Emily’s Delayed Flight

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I normally don’t mind flying long-haul, as long as I can get my head down, watch a movie or two, read my book, and not be too bothered by anyone. On this occasion I was sure it would be fine as the people paying me to travel to San Francisco had sprung for a Business Class ticket. However when I got on the flight, I found that I was seated next to an American guy a few years older than me, who immediately started chatting. My initial annoyance was somewhat mollified by the fact that he was actually quite good looking in a rugged sort of way, and as it turned out was also both charming and interesting to talk to. He introduced himself as Hal.

We chatted about a range of things until they put the lights out to sleep – at the end we were laughing and giggling together, and he had even started mildly flirting with me. After grabbing a few hours’ sleep, I woke up to find him looking at me and holding out a glass of morning orange juice. For some reason I was intensely aware that I must look a bit rumpled and tatty, and told him so.

“Not at all” he said. “You look great first thing in the morning. And I’d be disappointed if you didn’t look at least a little disheveled after we’ve spent the night together!”

Hmm – seemed he had woken up feeling frisky and was ramping up the flirting!

“Well as this is the first time we’ve slept together you could at least put some champagne in that orange juice!” – I decided I could tease as well.

Hal smiled as he attracted one of the cabin crew and asked for champagne for both of us. We clinked glasses, and I couldn’t help feeling he was imagining me lying in bed next to him!

“I’m disappointed you didn’t at least change into a sexy little baby-doll before they put the lights out” he said.

“Actually, I always sleep naked” I replied. “I guess you must have missed it.”

“I’ll definitely be more attentive next time!” he responded.

Just then, the captain came onto the PA system. The cabin groaned as he announced that due to a technical gremlin we would be diverting to Chicago, where we would have to await repairs.

There were general groans, but Hal didn’t seem bothered. “Seems like I’ll have the pleasure of your company for a little longer” he said. “We’d better get some more champagne!”

It took another two hours before we were on the approach for landing in Chicago, and by then we’d both got through several more glasses – the cabin crew seemed happy to serve us as an alternative to dealing with the moans and complaints from the other passengers. By then Hal and I were laughing and joking, and he’d started to touch me in a familiar way like we were old friends – first with his hand on my arm, then on my hand, then on my knee, just below my short skirt. I found that I didn’t mind.

As the seatbelt sign came on, he leaned over and buckled me in, pulling the strap tight. I decided I quite liked that too.

When we landed in Chicago, the message was that we all had to ‘deplane’ and wait for further information. Grabbing my small cabin bag, I followed Hal down the ramp and into the arrivals area.

“This is going to take a while” said Hal. “Let’s go over to the business lounge – they’ll find us there if there’s any news.”

As we walked through the crowded concourse, Hal took my arm to steer me through the people. By the time we arrived at the lounge, he had his arm loosely around my waist. We found a seat together in a quiet corner.

“More champagne?” asked Hal.

“Mmm, maybe in a bit” I said. “But I’m feeling very sweaty and grubby after that flight. I’m going to freshen up. They have showers here don’t they?”

“Want me to come and scrub your back?” he asked loudly as I walked towards the showers. I smiled and waved back at him.

By the time I rejoined Hal I was feeling much fresher and cleaner, if perhaps a little uncomfortable.

“Better?” he asked. I nodded.

“I know what it’s like” said Hal. “Nothing like clean underwear to start your day off properly.”

I laughed.

“That’s the problem” I said. “I wasn’t expecting a stop, so I don’t have any in my carry-on bag. I hope we’re not delayed too long or it might start feeling a little draughty!”

“We’re not talking commando here are we?” Hal laughed.

I nodded.

“Afraid so. Couldn’t bear the sweaty bra either, so I’m lacking a little support too.”

“Well, I wouldn’t worry about that – you can definitely carry that off! Said Hal, looking appreciatively at my chest. I was wearing a white button-up blouse, and I was aware that I was still a little damp from the shower, causing the fabric to cling. Under Hal’s scrutiny I felt my nipples bunching and poking out through the thin fabric. Hal chuckled and I blushed, which made him laugh even more.

“I love you English ladies” he said. “You can be so coy – it’s damn sexy!”

“Well, I’d offer to lend you a pair of my shorts, but I’m not sure they’d suit you.”

He looked at me thoughtfully.

