Barb Becomes a Sex Toy Ch. 06

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This chapter has been a long time coming. For anyone who has been waiting for it thank you for your patience. Now that I am back in the groove there are more chapters to follow. As usual constructive criticism is appreciated. I am quite aware my grammar and punctuation need work along with many other mistakes. To the anonymous haters. Who cares.

Barb was naked in the front seat of Carl’s Bronco with her head in his lap bobbing up and down on his cock as he maneuvered the dirt road back to the spot at the cemetery. She had followed Carl’s usual protocol after hopping up into the four wheel drive vehicle. Immediately slipping off her slacks and then fondling his cock through his pants until they reached the dirt road and then taking off her blouse and releasing his cock from his pants so she could take it in her mouth.

It was several weeks since her “training session,” as Carl had called it. The marks on her body had faded by the next day, but the marks on her psyche were still strong. It was over a year since Carl seduced her in the office where they worked. In that time he had transformed her from a conservative, bored housewife to his sex slave. He had literally tortured and fucked her into submission. If someone had told her, before this happened, that she would become a Sex Toy for a man who was 12 years younger than her she would have laughed and said they were crazy. But, it was true and she could not resist him even if she wanted to. She was hooked.

When the Bronco stopped Carl pulled her head off of his cock and ordered her to get out. Barb assumed that she was going to have to open and close the gate for him. He liked to make her do it naked, shining the spotlight on her if it was dark or the light fading. It was daylight out right now and Barb got a surprise when she hopped out. The gate must have been open because they were already on the other side.

Carl had stepped out of the vehicle too and ordered her to close the gate and then come to the front. There she found him taking some straps from a bag and then he pulled a four by four piece of wood from the Bronco and placed it in front. Barb was confused. Usually Carl made the short drive up the hill to the grassy area in front of the cemetery. They’d have sex in the Bronco or he might pull her out and fuck her in the soft grass. Once he tied her wrists to the brush guard of the Ford and teased her there. This was different from what they had done before.

Barb’s thoughts were interrupted when he pulled her close, kissed her roughly and then spun her around. He pulled her arms behind her and buckled the leather cuffs on her wrists. Carl used a rope to pull her elbows together and she grunted when he pulled them together and tied them there. She was still trying to figure out what was going on when he made her step up on the wood and then lifted her up so her arms could slide down behind the brush guard. He wrapped one of the straps around her waist and the guard and cranked it tight so she was pinned up against it. He repeated the process with another strap around her chest just under her breasts.

When he had her pulled tightly against the metal bars he stopped and rubbed his fingers over her pussy and then twirled her clit. Barb moaned softly as he played with her pussy, getting her juices flowing again. She thought he was going to play with her right there instead of up the hill as usual. But, he stopped and pulled out another strap. He pulled one leg wide until her foot was no longer touching the board and strapped her thigh to the metal bars and then strapped the calve too. When he pulled the other leg wide and strapped that in the same manner Barb realized what was happening. She was mounted on the front of his Bronco like a hunting trophy. Bound, naked, helplessly hanging from his brush guard, her legs spread wide with her pussy and tits on full display.

He picked up the board and his bag and tossed them back in the Bronco and Barb began to panic a little. “What are you doing? Are you going to mmmph!”

He was ready for her and her question was cut short when he shoved a ball gag into her mouth and told her, “I warned you that you were going to the next level.” He jumped in the Bronco and started the engine.

Barb could only moan and sob to herself as he put the vehicle in gear and began driving up the hill with the naked woman leading the way. She gained a little relief when she noticed he was driving slowly and had her strapped so tightly that there was very little bouncing. Her relief was short lived when they cleared the woods to the open space and she saw another vehicle parked there and two men watching their arrival . She cried out through her gag when she realized that one of the men had a camera and was recording her demise. The Bronco jerked to a stop and Carl hopped bursa escort out and greeted the guys. Then they began talking about her.

“That is an outstanding hood ornament you have there,” one laughed and tweaked her nipple as he did. Barb recognized him as the man she saw whipping and fucking Carl’s wife Carrie in the video. He was stocky like Carl and had long hair in a pony tail with tattoos on one arm.

