David to Dee Ch. 02

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Author’s note: This is the second installment of Dave’s transformation. At this point, he’s been found out by his girlfriend Gina, who, after looking through his apartment, discovered his stash of fem apparel, and has decided to fulfill his fantasies, as a way to become closer to him. At the same time, she’s discovering that she likes to play his games, and he’s finding that fantasy actually CAN be as good as reality, even though it’s a lot scarier…


His nipples had grown considerably over the last two months. Gina had been putting those little nipple suckers on him twice a day. Dave wouldn’t be going to the gym anymore.

Well, it had been a long time since he’d gone to the gym, anyway. Since Gina had had him shave his entire body, last spring.

He smiled at his computer screen. His life had changed quite a bit, and it looked as though it would be changing even more. It was difficult to keep his mind on his work these days. The feel of the stockings on his shaved legs, his panties gently holding his shaved cock and balls, the earrings he wore regularly, his hair growing into a longer style, and the eight inch butt plug he wore every day to work were very distracting. Dave had to concentrate not to swish when he walked, with all that under his suit and tie. The office personnel just wouldn’t understand, and his control over his department would disappear if anyone in the office found out.

He checked his private e-mail, and saw Gina’s latest message.

“Dee,” it read, “tonight we’re going to have company. I want them to meet my precious girl friend. Pick up a good Chianti. Love, Gina”

“Company!” Dave gasped out loud.

Gina had been very careful to keep things just between the two of them ever since she’d discovered his secret stash of feminine clothes. She had also promised to let him stay in the closet until he told her he was ready to come out. He’d felt very safe with that arrangement. What had changed to make her do this, he wondered.

He shifted on his comfortable leather chair, the plug moving slightly in his ass made his prick stir in his panties. He’d better call her.


“Hi, sweetie,” Gina greeted him, having seen his work number on the Caller ID. “I knew you’d be calling when you saw my e-mail.”

“Uh…yeah. Er…I’m not really sure about…you know…in front of people that we know, and stuff….”

“Look, Dee, I know I promised I wouldn’t ‘out’ you to anyone, but I think you did that yourself.”


“Well, you remember when you came here that first night, and you dropped all that stuff, and my neighbor helped you pick it up?”

“Oh my god! That movie she saw,” he exclaimed. “Is that who’s coming to dinner?”

“Yes. Her and her husband. Frannie told me that she saw your wig box and the strapons and the dirty little magazines, too. If you play your cards right, he’ll probably never know, anyway. I don’t think she told him about you.”

“Oh shit, Gina. They live right in our building! I don’t know if I can do this,” David whined.

“Well, she called and kind of invited herself over, honey,” Gina responded. “What could I do? Not to worry, love. I’ve spoken with Frannie a bunch of times, and I’m pretty sure she’s discreet. She seems very open-minded as well. I don’t think you have a thing to worry about. But if it bothers you that much…” she paused.

“Do you really want to do this?”

“Well, we haven’t exactly been able to develop any kind of social life since Dee came into our lives. I’d like to be able to see people once in a while, like regular folks do.”

“I don’t exactly feel like a regular person, Gina.”

“Well, then I suppose I’ll just have to call and cancel,” she snapped. “She’s bound to know why, though, and since you live here with me, now…”

“Okay,” he reluctantly gave in. “I’ll get the wine. Just…please…don’t let him know….Tell him I’m Dave’s sister, or something. He’s seen me in the hall, I’m sure. This is all getting so complicated!”

“Not at all, babe,” Gina told him. “It’s all part of being my girl. You do like being my girl, don’t you?”

“More than anything I’ve ever done in my life, love. You know that.”

“See you by six, then. Dinner’s at seven. Don’t forget the wine, and don’t be late, unless you want to meet them first and then change,” she chuckled.


The rest of the day went so slowly, that Dave was virtually steaming by the end of it, snapping at his secretary that he had to leave early.

Della, his secretary, was more than a little curious as to why Dave seemed so stressed out. Usually, he handled everyday tensions so well. She often thought about her boss. He’d changed considerably since last spring. His style of clothes, those earrings, even his walk and general mannerisms seemed different, somehow. Della had always been attracted to her employer, but since last spring, well, she just wanted bursa escort to walk into his office, strip off her clothes, and sit on his desk so that he could eat her pussy before she demanded that he fuck her again and again.