“Hmm, I don’t know though…”

I blushed again. Clearly holy family izle he was visualizing me dressed in nothing but a pair of his boxers. I could feel my nipples tingling as they scrunched even harder.

Hal’s frank appraisal, together with the champagne I’d drunk, were making me feel reckless and a little horny. As nonchalantly as I could, I slipped my jacket off my shoulders, leaving me dressed in just my thin white shirt. I could also feel a tingling between my legs as I was aware that beneath my thin skirt I was naked there too.

Hal’s grin was getting broader.

“Hey Em, I have an idea” he said. “I hate to think of you sitting around all day uncomfortable because you’re not wearing underwear.”

He paused for a moment.

“OK, just trying that on – actually I love thinking of you sitting around with no underwear, but I hate thinking you’re uncomfortable.”

I leaned forward and swatted him. As I watched his eyes and his grin I realized how that movement had made my unsupported breasts jiggle.

Hal leaned forward.

“There’s a ‘Victoria’s Secret’ store downstairs” he said. Why don’t we go down and see if we can find something that would work for you?”

I sat back, considering. It did seem like a sensible idea to buy some emergency underwear – but I had more in mind some functional white cottons, rather than the normal VS inventory. Plus – how did I feel about lingerie shopping with this man I’d only just met?

“Sure” I found myself saying. “Why not?”

We gathered up our things, Hal watching appreciatively as I stretched to replace my jacket, and headed down to the main shopping concourse. Hal led me straight over to the VS store and collared an assistant.

“We’re looking for something sheer, silky and very sexy” he said, an arm around me possessively as though we were a couple. “Bra size 34B.”

I gave him a sharp look – he was a very good judge! He grinned back wolfishly.

The assistant smiled her expensive smile and led us to a rack of thin, shiny and sheer garments. Hal held them up one by one, looking at me and either returning them to the rack or putting them aside. He didn’t even ask my opinion.

“Yes, I think this will work very nicely” he said, holding up a set of ice-blue satin low-cut panties with a lace trim and a matching push-up bra. “Why don’t you try them on?”

I looked him in the eye, then took the brief garments and disappeared with them into the changing cubicle. I quickly slipped off my skirt and shirt and stood naked for a moment, before slipping into the cool satin lingerie, the protective barrier feeling cold against my naked skin.

I had to admit, Hal had great taste, and a great eye. The lingerie suited me, flattered my figure, gave my rather modest breasts a deep cleavage, and instantly oozed sex appeal. It was a mile away from the white cottons I’d had in mind, and I couldn’t help think that I’d probably feel even more turned on wearing this under my clothes than I had when I was commando.

I took a deep breath, and decided to give in to my instinct.

“What do you think?” I asked softly.

The curtain twitched aside immediately – Hal must have been standing right outside. His eyes raked me from head to toe, and I felt I was being stripped again.

“Perfect!” said Hal. “You’d better keep them on – give me the tags and I’ll sort out the bill.”

“Oh no, you can’t do that!” I objected.

For the first time I looked at the price tag and winced when I saw the total – and that was just for the tiny panties!

“Nonsense!” breezed Hal, “it’s the least I can do after you’ve saved me from a long boring journey.”

He did a double-take for a moment.

“Oh – unless it’s going to cause you a problem with your husband if you come back with an intimate gift from a strange man?”

I thought about Rob’s reaction if I unpacked these tiny and erotic garments and told him they’d been a present from a man I’d met on my trip. He’d be so turned on he wouldn’t be able to stand!

“No, that’s not going to be a problem” I said. “But I can’t let you spend all that money!”

Hal shrugged.

“That’s what money’s for” he said. “Now, are you going to give me those tags or do I have to come and get them?”

“I think you have to come and get them!” I said, laughing as he lunged forward and grabbed the tag on the little panties. As he tugged, the waistband of the panties pulled forward for a moment before the fastening broke, briefly revealing a wide swathe of smooth flesh at the base of my belly. Hal grinned again and reached for the tag on the bra.

“Gently!” I cautioned. “You don’t want to break it!”

I turned my back so that he could reach the tag, and felt myself trembling as I felt the touch of his warm hand on my naked back. With a brief tug he detached the label. I turned back round and once again ran into his dark brown eyes raking over my undressed body.

“You know, if that plane hadn’t broke, I might have had to sabotage hotel portofino izle it!” he said.

