Backyard Pool Ch. 19

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All characters are 18 years or older



Refreshed after a few minutes of swimming about in their backyard pool, Amy cried out, “Chicken-fights! I’ve got dad!”

She quickly moved behind her father and, putting her hands on his shoulders, pushed him down into the water and climbed up onto his back. Slipping one leg around either side of his neck, she pulled herself up onto his shoulders.

Grasping his daughter’s legs just below her knees, Steve gently bounced her up and down on his shoulders, getting her comfortably seated there while they watched Anne climb up onto Ron’s shoulders.

“It’s been years since we did this, kitten,” he said.

“I know, dad,” Amy replied, “And Ron and I always had to be partners back then, because he was too small to carry mom.” She wriggled her ass from side to side. “Oooh…I like how it feels doing this without a swimsuit on!”

Steve chuckled as he advanced through the water to engage their opponents.

Laughing and shouting, Amy and her mother pushed and pulled at one another as each attempted to unseat the other.

As the girls fought, Steve was more interested in the sight of his wife perched atop his son’s shoulders, naked, watching her beautiful breasts bobbing and swaying with her movements, bouncing against the boy’s head. He couldn’t help but think about his wife’s naked pussy, pressed against and rubbing around on the back of their son’s neck, just as he felt the smooth, naked lips of his daughter’s vagina rubbing against the back of his own neck.

Steve also felt his daughter’s feet brushing against his semi-erect penis as she struggled with her mother, and after a few moments, he realized that this wasn’t just incidental contact. Soon, his prick had risen to full attention as Amy’s feet batted it from side to side under the water. Now Amy put the toes and heels of both feet together, with her father’s erect penis trapped between her arches. As she fought with her mother, Amy wriggled and writhed, rubbing her cunt against her father’s neck while also pumping his cock with her feet.

After a short time, Anne managed to get a good grip on Amy’s arm and she dragged her off of Steve’s shoulders. Cheering triumphantly, Anne jumped down off of Ron’s shoulders and climbed up on her husband’s back. As she sat on his shoulders and let her legs hang down the front of his body, her toes touched the stiffly upthrust shaft of his erection beneath the surface of the water.

“Ooooh…” Anne gasped, pressing her husband’s head between her breasts while she stroked her toes along both sides of his hard-on, “it looks like you really enjoyed our little chicken fight!”

Steve chuckled. “Yeah, Amy was definitely keeping me interested, just like you are now. That’s probably why we lost…both our attentions were divided!”

Anne looked over at the kids where Amy had also mounted her brother. “To make this fair…” Anne said loudly as she leaned back, pulling on her husband’s head and causing his back to arch and his erect penis to thrust above the surface of the water, “you need to work on Ronnie, too, Amy!” she finished, still stroking her toes along either side of her husband’s upthrust erection.

Amy laughed. “Way ahead of you, mom!” the girl said, leaning back, pulling on Ron’s head and arching her brother’s body, to show her parents that he, too, was fully erect as she held his penis between the soles of her feet.

“Okay then!” Anne cried, straightening back up and urging Steve forward.

Amy straightened up and bumped her pussy against the back of her brother’s neck, prodding him forward into combat as well.

The girls fought valiantly for several minutes, both managing to keep their seats atop their mounts, while also keeping their mounts erect with their feet, until at last both of them got a good grasp upon the other and managed to drag one another down into the water.

Giggling and laughing, all four waded over to the steps and climbed out of the pool.


It was now mid-afternoon and the sun was less intense, so they decided to move their blankets back into the sunlit area of the lawn near the side of the pool before they laid down to dry off.

After having dozed off in the warm sun, Steve was aroused by the gentle touch of his wife’s hand on his abdomen. He saw Anne lying next to him, propped up on one elbow, as she tenderly caressed his belly. He followed her gaze toward their feet to find Amy and Ron standing there, facing one another.

Amy was looking up into brother’s eyes, her hands resting on his shoulders. She rose up onto her toes and thrust her head forward, planting her lips on Ron’s lips while maintaining a space between their bodies. In that space, Ron’s semi-tumescent penis hung, fat and heavy, in a downward arc.

As Ron and Amy’s tongues furiously danced between their open mouths, the boy’s hands were resting on the slight Lefkoşa Escort flare of Amy’s hips. After a few moments, he slowly slid them up and down along the sleek, smooth curve of her flanks. After several strokes, he slid his hands inward and cupped them over the small mounds of her perky little breasts.

