Dragon Micro

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Finally, she had reached the gold. Adaline had spent literal hours sneaking past the Red Dragon of this Dungeon to access his massive stash. The dragon was tiny, about a quarter the size of a normal dragon, but Adaline knew from experience that even the smallest dragons were not to be trifled with. Grinning from ear to ear, she practically dove into the pile and pulled out a big red gem, accidentally loosening a gold goblet in the process.



Adaline swore as the goblet clanked down the pile of gold. Sneaking past the dragon was hard enough, only to have all her hard work ruined by a stupid cup. Her heart raced as she heard movement behind her.

With nowhere to run, Adaline could do nothing but watch in horror as the gigantic serpent shot forward, pinning her to the solid-like bed of gold coins and trinkets. The monster was ironically small, only slightly taller than her.

“Hey shorty!” Adaline acted cocky even facing death.

The dragon glared at her, staring daggers. Slowly, it closed its eyes and looked away.

“Aww, you shy?”

When the dragon looked back, its eyes had changed color. Now, they were a deep, cool blue. Adaline couldn’t help but stare at it as it calmly gazed into her soul.

“What’re you gonna do, glare me to death?”

But the dragon gazed on, staring deep into her. Adaline was nearly hypnotized by the cool, deep color. It made her feel tiny by gay seks hikayeleri comparison. She felt as if she was shrinking, growing smaller and smaller by the dragon’s dark eyes. The dragon seemed to grow before her, getting bigger and bigger, while she continued to shrink. Smaller and smaller she was in the dragon’s evil eyes. Suddenly, she looked around in horror to realize that she was literally shrinking; the dragon, once only the size of her, now towered over her. The gold pieces she had been ogling just moments before were now half her size. She cowered before the monster, all of her confidence gone in the blink of an eye.

Terrified, she could’ve sworn she saw the monster smirk as it stood above her. Slowly, the beast took its free hand and lifted her up to its face. It could lift her with two fingers now; she had become so tiny in comparison. Clutching her in his hand, the dragon jerked over onto its back.

Adaline was certain she would be killed, but was shocked when the Red Snake placed her on his stomach. He used his scaly claws to tap something behind her. She whipped around, knowing what she would see.

In front of her was the monster’s enormous dick. It was average in size to a normal person; in fact it was smaller than the average dragon’s. However, to Adaline’s tiny size it looked like a rocket. It was twice her size and still flaccid. Its stench was also noticeable, consuming her brain and overwhelming her thoughts. The dragon nudged her impatiently.

“Uh… You… You want me to… Get you off?”

The dragon tapped his dick in agreement. It had slowly begun to unsheath, growing bigger and bigger in front of her. As much as she hated it, she realized this was her only option.

“Can you at least make me big again afterwards?” She pleaded.

She walked up to the monster’s package. His balls alone were massive. Smirking, she stared at the monster before her before striking his balls.

“It’s like a punching bag!” She chuckled, punching his balls over and over again. However, her tiny size made this pointless, if not pleasurable for the dragon, a thought which was confirmed by the creature’s growing erection.

“I can’t believe you’re getting off to it.” She shrugged, before finally accepting what she needed to do. Struggling, she climbed onto his balls, stumbling and straining to maintain a footing.

Wincing, the wyrm picked her up and dropped her onto his tip. She tripped, crashing into his dick, before beginning to slide down. Desperately, she grabbed onto his cock, hugging onto it for dear life. Meanwhile, the dragon was laughing at her predicament hysterically.

“Shut up you!” She strained, climbing her way back to the tip. Laughing, the dragon positioned her so her back was towards his face, before quickly darting onto his feet.

Adaline practically lost her footing, and was now clinging to his dick for dear life. Climbing forward, she hugged the monsters tip.

“Let’s get this over with.” She stammered, before finally beginning. Adaline began jerking her body forward, trying her best to stroke him off. With one of his claws, the dragon carefully pushed her head into his soft tip. Groaning, she licked the tip. Its salty taste overwhelmed her, and she begrudgingly realized that she loved its flavor. Licking faster, she was interrupted by her new friend pulling her body back and forth on his dick. She kept her tongue out and allowed him to drag her body all over his member.

Moaning in pleasure, the dragon could barely stand upright while he enjoyed himself. Adaline licked his tip faster and faster before she noticed the tell-tale signs of orgasm. Thank god. She thought before she was suddenly pulled off by the beast. She was politely dropped to the floor, facing his cock.

“C’mon please don’t-” She was interrupted by the serpent’s orgasm. Sticky cum splattered all over her, positively drenching her. Like everything about him, his cum load was below-average. Still, it covered every single inch of Adaline, coating her in his salty load.

“Eugh. I had my mouth open…” She spat out his cum.

Suddenly, the dragon gazed at her with his blue eyes again. In a matter of seconds, she had returned to her original size. Unfortunately, the cum grew too, meaning she was still soaked.

“Uhh… Thanks…”

Adaline left the dungeon, secretly hoping she would see the monster again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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