He turned and went off to find the shop assistant. As I removed the protective layer from the panties and pulled on my skirt and blouse I could hear Hal in the background explaining to the shop assistant that I would be wearing the lingerie straight away, and arranging to pay. By the time I emerged the transaction was complete. I’d made sure to leave a couple of buttons undone on my blouse so that my new deep cleavage was visible along with the lacy edge of the satin bra, and I could see his eyes twinkle in appreciation.

“Thank you sir” said the shop assistant. “An excellent choice – I do hope that your wife is happy with them.”

She turned to me.

“Your husband has excellent taste” she said.

I couldn’t resist.

“He does indeed” I said, “and I’m sure he’ll love them when I get home and show him!”

I was a little disappointed that she didn’t look shocked, but just smiled knowingly. I guess she’d seen it all before.

I reached up and kissed Hal on the cheek.

“Thank you” I said. “That was very sweet of you.”

“Believe me, it was my pleasure!” he said.

We walked back up the stairs to the business lounge, Hal once again with an arm draped casually around my waist. He fetched more champagne as we settled back into our secluded corner.

“That really was very sweet of you – and a very generous gift” I said.

Hal waved it away.

“Worth every penny” he said.

He leaned forward.

“I hope you don’t mind me saying, but you are beautifully smooth – I do love that, it’s a huge turn-on.”

I found myself blushing again – I hadn’t realized his tug on my panties had revealed so much.

“So much nicer when you don’t have to fish pubic hairs out from between your teeth! And I love the way the satin in those panties clings to you and outlines – well, everything.”

He sat back again.

“I like to keep everything shaved too” he said. “I feel it’s only fair.”

“Are you circumcised?”

I put my hand over my mouth as I realized what I’d said.

Hal chuckled.

“Well, since you ask, as a matter of fact I am” he said.

“I’m sorry” I stammered. “It’s just that in the UK most men are uncut. So I’ve never actually – you know…”

I trailed off.

Hal laughed again.

“Well if we weren’t in such a public place it would be my pleasure to assist you in – you know…”

I swatted him.

“Now you’re being mean to me!” I complained. “You’re making fun!”

“I assure you, I am totally serious!” he said.

I looked at him.

“The shower area was quite private” I said. “And certainly big enough for two. I could go and find a free one – and text you the number.”

I found myself blushing again. I wasn’t normally anything like this forward. Was it all the champagne? Or the sheer sexual chemistry I was feeling for this man?

Hal held his hand out for my phone. I gave it to him, and he entered his number into my contacts list.

“OK” I stammered. “I’ll let you know.”

I grabbed my bag and headed back to the showers where I’d been just a couple of hours before. There was a changing room with lockers and towels, and I quickly undressed and stowed my clothes and bag in the locker, grabbing my phone and wrapping one of the big fluffy towels around me before heading out to the shower area. It was deserted, and I headed for the cubicle farthest from the door.

Inside the cubicle was a small vanity area with a full-length mirror next to the roomy shower stall. I took out my phone and selected Hal’s contact, typing in ‘cubicle 8’. I hesitated – was I really going to do this? Glancing at myself in the mirror, I could see myself flushed and excited. Why the hell not?

Another thought came over me, and I quickly pointed the phone camera at the mirror, snapping a photo of me in the short towel, my arms and shoulders bare. I attached it to the text message before clicking on ‘send’.

A few seconds later, my phone beeped with a reply message. I clicked it open.

> Hal: Wow! Now without the towel??

Again I hesitated, but only briefly. After all, he’d already seen me in the briefest of underwear – and I had specifically invited him to come and meet me in the shower. It just seemed somehow that sending him a nude picture was somehow ‘ruder’.

But then I decided that ruder was good. Dropping the towel, I pointed the camera at the mirror once again and snapped a shot of my pale, smooth-shaved body.

> Me: Don’t keep me waiting!

Seconds later:

> Hal: I’m on my way!

I hung the towel on a hook with my phone and locker key, turned on the shower and adjusted the temperature, and stood in the hot jet with my back to the door – which I’d deliberately left unlocked. A couple of minutes later I heard the door open and close, and shivered in anticipation as the shower screen was pulled back. Strong, tanned arms house of hammer izle circled round my waist, and I felt a naked body – unmistakably male – pressing against my back. Hal’s erection was pushing against my lower back, and I could feel his balls slapping against my buttocks.

