Badger Lives in Clive

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Badger lives in Clive.

It is true, I am such a lucky guy having met Badger’s brother Clive. No need to pine any more after Badger’s parting, his death brought Clive to me. There is an awful lot about Clive resembling his late elder brother.

We still use Badger’s old custom built allotment shed. For me there can be nowhere else, it is a special place where we can share complete privacy and I guess that is why Badger left it to me in his will and his allotment.

Clive was curious to know who the guy was – who meant so much to his brother, but was not bitter about my having the shed. In fact he said he was glad because it had brought us together in a wonderful way.

Unlike his brother he was single and had no immediate involvements until he met me, He’s a writer and had devoted much of his life to his work, that is until I came along, and now that has changed. Like Badger he claims to be bisexual, that he’d been with a couple of girls but never long term.

Unlike Badger who was married but because of his wife’s condition could not free his high sexual aspirations, and happily that is where I came in. Clive loved to reminisce about his late brother, how we met and how it came about we became intimately associated in the confines of his shed.

So now we meet regularly, one or twice a week and although I was despondent at first, about using the place in which Badger and I had spent so many intimacies, it occurred to me that Clive was so much like his brother, although somewhat younger. He had the same passion in his veins and I guess that first time we fucked it did seem like old times, it was a beautiful experience and I grew to love and enjoy this new guy in my life, who was so much like his brother, but with some variations in his sexual appetite which created a whole new wonderful experience.

Sometimes he was happy to fuck me sitting on his lap, he wanted to hear about those very special sexual intimacies Badger and I shared whilst he was wedged neatly and fully inside me. It was wonderfully soothing to feel the warmth of him snug and tight inside me when it was cold and damp outside, and as we talked, I felt the occasional pulse of energy moving his hardness and the throb was absolute heaven, as he gently, so gently moved. The finale would come later when he was ready, after we’d shared those secrets of mine which he said, he found wonderfully spiritual, like his brother was still there, urging him on, to show me I was still kaçak iddaa loved and appreciated – and through Clive we could continue in spirit those so wonderful times we shared.

It became part of our relationship; I sat on his lap enjoying his comfort. We even drank coffee and nibbled digestive biscuits and it felt like we were forever bonded. This was different, that during this bonding – I could tell Clive about Badger and me. It was as if the spirit of Badger wanted that, like he wanted Clive to reap the benefits of that which I could give, so that when we fucked it was with the sheer passion and depth I had with Badger, much of which I have written about in the past involving Badger and I.

And now, leading up to the eminence of our fuck, Clive said it was time, took his keen erection out of me, making me feel something was missing, like it was something that needed quickly to gratified, but not before I enjoyed the most beautiful sustained oral gratification, that something which I always abundantly enjoyed with Badger and was equally enjoying with Clive.

I can’t fully explain just how it is, but sucking Clive to the full sent me into a frenzy, his taste so earthy and salty, it was the taste and scent of cock I’d missed so much, and now I aimed to make up for loss time in giving Clive my very best.

“Hey! Just a minute, Alex. Let me sit on the edge of Badgers old chair so you can suck me off just like you did him. Just pretend I am Badger and do all those things you told me about.

“There how is that?” He said, his thighs wide apart revealing the true beauty of a cock and balls to die for. But I did not have to pretend, because with Clive it was a new ball game. And anyway, unlike Badger, he was circumcised and it did make a difference not feeling the foreskin between my lips and teasing it back. But nevertheless it was delightfully different and I gave it my very best. I think Clive was well happy and he showed me something new, he wanted me to open my mouth and stretch out my tongue when, after a strong and deep throat sucking, he yelled he was nearly there. I released that gorgeous funnel of delight and watched it throb, jerking up and down as he grasped its girth in his hand and gave himself a firm jerk-off.

I did as he wanted, still on my knees, the taste and smell of him still abundantly with me, and waited for this new experience. I didn’t have t wait long, his fresh sucked cock exploded and out gushed his hot white spunk, garnishing kaçak bahis my mouth and tongue. I swirled his cum around in my mouth, not certain if to swallow it or how he would want it, but he soon showed me in no uncertain terms, for kneeling down to my level he said to keep my tongue stretched and immediately he was sucking it, licking all the steaming spunk off my mouth and lips too.