“Thanks Wayne! This is more of her training.” Carl laughed.

“Did you get a good shot of her when we drove up,” he asked?

“Yeah great shot.” Wayne answered. “Especially that look of terror on her face.”

The other man just whistled in amazement. “Damn she is hot and look at her mounted like your trophy. Hi slut. My name is Vic. Pleased to meet you. I can’t wait for my turn to fuck this hot cunt,” he told her as he rubbed his fingers over her clit and then thrust them up in her pussy. Barb didn’t like the looks of him. He was tall and thin with a goatee and something about him scared her a little. But, here he was thrusting his fingers in her pussy and she could not do a thing to stop it.

“Did you bring the whip,” Wayne asked Carl?

” I really want to have a shot at these tits.” he was pulling and twisting her nipples now as he spoke.

“No, not today.” Carl answered. ” We have to go easy on her tonight. She has to go back home to hubby tonight and can’t be marked up too much. We are just going to send her home full of cum. “

“I don’t believe this slut. She’s hanging there, naked, like a piece of meat and her pussy is dripping.” the second man said as he continued to fuck her wet slit with two fingers.

“I told you she was hot,” Carl told him. “Carrie wasn’t dripping like this slut when we mounted her up like this. That slut girlfriend of yours was dry as bone Wayne.”

“Yeah the bitch got into it after a good whipping though,” Wayne answered.

“Too bad you don’t know how to handle your snotty wife Vic. She’d look good mounted there too,” Wayne teased him.

“Fuck you guys. I handle her just fine. Do you think we can make this one have an orgasm while she’s hanging there?”

“Sure, that’s easy. Watch this.” Carl pushed the man aside and bent down in front of the helpless woman.

Barb was already quite aroused from the men playing with her as they talked about her and started a new round of moans when she felt his tongue begin swiping her clit back and forth. She loved the way Carl ate her pussy and he knew everything it took to get her on the verge of orgasm in a short time. Even though she was in such a humiliating position her orgasm was going to arrive quickly as Carl licked her clit up and down, then back and forth. When he sucked it into his mouth and began the biting and flicking it at the same time Barb’s climax washed over her. Trying to announce it as she had been trained it was just gibberish through her gag but they all new what she was saying and began laughing.

“I can’t believe she is such a hot slut.” Wayne said. “Let me take a turn here.”

Carl stepped back and through her fog from coming down from her first orgasm Barb saw Wayne approaching her with a dildo. He hit a button and it began buzzing. Wayne rubbed it over Barb’s face and then down to her nipples and Barb shivered a little. It felt so good. God I am a slut she was thinking to herself. He moved the dildo down her belly and let it buzz right on her clit. She began moaning through her gag again as the buzzing seemed like little shocks starting in her clit and running up to her brain. He pulled it away and slowly began working the dildo up into her pussy. He had her so hot that just getting it in her all the way had Barb on the verge of her second orgasm as she hung there like a trophy.

Wayne began thrusting the rubber cock in and out of Barb’s pussy and every time it was all the way in her the little nub she noticed on the bottom buzzed right on her clit. He teased her. Moving it slowly. Keeping her on the edge of orgasm till Barb was thrashing a little trying to get it in her.

Wayne laughed. “Look, the slut needs to cum. Don’t you slut?”

Barb could only nod and groan.

“If I let you cum you have to agree to everything I want. Is that okay?” He kept teasing her with the dildo as he taunted her.

Barb could only nod again as the teasing seemed worse torture then being bound as she was.

“We are going to fuck your mouth and cunt till your throat is raw and your pussy lips are swollen. Is that what you want slut?”

Barb was nearly crying and she didn’t know if it was from the pain of hanging from the Bronco, the humiliation of being treated like a toy to play with by these men or the frustration of the dildo buzzing in her pussy but not malatya escort letting her orgasm. However, Barb knew these men were going to do that to her whether she wanted it or not and that thought sent ripples to her heated pussy. That is what she wanted. She wanted to be used hard, their cocks pounding in her holes. Making her take their cum wherever they wanted. She nodded again and the men all laughed. Then Wayne shoved the dildo up in her deep rubbing the nub over her clit. He began thrusting it in her hard and fast and in less then twenty seconds Barb exploded into her second orgasm while she hung like a piece of meat.

