Courtney’s feet pt.3

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NB: Sorry for taking so long to upload this part but here is part 3 of Dan’s adventure. As always if you haven’t, read the previous story. Otherwise enjoy 😉

I called my dad to come and pick me up after my fruitful adventure at Courtney’s place. My dad is super chilled about everything, with the whole divorce thing going on with my parents, he was the one I preferred spending time with. He rolled up just a couple minutes later and I hopped in.
‘Girlfriend?’ He smiled.
‘Not so sure yet…’
He didn’t interview me anymore after that, he knew as I was a teenage boy I enjoyed my independent privacy, instead he asked about what new sports I was in to and what take out I wanted for dinner, he couldn’t cook for shit.
We got Chinese on our way home, I tried as hard as I could not to text Courtney first and it paid off, she texted me saying, ‘How’s about a picture of your manhood for my night without you ;)’
As my dad jumped out to pick up the Chinese I didn’t hesitate to whip out my semi-hard dick and snap a quick a quick picture in the car and then text her back saying, ‘Now how’s about on of that beautiful body of yours?’. I almost didn’t hide my cock away fast enough when my dad came back and handed me the packet of hot Chinese to hold on my lap. It was about a 5 minute ride home from there when halfway through my phone vibrated and I whipped it out instantly ‘cause I knew there was only one thing it could be. I almost couldn’t contain my arousal when I looked down at the pic on my phone, I stared at it with eyes wide open for a couple seconds too long and I’m sure my dad must’ve caught a glimpse of it before I could lock the screen. The picture was of her fully naked, boobs, pussy and bare feet fully exposed in her room and to top it off, in her hand she was holding the same skin coloured dildo to her mouth with the sexiest of grins on her face. After the pic she added the message, ‘More tonight ;D.’
I kinda just looked over at my dad and cleared my throat then looked away in awkwardness as the hard on in my pants grew to full size and was comforted by the warmth of the takeout on my bulge.
I hopped out of the car as we got home and could already feel the precum building up in my undies and running down my thigh. Man was I horny. I went inside, put away the chinese and tried to get creative about what I could do to impress Courtney later that night. I got totally naked in my room and took a video of me masturbating then cumming on to a picture that I printed out of her. Maybe it wasn’t enough to top the pic she’d sent me but I mean, how could I really? And besides she seemed pretty excited about it when I sent her the vid that night, which she responded to with another video of her playing with her dildo, forcing it deep inside her, almost making it disappear then rubbing her dildo on to her feet and spreading her pussy juices all around and in between her toes. The night ended with both of us sexting heatedly and cumming a couple times until we both fell asleep, just waiting for tomorrow.

I woke up the next morning like an energizer bunny on heroine in excitement for the day. I forced myself not to masturbate Ankara escort at all ‘cause I knew we would not be able to keep our hands off of each other today. I took the bus to school today, my dad was feeling a little under the weather and I didn’t mind the bus ride. As I got to school I started to actually feel a little nervous, I started to wonder if she’d had second thoughts about going as far as she did with me, or worse her parents finding out about any of this. Which was all rather stupid ‘cause as I waited outside my register class for the day to begin she came round the corner, pinned me up against the lockers and forced her tongue on to mine and made out with me wildly, feet arched up in her sandals so she could reach my mouth, in the passage in front of everyone. She face sucked me for a good thirty seconds before she released and took me by the hand and lead me in to the classroom for the beginning of the day. For register she sat right beside me and left her friends right at the back and that was that, without any formal saying, just a make out sesh, we were boyfriend and girlfriend, or well, fuck buddies.
When the bell rang for first period, both of us having math, I stood up from the desk to make my way out and she tugged at my arm gently and whispered, ‘Just wait a sec,’
So I did, I stood for a couple seconds, watching patiently as everyone left the class until it was just us and the register teacher Mrs Peach left, when finally she stood up and lead me to the door. I was a little confused at that point to exactly what she had in mind but I followed anyway. She put her right arm around my waist in a kind of half hug as she took me down the passage then walked us towards the toilets. We waited awkwardly in the passage, pretending to be talking as we waited for most of the hallway to clear out with people and then sneakily headed in to the girls restroom, which she guided me in to by tugging at my belt while saying, ‘You ready?’ which turned me on all the more, I almost sprinted in to that bathroom. Thankfully there was no one else in the bathroom but I knew we would have to keep what ever we were doing silent if anyone were to walk in. I could already feel my dick pulsing as my body started to fill with adrenaline in the heat of the moment. She led me all the way to the last stall in the bathroom and I followed willingly then locked the door behind us.