As they watched their two kids passionately kiss, Anne and Steve saw the boy’s cock begin to rise up in the space between their bodies. As it rose, its head brushed through the girl’s neat little blond bush, then continued higher until it was angled slightly above the horizontal, pointing at her abdomen.

Amy slid her hands down Ron’s chest from his shoulders to his crotch, where she gently grasped his erect penis with both hands, one above the other. As their tongues continued to dance, Amy gently slid her tiny fists back and forth along her brother’s rigid shaft while he gently fondled her lovely little titties.

Amy tugged Ron closer and touched the head of his cock to her stomach, then slowly rubbed his engorged glans all around her taut, flat belly. After a few moments, Amy bent Ron’s rigid shaft downward and rubbed its big, swollen head through the soft, golden curls of her love nest, then lower still to touch it to the smooth, hairless, outer lips of her cunt.

Steve grunted and his body stiffened when he saw his son’s cock-head touch his daughter’s vagina.

Anne felt her husband’s body stiffen. “Ooooh, yes…” she whispered in his ear, writhing against him, rubbing her warm, moist pussy against his hip as she slid her hand lower to caress his slightly turgid penis. “Aren’t they beautiful…” she murmured breathily in his ear, trying to assure him that what they were seeing was perfectly all right with her.

Amy stroked her brother’s engorged glans up and down along the crevice between her smooth, outer labia several times, then pushed it farther, sliding that bulbous knob between her thighs. She thrust her hips forward and Steve and Anne saw the boy’s cock-head emerge again below the rounded bottom of Amy’s butt-cheek. With her love nest now pressed against Ron’s groin, Amy gripped his buttocks with both hands and rocked her pelvis, stroking her vulva along the top side of her brother’s long, hard shaft, its purple head poking in and out from between her thighs.

Amy finally broke off their long, passionate kiss and backed away from Ron a bit. His penis pulled out from between her thighs and sprang upward, quivering stiffly. She looked down at her brother’s cock and smiled. Dropping to her knees, she pressed the side of her face against the boy’s organ. Moving her head, the girl caressed her cheeks, nose, and forehead with his penis, occasionally running her lips and tongue back and forth along the sides of his shaft.

After a while, Amy began to concentrate on just the head of her brother’s penis, alternately swirling her tongue around and around the big, smooth knob, then slipping her lips over it and gently popping it in and out of her mouth. Holding her brother’s glans motionless inside her mouth for a few seconds and caressing it with her tongue, Amy pushed her head forward, sliding his long, thick shaft as deep into her mouth as she could. Ron groaned in appreciation as Amy held him there for a few seconds, then began slowly pumping it in and out.

Both Steve and Anne groaned softly, their bodies writhed against each other, as they watched their daughter suck on her brother’s cock. Steve’s penis had risen to full erection in response to their kids’ erotic performance and he clenched his ass, thrusting his straining hard-on up and down through his wife’s lightly encircling fist.

Equally aroused by what they were seeing, it was all Anne could do to keep herself from grasping her husband’s hot, throbbing hard-on more tightly and pumping it furiously, but she didn’t want to push him too far, too quickly, so she continued to stroke him with just the barest touch.

“Oh, baby…” Anne whispered, “how do you feel about seeing them do that?”

“Fuck!” Steve whispered back. “Just watching two beautiful young people doing that live, right in front of me, would be exciting enough…but knowing they’re brother and sister, and my own son and daughter as well…whew!” He nodded toward his crotch. “I guess you can see how it makes me feel!”

“Oh, I can!” Anne breathed into his ear, “and I can feel it, too!” She gave his hard-on a little squeeze, then resumed her gentle stroking.

“I must admit, though,” Steve said, “I get a little twinge when I see Ron’s cock touch Amy’s pussy!”

“Oooooh, me, too…” Anne whispered, her body squirming. “It’s so exciting to watch them do the oral stuff, but I get a twinge of conscience, too, when I see Ron’s cock touch her pussy…just like I did when I saw your cock touch her pussy a little while ago!”

Steve cringed, then smiled sheepishly. “Yeah, I did, too…” he murmured.

They quietly watched Amy and Ron as the girl Girne Escort slowly slid her brother’s erect penis in and out of her mouth, occasionally letting it slip out so that she could run her tongue all around its engorged head, then popping the big, rubbery knob in and out between her lips a few times, before sliding it deep into her mouth again.

“Ohhh, my god…that looks sooooo good!” Anne murmured, rubbing her cunt against Steve’s hip while giving his cock a little squeeze.

