Bathroom Encounter

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Rain hammers down on passing taxis and flashes of electricity pierce the dark night sky. He stumbles out of the door of the local pub in a drunken stupor and stopping only to pull up the collar of his jacket against the harsh wind, before hurrying on up the high street in the direction of the station. The thunder covers the sound of high heels less than 3 metres behind him helped by the fact that his mind is already hazy and his vision blurred from the alcohol. Five minutes of fast-paced walking and he’s making his way down the tiled steps of the subway, almost slipping at the bottom but righting himself just in time. Unnoticed by the man, the sound of high heels behind him has stopped. He takes a left at the bottom of the stairs leading him to the platform to check for the next train.

“Fuck!” He’s just missed his train. The next one is in half an hour. He sits on the bench looking up and down the platform. It remains empty until a business lady smoking a lipstick-stained cigarette and carrying a small black-leather briefcase enters. Her matching grey jacket and skirt are sullied by the pounding rain and her wet hair is tucked neatly behind her delicate ears. He spends a few seconds trying to retain focus for long enough to look up and down her slender figure, eyes momentarily stopping on the curve of her ass and taking in the full glory of her obviously stiff nipples poking through her white blouse. She seemed to have neglected a bra that morning.

After feeling a familiar twinge in his groin, he takes hold of himself and looks away, instead gazing at the graffiti marked walls, trying to make out the encrypted words written there. The alcohol starts to have an effect on his bladder and he feels the urge to piss. He stands, steadies himself and then moves off the platform into the subway corridor in search of a toilet. Slamming open the door with unintended force he makes his way to the urinal next to the radiator, with the vague hope of getting some warmth. Unzipping his trousers and taking out his cock, he begins to piss, leaning his head back and letting out a breath of satisfaction. In fact, so involved is he with his urination that he doesn’t even hear the bathroom door being softly opened and closed.

It’s only when a soft hand reaches round to his chest and the sweet cigarette breath of a woman licks at his earlobes that he even realises he has company. He freezes with shock, wincing at the numbing pain of stopping a piss mid-flow. He can feel the flesh of her breasts push Maltepe Escort firmly into his back and his mind races with wild thoughts.

Whether it’s the alcohol or just the pure shock of the situation, he can’t seem to move, instead tensing his body in order to receive even the slightest movement of the woman behind him. Her breath, still on his neck, sends shivers down his spine that match the electrical storm raging above them. He lets loose a slight gasp as her other hand makes its way round to the front of his trousers, her fingers fitting neatly around his thick shaft.

“You’re going to do everything I say. Is that understood?”

He nods in agreement, unable to rid himself of the knowledge that his cock was now firmly placed in this mysterious woman’s grasp and also unable to comprehend the fountain of arousal that the situation as a whole seemed to be bringing to him. He was not however, the only one that had noticed his arousal. The woman lets out a low, almost animalistic groan upon feeling the swell of his shaft between her fingers. She turns him around and looks deep into his eyes, giving him a look that could not have been interpreted as anything other than “I want you”. Her knees bend and she slowly sinks to the floor, until her mouth is at the same level as his cock. She lets her tongue slide smoothly across her puckered red lips knowing full well that the man was following every single movement. She lifts her eyes up to meet his and finds them wide with lust. His cock now stands proudly, roughly eight inches long and over 3 fingers worth of girth. Her tongue darts out and lightly licks the tip of his helmet, leaving a shimmering string of pre-come as a bridge between mouth and cock. His whole body convulses with pleasure and the corners of her mouth turn slightly upward to form a sadistic smile. She can feel her skirt riding up her legs as she crouches before him, a wet patch already forming on her white lace panties so that every time she clenches her legs together, her juice sticks to her aching inner thighs.

