Christening Our New Home

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[To my readers: This one’s a little different.]

Maybe this won’t interest anyone but me, but I’d like to tell you about it anyhow. I’m in my late twenties but I still live at home with my parents and my younger sister, who’s twenty-one. We all get along well and we always have. We have always been really open and free with each other, too. I mean, it’s nothing for my dad to pinch my sister’s butt as she walks by him or to grab Mom’s tit while one of us is looking.

I should tell you about us. Dad’s a fun kind of guy who works hard and likes to play hard and laugh while he’s at it. Mom is a little on the plump side, but nice-looking with curly hair and a cute face. She also has big round titties that only sag a little bit even if she is forty-nine — at least, forty-nine is all she’ll admit to.

The tits go with nice full arms and pouty lips, and long legs that reach down from her wiggly bottom. Dad must really like to fuck her, because he has always put it to her at least two or three times a week, and we can often hear them in their bedroom going at it not just at night but on weekend afternoons too.

My sister Jean is not what you would call beautiful, but she certainly isn’t plain. She has light brown hair and eyes, and a slender and curvy figure. Her body is not as good as Mom’s overall, but it’s good enough for me. I have often tried to get her to do something physical with me, and a few times she has almost let me, but always changed her mind at the last minute. She does give me a lot of hugs and kisses on the lips, though.

Mom and Dad both know about my feelings for my sister. Dad just laughs, and Mom kind of snorts or shakes her head. They obviously don’t mind, and they seem to think the byplay between us is kind of cute.

Anyway, we bought this new house only two months ago. The movers had already put the furniture in place, and Mom and Dad had brought over the dishes and the silverware and the other fragile or valuable stuff in the car. I was underneath the sink in the kitchen, putting in a replacement waste line, and my sister was standing on a chair right beside the sink, putting dishes away in the upper cupboard. By craning my neck a bit, I could peer right up the front of her dress, right up her shiny thighs.

You’re probably wondering why my sister was wearing a dress, even an old one, to unpack boxes and put things away. It was just part of her general campaign to drive me crazy with her body. I knew that for sure this time because she wasn’t wearing any underwear, not even the red thong she wears when she goes out on a date, and I could get quick glimpses of her shaved cunt as she carefully placed each dish one by one on the cupboard shelves.

“I hope you’re getting your stupid eyeful,” she muttered, smiling a little in spite of herself.

“Oh, I am, I am,” I told her, not so quietly, peeking yet again at her swelling cunt lips.

Just then Mom came in with more dishes and set them on the table. “What are you two doing?” she asked, pausing for a moment.

“My trashy brother keeps staring at my crack,” my sister whined.

“Well, Web Tools if you’d wear something underneath, he wouldn’t see it!” Mom snapped. “Donny, get back under there and get that drainpipe in!”

I half sat up and banged my head.

“Oh, he’s seen it all before,” my sister said, her whine changing without warning to a giggle.

“We all have, dear,” Mom grumbled, turning away from us to get more things from the car.

Then Dad came in with an armload of plates, and by that time I was peeking again, the water pipe forgotten. He went into another room, then came back out, and Mom must have told him about us, because he stepped over to where my sister was still standing on the chair in front of the open cupboards.

“Is this what you’re looking at, Donny?”, he asked as he snaked his hand up the back of my sister’s dress, exposing her ass to both of us.

Jean let out a little gasp of surprise and jumped just a bit, but she had a stack of dishes in her hands, so she had to be careful. Dad just kept his hand on her bare ass. Carefully, she set down the plates and slapped at his hand, and he removed it, grinning.

“Daddy, are you crazy?” she whispered, beet-red, both hands pulling down her skirt so he couldn’t do it again.

“Girl, you need a shave,” was all he said. “Your pussy lips have more hair on them than your mother’s.” He chuckled and walked out.

My sister giggled again, now even more scarlet, and turned back to the dishes. If it had been me instead of Dad, I wouldn’t just have touched her ass. No, I would have gone for her pussy itself and taken a good long feel of it while she was trying to keep from dropping the stack of dishes. Not that I’ve actually ever done that, but I can think about it, can’t I?

I told you all that just to show how easy we all are, and how we don’t really get mad at each other. Mom grumbles, and Jean gets a little put out, but neither of them mean it and we all know it. As for Dad and me, we’re always ready for anything. Anyway, about an hour later everything was inside, and all four of us were in the kitchen. The dishes had been put away, my sister was down off the chair (damn!), and the waste line was finally in.

“Well, it’s time to christen our new home,” Dad said to Mom.

“What do you mean?” said Mom, eyeing him suspiciously.

“You know what I mean,” he said smiling, and took her arm.

“Can’t that wait until tonight, for God’s sake?”

“Why should it? Come on, hurry up,” he said, grinning, tugging her arm.

“Oh, for God’s sake,” said my mother in an exasperated tone. “My hair’s a mess, and … Well, hurry up and get it over with. We still have work to do.” Mom snorted but let Dad lead her away. “You kids stay out here!” were her final words to us.

Not likely! My sister and I waited two or three minutes, grinning at each other the whole time, and then tiptoed down the hall to their room to at least listen to them “christen our new home.” When we got there, we discovered that the door was ajar, so my sister pushed it the rest of the way open with one foot. Luckily the Online Web Tools house was a new one and the door didn’t creak.

