Explorations 1.0

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Explorations. 1.0

A note from the author:

This is a work of fiction, my first in this genre. All people, places and events depicted exist only in my mind, and on these pages. Events portrayed are between consenting adults over the age of eighteen. Though it sets label to the theme of this story, the title “Explorations” refers mainly to the exploration of scenes in my imagination, and my ability to translate those into a story that can be understood and enjoyed. Thanks for reading.

Chapter One.

It was one of those glorious mid October days in Minnesota, where morning frost gives way to clear blue skies and temperatures warm enough for wearing tee shirts.

My name is Charles, by the way, nice to meet you. Please don’t call me Charlie, or Chuck or Chucky, I hate that. I work at a big box home improvement store near my home in the Twin Cities. I’m eighteen, and have spent most of the summer since graduating, being overworked and underpaid. I took Saturday, Sunday, and half of Friday off so that I could drive up and spend the weekend ‘up north’ at the family cabin.

Built by my great grandfather in the early 1900’s, the cabin was a place that anyone in my (quite large) extended family was free to use. The cabin itself is rather small, just a single room, adorned with a century’s worth of hunting trophies and antique nick knacks. There were spaces in the woods around the cabin yard where people would park their RV’s, and some nice grassy clearings for setting up tents. There was someone there on most weekends between spring and fall, and sometimes it was a pretty full house, with ten or twenty people showing up for a relaxing weekend of doing nothing. This, likely the last weekend of decent weather for the next six months or so, was going to be a busy one.

I was halfway through the three hour drive, when my mom called me on my cell phone to make sure I was on my way, and if I had remembered my tent. Yes, I had remembered my tent, and yes, I remembered my sleeping bag and an extra blanket because it was going to get cold at night. Thanks, mom. Then she listed off who was there, and who else was on their way. Aunts and uncles, older brothers and sisters, relatives of every age and variety.

My heart skipped a beat though, when she added as an afterthought that my cousin Melissa was there. Actually, she was my second cousin, but more importantly, she was my friend. Growing up, my weekends were occupied by exploring the woods around the cabin, fishing and swimming in the lake, or just hanging out around the fire pit chatting and telling stories. Many of those weekends, Melissa was right there at my side. I had more in common with her than with any of the male relatives close to my age, in terms of interests and personality, so often it was just the two of us.

About three years back, there was some kind of family drama that I really didn’t pay attention to, but as a result, the whole branch of the family that Melissa belonged to stopped showing up to family gatherings. I was fifteen at the time, and though I was really sad that I didn’t get to see Melissa anymore, I was, you know, fifteen. At that age, there is so much going on in your life that, as sad as a change may be, something else always fills the gap.

Once off the phone with my mom, all I could think about was Melissa. Memories of our adventures effervesced in my mind. I thought of the last time I saw her, how she smiled and said “See you next time!” with a quick hug. Through the years growing up, I never really put much thought into her appearance, but remembering that last goodbye, it dawned on me that she had always been quite pretty. At fifteen, she was only a little shorter than my own average height, and had a slim athletic build. She was always big into track and field sports at her school. What I remember most about her was her smile, carefree and easily given, and her eyes. She had the most beautiful icy blue eyes I had ever seen, eyes that truly were windows to her soul. Maybe it’s just that I knew her so well, but with just one glance at her eyes, I could tell instantly what she was feeling, and have a pretty good idea of what she was thinking about. I wondered if it would be the same way after not seeing her for three years.

She was almost exactly the same age as me, having been born in February of 1980, to my January of the same year, which means that she must have graduated high school this year too. I began imagining what she looked like now, and was only a few miles away from the cabin when I realized I had a raging erection. This, was no good. Regardless of how I thought about getting aroused at the thought of a childhood friend who was also a relative, which I’ll say I wasn’t too proud of at that moment, I couldn’t show up to a family gathering like this. I turned off onto a forestry road that I knew, and piloted my pickup down one of the narrow overgrown logging trails that deer hunters use to get to their stands. I’ve been down all of these trails, and bursa escort know a hundred places that are perfect for when someone needs a little “alone time”.

