Butterfly Ch. 05

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Chapter V: The JRG

Author’s note: The first part of this chapter is written from Kyle’s perspective. Some of it is based on things he told me later, the rest is just me guessing what dirty thoughts were going through his head.

When you stop and think about it, you never really know someone. You might know their favorite foods and music and you can guess how they’ll react in a certain situation, but after years and years, they’ll do something that you would have never dreamed they’d do.

On the other hand, sometimes you notice something about someone long before they admit it, sometimes before they even discover it about themselves. Sherry’s attraction to other women was more like that. We hadn’t been together for very long before I realized that girls turn her on.

Let me set the scene. Sherry and I met in a psychology class at UCF. We were paired together for some stupid class project and soon discovered that we had grown up just a few blocks apart. We hit it off pretty well so I asked her out (or she asked me; I can’t remember) and we started hanging out together a lot.

After we had been going out regularly for about a month, a friend gave me two passes to Busch Gardens. We skipped class and headed over to Tampa on a Thursday to avoid the crowds, but the park was packed anyway. But we had fun riding the roller coasters and winning a big toy tiger and making faces at the apes; the whole touristy deal.

In the afternoon, a big thunderhead rolled in out of nowhere, sending the sunburned masses hurrying for the front gate before the sky opened up. We thought about leaving but decided to wait out the summer storm and enjoy the shorter lines once the rain had passed. Big juicy drops began to fall just as we passed a covered amphitheater, so we ran inside.

As luck would have it, a show was about to start. I avoid these attraction shows like the plague because they’re usually pretty bad. This one seemed to be no exception. It began with a bunch of mediocre clowns falling over each other and doing ancient pie-in-the-face type stuff. I tried to maneuver into a comfortable napping position on the steel bench with little success. After a while, a rag-tag group of acrobats joined the clowns. I was unimpressed with the new group as well – that is, until I noticed the performer who will be forever known as the Jump Rope Girl, or JRG.

The JRG really stood out from the rest on the group, and not only because the clowns and most of the jump ropers were guys. In fact, the only other female member of the whole troupe was a middle-aged woman who looked so much like an older version of the JRG that she had to be her mom. Even in a pack of other girls, though, I would have spotted the JRG first.

She was tall and slender and obviously in very good shape with the long, tone muscles characteristic of a gymnast or dancer. The MC had said the group was from Russia or Slovenia or somewhere (I hadn’t been paying much attention) and her pixie-like face had a hint of somewhere far away. If she was from a colder clime, though, she’d been spending a lot of time in the Florida sun because her cheeks glowed with a golden tan. Her dark hair was long and tied into two pigtails that hung down just past her shoulders. That hairstyle made her look younger, but I guessed she was around 17 or 19 or so.

The JRG wore a tight white bodysuit with outdated 80s-style colorful splashes and a little skirt. The bodysuit was long sleeved and long legged, going down to her graceful wrists and bare feet. The front of her costume had a modest U-neck that revealed only a little cleavage but presented her youthful breasts very nicely. They were lovely – pert, perfectly shaped, and just the right size for her body with absolutely no sag.

Her attractive body got my attention, but it was the way she moved which held it. As the other performers went through their short routines, she bided her time wiggling her hips and playfully dancing to the canned music. It wasn’t much, but she moved her nubile body with such effortless sexiness that I couldn’t turn away. She was one of those people with an air of absolutely natural and unforced sexuality about them, someone who could be drinking her coffee at 6AM with a hangover and a bad case of morning hair and still manage to make you jealous of her looks.

As gaziantep escort she shimmied lazily at the back of the stage, the JRG seemed to be in her own special world. I wanted to go there on vacation.

When the JRG took her turn at center stage and began to skip rope, she aggressively revealed her animal magnetism to the whole crowd. It quickly became obvious that she wasn’t wearing any kind of bra because her beautiful breasts bounced wildly with each hop. They were supple and firm at the same time; rising majestically then quickly snapping back into position, only to boing! up again with her next jump. The amount of cleavage visible above her costume varied widely through the up and down cycle. Her boobs threatened to escape from the confines of her bodysuit again and again but came up tantalizingly short each time. I’ve seen several gymnastics events and dance recitals, but I’ve never seen anything as brazenly eye-catching as the JRG’s magical chest before or since.

All too quickly, she stepped back to let another performer have a turn and resumed her subtle dancing.

Suddenly, a pang of guilt hit me as I remembered that I was ogling the JRG with my new girlfriend sitting right beside me. I peeked over, expecting an evil eye or a smack on the arm, but Sherry wasn’t paying attention to me at all. With real amazement, I realized that she was staring right at the JRG with the same look of longing that I had probably worn just a moment before.

Sherry must have felt my eyes on her because she turned her head and grinned sheepishly. “She’s having fun,” she mumbled by way of explanation. I didn’t know quite how to react but figured that if it was ok for my girlfriend to eyeball the beautiful acrobat, it was ok for me, too.