Slowly, I turned round, his arms still round my waist in the slippery water. I allowed my gaze to roam over his naked body; well-toned, if a little flabby round the waist, tanned but for a white patch where his shorts would normally cover him, and completely hairless from his chest down to his toes. His cock was hard and erect as he gazed at my naked body equally appraisingly; long, a good seven to eight inches, but not too thick; straight, and with a bulbous head completely revealed by his lack of foreskin; straining, it was upright and bouncing against his belly. I couldn’t resist grabbing his long, smooth shaft with one hand while reaching down to cup his long, dangling balls with the other.

Hal smiled and reciprocated by reaching out to squeeze and fondle my naked breasts, my little pink nipples becoming instantly tight and erect at his touch. Bending down, he gently took one nipple in his mouth and rolled it between his lips; I threw my head back as the sensations washed over me.

“Fuck Em, you have amazing tits!” he said, before once again spending his full attention on pleasuring them with his mouth.

I felt his hand between my legs as he pushed me against the wall of the shower, at the same time his mouth coming up to meet mine, his tongue probing between my lips as his fingers probed between my thighs. I moved my feet further apart to grant him access even as I returned his kiss, my hands behind his head to pull him towards me, his hard pole rigid against my stomach.

I felt his hands move under my buttocks, taking my weight, and I wrapped my legs around him, my bare feet against his naked ass. My legs were wide apart, his rigid member was grinding against my bare-shaved mound.

“I don’t suppose you have a condom?” I whispered in his ear.

For a moment Hal looked stricken, and then I laughed.

“Never mind” I said, and reached down with my hand to grab his steel-hard penis and guide it gently to my slippery opening.

As I felt his hard, hot helmet sliding between my lips I was vaguely aware that my phone’s text chime was buzzing, followed moments later by Hal’s.

“Did you do that?” I asked, then “oh” as he pushed his length inside me. I felt him gliding up between my sopping wet lips and thought the sensation would never end as he slipped more and more of his hard meat between my legs.

I may have screamed a little too loud as he buried his entire length in me, because Hal was shushing me, laughing and kissing me all at the same time, which felt a little strange – particularly as I was already filled with his long, thin cock. As he pulled out a little and then pushed back into me, I felt the cold tiles against my buttocks and the hot spray of the shower cascading down my belly and trickling between my thighs where I was impaled on Hal’s hard rod.

Leaning back against the wall, I wrapped my legs around Hal’s naked buttocks and pulled him deeper into me, his mouth once again locked onto my hard nipple, his hands beneath my ass as he slipped backwards and forwards between my wet and slippery lips. I felt his buttocks tense and he looked up at me with a question in his eye, but I kept my feet locked around him as he gave one final thrust deep inside me and I felt his hot seed filling me up and trickling down where his naked body joined with mine. He gasped and I screamed again as I tightened around him, a wave of orgasm coming over me as the sensations pulsed through my body.

Hal held me tight in that position for what seemed like a long time, but then his softening cock pulled gently from between my lips, followed by the gush of warm liquid that he’d pumped into me. I took my own weight once again and straightened, letting the warm shower wash us both clean. Hal grabbed the shower gel and gently ran his soap-covered fingers all over my naked body; I closed my eyes and relaxed into the feeling of his strong fingers touching me in the most intimate places.

Finally, Hal stepped out of the shower and grabbed a towel while I rinsed off. I couldn’t resist having one more fondle of his long smooth penis and heavy balls as he stood there naked in front of me; he smiled at my touch and immediately became semi-rigid once more.

I turned off the shower and Hal handed me a towel.

“Oh, shit!” he exclaimed as he looked down at his phone.

“What?” I asked.

“They’ve called our flight. It closes in ten minutes!”

Hal wrapped his towel round his waist, unlocked the door and bolted for the men’s changing room. I didn’t even bother with the towel but ran naked down the short corridor to the ladies’ room, where I quickly threw my clothes on and grabbed my bag, emerging with my hair still wet. Hal was waiting in the lounge, and together we sprinted for the gate, arriving just as they were closing the flight.

“We’ve been putting calls out for you two” said the girl on the gate reproachfully.

“Sorry” said Hal, “I guess we must have both been occupied.”

The girl looked at us suspiciously, then again with an exasperated but knowing expression.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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