While Barb was recovering from her orgasm the men began to undo the straps holding her. She heard Vic say, “lets get this cunt down so we can fuck her. She’s having all the fun.”

“Lets see how much fun you have hanging like this you bastard”, Barb thought to herself.

She hung her head in shame as they lifted her down from her perch. Two of the men were total strangers and she had agreed that they could fuck her however they pleased. They pulled their helpless sex toy over to the fence in front of the cemetery. She was forced to her knees in front of the concrete post and got a little relief when they untied her wrists and elbows. Her relief was short lived when they pulled her arms around the post and retied them behind her so her back was right up against it.

When they were finished binding her Barb realized that the dildo was still humming in her pussy and the sensations began heating her up again. She closed her eyes to enjoy them for a few moments and when she opened them she found herself looking a three cocks. The men had undressed and had her surrounded. Carl unbuckled the strap freeing the gag in Barb’s mouth and immediately pushed his cock between her lips. She was quite familiar with this cock and immediately began bobbing her head on the hard rod as she had been trained. Barb sucked for several minutes before Carl pulled out of her mouth and was quickly replaced with Wayne’s carbon copy shaft. She swirled her tongue and bobbed just as she had done with Carl and was rewarded with a loud groan and an exclamation from Wayne.

“Damn, this slut has a hot mouth.”

The other men laughed and Vic poked at Wayne. “Come on man my turn in her mouth now,” he told him.

Wayne stepped back and Vic wasted no time in grabbing a handful of Barb’s hair and shoving his cock deep to the back of Barb’s throat. His cock was longer than the first two but much thinner and she gagged slightly before she began to swirl her tongue over the long pole.

“Oh yeah! Use that tongue you slut,” Vic growled at her.

The 3 men took turns using the bound woman. Alternately making her suck on her own or grabbing her head tightly and fucking her mouth hard, ignoring her gags and chokes as they forced their cocks deeper and deeper down her throat! Carl was the first to erupt in her mouth and, as usual, his large volume of semen was too much for Barb to handle and it leaked from the corners of her bruised lips and dripped down her chin.

Wayne was next and he pulled out and yanked her hair so her mouth stayed open and shot his cum at her face. Some of it going between her open lips and some splashing her chin, neck and tits! He laughed as he made her lick his cock clean and said “damn she looks great covered in cum”.

Then Vic took his turn. He grabbed Barb’s head and banged it roughly against the concrete post holding her there while he forced his long thin cock straight down her throat. Barb struggled to breathe as he fucked her mouth deep, his balls slapping her wet chin. He groaned and held her head tight, her nose buried in his pubic hair and his ball squished against her chin as he shot his cum straight down her throat. Somehow she managed to time her swallows to the rhythm of his spurting cock and took it all into her belly. “Thank God he doesn’t cum as much as Carl or I would have drowned”, Barb thought to herself.

Vic pulled out and staggered back slightly dazed by the intensity of his orgasm deep in the Barb’s throat. “Wow this slut really knows how to suck cock”, he said as Cal and Wayne laughed at his reaction.

Vic got angry at their laughter and Wayne said “what are you some fourteen year old kid getting his first blow job.

Vic slapped Barb across the face to take out his anger at them. “Stupid bitch, I’ll make you pay for that” he growled at her, and fortunately for Barb, Carl caught his arm as went to slap her again.

“Hey, I told you we can’t mark her. Take it easy”, Carl scolded him.

