Babysitting Candi

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Maggie’s vision recovered slowly from its mind-bending fog. Her pussy still smoldered from the strong convulsions she had just experienced… again. The bulk of Sam Smith laid its full weight on her slackening spinal rigidity. Likewise, his magnificent cock still stretched her core but was slackening its penile rigidity after spewing its manly treasure. His gusty gaspings tickled her ear but were beginning to steady down into deep cleansing breaths, matching her own return to necessary respiration after the oxygen limiting orgasm.

Their night had started as it always did at the Strip and Fuck Club. Sam, the big ex-football lineman now bouncer, had watched the veteran stripper perform her warm-up act before relinquishing the stage to the younger talent. Tonight, a drunk older patron had booked a private dance, and Maggie had masturbated and sucked the man, rather than giving him coital sex. At her age and experience, she was weary of weak dicks wiggling inside her pussy; it was just too tedious.

Sam, on the other hand, had a cock a horse would envy and she gladly went home with him every night. Tonight, like other nights, he pounded her to a grand orgasm.

Maggie had been a troubled youth and, after entering the strip club circuit at 19, had been flippantly careless during the private dances and became pregnant, by which patron she was never sure.

She had placed the newborn daughter up for adoption and continued her sex trade, emotionally conflicted by her motherly loss but more careful now with the sperm control.

A few weeks ago, a young woman had contacted her, wanting to meet up. The initial rendezvous over coffee had been bitter-sweet. The young lady called herself Candi and Maggie felt a tickling familiarity in her face and stature. She immediately accepted the stated fact that this was her long-lost daughter.

Candi’s adoptive parents had named her Candace and she had grown to be a vibrant healthy teenager, despite her adoptive parents’ stormy marriages. The first divorce court had assigned her to live with her adoptive father and that had continued through his now third marriage.

The resentful third wife had accused her husband of fucking Candi behind her back. Both supposed culprits fervently denied the coital allegations, conspiratorially avoiding any mention of the actual close encounters; they were just oral stimulations and shared masturbation. The wife needn’t be the wiser; it wasn’t ‘fucking’.

But Candi tired of the drama and wanted out. She searched for and found her biological mother Maggie. There was much hesitancy before she sought her help with escaping her dispiriting home situation.

Maggie promised to stay in touch with her daughter, see what she could do, maybe get Candi enrolled in a community college. She needed to get Sam convinced to assist with the costs, since as an older stripper, her tips and income at work continued to dwindle.

With Sam in his post-coital buzz, she thought it was a good time to broach the subject. It was a rambling portrayal, sharing the private details of Candi’s situation. Sam was non-committal and seemed disinterested in getting mired in a disgruntled youth’s quagmire. Then Maggie retrieved some photos of her grown daughter from her purse.

Sam Lefkoşa Escort scanned the photos and mused on Candi’s affinity for familial intimacy. He lingered on one or two and Maggie perceived his strong fascination. She could almost see his mental wheels grinding.

Sam offered some lukewarm support, like tuition money and some in-kind assistance: Candi could attend a local college and stay with them in his large house, doing chores or whatever. It was the lurid ‘whatever’ thoughts that had firmed up his decision, and Maggie observed the firming up of his cock. Feeling his feelings, Maggie’s apprehension surfaced.

“You won’t leave me for her, will you?”

Sam cuddled Maggie close on the bed of his McMansion master bedroom. He assured her that, come what may, he would still let her make your home here and, of course, fuck her regularly. She sniffled unassured in his muscular arms, wondering if she had started her own downfall, hoping she could still retain her status quo.

So, the stage was set. Candi arrived a few days later and moved into one of the guest suites. There was a flurry of activity with college enrollment, schoolgirl uniforms, and establishing a daily household routine. Sam was constantly observing Candi, remembered his first fascinations with the young babe, and felt the nascent urges that conflicted with his promises to Maggie.

But his willpower couldn’t overcome his libido forever. One night, within a few weeks of Candi’s arrival, he lay next to a fucked out and peacefully sleeping Maggie. After a bit of contemplation and a bit of rest and refraction, he quietly exited his bed and tiptoed to Candi’s soft-lit bedroom. He spied her half-clothed in a loose tee-shirt, curled on her side, facing away and sleeping soundly. Her well-shaped ass was mounded over by the sheet. He crossed the short floor space and slid into the bed.

Candi awoke to the feel of a warm body teetering her mattress. She turned to her bold intruder and started to protest but, recalling her former home and the incestuous problems there, controlled her emotions until she could decide what was what with this new residence.

Her movements diffused her scent, a combination of minty shampoo and talcum powder soapiness. Her grey eyes were wide open, watching his face.

Sam whispered the half-awake blonde past some initial reluctance and softened her foreboding. He assured her that Maggie was onboard with the double sex-mate dealings and there would be no condescending drama. Candi wasn’t so sure but, keeping her counsel, offered no protest.

Sam chose to start out gentle and flirted with small touches and light kisses. As an initial attempt at further intimacy, he touched her nether lips through her panties and, with still no overt resistance, increased the caress. He slid his finger under the stretchy cotton and diddled her pink crease. He noted her natural moisture weeping from her inner recesses. She murmured softly and wiggled her hips to aid his play.

Candi’s little moans of pleasure were accompanied by her own explorations and her hand found his stiffness. Discovering that one hand was inadequate for the task, she shifted her pose in order to employ both hands to ‘jack’ his shaft.

His Kıbrıs Escort finger slid about her pussy, massaging her labia and probing deeper for her G-spot. Her two hands handled his cock more urgently. Their fondling became more confident and they fingered and masturbated each other to climax. Sam sprayed her tee-shirt-shrouded belly with a hearty volume of pent-up spunk. Candi’s moans peaked and she breathed open mouth gasps of air.