I parked my truck and listened for a minute, just to be sure there wasn’t anyone else driving around nearby. Still in the drivers seat, I unbuttoned my fly, and pulled my pants down to my ankles. I wrapped a hand around my cock and sighed with the pleasure of immanent release. Normally I would spank to fantasies involving girls from high school, or one of the models from the couple of nudie mags I had hidden under my mattress at home. But right then, all I could imagine was Melissa, and my mental image of what she looked like now. I stroked furiously, and felt myself quickly building to orgasm. I hastily rummaged in the door pocket for a napkin with my left hand, found one, and barely had enough time to get it into place before I erupted. I groaned as I came, sending spurt after spurt of cum into the napkin, which wasn’t up to the task of containing such a massive load. I sat there for a while, breathing hard, and feeling the cum that had soaked through the napkin ooze onto the palm of my left hand. It had been a while since I had cum that hard or that quickly. As the glow of orgasm faded, I started thinking that it wasn’t right to get off like this to Melissa, but I knew I would have been a liar if I said I wouldn’t do it again.

I cleaned up as best as I could with a few more napkins, got my pants back up, and checked myself in the vanity mirror just in case there was some glaring evidence that I had just jerked off. Satisfied that I looked normal, I arranged myself in my underwear so that if and when I got another boner, it would at least be pointing down, and not straight out for all of the family to see.

I arrived at the cabin a few minutes later. People were spread out, reading books, getting fishing equipment ready, or tending the fire in the stone fire pit. I was greeted with waves and hellos, nothing very enthusiastic. I mean, I do see most of these people pretty regularly, and honestly, I wasn’t overly excited to see them either. I was however, very excited to see Melissa again, but looking around the cabin yard, I didn’t spot her anywhere.

Then I heard the sharp crack sound that the cabin’s screen door makes when someone lets it’s spring slam itself shut. I looked over, and saw Melissa walking around the corner of the cabin. I hope no one saw my jaw drop, because she was gorgeous. She was barefoot, her long athletic legs disappearing beneath a knee-length flower pattern sun dress that flowed around her as she strode. Her hair was longer that she used to have it, and it trailed gracefully behind her, it’s sandy blonde color glowing in the sunlight. When she noticed me, her face lit up. The warmth of her smile could have melted a glacier.

“Charles!” She squealed.

She ran across the yard and practically threw herself into my arms, hugging me tight. I hugged her back, just as tight.

“Oh my God, it’s so good to see you!” She said, laughing with joy.

I don’t think anyone had ever been so excited to see me in my entire life, and it felt a bit awkward, but I felt the same about her, so I just went with it.

“It’s great to see you too.” I said.

We broke off our hug, but she kept an arm around my back. She started moving towards the cabin, and I went with, putting an arm across her shoulders.

“It’s been over three years,” She said excitedly. “We have so much to catch up on!”

I craned my neck up to try and look down on her. ” I see you’re still a little bit shorter than me…”

She poked me in the belly and said with mock sternness. “You’re wearing boots. Take them off and we’re the same height.”

Be both laughed, and I was struck again at how beautiful she was. Even her laugh was like music. As we walked, my eyes strayed to her chest, where the slightest bit of a lacy white bra could be seen under the edge of her dress. Her breasts were, for lack of a better word, perfect. They weren’t large, a B cup I imagined, as if I knew anything about the particulars of breast size. What they were though, were proportionate. They were just the right size and shape for her. I was starting to imagine what they would look like free from any clothes, and must have spent just a few too many seconds looking. Something made me look up at her face, and I saw her watching me with a funny little smile. Our eyes locked, and I was surprised to not only see a lack of offence there, but for all I could tell, she was pleased that I was ogling her.

She looked away with a satisfied smile, and gave me a little squeeze with the arm that was still around my back.

“Your mom is almost done with dinner. I don’t know about you, but I’m starving.”

