less time; just 15 – 30 minutes every hour. And, it turned off at night so she could sleep.”

“Oh shit, 2 days? Being constantly aroused? How did she handle that?”

Karen answers, “It was tough. By the end of the first day she was a mess. By the end of the second day, she was barely able to function and needed to cum more than I thought possible. I don’t think she would have made a third full day. I did enjoy it though because the one release she had was making me cum.” Karen starts blushing.

“Can I see the belt again?” Sam asks Stephanie.

Stephanie starts removing her skirt but keeps stopping as she gets edged. She decides to stand up to remove it and she is a sight. Her legs are shaking, her hips are humping and she’s wiggling to remove her skirt. It takes a good 30 seconds for her to get her skirt to her knees. It is one of the hottest things I have ever seen.

Steph sits back down. Karen helps her remove the skirt from her feet. Sam heads on over to look at the belt again. I tell her about the belt, that it is a modified chastity belt.

“How does it keep her from cumming?”

“The vibrator in her butt is also a pressure sensor. The control module senses the readings and determines how close she is to cumming. It uses that information to control the vibrators. The interesting effect is that if you try not to squeeze, the vibrators get you closer and closer. But, eventually, you get close enough that you squeeze hard making the vibrators stop. So fighting the orgasm can intensify the effect.”

Stephanie must be in-between sessions now. Sam notices her calming down and asks, “Did you cum?”

“No. It’s just giving me a break.”

Steph removes her shirt and is now naked except for the belt. She looks at me and says “Your turn”.

Sam gets a puzzled look on her face. So I ask her if she knew that this works on both men and women.

“No, I really had no clue. I assumed it was just for women.”

“It started as a machine just for me; the machine I showed you when you first got here. Karen and Steph caught me in it one day. Steph then wanted to experience it for herself so I adapted it for women. I then created a belt version for her and adapted it for myself though the version for me doesn’t allow me to wear it for multiple days.”

I tell everybody I’ll be right back and head to my bedroom. I undress, and insert the butt plug. I’m hard and thinking about putting on a robe for my walk back in. I decide to stay nude since I need to be nude to get into the machine.

I walk back into the living room towards my machine. I’m a bit nervous as I’ve never been naked in front of so many people before. And, escort edirne I’ve never been naked and aroused in front of a guy before. But I power through it and think about Sam naked. I notice that Sam is staring at my erect cock as I’m looking at her.

I glance over at Steph before getting into the machine; I can tell that she is getting teased again. Seeing her naked and getting edged gives me the courage to get into the machine.

I walk over to my computer and start the program. I tell the program to start in five minutes, giving me a chance to get into the machine. I lock the computer but I have a screen saver that shows what’s going with the program.

I take a seat by the machine and start getting ready. I put the vibrator on my cock, and then put on the ankle and wrist restraints. I lay down and explain the reason for the restraints. I then let them know that the program will start by pulling my restraints taught. I wait a few seconds and I feel them pulling.

I feel the vibrators start. “The vibrators will edge me for three to five minutes at a time. When the time is up, they shut down for 15 to 60 seconds and it begins again. This is pretty much the same thing Steph is going through though the sessions are quicker.”

Another minute or so, and I’m ready to cum. I’m getting edged when I notice Sam watching me. After a minute of me trying to cum, Sam is over taking a very close look at my cock.

“Wow, that is a swollen cock.”

Before I know what’s going on, she reaches over and starts feeling my balls. I almost cum but the program quickly adjusted. My cock starts to bob around and almost pulse because I am oh so close to cumming.

I croak “stop” because she is driving me nuts. She is enjoying watching my cock move around so she keeps on feeling my balls. I’m enjoying what she is doing so much but I so want her to stop because it is making me feel my lack of orgasm even more.

She smiles. “Wow, you really are close.” But she doesn’t stop.

The vibrators turn off and I get to my first break. She keeps on feeling my balls and she moves a finger to my cock. Her touch makes me moan and thrust my hips. She keeps it up until the vibrators start up again. They are instantly edging me; there is no build up.

She keeps playing with my cock and balls like this for the next fifteen minutes or so. I’ve never felt the machine as intensely as I am with Sam’s help.

Finally, she stops playing with my cock and balls. I’m so horny though that I’m not coming off the edge when the vibrators stop.

My next session starts and start right into edging me because I’m instantly ready to cum. Sam comes back and is next to me again but now she is topless. She has great looking tits and big nipples like I love. She leans over and pushes a nipple into my mouth. I start sucking on it like I’ve never sucked on a nipple before. As I get edged, I moan into her nipple. That gets Sam moaning.

Sam lets me suck on her nipples for a while. I don’t know how I’m not cumming; I’ve never been so close for so long. I’m so enjoying sucking on her nipples that I didn’t notice that she started to feel my balls again. This

This keeps up for a while. I’m constantly ready to cum, and I can’t quite get there. I’m enjoying this excruciating tease more than I have in a long time.

Stephanie, who I’ve almost forgotten about, is on the sofa. Watching what is being done to me seems to be affecting her as she is moaning non-stop.

It’s close to to an hour since I’ve gotten into the machine when things change. Sam, starts to remove the vibrator from my cock. I ask her what she is doing, but she just carries on. When she has the vibrator off, she looks closely at my swollen and stiff member. She’s stroking it very lightly and very slowly. She asks me if I’d like to cum.

“Yes, please.”

