Coming Home

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After spending 6 months under the hot Afghanistan sun, I arrive to find my wife waiting for me at the airfield. She’s dressed moderately, with a floral skirt that reaches midway down her thighs, and a thin, white blouse. I can see the outline of her white, lace bra that I bought her for Christmas and hope she’s wearing the matching thong under that skirt. The thought elicits a spark through my body.

She runs and jumps at me, throwing her arms around me and kisses me, passionately. God, it’s been so long since I felt those soft lips. I move my tongue to find hers but she pulls away and looks at me slyly, intentionally teasing me.

I’m still wearing my military uniform as we fall through the front door of our house, our lips connected. As I kiss along her jaw and down her neck she unzips my fleece and pulls it over my head.

“Bed! Now!” I demand.

“Yes Captain, anything you say.” she giggles back playfully.

I follow her halfway up the stairs before picking her up and carrying her over my shoulder and throwing her down on the bed. I return to kissing her neck and slowly unbutton her blouse, my lips trailing down her neck to her cleavage. ataköy escort She lets out a gentle moan and takes my shirt off. I lean over her, our bare abdomens touching, while I unclip her bra and yank it off.

I kiss further down her chest and reach her taut nipples, sucking and gently nibbling them while I rub her thighs. She moans again, slightly louder than before, and I feel my cock start to throb.

I pull her skirt down, sliding it over her feet and kiss up her thighs, getting closer and closer to my target. I use my teeth to pull her thong down in one swift movement. The sweet smell of her juices makes my cock go rock hard.

She gasps as I run my finger through her dripping wet pussy lips, and up to her clit and begin to slowly circle it, building up speed. She moans, thrusting her hips towards my fingers; it’s clear she hasn’t felt my touch in a while. I keep circling her clit and place my mouth on her pussy lips, blowing gently. I hear her groan and chuckle to myself. I slide my tongue into her pussy and back out again, lapping up her juices like a dog, all while placing a light pressure on her nub.

Her moans grow louder and louder and she bakırköy escort screams, wanting more, as I take her clit between my teeth. I suck and lick rapidly at her clit, while pushing my fingers inside her soaking pussy, increasing the number of fingers and the speed. I find her g-spot and I feel her pussy clamp on my hand as she throws her head back and screams in ecstasy, her whole body shuddering in orgasm.

Her breathing returns to normal and she pushes me down on my back and kneels on her front, her ass in the air, leaning over my crotch. She slowly unzips my shorts and pulls them off along with my underwear. She takes my erect cock in her hand and rubs it up and down the shaft, liking the precum off the tip. I lean back on my elbows and groan. It’s been so long since I’ve felt any pleasure in my cock. When satisfied that she’s effectively cleaned my cock of its precum, she takes the whole shaft in her mouth and moves her head back and forth, intentionally slowly. After a few minutes of this, I’m desperate for release. I grab her hair gently, thrusting my cock down her throat until she gags. She has an impressive ability to take almost all of my large cock before gagging.

“Oh fuck! Yes! I’m gonna cum!!” I scream and ejaculate into her mouth. She grins at me and swallows her mouthful of my cum. This only turns me on more.

I sit up and fling her on her back, spreading her legs and putting them over my shoulders. I press my pulsating cock into her tight pussy and begin to fuck her hard.

“Oh my god! Yes! Make me cum! Let me coat your dick in my juices!” she says through heavy breathing.

She thrusts her hips, making my penetrations deeper and I hit her g-spot every time. She convulses in wave after wave of uncontrollable orgasms, screaming louder every time. I hold my orgasm back for as long as I can, but when I feel the walls of her pussy clamp around my dick, it becomes too much and I moan in orgasm in unison with her.

She groans gently as she feels me ejaculate inside her and I pull out. I lie on my back and she licks and sucks my cock clean.

I scoop her up in my arms and hug her close to my body; it’s clear she’s exhausted. I lie her down with her head on the pillow and turn us both to face the left-hand side of the room in a spooning position. I pull the duvet over us; we are both still fully undressed. I stroke her hair to relax her and encourage her to rest, but press my dick against her ass, just as a little extra torment.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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