He was married, though. That would cause unwanted complications, wouldn’t it?


Dave felt the sweat running down the back of his neck in the scorching August sun as he walked to his car. Was this really what he wanted? Well, at the moment, at least, it seemed that he had no choice in the matter. He didn’t mind that, so much. Each and every time that Gina had taken him to a new level, he’d started out very reluctant, and ended up liking, no, make that loving, the results. His hand went to the ring through his navel that proclaimed he was a “SLUT.” Getting that was the most frightening event he’d ever experienced, yet it had also been very intensely sexual, the way she’d dominated him so casually, making him expose his feminine side to the huge Max and his sidekick, the masculine transvestite Tracy. The memory of thier hands on him as he’d sat there in his pink panties threatened to give him an erection in the parking lot.

His mind went to the upcoming night of entertaining that woman and her husband, and his cock went soft again in his growing apprehension. What was Gina cooking up this time?

He stopped at the liquor store, and bought a couple of bottles of expensive Chianti.


Gina took the packages from Dee as she entered the apartment, and kissed her lips passionately, groping her ass all the while. As Gina’s fingertips tickled the flared end of the butt plug, Dee felt an almost irresistable urge to grab her, rip off her clothes, and fuck her right there at the door.

Gina broke off the kiss, and told Dee to get into the shower.

“I’ll lay out your clothes for tonight, Dee,” she told her. “I’m looking forward to tonight so much! Thank you for doing this for me.”

Disappointed that she wouldn’t get sexual satisfaction right then, Dee sauntered off to the bathroom, her hips swaying like she couldn’t allow them to do all day long at work. Funny how she only felt really free at home with this amazing woman. However, there were those nagging fears that she was about to be outed to thier neighbors, and she had no control over what would occur tonight.

Still, that lack of control was one of the things that made her cock stand up as she stepped into the shower and touched up her total body shaving. Another enema (just in case!), and Dee began to blow dry her lengthening hair. The dryer set at the lowest setting, she took particular care to see if she could get some extra body in it. One day soon, Dee hoped to be able to go without a wig. They were so hot, especially in the summer! Thank heavens for air conditioning.

Stepping into the bedroom, Dee gasped at the clothes Gina had laid out for her. Evidently, Gina had done some more shopping. The breast forms were new. They were at least a cup size larger than Dee’s usual DD, with huge nipples molded in. They were flesh colored, only slightly lighter than Dee’s own skin tone, the nipples and aureolae perfectly pink, like real tits. There was some adhesive that obviously was designed to hold them in place.

After she’d followed the instructions on the adhesive’s packaging, and applied the huge boobs onto her chest, Dee hooked the black satin garter belt in place, and rolled up the black fishnet stockings. She strapped on the platform clunky heels, donned the open-nippled “peek-a-boo” bra, tiny little black spandex micro-mini skirt, and a purple silk short-cropped top, with 3/4 sleeves, and sat down at the vanity to apply her make up.

Just then Gina walked in.

“Let me help with your make up, dear. I want you to look especially slutty tonight.”

“I can see that,” Dee chuckled, hefting her huge chest adornments, and letting them drop again, thrilling to the feel of thier weight in the bra straps.

“You do love those big ones, don’t you,” Gina laughed, leaning in to lick her ear.

Dee shivered, and allowed Gina to make her face into the whore of her dreams, with dark thick eyeliner, heavy mascara, blood red lips, and purple eye shadow. Gina poked some insanely large hooped earrings into her ears. She then put the long platinum wig on Dee’s head, pinning it into her hair, and brushing it out. Then she went off to finish dinner.

Dee sat there, staring at her face for a long time before getting to work on her nails, careful to get them glued on and painted just right. As they dried, she stood and gaped at her image in the full-length mirror. Her eyes took in a very expensive-looking street whore. The ring in her belly shone in the light. Her hooped earrings dangled. Her long legs encased in the fishnets looked ready to wrap themselves around a man, her heels ready to pound his ass, pulling him into her pussy. Her bursa escort bayan long white hair set everything off beautifully. Dee was the ultimate slut, and she knew that Gina was going to love this look.

Dee swayed into the kitchen.

“What do you think?”

“Oh my gawd! You look so hot, Dee. I want to fuck you so much right now,” Gina exclaimed.