And the JRG didn’t disappoint. She joined a group of performers doing complicated steps inside two long spinning ropes, turning a few times so everyone in the small audience could get another good look at her bounding beauties. Then she did something even better; she flipped over into a handstand and skipped a single rope upside down. Besides letting her breasts descend until her nipples were only millimeters away from becoming visible under the bright spotlights, this position flipped up her skirt. I guess I expected her to be wearing some kind of panties underneath because my heart almost stopped when I saw she wasn’t — all that covered her nether regions was that amazing spandex bodysuit. Her costume was so tight on her nimble body that it almost seemed painted on. It emphasized and accentuated every curve and muscle of her shapely ass and legs and even revealed the distinct outline of the lovely mound between her powerful thighs.

I glanced over at Sherry. She stared at the upturned girl with an expression of pure rapture, her face slightly flushed. When the JRG flipped back onto her feet, the small crowd cheered much more loudly that you’d expect for a simple trick.

Soon afterwards, the show came to a close and each performer took a final bow. When it was her turn, the JRG made sure to bounce her assets one last time, even doing a couple of high kicks to flip up her skirt.

I got the sudden impression that she knew exactly what she was doing and enjoyed teasing the crowd. Perhaps the fact that her traveling company consisted of her mother and a bunch of gay men (well, they looked gay) had incited her into expressing her sexuality to strangers. Or maybe her mother encouraged her alluring daughter’s displays to generate more engagements for the otherwise unexciting troupe. Whatever the motives, the audience (including Sherry) applauded with enthusiastic approval.

The sky was clearing and the rain down to a light drizzle when we left the theater, but Sherry said that she was “tired” and thought we should head on out rather than wait for the weather. When we got to the car, she asked me to stop at her parents’ house (which was nearby) to get a CD she’d forgotten. Realizing that the house was probably still empty at that hour, I began to figure out what she really had in mind. My lustful suspicions made it hard to focus on the road.

As soon as we got to the house and the front door closed behind us, we were all over each other. We had never gone beyond kissing konya escort and a little groping, but in a few minutes, we were on Sherry’s bed humping away. Her parents arrived home about an hour later, but we had been so frantically horny that we each came a couple of times and had time to clean up and cool off before they showed up. Our excellent timing also earned us a free dinner.

We didn’t get back to Orlando until well after dark. Sherry invited me up to her apartment, where we repeated our earlier performance in her other bedroom. Only this time, we slowed our frenzied pace and really enjoyed exploring each other’s bodies for the first time. I guess she hadn’t been so tired after all.

We haven’t talked about the JRG since, but I’ve never forgotten her public show — or the private shows that followed. I’ve always wondered if Sherry remembers her as well as I do. One day, I’ll have to ask her…


After the disappointment of the interrupted seduction of Jen, Sherry put aside the thought of fulfilling her fantasies for a while. Her best friend and object of hidden desire had returned to Washington and Sherry had no other real candidates for the position. She couldn’t bring herself to make a move on her other friends or co-workers and she wasn’t quite desperate enough to trawl a “lesbo” club or put an ad in the “woman to woman” section of the personals. So she tried to focus on her job and ignore the warm feeling between her legs that still appeared whenever she saw a particularly attractive woman or remembered that wild night at Beach Bunnies. Her sex life with Kyle began to suffer as well. It was good, but she had felt so close to expanding her horizons that the same old thing just wasn’t very exciting any more.

The previous year, they had celebrated the anniversary of their first date. Kyle planned a bigger night out for their 2nd anniversary, but she soon realized that “bigger” actually meant “more expensive”. He took her to the best restaurant in town and then to some classy high-end clubs she’d never visited and hadn’t really wanted to go. Even after a few glasses of wine, she wasn’t much in the mood to fool around when he coyly asked her back to his apartment.

But she played along. They had indifferent sex missionary-style, which she enjoyed but not much. Sherry was wondering how she could politely escape from his tiny bed and get back to her apartment for a good night’s sleep when he said something very surprising.

“Remember the jump rope girl?” Kyle asked casually. He was lying behind her and whispered into her ear, kissing it while waiting for her response.

“Who?” she replied, honestly having no idea what he was talking about.

“At Busch Gardens way back when. The girl who almost bounced out of her costume.”

Sherry’s eyes widened. She hadn’t thought about the JRG in a long time, but now the vision of that gorgeous acrobat in tight spandex rushed back into her mind. “Oh,” she mumbled, “that jump rope girl.”

“You thought she was hot, didn’t you? Remember when she started jumping? I thought you’d catch a fly your jaw dropped so far.”

Sherry blushed furiously. “It did not…”

“Oh, yes it did. You thought I didn’t notice, but I did. You’d think she’d have some decency, but I think she enjoyed letting her boobs bounce around. You seemed to enjoy it, too.” He kissed her ear again and she let out a quick breath. “And remember when she did a handstand and her tiny little skirt flip upside down? She just had that bodysuit on underneath and it was so tight it looked like somebody had dipped her in white paint. You seemed to enjoy that, too.”