“Yeah, it sure does!” Steve whispered back. “For a girl of such tender age, she sure knows how to handle a cock!”

“It must be an inherited instinct!” Anne giggled, giving his cock another squeeze, then resumed her gentle stroking. She was quiet for a moment, then she said, “How did you like eating her pussy, honey?”

Steve’s face lit up with a huge smile. “Oh, yeah, it was great…I was in nirvana! That was the sweetest little pussy I ever ta–” Steve cut himself off as he realized what he was about to say. “Uhhh…that was the second sweetest little pussy I ever tasted!” he corrected himself.

Anne’s hand clamped down painfully on Steve’s throbbing hard-on. “And how many pussies have you tasted…huhhh? We’ve been married since we were eighteen!” Anne accused, glaring up at him in mock fury.

“Oh…just yours honey! And now Amy’s, of course…” Steve replied. “And Amy’s is definitely the second best pussy I ever tasted!”

Anne laughed and resumed her gentle stroking. “Don’t worry, darling. I was just giving you a hard time,” she said. “I know an eighteen year old, near virgin, pussy must taste better than a tired old cunt like mine!”

“I think your ‘tired old cunt’ is quite delicious, hon,” Steve said. “And it’s not so old…and how could it be tired? We’ve barely used it for years!”

Anne shook her head dejectedly. “I realize that, now, darling, and I’m sorry. I hope we can improve on that from now on. I can’t believe it took our own kids to show us that we needed to do something to revitalize our sex life!’

Amy withdrew her brother’s penis from her mouth, leaving it glistening with saliva. Standing up, she grasped her brother’s upward angled shaft and pushed it downward, once again rubbing its glistening, wet head up and down along the crevice between her cunt-lips. Then she pushed it down into that crevice and inserted the big, glistening knob into her vaginal opening. Amy slipped her arms around her brother’s neck, then raised her leg and hooked it around the boy’s back. Ron reached behind her and grasped her buttocks in either hand to support her as she raised her other leg and hooked it around his waist as well.

Anne and Steve had stopped their whispered conversation when Amy took Ron’s cock out of her mouth and stood up. They watched as their daughter inserted her brother’s cock-head into her vagina, then climbed up onto his body.

As Ron gripped her buttocks with both hands and leaned back to counterbalance his petite sister’s weight, Amy whispered something to him. Ron shuffled around to face his parents as they lay on the ground before them.

Anne and Steve both gasped as they were now afforded a clear view from beneath Amy’s little round butt. Between their daughter’s wide-spread ass-cheeks, they saw the root of their son’s thick penis angled upward, parting the pretty pink lips of their daughter’s vulva and his balls just below. Ron allowed them a few moments to see, and process, the fact that his cock was buried inside his sister’s pussy, then he began to heft Amy up and down with his hands gripping her buttocks.

From below, Anne and Steve watched Amy’s well-lubricated vagina slide up and down the full length of her brother’s stiff, hard prick. Her ass wriggled and writhed in his hands as he hefted her petite, slender body, and she let out a gasp of delight each time the boy’s hot, hard cock thrust up into her.

Staring in fascination, they watching their son’s big, sun-bronzed organ slide in and out of their daughter’s pretty, pink pussy. “Well…” Steve muttered softly, “I guess we’re well past the ‘oral stuff’, hon. So, how do you feel about seeing this?”

“Ohhhhh…shit!” Anne moaned, writhing against him. “I’ve been good with it all along, honey…” she gasped, breathlessly. “Like I said, though, it still gives me a twinge of conscience due to our social conditioning. Are you OK with it?”

“Well…I’m still trying to process it” Steve said.

They quietly watched for a time as Anne squirmed against him. “Ooooooh, fuck!” she finally gasped. “That’s such a thrillingly beautiful sight…seeing Ronnie’s big, hard cock going in and out of Amy’s sweet young pussy. It’s something you don’t usually get to see when you’re doing it yourself.”

“Yeah, I know what you mean, honey…” Steve said. “I guess I must be getting over being scandalized by the thought of my son and daughter having sex. I’m just watching and appreciating the beauty of it and enjoying the erotic thrill Magosa Escort I’m getting from seeing it!”

“Ohhh, yes…” Anne moaned. “I’m feeling it, too, honey! My god, they’re making me so horny! Oooooh…look how Amy’s little pussy is gushing…her juice running down Ronnie’s long, hard cock, dripping from his swinging balls. Ummmmm…that looks so yummy…fuck, I can hardly resist getting in there, myself!”