He pushed Vic away and reached stepped behind the fence to untie Barb. She slumped after being released and rolled on her back still trying to recover from the group çanakkale escort face fucking she received. As she lay in the grass catching her breath she hoped they were done with her and the ordeal was over, but she found out quickly she was wrong. Carl pulled her legs open and knelt between them. Sometime during her oral gang bang the dildo had slipped out of her pussy and she felt his hard cock, aroused by watching the other two men use her mouth, sliding into her still wet slot. His cock slid deep into her and she immediately felt waves of pleasure rising again. The humiliation of being mounted on the Bronco and made to cum there and then the use of her mouth had her pussy aching for more. Carl gave her one of his usual, hard pounding fucks and Barb responded with two powerful orgasms before Carl pumped his load of cum deep inside her body.

Wayne was next and lay down in the grass. He pulled Barb up and made her straddle him and slide her flooded pussy down onto his hard rod. She was near exhaustion, but when he slapped her ass she obediently began moving her body, fucking his cock.

“That’s a good slut. Ride that cock”, he told her.

Barb soon found herself getting into it again. She loved being on top and even though her body was wearing down she felt another orgasm bubbling up from her filled pussy. As she thrashed on top of this man she had just met he reached up and began to roll both of her between thumb and forefinger. Barb screamed and moaned as he pulled at her nipples and then another orgasm washed over her at the same time Wayne began pushing his cock up into her. Barb’s pussy clenched his cock tightly as she came and that pushed him over the edge, his cock erupted sending another load of cum deep inside the groaning woman.

Barb collapsed on top of him as her orgasm subsided, but he wasn’t done with her yet. He slapped her ass and said “get down there and clean my cock slut”.

She slowly pulled her tired body up and moved down between his legs. As she knelt between his legs and began to lick up their combined juices she felt another probing of a cock between her slick pussy lips. Wayne held her head tight again with his cock in her mouth and Vic slid his new hard on deep into Barb’s overflowing slot.

“Oh god”, I have just met these two men and now they are double fucking me”, Barb thought to herself.

Two cocks inside her body was another new sensation for her and she immediately began to respond again. “What kind of a slut have I turned into”?

When Wayne’s cock was clean he pulled out of her mouth and moved away leaving Vic to pound away at her drenched pussy. His skinny cock reached deep but Carl and Wayne had opened her up.

“She’s so loose from you bastards fucking her”, he announced.

He pulled out and she felt him lining his cock up with her asshole. She had never liked anal sex and amazingly enough Carl had never forced it on her.

“Please not there” she begged when she felt him trying to invade her tight bud.

Carl saw what was happening and told Vic, “hey, not in the asshole. You can use her mouth and cunt anyway you please but that ass is mine”.

This angered Vic again as he rammed his cock back into Barb’s wet pussy he grabbed a handful of her hair and pulled her up to him. With her hair twisted in the fingers of one hand and his other hand reaching around to squeeze and claw at her tits he hissed in her ear, “someday I am going to get you without Carl around and I am going to fuck your ass”.

Barb could only groan in pain and he pushed her back down and forced her face into the soft grass. He then proceeded to fuck her viciously. Slapping her ass, pulling her hair, reaching around to pinch and pull at her nipples and even her clit. He pounded her hard and fast almost as if he was trying to hurt her with his cock. Barb could only cry and yelp as he tortured her body and fucked her deep with his thin rod. Through it all the electric shocks from his long cock deep in her were there and when he grabbed her hips and told her “here it comes slut” she exploded right along with him, waves of pleasure rolling through the pain of his brutal assault.

When his cock finally stopped spurting and he let go of her hips Barb collapsed to the grass face down nearly unconscious. Through the haze she barely noticed the men laughing and getting dressed. Vic used his foot to flip her over on her back then took some pictures of the naked woman covered in cum and grass stains.

“See you again soon slut”, he told her and the he and Wayne jumped in their car and pulled away.

Barb was silent as they rode in the Bronco back to her car. Thankfully Carl had produced some cool towels from a cooler so she could clean herself up a bit before she went home.

“Please don’t ever let Vic have me alone”, she asked breaking the silence, “he scares me”.

“Yeah he is an evil bastard”, Carl told her. “He’s Wayne’s cousin and I don’t really like that asshole. Don’t worry I won’t let him have you without me to protect you”.

This made Barb feel a little better as she snuggled next to Carl and wondered what was next for her.

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