“Hmmm…” Sherry remembered the JRG’s athletic legs and ass very well. She also remembered how the spandex clung to the girl’s crotch, revealing to Sherry’s discerning eye that the performer’s public display had caused her labia to swell with excitement under the tightly stretched material. The image lingered in Sherry’s mind, bringing with it feelings she’d tried to repress over the preceding few weeks.

Kyle’s stiffening hot member probed the back of her thighs and she opened them almost unconsciously. He gently but firmly pulled her into a kneeling position. She was very wet when he slipped into her kayseri escort from behind.

“What would you do if she was right there in the doorway?” he asked. Sherry stared at the dark hall outside of Kyle’s bedroom, trying to imagine the JRG stepping into view wearing her sexy costume, her cute pigtails hanging innocently. “Would you like that?” he continued, now sliding slowly in and out of Sherry as she faced the door on all fours.

“Yeah…” she whispered, and he knew he had pushed the right buttons.

“Would you like her to come closer?”

“Yeah…” Sherry imagined the girl slowly striding towards the bed, her dancer’s muscles rippling under the spandex.

“Would you like her to take off her skirt?” Kyle thrusted harder now.

“Oh, yeah…” Sherry imagined what the girl’s costume would look like without the skirt, the long and curvy lines of her body unbroken and outlined by the tight suit.

“She’s jumping a little for you,” Kyle suggested. It sounded like a chauvinist send-up from the “Man Show,” but Sherry played out the mental image and moaned softly with approval.

“I think she’s getting excited, too. Tell me what she’s doing.”

Sherry was more turned on than she’d been since they fucked right outside Jen’s door. Her usually hidden fantasies began to flow once again. “She’s running her hands up her sides, up and down her costume.”

“Up to her tits?” Kyle hardly ever used the word, and hearing it further broke down Sherry’s inhibitions.

“Yeah, she’s cupping them for us, pushing them up, squeezing them through her suit,” Sherry breathed.

“Is she trying to push them out of her costume?”

“I just see the edge of her nipple. She noticed it now and pulled it all the way free. She pinched it for me.”

“Is she licking it?”

The thought sent another tingle down Sherry’s spine. “Yeah, her tongue can barely reach it but she’s trying.”

“Did I hear her suit rip?”

Another tingle. “Yeah, it’s torn a little right down the middle. She ripped it more on purpose and she’s playing with both of her tits now.”

“What do they look like?” Kyle asked, sounding like he’d love to see them himself.

Sherry had dreamed about the JRG’s barely-covered breasts many times and answered without even thinking. “They’re kinda small and round and her nipples are dark and hard and beautiful. She’s shaking them for me.”

“Tell her to show you more.”

“She’s ripping her costume more now. I can see down to her belly button. She’s got great abs.”

“Where are her hands?”

“They’re going down her body…”

“Do you want to see her pussy?”

“Oh, yes…” Sherry closed her eyes. “Her hands are all over it now.”

“Tell her to move them.”

“She did, and her costume fell down to her knees. Her pussy is beautiful.”

“Tell me what it looks like.”

“It’s smooth and puffy and wonderful and really really wet…”

Kyle was pounding piston-like into Sherry now. “What does she want you to do? What do you want to do?”

“Eat her pussy…” Sherry gasped.

“She kicked off her costume…. she sat on the bed…” Kyle suggested.

“She’s spreading her legs for me…”

“Eat that cunt!” Kyle cried, and Sherry licked the air with gusto. He reached down to his girlfriend’s crotch to moisten his hand and held it in front of her face. She attacked it desperately, her passions inflamed even further by the tangy taste of her own juices in her mouth. Kyle lost his balance and had to put his hand down on the bed, but Sherry ran her hand up her soaked inner thigh, then feverishly swirled her tongue in and around the imitation cunny formed by the slit between her own wet fingers.

Sherry could feel her climax rushing forward as her boyfriend’s sweaty skin slapped repeatedly against her bare ass, forcing his cock deep inside her again and again. “Is she coming?” he practically yelled.

“Yesss!” she hissed in reply, her tongue still dancing, her eyes still closed, her imagination and senses combining to overwhelm her with the simulation of a beautiful girl’s burning pussy on her mouth while her boyfriend pumped her from behind. The sensation of Kyle’s cum gushing deep within her pushed her over the edge. Sherry cried out, and she could swear she heard another girl’s voice join hers in ecstatic harmony.

When the room stopped spinning, she opened her eyes and realized that it was just her and Kyle collapsed in a sweaty pile on his bed. Yet somehow, her mindset had changed completely.

“Happy anniversary,” he whispered.

“You brat,” she said playfully, and turned to show him her appreciation.

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