Enjoying Our Bathroom Visit

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Thanks to Mona for the inspiration.

This story features play involving urination and defecation. If you find this to be something you’d rather not read about, please pick another story to enjoy right now. All characters are over 18.

I stood in the shower late in the afternoon. I paid particular attention to washing my places between my legs. I wanted to be so scrupulously clean for when we played later. That usually focused on exciting, simulating, and enjoying each other’s sensitive spots and the bodily orifices down there.

I felt a need to relieve an urgent pressure in my rectum. The problem was that excretion would be a major part of our fun and I didn’t want to go now and forgo the enjoyment that we both would feel later when Kate was with me. Although I do have pretty regular movements, I try not to hold it in to avoid any kind of constipation. Nevertheless, I decided that I could probably hold it in for a while longer until playtime.

I did go ahead and release my pee in a powerful stream as it cascaded into the shower. I had not peed for a good while–several hours, so the flow was strong and a darker yellow. I reached down and placed my finger on my peehole and felt the stream pushing at the finger blocking it. The excitement that holding it in with my finger was transfixing. I felt the thrill roll through my whole nervous system until I let my finger up and the pee resumed its stream.

Normally I would “check my oil” in the shower by inserting that finger into my anus to feel for the tip of any incipient bowel movement ready to emerge. Although I felt the need to defecate, I did not feel anything in there, so I concluded that it must still be further up in my rectal passage.

I stepped out of the stall, dried myself carefully, applied some scent, and powdered myself to avoid chafing. Then I picked out a special, zebra-striped pair of panties that would stand out before putting on a nice sporty top and a short white skirt. I slipped on some flats after donning some low tennis socks that just edged out of my shoes.

Some time was spent brushing and drying my hair, but I didn’t spend much time on makeup as Kate and I know each other so well from our years-long friendship that no artifice is needed to express our deep feelings for each other. That both of us are nurses who live far enough from one another that our get-togethers every few weeks remain exciting events continues to stimulate my expectations today.

I remembered the time we were together in the tub and decided to try out FDS, which promised to provide a “fresh” aroma to our vaginal secretions. Aside from recognizing that artificial infusions, like any douches, are unnecessary and actually can be harmful, we realized that we prefer the natural flavors and scents.

Indeed, if one happens to be on her period, that merely accentuates the pleasure of providing us with a special taste when we enjoy each other. I had just finished my week-long menses, but I didn’t know if Kate would be on siirt seks hikayeleri when she arrived.

When the doorbell rang, I walked to the door and opened it expectantly, loving that Kate almost fell into my arms as she entered, and I closed and locked the front door. We did not want to be disturbed and I entered that automatic message on my cell phone.

I held Kate’s hand as we proceeded to the bathroom. We always began our play by stepping into the bathtub facing one another, hiking up our skirts, and pulling our panties to the knees. Then we would squat and hold one of the two bowls I had thoughtfully placed on each back edge of the tub. Holding the bowls beneath each of our bottoms, we each released her pee stream and watched as they poured out of our little peeholes, visible beneath our shaved pussies, and hit the bowls with an initial ping.

When we finished peeing, we carefully stepped out of the tub, reached down, and took off our panties, and carried the bowls out and back to the front room. I was ready with cocktail glasses and after starting each cocktail with a jigger of vodka, I poured pee from my bowl into one glass and had Kate pour from her bowl into the other. Capping each glass was a pitted olive.

Kate and I toasted, clicked glasses, and each of us downed half of her piss martini. Mine tasted salty and Kate said hers was a little sour. After a respite in which we tried one of the canapes on the adjoining plate, we switched glasses and finished off each other’s cocktail.

“We must be consuming similar stuff,” Kate observed with a grin, “because yours now tastes much more like mine.” I nodded my agreement. I had gotten into the habit of taking a taste of my pee fairly often. It usually was salty but the whole idea was so charmingly naughty that it got me going.

The drinks had loosened our attitudes, even though there was no real need for warming up as we both were excited to grasp the other. I gently unbuttoned Kate’s blouse, after slipping off her jacket. Then I unzipped my friend’s plaid skirt and slipped it down and off, placing blouse and skirt on a nearby chair.

In her bra and panties now, Kate performed the same removal of my blouse and skirt. Kate then rolled down her thigh-his and shed her low heels, while I took off my tennies and socks. It was now time for us to press together and unhook each other’s bras. This was easily accomplished, and the garments placed atop the other clothing. Our bare chests now faced each other and I playfully gave her nipples a little touch and she kissed mine.

It was time to enjoy the light repast I had prepared for us: a well-designed salad with shrimp surrounding the fresh greens, tomato wedges, bright radishes, and green onions. There was then a pilaf studded with pieces of apricots, raisins, and pistachios.

As I ate, I knew I would need to go soon. I had been holding it in and I smiled as I so informed Kate. Kate was pleased to accept a small glycerin suppository from me. Usually she reached down, slipped a finger under the leg elastic of her panties, and pushed it into her anal opening. This time, however, she just pulled her panties down, bent over, and held her sweet cheeks apart for me to push the little suppository deep into her rectum. I loved the feel of my finger pressing in and took time to sniff its slight fecal odor when it emerged from her anus.