Sam smiles and removes her hand from my cock. She sits down on my chest facing towards my cock. Hank walks over and puts a bag down next to her. She pulls something out of the bag and is blocking my view of what she is doing.

I feel something really cold against my cock and balls. I immediately lose my erection even though I’m desperate to cum.

Once I’m fully soft, I feel a ring being placed around my cock and balls. I’m still not sure what she’s doing but I don’t like it. I start twisting around and fighting so that she finish doing whatever it is she is doing. In response, she rests more of her more of her weight on me, making it much harder for me to move around. I feel another item being put on my cock. I also feel something going into my urethra. I hear a click and see her grab a tool.

When she gets up, I see my cock and balls are locked in a chastity cage. My cock is held in place by the thing that’s in my urethra. And, it’s way too small for me to get erect much less cum.

The whole situation and the fact that I’m still super horny has my cock trying to get hard. I quickly fill the device and feel pressure as the cage prevents me from getting hard. edirne escort bayan I let out a frustrated moan that makes Sam smile.

A few minutes later, the machine releases me. I quickly remove myself from it and get up. I look at Sam and demand she removes the cock cage they put on me.

Hank is the one to reply. “Why should we do that? We heard what you did to Stephanie. How is this any different?”

I was not expecting that; it hadn’t even occurred to me. In a weird way, they might be right. But my need to cum out-weighs everything else. “She was getting edged the whole time. And she loved it. Me, I can’t even get hard right now much less edge myself.”

Sam replies this time, “Don’t worry, you’ll cum again. It is just up to me as to when. Just like it was up to you when you put the belt on Stephanie the first time.”

I sigh. All I can think of is how horny I am. My cock is filling the cage with its need to get hard. And, hearing and seeing Steph getting edged is increasing my frustration.

From being edged so much, I thought I knew what frustration was. I realize I didn’t really understand frustration until now. My brain starts working a bit and I get an idea.

I go over by Steph and ask her “Did you know they were going to do this?”. She doesn’t reply so I ask again, this time touching her knee to get her attention.

“Yes” is all she says.

I stare at her trying to comprehend her response. Two ways out of this dilemma come to me. First, I can change the settings on Steph’s belt so that the vibrators start running at full speed and don’t stop. Or, I can make the belt edge her with no breaks. Either of these should help me make my case to get this cage off.

Still not sure which way I’ll go, I walk over towards my computer. Hank asks me what I’m doing but I ignore him. I sit down and bring up the control program for Steph’s belt. I change the settings to endless edging and lock the computer. All of the sudden, Hank is behind me and asks me what I’m doing.

“Sorry Steph, but your belt will now edge you continuously, no breaks. Not even the mini ones that it gave you during the edging sessions. And, it will run all night.”

Stephanie reacts to my message by groaning in frustration as she continues to get edged. Karen looks shocked. I look at Karen and say, “When I cum, she’ll cum.”

Hank says “This doesn’t change a thing.”

I get mad. “Let’s see if it doesn’t. I don’t think she can take another hour with no breaks much less days. And the batteries in there should be good for another 3 or 4 days. Image what she’ll be like after 3 days of constant edging.”

Hank doesn’t change his tune, “It still doesn’t change anything.”

I’m not sure if he thinks I am bluffing or if he just doesn’t care. All I think about is wanting this cage off. And, I don’t feel too bad for Steph because she knew this was going to happen.

I call Hank’s bluff, with a simple, “Ok.”

The one thing that could stop this is that the key to Steph’s belt is in my desk. She might remember that at some point so I definitely need to lock it away.

Karen comes over to me and whispers, “Please, let her go. She can’t take it.”

“As soon as this cage is off, I’ll make her cum and remove the belt.”

Karen must sense that there is no point in pushing it so she goes and sits next to Steph. Steph leans into Karen and Karen tries to comfort her while the edging continues.

The next thing I know, a naked Sam is standing next to me. She’s shoving her shaved pussy towards me making me groan in frustration again.

“I need to cum” she says as she thrusts her pussy towards me again.

I shake my head no but she spreads her legs and starts rubbing her pussy. I’m so horny I can’t help it, I lean over and start licking her pussy. She starts moaning and riding my face.

I trace patterns across her clit. My desperation for orgasm is making me desperate to see her cum. It doesn’t take long before she grabs my head, pushes her pussy into my face and starts to cum. And cum she does. She holds my head and pulls me into her pussy; riding my tongue. And she’s noisy.

She lets go of my head and I lean back. My balls feel swollen. I look over at Steph and see that she and Karen were watching. She looks like she needs an orgasm worse than ever; the no is definitely taking its toll.

Sam goes over and collapses next to Hank. I open the drawer to grab a tissue to wipe my face. I grab one and the key to Steph’s belt. I hide the key in the tissue as best as I can while I wipe my face. I get up and walk towards my bedroom. I go to a small safe I have and quickly open it and get the key in there. As I’m closing the safe, Hank appears at the door.

He asks me what I was doing. I don’t reply. It is a bit weird considering that I’m naked and it’s only the two of us in here. So I get up and walk into my bathroom, ignoring Hank. I lock the door behind me. I feel that dull ache in my balls that I remember from high school; I have a case of blue balls.

I wash my hands and face and remove the butt plug then I examine the cage. It has strange screws holding it in place; they have three little holes instead of a standard screw head. I might be able to get them out but it will be difficult. And, the device looks well made. I can’t even try and pop my cock out because the urethral tube makes that impossible.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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