Bathtime with Master

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Kneeling beside His bed she waits for her Master to come home from work. She is allowed to wear her pink silk robe when it’s cold outside as long as there is nothing underneath it. He likes the way it shows her nipples when they are erect. Her hair is in a ponytail today hoping He will allow her to pleasure Him when He comes home.

The house looks perfect and she has wine chilling in the refrigerator. She has laid out the big towels next to His soaker tub and put fresh linens on His bed. She loves to pull His side of the covers down before He gets home so that it is all ready. Laying His favorite pajama pants on the end of His side of the bed. She left the light in the hallway on dim for Him and put some Bob Seagar on the CD player just soft enough to kill the silence.

The door opens and she hears Him set His keys down on the table along with His lunch box and water bottle. She knows it’s been a hard day for Him by His silence and footsteps sound coming towards His room. Looking down at her with a soft smile, He reaches down and grabs her chin and pulls it up so she is looking Him in the eyes. He asks her in a soft voice if she has been a good girl for Him today. He knows of course that she has but it relaxes Him to go through this ritual each day.

Dropping her chin, He turns and walks into the bathroom. His bathroom is a bigger then most bedroom. Its a large open room all done is soft beige and sage colors. There is an eight-foot soaker tub in the center of the room. To the right of the tub is a walk in closet that connects to His room. At the foot of the tub is an old antique mirror that stands on claw feet to match the tub. He keeps a recliner at the foot of the tub on the left side. In the corner between the windows sits an antique dresser full of all the bath essentials. Oils, beads, shampoo and conditioners, candles, and extra towels. She has never seen a bathroom more beautiful.

She follows Him inside without Him saying a word. Master stops in front of His chair and waits for His slave to start the tub. He tells her no bubbles tonight. He wants to watch her. She bends over and tests the water on her wrist. Its perfect she thinks to herself as she returns to Him. Reaching down to the belt on her robe He unties it slowly while staring into her eyes. The robe falls open and she is unable to hide her arousal. He loves how hard her nipples mersin escort get before He has even touched them. Reaching out and slowly caressing her breasts, He never takes His eyes from hers. Her breathing deepens as she reaches for His buttons on His shirt. Master lets His arms drop and watches His slave in the candlelight remove His shirt. Sitting down for her, He holds up one foot at a time so she can remove His boots. He thinks to Himself she is so beautiful like this but says nothing instead just enjoys her care of Him.

Pulling off each boot and each sock, she rubs each foot for a moment. Looking up into His eyes she kisses each one on the top. She adores her Master and cant help showing it. Master stands for her and she begins to undo His pants and pull them off along with His under ware. She naturally drops to her knees and He pulls back so she can’t enjoy Him yet. Instructing her to bring Him a glass of wine and get in the tub, He settles into His chair.

Returning with His wine, she stops to enjoy the view for a moment. Sitting there naked with His long hair draping down onto His chest. He is leaning back in the chair with one leg over the other, His ankle resting on His knee and His head resting in His hand. Giving her a small smile he points to the tub and removes her hair tie from her hair letting it fall loosely on her back.

She walks slowly to the tub, looking into His eyes, she lowers herself into the warm water. Without a word she picks up the sponge and starts to wash her legs. Big sweeping circles she makes sticking each leg up in the air. Washing up and down each thigh getting closer and closer to what is His. She is humming softly to the music and watching Him watch her. Trying to seduce Him with her eyes and her touching herself.

