Touching My Soft, Sleeping Cousin

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My cousin Brittney is a beautiful woman. She always drew the attention of men. In college, it was awkward having a very beautiful cousin always climbing on me and wanting to wrestle in the pool. I knew what she was doing was innocent and that what I was feeling was not innocent. I did my best to keep my distance when she was feeling playful. I lived in fear that she would feel my erection and ask about it or that someone may notice it while we were playing around.

I was away from home, and Brittney, for a few years and was enjoying the affections of the older women I was meeting in my new college. I could never get her out of my mind though and felt guilty for the constant obsession I had for my cousin. There were nights I would close my eyes and envision Brittney’s face and body as I slid myself into whatever girl I was with. For a few months I dated a woman with the same blond hair as my cousin and I would look down on her and fantasize about Brittney while my cock was in my girlfriend’s mouth.

Usually I took summer courses to finish college sooner, and would stay in the dorm. One summer, after a particularly tough semester, I decided to take the summer off. I got an apartment about half an hour from the family land where Brittney and lived. Brittney still lived at home while she went to beauty school. Since I had not seen the family in that area for a few years I decided to drive out and visit one afternoon. When I arrived Brittney was outside watering the flowers in tiny gym shorts and a white tank top. She was covered in sweat and looked out of this world with her skin glowing and wet. I went in for a hug and she tried to keep her distance so she wouldn’t get me sweaty. My hand fell on an uncovered part of her lower back and I could feel how warm, soft and oily her skin was from sweating. I could feel my groin stirring already. As I hugged her I told her that I had missed her a lot over the past few years and she hugged me tighter. I lifted her into a playful bear hug and was able to get both hands onto bare skin as I pulled her up and held her tight. I could feel that I was lingering just a little too long so I put her down and told her she was gross.

I spent the afternoon talking with family as they all passed through to see me. I stayed for dinner and had beers with my uncles. The night turned into a night of drinking and telling stories on the patio. Brittney being the fantastic host was keeping everyone’s beer full and would perch on the arms of various chairs as she kept everyone taken care of. Brittney was sweet enough to grab my dirty laundry from my Jeep and washed and dried everything while we visited. When it had gotten later in the evening, everyone started going home and my aunt suggested that I stay the night since I had been drinking. She told Brittney to go fold out the sofa-bed and put sheets on it. Brittney being the sweetheart she is said she would take the sofa-bed and that I should take her bed since it was more comfortable. I put up a weak-hearted protest, excited to be able to sleep in my sexy cousin’s bed. She offered to put clean sheets on it but I convinced her that it would be silly to do that just for me.

I got a shower, put on clean clothes and by the time I was done, I found Brittney sound asleep on the sofa-bed. She had showered and put on an over sized t-shirt that barely covered her bikini cut panties. She was sleeping peacefully so I enjoyed the view from the doorway for a few moments while pretending to be checking my phone. I went into her bedroom and closed the door. I grew harder and harder settling into her bedroom for the night. Sitting on the bed I noticed her dirty laundry basket on the floor in her closet. I could tell from the design on the shorts that the outfit she was wearing when I arrived was sitting on top of the laundry. I reached in and within seconds I found today’s panties still inside the shorts.

I could smell Brittney’s scent still on the clothes and in the panties. My heart was beating so hard that I could feel my body shaking with each beat. I laid down with the panties pressed to my face and inhaled Magosa Escort deeply. I pulled my underwear down and pushed the head of my cock into the pocket of the cotton lining in the crotch of the panties. I rubbed the soft fabric between my fingers and began jerking myself off with her panties when I heard a couple of soft taps on the door and heard it immediately opening. I pulled the sheet up quickly as Brittney came in quietly. She started feeling for something on her dresser being as quiet as she could. She thought I was asleep. She had not noticed the erection pitching a tent under her sheets.

“I’m awake, you can turn the light on if you need to.” I whispered.

She jumped and squealed quietly giggling.

“Sorry,” she whispered, “I’m just looking for a hair tie.” She found it and sat next to me on the bed. I could feel her hips pressed against my legs. She was putting her hair up while complaining that she can’t sleep with her hair down because it gets tangled up. I could smell the beer on her breath from earlier. There was just enough light coming in the window that I could see perfectly the shape of her body where the t-shirt draped across her. I could see the shadow of her nipples pointing out of the shirt. Luckily she didn’t look down and see my erection. When she finished, she popped off the bed, breasts bouncing visibly under her shirt. She leaned over, kissed my cheek and whispered in my ear.

“Sorry to bother you, goodnight.”

