Breakfast , Dessert at Denny

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She didn’t notice him come in to the Cafe’. She just turned around and he was standing there waiting to be seated. He was tall, had dark hair and the most amazing smile she had ever seen. She picked up a menu and asked if he preferred smoking or non. He answered smoking, and when his voice hit her ears she felt her stomach do flip-flops. His voice was deep and clear, almost soothing and so damn sexy.

She seated him in a corner booth, and asked if he would like a cup of coffee while he looked at the menu, but he declined, however he asked for a tall glass of cold milk. As she walked towards the back counter she could feel his eyes follow her, she couldn’t resist, and turned and gave him an amazing, “I know what you are thinking,” smile. She poured his drink and walked back to the table where he sat looking over the menu, she asked if he was ready to order. He replied to the negative, so she said she would give him a minute to look over the menu.

By this time someone else had walked in and she needed to get them seated. When she had gotten the new customers settled and their order for drinks taken she stopped back by his table to see if he was ready to order yet. As he looked up at her from the menu she saw what she thought was a flash of sparkle in his eyes. He asked her, “so tell me, what do you suggest that I could eat that would help me sleep?” It seemed funny to her that those simple words asked could send butterflies to her stomach. She made her suggestion to him, and he excepted it with minor modifications.

She took the menu from the table and walked once more to the back counter, she retrieved the drinks for the other table and then placed his order with the cook. She took the drinks to the second table and took their order and placed it with the cook also. She began her normal routine of getting the condiments together to go to the tables. She took the maple syrup and ketchup to the second table. She then began the process of setting up his table, but for some reason, she forgot the jelly, forgot the extra napkins, she just couldn’t seem to concentrate on what she was doing, when she was looking at him. Maybe it was just her excuse to go back to his table just once more, she wasn’t sure which.

When the bell rang for his order she walked to the cooks window and tried hard to pull herself together. And for some odd strange reason, she wondered if her hair looked okay tonight, and if she had wore her lipstick off during the earlier rush. She managed to pull herself out of her short little daydream, antalya escort and picked the plates and headed towards his table with them. She sat the plates down in front of him and asked if there was anything else she could get him, he said “not now, but I will like another glass of milk soon please.” She made a mental note to herself to check back after the other orders were served, she told him to enjoy his meal and walked off.

The phone rang with a call in order and she took that, and gave it to the cook, and delivered the food for the second table. On her pass back by his table she noticed the glass was nearly empty, and without asking she went and filled another with cold milk. Her hands were shaking, and she had no idea why. When she took the new glass to his table and sat it down, he picked up the first and handed it to her. As he did, his fingers lightly caressed hers in the pass, and shock of pure lust shot through her body, it was so strong it almost knocked her down. She sucked in her breath, and her cheeks felt like flames. Did he feel that? She wasn’t sure, but his eyes went instantly to hers, and the look was one she must have been mirroring to him. Her body almost ached from the look and the instant desire.

She went on about her job, took care of a couple more customers and checked back and forth with him. She cleared away his plate when he was done, and asked if there was anything else she could get him. He declined and she left the check face down with her signature on it. As she walked off this time, she thought to herself, she was glad her shift was almost up, he had stirred something in her, and she was so aroused.

As she began to get her side work done for the relief waitress that was coming in, he walked to the cash register to pay for his meal. She walked up and asked if everything had been all right, he said it was great. She rang up his ticket and took his money. She handed him his change and smiled, he said thanks, and looked close at her nametag, and made it a point to say her name. The way he spoke it made her want to cry with desire. She thanked him for coming in and told him to come back. He said he would. And walked out the door. She watched him walk away; as he did she closed her eyes and imagined his arms around her waist and his sweet lips pressed against hers. As she was just about to walk away from the register, he walked back in the door, and asked her when she worked again. She told him, that she should be getting off in antalya escort bayan about 15 minutes, but that she worked again tomorrow night from 10-2 and Saturday from 5-9. He smiled and said okay, I’ll see you tomorrow then, and walked back out the door.