And there they were, lying across the unmade bed, their feet toward us, letting us see everything. Dad’s pants were on the floor, and he was on top of Mom in between her plump thighs. Her panties were on the bed beside her, and her dress was gathered around her waist. Her knees were lifted and spread wide, and her heels were locked around Dad’s hairy butt.

My mother was getting the shit fucked out of her. My sister and I had heard them often, as I said, but this was the first time we’d ever actually been able to see anything. We had a great view of Dad’s huge cock going in and out of Mom like a greased piston, taking long deep strokes. His belly was smacking her soft one noisily, while his big wrinkled balls banged against the lower cheeks of her naked ass, the muscles of his legs bulging and rippling as he worked her over.

Mom’s whole body was bouncing around on the mattress from the force of Dad’s thrusts, her legs jerking and jiggling every time Dad rammed his cock into her again. Her bare ass actually bounced off the bed each time, and because her knees were spread as I said, we could see her taking all of it, the breath bursting from her lungs again and again. I had accidentally seen a glimpse of my mother nude once, but that was nothing compared to this.

It turns out that Dad had lied about shaving: Mom’s pussy lips were covered with thick curly hairs. Her pussy itself had become a tight ring seemingly stretched to the tearing point as it gulped Dad’s thick cock over and over, easily swallowing him up to the root each time. We could even see her crinkled asshole winking at us each time Dad lifted for another plunge, and it had black hairs around it too. Then she pulled him into her with her powerful calf and thigh muscles and her dark hole vanished from sight until the next thrust.

Dad was really pouring it on now. We could tell Mom was happy, because her cunt had become soaked and was making little squishing and sucking sounds. She might have complained before, but she was loving every bit of it now. And she was sure getting it, taking thrust after thrust deep into her belly until I was certain that Dad was thrusting his cock all the way up to her bouncing tits.

I looked over at Jean, and she glanced at me, her face glistening with sweat, her eyes dancing, and her puffy lips gleaming with spit from her tongue. I reached over and put my hand on her ass as Dad had done, but she instantly slapped it away. Then her own hand went around to the front of her dress and pulled it up just enough. I couldn’t see anything, but I knew what she was doing. She was getting herself off in front of me, teasing me worse than she ever had before. The dress was sticking to her chest and I could see her nipples standing out firmly against the thin fabric.

Just then my attention was distracted back to Mom and Dad. Mom gasped out “You’re going to make me come, make me come … Oh shit, fuck, shit!” The next moment we saw her naked ass up Çevrimiçi Web Araçları off the bed, writhing under Dad’s continued pounding. Goose pimples were standing up on her skin, and I knew her cunt and asshole were tightened to the limit.

My mother was coming, having no idea that her horny son was watching her intently and her daughter was jilling off to the sights and sounds of her fucking. As for me, my cock was standing up straight underneath my jeans, and I could feel that the head was poking out of my underwear. I tried to get my sister to touch it, but she just slapped my hand away again even before I could take hold of hers.

Then we heard Dad making strange snorting noises, and his hips weren’t so regular in their motions any more. Mom had both her arms and her legs tightly wrapped around his body, holding him buried in her. He was coming and she knew it, and she was not about to let him pull out. She wanted that juice in her belly. And she got it, too. Deep in her belly! My Dad roared out his climax and collapsed on Mom’s wide hips.

Just as Dad was beginning to show signs of life, my sister pulled the door back to its original position, grabbed my hand, and we ran back to the kitchen, me grinning and my sister giggling. When we got there and shut the kitchen door, she burst into pent-up speech.

“Boy, didn’t he give it to her?” Jean babbled. “Did you see the way he just kept driving that beautiful tool into her? He took her with no mercy at all. And he made her come, too! Did you hear Mother tell him that? Did you hear those sounds coming from her crack, all that squishing and bubbling, when he was ramming it up her? Doesn’t Daddy have such lovely balls and a cute butt? He came too, didn’t he? Boy, he sure likes to do that to her, doesn’t he. He went off in her. He did, he really did!” Jean pressed her finger to her lips to stop herself. Then she looked at me and giggled again.

“Why brother, you’ve got quite a hard-on yourself, haven’t you. And from watching them. Or was it watching me? I can see the bulge from here!” She actually wasn’t all that far away from me.

“From watching them, and from feeling your butt for a few seconds,” I said, boldly slipping my arm about her shoulders and pulling her closer. “Aw, Jean, you know you want me. Just let me fuck you once. Just once.”

She hesitated for a moment, just a moment, and my heart leaped. Then she gently pulled away from me, shaking her head slowly My spirits fell with disappointment even though my cock was still hard and throbbing. But then, just as slowly, she lifted her dress up with one hand and showed me her beautiful pussy. My eyes popped out of my head. She continued to hold her dress up as she parted her shaved lips with the other hand, showing me her whole gorgeous pink insides before she began to strum her clit with her thumb and forefinger. I blinked my eyes, unable to believe what I was seeing.

Then the dress was down around her knees again and she was standing right next to me, her hand going unerringly for the bulge in my pants. As she grasped my cock through the fabric, I staggered and came instantly. I nearly fell on the floor from the intensity of it.

When I opened my eyes again, she was standing away from me again, still shaking her head, but this time smiling. She wants to do more, and I know it, and maybe she will one day. I’ll let you know.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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