Arching herself up she washes between her thighs very slowly, still staring into His eyes. He has no smile on His face anymore. Just an intensity and hunger in His eyes. Softly washing her breasts now she lets out little moans for Him. Watching Him and trying to gage if she has Him aroused yet. Sliding down under the water and coming up with her hair slicked back and soaking wet. Again she starts to wash between her legs. He softly strokes up and down on her swollen clit. Master sets His wine down and walks over and kneels next to the tub. Putting kocaeli escort His hand on hers, He begins to guide her in the washing. Harder and harder He pushes her hand and sponge on her clit. She is bucking up towards their touch now, leaning her head back and closing her eyes. Their touch feels so good to her, so sensual. Master leans over and begins to kiss her neck and the line of her chin. Harder and harder they rub the sponge on her clit. His lips take in hers, His tongue pushing in hard and passionate. She is so lost in pleasure now. Pulling away from His kiss she calls out begging her Master to please let her cum for Him. Letting go of her hand He rams His fingers into her while biting down on her left nipple. This was all she could take. She explodes over and over for Him calling out His name, “oh Master, OMG, Master…. whimpering and moaning until the last of the tremors had finally stopped. He kissed her softly on the lips and whispered good girl in her ear.

Holding out her hand, she asked Him if she might be allowed to wash Him, and if He would please join her in the tub. Master stood up and stepped into the tub. She wrapped a hand towel up tightly and slid it behind His neck. Picking up the sponge she begins to wash His neck and His chest. She sneaks tiny soft kisses on His cheeks while letting the water run down his chest. He gives her the look and she giggles. She looks deep into His eyes and whispers “may I kiss you all over Master?” Laying His head back He tells her she has permission to do what ever she likes tonight.

Sitting on His lap in the water, she begins to hold his head in her hands and wash His hair. She does it so gentle she can feel the stress leave from His body. Humming softly and planting soft kisses on His face and His neck and ears. Squeezing the sponge over His hair she is sucking on His neck. From one side to the other she is sucking and licking on it. She loves being nuzzled into His neck tasting Him. She continued to wash Him down His beautiful chest and stomach. Washing His thighs and His feet. Sliding around to the back of the tub and facing Him, she holds each foot up and washes them gently. She gently sucks on His toes and smiles up at Him. He has a smirk on His face and she asks Him if she may dry Him off and take Him to bed so she can make love to His cock with her samsun escort mouth.

Stepping out of the tub together, He wraps a towel around her and hands her one to dry Him with. Walking behind Him, she begins to dry His long hair with the towel. Making her way down His back and over His ass and down His thighs. Walking around to the front, she kisses some of the drips of water from His neck. Holding each one of His arms out and rubbing them, making her way to His nipples, she stops for a moment to suck on them. Dropping down to her knees she begins to dry His thighs, blushing she dries between them and down to His ankles.

She plants a soft kiss on the tip of His cock and sucks Him inside her mouth for a moment. Leading Him by the hand she asks Master to sit on the bed so she can brush out His hair for Him before bed. He sits quietly allowing her to brush it knowing how much she loves to play with His hair. Long strokes in His hair and soft kisses on His back. Over and over she does this until it is free of all tangles. Braiding it quickly for Him so it’s easier to manage in the morning and giving Him a massage on His shoulders, she can feel all the tension is gone.

Master lays back against His pillows and she begins to kiss Him. Softly their lips meet in passion again. Fire is pulsing through her and she is hungry for His taste. Making her way down His neck and chest, kissing with her lips and her tongue. His eyes are closed and His head tipped back enjoying her mouth. She kisses His stomach and then His thighs. From one side to the other, letting her long hair graze the top of his cock that is now becoming very hard. She blows slightly on His cock with her warm breath and across His balls. Sweeping her lips across them and softly licking. His cock is so hard now and she begins to take Him in her mouth. She struggles with His size but forces her jaw to open even further. Pulling Him out of her mouth so she can lick up and down the shaft of His huge cock…stuffing it back down her throat again. Master reaches down and grabs her by the hair and is fucking her throat now harder and harder while her drewl pours down the sides of her face!

They are both moaning now and he fucks her harder. He calls out to her that he is going to explode into her mouth. Feeling it squirt down her throat she laps up every drop of it. She loves His taste and always appreciates it when He gives it to her.

Holding Him in her mouth until the last pulse finishes…. she licks Him clean and kisses the tip again. Crawling up inside His arms and under the covers, draping her arm across Him and kissing His chest again. She thanks Him for being her Master and falls asleep in His arms.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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