“Why resist?” Steve said. “At this point, it appears that anything goes!”

Anne looked up at him. “Should I?” she asked.

“Yeah, I’d love to see you get in there with them!” Steve said.

Anne smiled with delight, knowing her plan was coming to fruition.

Anne sat up and crawled over to the kids. Thrusting her legs between Ron’s wide-spread feet, Anne positioned herself beneath the archway of her son’s legs. Her head tipped back, she gazed up beneath her daughter’s butt, watching, from close range now, as the boy’s thick, hard cock slid in and out of the girl’s tight little cunt. Ron’s loosely dangling scrotum danced and jiggled right above her upturned face. Raising her hand, she cupped it around her son’s balls and gently fondled them with her fingers. She heard the boy groan with pleasure and a thrill of delight shot through her, as well, as she caressed his soft and supple nut-sac and his twin, egg-shaped balls.

After a few moments, Anne released the boy’s scrotum from her hand and, raising her chin higher, she extended her tongue and began tickling the underside of her son’s dangling testicles with just its tip. As she flicked her tongue at them, her son’s loosely hanging balls swung to and fro between his parted thighs.

For a time, Anne used her tongue to play with her son’s dangling scrotum as she watched the boy’s thick, brown shaft slide in and out of her daughter’s juicy pink cunt just a few inches above her upturned face. Opening her mouth wide, Anne grasped one of her son’s testicles with her lips and sucked it into her mouth.

“Ohhh, shit!” Ron cried out as he felt his mother’s mouth engulf one of his balls. His ass tightened, thrusting his staining hard-on upward into his sister’s descending cunt. He furiously bounced the girl up and down on his thrusting loins, spearing his massive organ deep into his sister’s tender young vagina as his mother rolled his testicle around with her tongue inside her mouth.

Steve groaned and thrust his throbbing cock upward. His eyes flicked back and forth from his own enormously aroused erection and the erotic scene before him. The prurient excitement he felt watching his son fuck his daughter, was amplified by the sight of his wife fondling, licking, and then sucking on their son’s balls at the same time.

He also felt a stab of jealousy. He couldn’t remember his wife ever paying such extensive attention to his own testicles, certainly not at the same time he was fucking.

Anne let her son’s testicle slip out of her mouth and resumed running her tongue all around the two egg-shaped bulges at the bottom of his dangling sac. Ron let out a long gasping groan and eased back on his furious pumping until he was again slowly sliding his sister up and down on his rigidly upthrust shaft with a full and even stroke, from the base of his penis up to the tip and back down.

Now, Anne licked her way up the front of her son’s dangling scrotum to the root of his thick, hard shaft. “Mmmm…mmmmmm…” she murmured, tasting her daughter’s sweet nectar trickling down the underside of the boy’s upthrust organ.

She began licking her tongue up and down along the underside of her son’s penis, gathering up the young girl’s delicious secretions each time Amy’s pussy slid upward, exposing her brother’s long, thick shaft, leaving it glistening with her pussy juice.

At one point, when Ron had hefted his sister all the way to the top of his upthrust penis, Anne hooked her fingers around her son’s organ and popped its big, purple head out of her daughter’s tight little joy-hole. Bending the boy’s stiff prick downward, Anne licked the girl’s juices from its smooth, shiny glans, then thrust that bloated knob into her mouth.

Feeling Ron’s cock slip out of her cunt, Amy turned her head and peered over her shoulder to find her mother sitting below them, sucking on her brother’s cock-head. She decided to take this opportunity to change her position.

Amy unhooked her ankles from behind Ron’s back and dropped her feet to the ground. She turned around and pressed her butt against her brother’s abdomen. Placing her hands on her brother’s hips for support, she slowly raised one leg straight out to the side. Turning her head, she whispered instructions to Ron.

Ron grasped Amy’s thigh to help support her leg, then he slipped his other hand under her butt and lifted her other leg straight out to the side as well, raising both until her legs formed a shallow “V” with her wide-stretched pussy at the apex of the “V”.

Anne, sitting between Ron’s feet, her head tilted back and her lips encircling the thick shaft of her son’s penis, gazed up at the lovely sight of her daughter’s petite young body, with her pert little breasts, her nipples tautly erect and pointing slightly upward. The girl’s slender thighs were spread wide, pulling the outer lips of her luscious vagina far apart, just inches above her face.

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