With almost no warning she pushes her head forward, forcing his dick deep into her hungry mouth. His knuckles turn white from clenching the radiator behind him and he struggles not to cry out in pleasure. Her left hand cups his aching balls as her right hand pulls his loose trousers to the floor. He’s in ecstasy, never before has a woman made him feel this way and he’s so turned on that already, he’s close to climax. Sensing this, she stops Kurtköy Escort and stands up. He looks at her with the pleading expression of a child being told off. Again, the corners of her mouth twitch upwards into a smile, her lipstick now smudged across her cheeks. He reaches out to her but she grabs both of his wrists and places them back on the radiator. Stretching down she pulls a set of metallic, police handcuffs from her unclasped briefcase. Leaning forward, she firmly places her lips against his whilst at the same time handcuffing him to the radiator pipe. Moving backwards she admires her handiwork, taking in the sight of this well-endowed and very erect man straining at his bonds. She slides the bottom of her skirt upwards and hooks her thumbs around her sodden panties, bringing them down slowly to her feet, whilst at the same time giving him a glimpse of her perfectly shaven pussy.

The man is now tearing at his metal bonds in the vain attempt to claim his prize but she just laughs, a short derisive laugh that cuts through the stagnant bathroom air like a knife but even that cannot quell his desire. He must have this woman. Everything about her creates volcanoes of lust within his very core and she knows it. She knows the exact effect of every movement she makes, no matter how slight, and she thrives off it. Kicking off her panties she picks them up and rolls them into a ball, enjoying the warm residue that the wet material leaves in her palm before moving forward and forcing them into his eager mouth. Every muscle within his body is tensed and his cock is so hard that with each pulse of blood it throbs visibly.

Licking her lips she steps back, barely a metre away from his outstretched chest, his hungry eyes. Her nipples creating obvious triangles in the fabric of her blouse, she gives one of them a tweak sending a bolt of sexual electricity to her aching cunt. Small droplets of juice gradually trail their way down her inner thighs. Eyes fixed on his; she reaches a finger down to her soaking cunt before bringing it to her open mouth. He emits a groan of desire and a drop of pre-come falls from his stiff cock onto the bathroom floor. She takes off her jacket, dropping it to the ground before slowly unbuttoning her blouse, not once taking her eyes from his. The last button finally releases her pert breasts and erect pink nipples. Sliding the blouse to the ground she unzips her skirt and wiggles her luscious ass before that falls to the floor as well. She now stands Kartal Escort before him, wearing nothing but black high heels and a devious look on her face. Moving forward she kneels down, once more taking his cock into her wet mouth. His muffled moans fill the room and he feels sure that no woman has ever got him so worked up before. One hand steadies herself as the other slides down, palm sliding across her naval before finally resting a finger on her aching clit. Now it’s her turn to moan, working him with her mouth and building up her own orgasm with her fingers. He almost blacks out as he once again nears an orgasm but she senses it and immediately stops, stands up, leans forward and bites him hard just above his collarbone. Filled with a mix of rage and arousal he goes wild, thrashing at his bonds, almost tearing the radiator from the wall. She bites her lip and continues to play with herself, moving over to the sink where she sits, lifting one leg up giving him a clear view of her dripping wet cunt.

Nearing climax herself and aware of just how long she’d played her sadistic game already, she automatically slides two fingers deep inside, moaning heavily as her other hand massages her throbbing clit. Her eyes remain fixed on her struggling sexual acquaintance and just the sight of his desire pushes her over the edge. Her back arches and every muscle tenses within her as she is immersed in wave after wave of pleasure. Still she massages her clit, forcing yet another even stronger orgasm to hit her, blurring her vision and sending almost painful bolts of satisfaction from her tingling cunt to every other part of her body. Now using her hands to keep her steady on the sink, her breathing comes in short bursts as her body twists and contorts with the strength of the multiple orgasms. The man looks on, cock still numb with arousal, eyes wide with lust.

It takes her at least five minutes to come down from the orgasm an even then, her legs feel unstable. Eyes kept firmly on the floor; she makes her way to the pile of clothes and begins to get dressed. Sliding her skirt up over her ass and re-buttoning her blouse, nipples still clearly visible, poking through the fabric. Now fully dressed, she reaches into her briefcase and pulls out a length of thin silver chain with a single key hanging from it. She raises her eyes to meet his, her vacant yet satisfied expression meeting his own look of complete and utter demented arousal. She moves forward and kisses him softly on the forehead before hanging the key-chain for the handcuff release over his still-throbbing cock. Picking up her briefcase, she walks out of the door, leaving no record of her presence apart from the sodden panties left stuffed in his mouth and a pool of pussy juice on the floor by the sink.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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