“Um, Gina? What do you have planned for tonight? I’m not gay, you know.”

“Of course you aren’t love. I just wanted to show off my gorgeous girlfriend to my friends. Don’t worry, I won’t make you do anything you don’t want to do.”

“Well, I didn’t want to have them over in the first place,” Dee whimpered to herself as she tip-toed into the living room, and settled into the overstuffed chair in front of the TV.

The doorbell rang, startling Dee. Her hands were clenching the arms of the velvet chair. She forced herself to take a deep breath, and tried to look nonchalant as she let Gina answer the door.

She heard voices in the vestibule, then saw Gina enter the living room, followed by the couple. Frannie was about thirty-five, five foot two, dirty blond hair, slightly busty, probably C-cup. Her waist was just a bit full, yet her hips flared out nicely. She wore a short red pleated skirt that showed off her legs, a white blouse with a low-scooped neck, stockings and matching red heels. Her husband stood at five eight, and was wearing gray pleated pants, with a blue button-down shirt.

Dee was so embarassed! Here these people looked like anyone you’d meet on the street, and she sat there in all of her whorish finery, not even wearing panties!

“Frannie, Bill, this is Dee,” Gina grinned at her predicament.

Dee carefully stood, accepted Frannie’s hug, and shook hands with Bill, feeling thier eyes roaming all over her, from her heels to her “SLUT” ring, to her huge breasts with the big nipples poking out through the thin silk, to her long, nearly white hair framing her slutty make up. Dee looked over to Gina, noticing her everyday clothing, black-and-blue checkered skirt, black cotton top that actually seemed to reduce the size of her breasts, black two inch heels and hose. What was Gina up to?

“Dee has been practicing to get a job as a stripper. She just got these clothes. What do you think, Bill? Is she hot or what,” Gina giggled as Dee gasped and blushed a deep red.

“Oh, I think she could make a lot of money,” Bill said. “I’d like to put some bucks in her garter right now!”

They all laughed, and Dee supposed that it helped to have some sort of explanation for her attire. She stood.

“Thank you, Bill. Well, I’ll just go change. Sorry. Just wanted your opinion on all of this,” Dee said. She congratulated herself on coming up with that one, giving herself an out to go change.

“No, no, no!” Frannie interjected. “Don’t change, Dee. After all, you’ll be wearing something like this, or going naked in a bar full of men and women all night. You really should see if you can handle it. Isn’t that right, Bill?”

“I like it,” Bill said, simply. “Please…don’t change on our account.”

“Yes, Dee,” Gina added, glaring dangerously at her. ” You really need to get the feel for it all. Besides, dinner’s almost ready.”

Dee sighed, and carefully sat back down, doing her best to keep the tiny spandex skirt from riding up, exposing her bare male parts underneath.

Gina got some wine for everyone, and they talked about the apartment building, the traffic, and other such everyday things, as Dee began to relax into her role.

Gina asked Dee to help her in the kitchen.

“What did you think you were doing,” she demanded. “I’ve spent a lot of time and money to get you to look this good. How dare you try to cover yourself up! Go set the table. I can’t believe you could be so selfish and ungrateful!”

“I’m sorry, Gina,” Dee stammered.” I just feel so exposed like this! I’m not a slut!”

“You are if I say you are,” Gina stage whispered. “Remember the rules you signed? Remember what you agreed to? You will be punished for this. I will not accept this disobedience in my home! I could make you leave, right now, you know. How would you feel walking out of here dressed like that?”

“Okay…I said I’m sorry. Please….forgive me. I’ll try to do better, Gina. It’s just hard for me.”

Gina watched Dee as she set the table. She took mental notes about Dee’s demeanor, and decided it may be time to step up her training process. She looked good, true, but she wasn’t working hard enough to actually think like she was really Gina’s property. She knew from watching the movies with Dee that this was a favorite fantasy of Dee’s; to be owned, to be used, and even to be shared with others at her mistress’ whim…in short, to be a total sexual creature, available for use by either sex at any time her mistress Gina desired. She needed to push Dee a little harder. Tonight was definitely a step in escort bursa the right direction.

The next step after this would seem devastating to Dee, but tonight’s action would make the next experience that much easier for Dee to accept.