Now, we moved away to the bedroom where the covers had been pulled down and a large rectangular mat had been placed beside the bed against the wall by me. Each of us now quickly slipped off her panties and we clambered into the bed and held each other in her arms. Soon I was lying prone between Kate’s legs and enjoying the taste of her already soaked vulva. She tasted as sweet as I remembered. First, I used my fingers to stimulate Kate: teasing her clit and fingering her pussy while inserting a finger anally. It did not take long for Kate to explode, and she enjoyed the series of orgasms that followed.

When she had come down from that high, she positioned herself between my legs and softly breathed on my lovely oval fig until she saw my clit rise. Then she applied her tongue gently and twisted it into my vaginal depths. A finger extended anally and moved in and out until I was steaming and over the top.

It was soon time for us to enjoy relieving the pressure on our anal sphincters. Feeling the pressure of having to do Number Two tends to turn me on big time. We flipped the rectangular mat up on the bed. Then Kate lay on her back as I squatted over her face. Even though I had had to go for quite some time, now it seemed that my bowel movement was not immediately forthcoming. I hadn’t had this happen lately where it got stuck in there. That’s probably because I don’t usually don’t have to hold my poo in for that long.

But it did not take long as Kate stared at my sweet bottom-hole for me first to let out a few small farts and bowel noises, then it started to pooch out as the brown tip of my movement pushed out, quite thick from having been held in, but moving out so that Kate needed to position her mouth to receive it as it slid in past her teeth.

It was long and it kept coming so after Kate took in as much as she could, it curled around on her mouth and began to cover her nostrils. Kate was surprised at the semisweet taste as she licked it. Then she carefully held it and placed it next to her as she proceeded to lick my cute little hole. The movement had been a relatively clean one so there was not much residue around my anal opening.

Now Kate pulled off a piece of my turd next to me and smeared it on my boobs. I joined in the exercise as I took another piece and smeared it on her face as face paint. We looked at ourselves in the long mirror and hugged each other tightly, feeling the doodoo on our chests mix as we pressed together.

Kate soon felt the effect of the glycerin suppository as she indicated that she now needed to relieve her bowels. I lay on the mat under a squatting Kate, looking up at her gorgeous split–her pretty lips and risen clit and pink vaginal opening and then her cute little bottom-hole. A few farts powered into my waiting face. Soon, the chocolate began to pooch out and I saw the medium-brown tip of her turd start to slide out and get longer. It did not take long for it to reach my mouth and I let it in until I was full of it and let the rest coil on my face. It was semi-soft but held together and was quite long. It actually had a sort of sweet smell but while I licked it and the taste was not acrid, I wouldn’t swallow it.

When it finally ended in a tail, I leaned up and licked her anus clean. Now it tasted a little stronger. After we played for a while longer with our excrement, we cleaned up and took a shower together.

In the shower, we had a fine time carefully cleaning each other between the legs. I felt Kate’s fingers washing my whole vulva and inserting themselves into my bottom. At the same time, I applied some soapy water to her cunt and asshole. I looked at my fingers after they came out of her anus and saw little brown specks of poo on them. Hers were clean. We were exhausted from our playing, the cocktails, and most of all, our serial orgasms, so we carefully removed the mat and almost fell into my large bed.

I’m sitting here drinking coffee. Kate’s sleeping. As expected, Having my second cup…feeling the pressure to go. Squeezing it in…hoping to share with my lover. Nothing is better than a pleasant BM while squatting over my lover’s tits. Knowing the enjoyment she receives watching it all…touching my warm, fresh defecation…her lips on it….tasting the bittersweet doody.

I am sitting here watching her sleep. I’m at my bedside desk – computer, toys, lotions, oils, etc. It’s my play station when I am home alone. I am a chronic masturbator…which I am doing now. No panties. Thinking about what Kate and I will do when she wakes. I know she will need to pee, and I want it in my mouth. I want to start our morning by drinking all of her urine. And after coffee, she will need to do-do. I want to watch it come out. Touch it. Smear a piece on my nipples. Put her warm, fresh turd in my mouth and let her see it there. Then kiss, before she sucks my nipples – which she will do without it being discussed. Kate tasting her do-do on my nipples is SO VERY exciting.

Then, since I am needing to go, I will squat over her face and have her put her mouth on my hiney hole. She won’t be able to talk, and I will know about how much is going in her mouth. Then we’ll kiss more. She’ll smear her nipples with my doodoo and I will suck her clean.

We ‘exchanged presents this morning. Get it? We never tire of giving each other the same gifts. Although we do enjoy the variety of all of the different ways to do it….what we do with it…how we talk dirty to one another during our love making. Our doodoo texture has been perfect lately–which adds immensely to the enjoyment. And cleanup is usually not that much when the texture is oh so right. That first morning pee is stronger in flavor that the others. Interesting….

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