Satiated, for now, he kissed her a sweet adieu and retreated to a wholesome safety at Maggie’s side in his own bed. Candi was left to clean up his ejaculated mess in her bed. She tossed off the stained tee shirt and spent the rest of the night in a fitful topless sleep beneath the sheets.

Following that inaugural night, Candi revamped her wardrobe while around the house. Booty shorts that molded her ass and crop tops that loosely covered her unfettered bouncy boobs became her ubiquitous daywear. She donned skimpy see-thru negligees when giving her pre-bedtime ‘goodnight’ hugs and kisses to the living room lounging adults. Sam couldn’t help but follow the bouncing shadows of her broad nipples barely concealed by the light fabrics.

The days and nights passed with Sam’s growing vexation until he couldn’t take any more of the pseudo-stepdaughter’s teasing. He sought Maggie’s leave to bolster the ‘father-daughter’ relationship. She was unwilling to gamble on a breakup and grudgingly consented.

That night, after Maggie prepped him with manual and oral foreplay, Sam arrived again in the middle of the night at Candi’s door. She had heard his steps in the hallway and was sitting upright in bed. The negligee was pooled down about her waist, her bare boob display welcoming his entrance. It was his first real view of her uncovered breasts with their broad dark nipples, seen only before as tempting shadows through the negligees she wore to tease him during her ‘goodnight’ shows.

She was tingling with anticipation, heart fluttering, as, unknown to Sam, she had impatiently waited unfulfilled every night since the first one, hoping he would work through his uncertainty and foray again to her bed and body. The time had finally arrived.

She saw he was naked, a good sign. His tumescent cock bobbed at his groin as he approached her bed. She swept aside the sheets, showing her plump pussy cradled between her upper thighs. She shifted to give him room to climb aboard, reaching for his manhood.

They settled into the snuggle pose, each other’s hands fondling genitals and his other hand filled with soft bouncy boob. But that was not the ultimate goal and, as their ardor rose to its welcomed heights, Candi rolled beneath, opening her legs to the man she craved. Sam took the invitation and was thrilled when she eagerly placed the head of his grand cock at her wet labia. He pressed in, enjoying her wet warmth on his tip. They wiggled and squiggled until his powerful bulk was stuffed tight in her moist fleshy tunnel.

His strokes were long and steady. Candi was in heaven and Sam was right behind her. He ramped up and she hummed her happiness throughout the fucking. Sam finally consummated the mating, filling her recess with his manly milky fluid and she cried out Lefkoşa Escort in equal ecstasy when she felt the flood. They stayed wrapped together that way until lazily falling apart to sleep in sensual contentment.

Maggie was gracious thereafter, allowing Sam random nights with her daughter, acknowledging his faithfulness to his vow not to abandon her completely for the younger female.

A few weeks later, Maggie was doing a day shift at the club while Sam was home for a day off. Candi arrived from school in the afternoon where Sam met her in the foyer. He had been percolating to thoughts of her sexy body all day.

She was playfully unresisting when he simply unbuttoned her blouse and clutched her big round tits. She acted coy but willingly abetted his advances when he proceeded to kiss and fondle her nipples. The wiggling and giggling played out as they cooperatively undressed each other and fucked on the adjacent parlor room carpet.

The next weekend at home, Maggie watched from across the backyard deck as Candi emerged soaked from her swim and approached Sam lying naked on his lounge. The young woman dropped her wet swimsuit, threw a leg over, and boldly mounted up on his exposed erection.

Attuned now to sharing, the older woman strode over and knelt to whisper in Candi’s ear as the busty vixen plunged down on Sam in cowgirl, offering tips and tricks she had accumulated during years of pleasuring men in private dances.

“Yes, rise up… all the way until the corona is almost out… yes, like that… now slowly down again to get all of him inside… good… try that again… good… now at the bottom, press hard and move in flat circles, like stirring a spoon in your honey pot… “

Sam pondered the coaching session and felt the enhanced sensations on his dick. He joined in by idly playing with Candi’s tits, admiring the masses pliant texture, kneading and massaging the globes, pinching and rolling the emerging nubbins centered in the brown-toned areolas, until she worked him up until she triggered his shots in her cunt.

The group effort shattered any remaining incestuous inhibitions and that night saw a grand ménage-a-trois in the master bedroom. Sam’s face was engulfed by two pairs of bulky tits and his cock was worshipped by two juicy sets of oral and nether lips. Thereafter, Sam, Maggie, and Candi established a schedule of alternate exclusive nights to avoid any resentments among the housemates.

A few months later, with the repetitive cycle gaining a lingering sense of the mundane, clever Candi brought home a curious friend, cunningly selected and prefatorily tantalized into potentially providing Sam, the best Daddy ever, with a little spice in his life. But only if he accepted her, of course.

Candi shouted from the foyer.

“Daddy, I’m home. Come meet my friend, Debbie”

Sam strode to the delightful sight and politely held the friend’s extended hand of greeting, eyeing the busty cleavage and trim hips packed into the rounded Hispania’s schoolgirl uniform. He looked at Candi and gave a cagey wink of acceptance. Of course, he approved of Candi’s choice of another sexy bedmate. What man wouldn’t? His cock tingled at the unexpected perfection of her selection for him.

“Hello, Debbie.”

She bashfully lowered her eyes and murmured shyly.

“Hello, Mr. Smith.”

Sam broke a broad smile as he continued to hold her hand, mentally undressing this newest acquaintance with his eyes… only his eyes for now anyway…

“Oh, please, darling… call me Daddy.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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