Without hesitation she had her hands at my waist undoing my belt buckle then my zipper. She slowly slid her hands over the bulge in my shorts, feeling the rim of my dick with her pointy finger before she put her hands to my sides and pulled down my shorts and boxers in one motion, letting my fully erect cock stand at attention right in front of her face. She lingered for a second and I was filling with excitement about possibly getting my first blowjob in a bathroom stall, then she let my cock rub all over her face, flopping down on her from her chin to eye, which really turned me on; just seeing my girth on her pretty face. With her right hand, painted with blue nail polish she started to tickle my balls then grab them in to one bunch and put them in Ankara escort bayan to her mouth, sucking on them, making them wet with her saliva. I had to struggle not to cum just then so I squeezed on my cock and held the shaft up so she could properly lap at my nuts like a hungry hound. She pulled back a second then firmly gripped my penis with her perfectly manicured hand right at the bottom of my shaft and started pulling down so that my foreskin moved under my rim and stayed there, she clearly knew what she was doing and the pressure of my foreskin being forced back was making my balls ache. Within a second she had her tongue at the head of my penis, licking right at the hole and circling her tongue round the rim before she started properly sucking on my entire shaft. She was really going at it; she would go from the tip to about three quarters of the way down every time, leaving a trail of spit on my cock as she did. After about a minute she had my whole cock deep in to her throat, sucking furiously then as she let off would let the pre cum from my cock that was now on her lips just drip down her bottom lip. I was getting so turned on by how much care she was putting in to pleasuring this penis of mine that I myself started moaning with pleasure then thinking about cats really hard so that I didn’t cum. While she sucked I started taking off her shirt, revealing those perky tits in her laced bra. She stopped for a sec, which left a trail of pre-cum going from the tip of my dick to her lips then removed her bra, allowing her tits to hang free and then slid down her jeans and took of her sandals, I almost instantly wanted to jump to her feet and suck on her beautiful blue toes but I didn’t ‘cause she then hopped up on to the toilet seat facing away from me, her beautiful ass and lips of her pussy clearly visible through her panties. She knelt on the seat then raised up her feet and held them close together at the same height as my cock and I didn’t hesitate to stick my cock on to the soles of her feet for another foot job. She crinkled up her toes, locking them around my penis then started giving me the greatest foot job of my life, working my shaft so that my cum built up at the head and smeared itself on her toes. While she pleased me vigorously I could see a wet spot building up in her panties so I placed my hand on her pussy lips, separating them and rubbing on her clit, getting my hand wet with her juice. She started to moan too and I took this as a sign to pull her panties down to the bottom of her thighs and get the real deal started. I released the grip from her feet off of my cock and held my cock at the entrance to the walls of her vagina, just feeling her lips separate as I slid the head in, the soft and wet sensation on my penis felt unbelievably amazing. She looked back at me for a second with a skewed smile on her face, smirking at me, waiting anxiously for me to pound her vagina in this bathroom stall, and I didn’t need any other sign to do so. I went at it quickly, forcing my dick in as far as it would go while her walls clamped down on my cock and I pushed all the more harder. She started to make small moans and Escort Ankara had to stop herself by sexily biting her lip then moving her body further back on my dick, just letting me know that she loved what I was doing. This was all turning me on so much, the fact that we were skipping class, hidden away in a bathroom stall, relentlessly going at it that I took my thumb and forced it at the entrance of her asshole then started to just shove the tip of my thumb inside the hole, which she must’ve never done before because she let out a loud audible moan as I did and I had to hold my left hand at her mouth to keep her quiet, which actually kinda turned on the both of us ‘cause it was assertive of my dominance. I went at it, having this new found confidence and forced my thumb in to her poo hole and she continued to moan and I grunted as I continued to moan while banging her slutty pussy wildly, creating loud, wet noises every time I slammed in to her. I let my cock out of her dripping vagina which she replied to by putting her cute and sexy hands at her ass and spreading her cheeks in anticipation. I didn’t need any more of an invitation so with my hard on well oiled with her vagina juice I went for her ass. It didn’t go in at first but with both of us spreading her cheeks I was able to force it in and she let out an, ‘Ah YEAH DAN,’ in response. Her ass was way tighter than her pussy, definitely unexplored territory but I continued suit as she let out sighs of assuring pleasure until I could get about half my cock in.
‘Tear my ass Dan, Go for it!!’
I grabbed her arms at her elbows and held them toward me so I would have something to hold on to as I rode in to her asshole like I was on a horse, forcing my self deep inside her. I got a little carried away and her was face pressed up against the top of the toilet but neither of us seemed to mind so I carried on at it. We were banging for a good minute before I had my the whole 6 inches of my dick buried inside her anus and I was pulling out all the way to the tip then ramming back in to her so that my balls slapped in to her ass cheeks which she definitely enjoyed cause she held out her hand and tickled at my nuts. I knew I didn’t have much longer to go before I came so I was about to pull out when she stopped me yelling,
‘NO, Dan, Cum in my ASS, I want your white juice in there! Please!’
With one more thrust deep in to her I let out my load in to her ass canal, letting out load after load, some of which because her ass was still wide open from all the banging, dripped out and down on to her calves and heels of her feet.
She jumped up off the toilet seat then sat me down facing her with her head in my lap so she could clean me off with her mouth and fingers. She scooped up my cum from the soles of her feet then licked it off her fingers like it was dessert then did the same with the streams that were just around the entrance off her asshole before she put her head on to my dick to get all the cum that was still oozing out and I instinctively held her head down so she would get it all. She held my dick up with her right hand then for a final cleaning took one long slurp from balls to tip.

‘I think you just made my day,’ I said smiling.
‘You-‘she was interrupted for a second when we heard something outside.
‘Courtney?’ Someone’s voice called.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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