She finished up her side work quickly, and cashed in her tips, and told Jennifer the relief waitress to have a good night as she walked out the door. As she began to walk toward the back of the café’ she removed her apron, and thought of the stranger, his eyes were amazing and his smile just made her want to melt. The whole time he was there she had the urge to just walk right over and lean down and press her lips to his. She had never had such a strong reaction to a man. Again she closed her eyes for a second and just stood and thought about how his body might have felt pressed against hers.

As she reached the back of the building and turned the corner, there he sat, on her hood. She blinked her eyes a couple of times, just to make sure she wasn’t imagining this. He wore a huge smile, his arms folded over his chest, he seemed almost god like setting there, his broad chest, legs crossed at the ankles. His boots dusty from work, his starch white shirt shown in the moon light, and that black hat, god that black hat, her legs felt like they were made of led and rubber at the same time.

She walked up to him, and stood just looking at him for several seconds, and then smiled and asked, “can I help you?” There it was again that same sparkle in his eyes. His smile seemed to get broader, as he replied; ” I certainly hope so.” He stood up off the hood of the car, god she hadn’t realized how broad his chest was till this second, and damn there was that fluttering feeling in her stomach. He said in a deep cool voice, “I wanted to thank you properly for your courtesy to me.”

He reached for her shoulders and pulled her up to him. She didn’t have the strength to resist, and her mind and body screamed at her not too. His hands seem to instantly warm her body, the warmth spread across her cheeks, her neck and down, lower and lower, she could feel the heat as it begin to stir in her womanhood.

When his lips covered her mouth, her body shook, and she melted against his hard chest. His tongue began a slow circle around her lips, gentle at first, then more harsh demanding entry into her mouth. Her body responded happily, and she opened to him fully. When his tongue caressed hers she though she would lose escort antalya her mind. Her limbs felt week, he seemed to sense her need and bent and picked her up and place her on the hood of the car. His lips never wavering from its exploration of her mouth. When he did finally break the kiss, and look down at her, running the back of his hand against her cheek, he said, “you are so damn sexy.”

As his hand slid down her cheek it found its way to her neck, when his fingers slide across her neck just under her right ear, she closed her eyes and tilted her head just a little. She nearly cried out in pain when his hands left her skin. It was only for a moment however; because he took both her hand in his and caressed the tops of them with is thumbs. Then he turned her left hand over and gently kissed her palm, his tongue making little circles on it, she wanted to leap off the hood of the car, it was so erotic.

Still holding her right hand he placed it on his chest where she could feel his wild heart beat, and slowly, very slowly he slid her and down his body till she could feel the power and need in him. As she closed her hand around his hard body, he moaned his pleasure to her. She began to caress him through his jeans. She could feel his body grow harder under her caress. She pulled her other hand from his, and slid it down the same trail from his chest to his manhood. When she opened his pants to free him, she felt his body shudder. She began to caress him with her soft hands running her thumb across the tip of him. He leaned into her body, but she pushed him away, he looked down at her with puzzlement in his eyes, but when she lowered her soft lips to him, she heard his sharp intake of breath, and felt his body go stiff. She let her mouth set a steady rhythm on him, and she could hear his breath coming in short gasps. She felt his body tense and knew. He tried to pull away, but she wouldn’t let him, he growled out his pleasure and thrust deeper into her mouth and she felt the explosion.

He looked down at her, and smiled a knowing smile, and pressed her back against the hood of the car. He quickly removed her shoes, jeans and thong, he slid his hands up the inside of her thighs, and he could feel the heat that was coming from her body. When his hand cupped her she sat up on the hood, but he gently lay her back down. His fingers gently parted her and his tongue found her sweet button. Her hips arched to meet his hungry mouth. She began to feel the heat building in her body, felt the tension in her legs. He must have sensed it also. Just when she was on the verge of bliss, he slid up her body and buried himself full hilt into her. It was like a gun that went off inside her. She screamed in passion and her body convulsed around his hard member, she felt him tense once more as he exploded deep within her woman’s cavern and filled her with his sweetness.

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