My hand was on her soft, warm arm and I whispered back.

“No problem, I was awake, sweetie.”

She left, without ever noticing my erection. I pulled the sheet back down and continued masturbating into her panties. I fell asleep exposed to the breeze from the air conditioning except for Brittney’s panties full of semen still clinging to my cock.

Two hours later, I woke up thirsty. I pulled the sticky panties off my dick, carefully replaced them into the gym shorts they came from and pulled up my shorts to go to the kitchen. I passed through the living room on the way to the kitchen and saw Brittney was sound asleep and had kicked the sheets off onto the floor. She was asleep on her stomach and I could see the roundness of her ass in the dark. I got a drink of water and while the kitchen light was still on, I peeked around into the living room to see if the light gave a better view. It absolutely did. I could see where Brittney’s panties had ridden up, exposing the bottoms of her ass cheeks.

I moved closer and rubbed my hand across her back to see if she would wake up. Her breathing never changed. I moved lower and rubbed the small of her back enjoying the warm soft skin. Brittney was in deep enough sleep that it didn’t disturb her so I slid my hand lower, across her soft panties onto the exposed softness of her bottom. The soft touch tickled her and she started to rouse. She rolled onto her side and settled in.

There as nothing about Brittney’s body that wasn’t perfect and when she rolled onto her side she exposed her waist and stomach. I took the opportunity of this position to rub her back, her hips and hip bones where it curved into her stomach and pubic area. She was a deep sleeper and I got more and more bold. I was able to slide my hands across so much of her exposed skin. I was able to get my fingers under the waistband of her panties and feel the softness of her stomach underneath. I pushed deep enough to feel the hair of her stubbly bush. Her breathing changed so I pulled my hand out of her panties to let her settle back into sleep.

She rolled onto her back and got still. Her big t-shirt was doing little to cover her at this point. I gently reached for her left breast and cupped it over the fabric of her shirt. I could feel the nipple, tough, but not quite erect, underneath. The shirt was loose enough that I was able to pull it up enough to get a good look at her breasts. My attempts to touch her bare breasts disturbed her sleep so I stopped for a few minutes to let her relax again.

She looked fantastic laying there near naked. I slid my shorts down and Kıbrıs Escort started rubbing myself while I waited for her breathing to go deep again. I sat down on the bed next to her and moved close enough that I could put her hand onto my cock. My completely erect cock filled her soft relaxed hand. I could feel the warmth and dampness of her palm. The position must not have been comfortable and she gave a little squeeze before moving her hand back to where it had been laying.

I realized that sitting in the bed with her would be hard to explain so I gently got up and moved to the other side of the bed. I was able to squat on the floor and be very close to Brittney. Since Brittney was closer to this side of the bed I was able to rub my cock on her in different places. I was able rub it against her leg and tried again to get her hand into position to place my cock in it. Looking down and seeing my cousin holding my cock was so erotic that I knew I would cum soon just from the little movement made from it throbbing in her relaxed hand. I put my cock back into my shorts and went back to rubbing Brittney’s soft body. I got too confident and after a few minutes of groping I heard Brittney ask in a whisper.

“What are you doing?”

“I was going to get a drink of water and I heard you talking in your sleep. I thought you were trying to talk to me so I came to see what you were saying. You were just mumbling though.”

“I’ve been awake long enough to know that’s not true.” she whispered. “Why were you rubbing my stomach?”

I didn’t have a good answer for that. I knew I was fucked at this point.

“It felt nice. Rub my back some. It’ll help me go back to sleep.” she said in a whisper, rolling over.

She pulled her shirt up high on her back and I started rubbing her and enjoying her soft skin again. I was rubbing her from the base of her neck down to the waist band of her panties. I rubbed her ribcage, under her to feel her stomach and down to her hips. She sighed approvingly at my gently massage.

“That’s not helping me sleep.” she whispered. She turned back over and held her shirt so that it didn’t fall off and expose her breasts, but she didn’t let it fall down and cover her ribs.

“I’ll leave you alone so you can sleep.” I whispered back. I had plans to get back to her room and unload more cum into whatever panties I could find in her laundry basket.

“I know what you were doing. I don’t trust you to go back to sleep and leave me alone.” she stopped me.

“What do you mean?” I stammered.

“I know you were feeling me up,” she stated in a curt whisper, “and I know you’ll be back to touch me again when you think I’m asleep.”

I didn’t know what to say. I couldn’t admit that I was feeling her up and I definitely couldn’t admit that I wouldn’t be back because I’d be filling her dirty panties with cum before going back to sleep.

