Emily’s Feet

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Emily and I had grown up together. I’d always found her attractive and I sometimes fantasised about her while masturbating. She was pale and short and slightly overweight. Her brown hair flowed over her large breasts which always jiggled when she laughed. Until a while ago I had kept my thoughts about her secret, but that was before I saw the real beauty of this girl.

We were both 18. She was at my house in my bedroom talking to my sister and my parents were downstairs. I had gone downstairs to get us some drinks and was taking them upstairs. I opened the door and put the drinks down. I turned to look at Emily and saw the most arousing thing I had ever seen. She was lying on her front with her bare feet hanging off the edge of the bed. They were the single sexiest pair of feet I had ever seen. They were plump and smooth with short chubby toes. Her pale skin caused the ends of her toes to redden slightly. The turquoise nail polish was chipped on every toe and her heels had picked up bits of dirt from the carpet. I grew erect immediately.

I don’t know how long I was staring at them for; all I know is that she noticed.

Later that day we were alone in the house. She still had bare feet and I was still turned on. We were watching television together in my room. All through the program she kept positioning her feet in my eyeline and wiggling her toes. It was then that she made it obvious that she knew.

“Don’t you think my toes are pretty?” she asked me. gaziantep erotik itiraflar I wasn’t sure how to respond.

“I do,” she added before I could answer, “and I know you do too.”

She brought her feet up onto my lap. I could smell them and I grew even harder. I looked at her and she looked back at me, her big blue eyes staring at me, waiting for me to do something. I began to massage her feet, making her giggle. I was so caught up in the fact that my hands were touching Emily’s feet that I didn’t notice her slide down her skirt and panties.

“Lick me!” she commanded. I leaned forward and licked the sole of her left foot and moaned in excitement. The taste was better than I had imagined. I turned my head to see her slowly sliding her fingers in and out of her pink shaved pussy. Juices flew onto her thighs with every stroke.

This was the moment I had been waiting for for so long. The sexiest girl with the sexiest feet and she was all mine. This was my ultimate fantasy come true.

I brought both Emily’s feet to my face and began to lick them, to suck each toe until they were completely covered in spit. She swung her legs round to sit up on the end of the bed. Her legs were spread wide and she was still playing with her gleaming pussy. I kneeled in front of her with her pussy right in font of me, watching her fingers sliding, drips running down them.

I pulled down my pants to reveal my stiff cock, aching to be relieved. Emily placed her well-lubricated feet around it, forcing a moan out of me. She began to pump and I leaned forward and began to lick her pussy. It was the wettest, messiest pussy I had ever had the pleasure to taste. Every lick released a short high-pitched scream of delight from Emily’s mouth.

Finally she squeezed her thighs together, my face still between them, and let out an enormous moan of ecstasy. Juices gushed onto my face, dripping down my neck and her thighs. She released me from her grip. I was getting closer to cumming by the second, and Emily felt it. She got faster and rougher, digging her toenails into me with every pump.

Suddenly I moaned and closed my eyes, and a thick belt of hot white cum shot out of me. I continued to cum, covering Emily’s feet with huge wads of sticky spunk. When I finally stopped shooting, Emily stopped pumping and brought one of her feet up to her face.

Slowly she began to lick my cum off her feet. Her tongue covered every part of her foot leaving strings of spit behind. She licked between her toes and giggled as if it tickled. When her foot was clean, she put it back down to hang off the bed with the other.

“Stand up” she demanded. I stood immediately and she pulled me close to her. With one warm wet lick she took the dribbles of cum on my cock into her mouth. “Kneel” she said with no expression.

“You do the rest” she said as she lay back and began to finger herself again. I brought her cum-covered foot high and buried my face in it, smelling the heavenly mixture of my cum and her feet. I licked every drop of cum from her foot then placed it back down with the other. I climbed on top of Emily and plunged into her sticky wet hole.

She rolled over, putting herself on top of me and began to ride my cock fiercely, bouncing up and down. Her breasts jiggled wildly and her hair bounced with them. Still riding, she began to remove her tight top revealing a wonderful pair. She leaned forward, allowing me to lick them, kiss them and put my face between them.

Suddenly she stopped bouncing and came to rest for a second on top of me. I could feel her body sticky with sweat against mine. She got up and pulled my cock out of her.

She worked up spit in her mouth and gobbed on my cock. She rubbed it in with one hand then sat on top of me, my spitty cock sliding deep ino her ass. She swung her legs round so her feet were once again in my face. Bouncing, she fingered herself while I licked her feet. Juices poured onto my stomach.

We both cummed. Her onto my stomach and me up her ass. She stayed on top of me, too exhausted to get up, as I continued to suck her toes. When she finally removed herself from my cock, she positioned her ass over my face. Huge gobs of cum emerged which fell directly onto my face and in my mouth. They were hot from being inside her ass. She got up and kept her clothes off as we slept together through the night.

Ever since then every time she gives herself a pedicure, I’m on the other end of the phone with a stiff cock and tissues ready.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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