In truth, Gina did love Dee. Very much. She wanted Dee to be happy. As long as Dee was thinking those kinds of thoughts, Gina would push her in that direction, for the both of them. She was really enjoying it all, too, so far. At least as much as Dee, anyway. Dee would get frantic when she really stretched for Gina, and when she was on the verge of quitting, that look she had when she relented, and found that she was enjoying it, and that her body was betraying all of her doubts…THAT was it! the very best that life had to offer. And she knew that Dee would do almost anything for her. She would make sure that Dee proved it, time and time again, much to thier mutual delight.

Gina would teach her, lead her into temptation after temptation, to show her that she really was a slut, deep down inside. When she finally accepted that fact, and quit her fighting and her doubting, then Gina would own her, and could use her for Dee’s own delight, without guilt on either of thier parts.

And wasn’t that both of thier goals?


As they ate thier dinner, Gina urged Dee to talk about the last movie they’d seen together, when they’d gone out as girlfriends. Dee’s voice went to a whisper as Gina had her describe the sex scenes for thier guests’ benefit. She blushed, and Gina pointed it out, adding that she thought it was so cute that a girl who wanted to be a stripper would blush so freely and easily.

Bill, too, added to Dee’s discomfort by saying that he thought it was adorable.

Frannie took it to the next level, as Gina knew she would, by asking if Dee’s blush went down all the way.

“Show her, Dee,” Gina said matter-of-factly. “Take off your blouse.”

Dee froze for a moment, her eyes boring holes into her dessert. Then, slowly, she looked up at Gina and gave her a barely perceptable nod. Her hands shook as they fluttered up to the buttons at the top of her blouse. Her skin did indeed show its redness as it was exposed to Frannie and Bill. That is, it was red until it came to the open-nippled bra she wore. In the open cups of the bra, her skin was unchanged, of course. But those big nipples popped out lewdly, inviting a kiss.

“Oh my god she’s lovely,” gasped Frannie. “Isn’t she precious, Bill?”

“I’m speachless,” Bill responded in a low voice. Dee glanced at him, and noticed that his hand went under the table. Evidently, he needed to adjust himself.

“Do continue, Dee,” Gina said. “Stand up for us. Show us all your pretty things.”

Dee looked as though she was in a trance as she stood, her hands went to her tiny little skirt, and she hesitated just a moment before beginning to pull it down. This was to be her punishment for asking to change. She would have to show these people that she was not really a girl. She hoped it would be alright if she turned around, and decided that it would be all that much more sexy if she did. She turned, slowly bent, pushing out her cute little bottom, and tugged the skirt down, exposing her bare ass, framed by the garter straps, her ample chest stuck out in counter-balance. When she had the hem pulled down to her knees, she looked into Gina’s eyes over her shoulder, trying to look like she was enjoying it all for her mistress. She smiled lasciviously, licked her lips, and continued to slowly slide it down her long legs, she exposed the tops of her stockings. Then the little skirt ran down the seams in her stockings, all the way to her shoes. As she stepped out with her right foot, she reached down and cupped her balls, and pulled them forward so they couldn’t be seen from the front as she spread her legs for balance, and stepped out with her other foot.

Gina watched with pride as she saw her protege trying so hard to please her. She knew that part of the reason she was so eager to please was out of pure fear. But Gina also knew that as each experience was forced on her, Dee would respond that more easily the next time she wanted her to do something wild like this.

Dee was surprized to find her cock getting so hard, dripping its clear fluid. She lay her arm over its seven inch length, still cupping her balls, trying in vain to hide her masculine attributes. When she was as satisfied with her efforts as she expected to get, she slowly turned toward the visiting couple, who sat watching her shaved flesh silently.

“Would you raise your arms, Dee,” Frannie asked. “I love seeing a girl shaved all over.”

When Dee abruptly dropped her balls, Bill gasped audibly. Even Frannie’s eyes went wide as Dee’s hands lifted and swayed over her head, and her cock leaked even more of its juices as it was freed to stand out proudly. A long thin drip of precum was soon strung from the tip to the floor.

“Oh my god,” whispered Frannie. “I wish I had a picture of this!”

“You can,” Gina responded. “The camera is on the mantle, see? I’ve been filming Dee for months. I’ll have to find a way to make you some copies. Do you think they’d make us some copies at the video rental place, Dee?”

“Um…I…er…no.” Dee’s face was frozen in fear again.

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