“I’m too turned on at this point to go back to sleep and I know you are too.” she said pulling at the waist band of her panties. “You need to take care of me so I can sleep and take care of yourself and leave me alone the rest of the night.” she said slipping out of her panties and dropping them on the floor.

“You want me to fuck you?” I asked exited at the opportunity to be with her.

“We are NOT having sex.” she snapped, still in a whisper. “You can finger me or whatever, until I cum then you need to take care of yourself. I don’t care, but I’m not doing it for you. Jerk off on the floor for all I care. You ARE going to finish me though.”

She lay there propped up on her elbows glaring at me. Her legs were open and I could smell her warm crotch. I kept looking from her face to her crotch. She was growing impatient.

“What are you looking at?” she asked. “Get in there and eat it.” she said and pointed at her open legs.

With that, I had no other choice and honestly wanted nothing more. She laid back down and opened her legs more. I re-positioned myself to be comfortable reaching her crotch with my mouth. I had never smelled a vagina so wonderful in Lefkoşa Escort my life. I could smell the Dove soap in her pubic hair and could smell her wetness. I pressed my forehead to her stomach and my nose into her pubic hair before starting. I breathed deep. I ran the tip of my nose through her pubic hair, gently down and across her clit. I heard her gasp just a bit from the stimulation. I continued down and drug my nose across her lips and could feel her wetness on the tip of my nose.

As my nose slid down her labia, she pushed her hips into the air. My nose traced the length of her opening and settled briefly on her taint as she gasped. I pushed my tongue out and tilted my head so that my nose was no longer touching her but my tongue was gently touching the crease of her ass just above her anus. She was shivering holding herself in the air against me. She knew, and I knew, that she was about to cum hard. I pressed my tongue harder into her taint. The tip flattened out. I dipped it into her crack and tasted her ass before dragging it up hard. Her taint resisted the pressure but the bottom of her pussy opened quickly and the tongue dropped into her.

I knew my tongue was scooping up lube while I was dragging it upwards tracing her opening. When I got to her clit I gave it a hard lick, sucked her juices into my mouth and settled my lips onto her clit with a hard suction. It was over for her. I heard and felt her hands clasp hard against my head and I was trying to keep suction on her clit and also get my mouth open enough to drink her fluids while she squirted her pleasure onto me. I licked gently and cleaned her up as her spasms subsided. I enjoyed the time openly touching all of her body as she began to relax.

“That was great!” she whispered. “I’m tired. Take care of yourself and we will never talk about or do this again. Don’t come back in here tonight!” she said smiling.

“Can I cum on you at least?” I asked. “That would be so hot.”

“You can jerk off on me, but I’m not helping and you better not touch me with your cock ever again.” she said with a sadistic grin, still in a whisper but with complete authority. “And if you cum on me, you’re licking it off me before you go to bed.”

I stood up and started jerking off. She paid very little attention and got back in a comfortable sleep position while I was working on myself. She pulled her shirt down and looked up at me bored.

“I’m going to cum on your tits Brit.” I said getting ready.

“No you aren’t. You can cum on my ass and that’s it.” she said rolling onto her belly.

She slightly lifted her bottom towards me and said, “Hurry up.”

I leaned closer and emptied my balls directly into her crack. I let the head of my cock touch her ass cheek for just a second but she pulled away. From the light coming from the kitchen I could see my load had filled her crack and was running down to her pussy. She pulled her cheeks open and it filled into her open ass.

“Hurry up.” she said “I don’t want that getting on my pussy or onto the sheets.

“Ok, I’ll go get a wash cloth” I whispered to her.

“No,” she said sternly out loud. “You know what do do.” I jumped at how loud she had spoken. The house was fairly small and it could have woken someone.

“OK, ok ok” I whispered. “I didn’t think you were serious, that’s disgusting.”

“I want to make sure you never try this again.” she responded back in a whisper. “You are going to do it or I am going to wake everyone up.”

She pushed her hips up again and I could see that her entire ass crack was covered in the biggest load I had ever shot. I knelt below her on the bed and started licking her clean. She moaned and pushed her ass up to me while I dug my tongue around her crack. The closer I got to her anus the more she moaned and pushed against me. The sperm was thicker where it had pooled at her asshole. I could taste the thick saltiness and it clung to my throat. I licked deeper between her thighs until I was tasting her pussy again and worked my way back up.

“You’re done.” she said again out loud. “Go to bed.”

I went straight back to bed and lay there smelling her room, the smell and taste of her body mixed with the taste of my jizz still on my lips.


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Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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