Then he wanted for us to kiss. He started pushing his spunked tongue into my mouth so that we could share the taste of it.

Afterwards, when we were done, and when he’d fucked me so hard across the potting bench, I knew this was going to be how it was, it was to be Badger all over but with that subtle difference. He asked me how it was and I said it was wonderful.

He was so happy, he said he felt he could do the things he’d had kept secretly lodged in his fantasies for so long, and rewarded me with a wonderful long and gratifying deep oral sucking and licking. Crouched over his head as he lay on the floor he enjoyed me to the full, his hands grasping my buttocks to spread them as he pushed his tongue inside my fresh fucked hole, and it felt divine, just to be there, perched above him like that, to think he could enjoy every part of me in that fashion, his licks and sucks were out of this world and I was submerged in a frenzy of ecstasy and everything in the world was perfect.

“I am in my element with you Alex” he told me when taking an occasional pause. “This is absolutely gorgeous, I so love your tight curvy ass and I know I will never able to get enough of it.”

I told him it was all his. In fact I loved being all ass for Clive just as much as I did with Badger. He loved to suck and oral too, I remember his rough tongue teasing the inside of my thighs working up to my balls and asshole, when, just like Clive, he gave me a good prolonged sucking and licking.

Clive said he loved my flavour; “You taste of peaches and cream and have a chassis that would equal the most tight assed girl or boy anywhere.”

I wriggled for him, he liked that. I felt him stretch my cheeks open to the full, it felt so nice and then enjoyed the warmth of his fervent sucking once more as he really went to town. Like an animal he was sucking and licking and massaging all at once, he gave me such a strong jerking until we both reached a new and heaven sent climax. Now he was sucking my spunk and again then, his lips met mine and we shared the flavour.

That was true illegal bahis intimacy, different but essentially nice.

So our relationship grew and if I thought I may be late in seeing him I gave him a key to the shed, when he would be ready and waiting when I arrived with the usual hunger for his special kind of loving.

One morning when I arrived late, he said he had been rummaging in one of the boxes where his brother had left so things. “I hope you don’t mind Alex but, well he was close to me too.”

I didn’t mind at all. Our relationship was all about sharing. Actually I’d forgotten about the box but as soon as he showed me what was inside I realized how Badger liked to keep things appertaining to our secret rendezvous and I felt that was so romantic

“Did you know about Badger having a girl in here?” Clive said carefully.

I looked at a couple of pictures he’d found along with some girls clothing in the box. I laughed and felt privileged indeed that Badger had kept them, all the wonderful memories of our very sensual excursions were in that box.

One picture showed the girl perched on his lap, her skirt hiding what they were doing and the other was a little more daring, with Badgers hand up her skirt. I remember it well.

“You seem happy enough, you must have known about her then, Alex?”

“I knew her very well, she was me!”

Clive was openly gob smacked and looked again, this time more intently at the pictures.

“Wow! You look like a real girl” he said. “And these clothes, you wore them?”

“It was one of Badger’s occasional delights, to have me dressed in a short black tight skirt with all the trimmings, like you see in the pictures. To hide my maleness he’d have me wear a Basque – the one in the box – with just a suitable slit beneath where he could fantasize he was having a girl. He was bisexual you know!”

“And all the make up too, the lipstick, nail varnish, everything Alex?”

“Yep! That is me.”

“Absolutely unbelievable. But I can see you have a body like a girl, those curves and al – the obvious false boobs as well. You truly looked the part and certainly made my brother very happy no doubt!”

I knew he was hinting at what we got up to, when I was dressed in a girls gear, and I had a feeling he would want me to do the full works just like his brother, the under the skirt sniffing – the mock pussy teasing, the lot. And why not. It was a wonderful role play excursion with Badger and I simply adored playing ‘girly’ for him.

And now a new page was opening and out came the girly gear and a host more play things and Clive seemed eager to emulate his brother’s wildest dreams…

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