Chapter Two.

My mom fried up walleye that my older brothers had caught earlier that day, and we all ate more than we should have, but man, nothing is better than pan-fried walleye that was in the lake just bursa escort bayan a few hours prior.

After dinner, when everyone was just lounging around and catching up on gossip, I got my tent out of the bed of my pickup, and started walking towards the farthest away clearing to set it up in.

Melissa called out to me. “Can you set mine up too?”

“Sure.” I called back. “Where do you want it?”

“Next to yours is fine. I promise I don’t snore too loud.” She replied, which got some laughs.

I set up the tents, and went back, claiming a spot on one of the benches near the fire. Melissa had changed out of her dress into some loose fitting jeans and a blue tee shirt, and was in the process of explaining what she had been up to recently. She had moved out of her parent’s house in Duluth back in February, on her eighteenth birthday. She didn’t have a place to stay yet, so she spent a few weeks living in her car, a beat up old Toyota Camry, before one of her friend’s parents took pity on her and let her stay with them until she got her own place.

Now, if you know anything about being in Duluth, Minnesota in February, you can imagine how much that sucked. My heart ached in empathy for her, and I actually teared up a little. Thankfully the wind was shifting around, so I could pass it off as just getting smoke in my eyes.

Melissa continued her story, about how the people who had taken her in offered her a part time job to work as a cashier in their store. She worked evenings and weekends until she graduated high school, at which point she got a small apartment south of town. She still worked at their shop, but now pretty much ran the place, which the owners were ecstatic about because it finally gave them the opportunity to do some traveling.

As I listened, I became more and more in awe of Melissa. Let’s use me as an example to compare and contrast. I’m of average height for a guy, with an average build. Melissa is slightly above average for a girl, with a fit and toned body. My face isn’t particularly handsome. Again, very average. She has the heart-shaped face of an angel. I live at home with my parents. I don’t pay rent. I have an okay job, but what money I make, I tend to spend frivolously. She has her own apartment, a good job, and is saving her own money to go to college next year.

I couldn’t do anything but watch her as she talked. I noticed tiny details that I never even thought to look for on anyone else; How her neck moved when she talked, how she flipped her head to get her hair out of her face, how every time our eyes met, her smile would get just a little bit wider. I felt utterly unworthy to be in the presence of such a glorious creature.

As the night went on, people went off to their beds in their campers and tents, or one of the four beds in the cabin and it’s three season porch. Eventually it was just me and Melissa. She came over and sat right next to me, resting her head on my shoulder and gazing into the glowing remnants of the fire.

“I’ve missed coming here.” She said quietly. “It’s so peaceful.”

“I missed you.” I replied.

She looked up at me and smiled. “I’ve missed you too.”

For a long time we sat there in silence just staring at the red and orange coals. Eventually they were dying away, and we began to see our breath in the increasingly chilly air. Melissa yawned. Even the way she did that was beautiful to me.

“I think it’s time for bed.” I whispered to her.

She nodded in agreement, and I walked with her to where our tents were. She gave me a tired hug, said goodnight, and went into her tent. I entered my own tent, stripped down to my underwear (I always sleep in just my boxer briefs) and crawled into my sleeping bag. It was one of those big old school ones, not one of those small mummy bags. It had enough room inside for me to really sprawl out, and was plenty warm enough for camping in just about any kind of weather. I’m pretty sure I was asleep before my head hit the pillow.

I awoke to a rustling in the leaves outside my tent. My first thought was that it was a bear, as it wasn’t unusual for a black bear to wonder through the cabin yard, but when I heard the zipper to the tent flap, I was reassured. I was confused though, as to who would be coming into my tent in the middle of the night. The flap opened, and I saw a silhouette, blond hair glowing silver in the moonlight.

My heart instantly started racing. Was I dreaming? Melissa was sneaking into my tent!

With the moonlight coming through the open tent flap, she could see that I was awake.

“I’m c-cold.” She whispered.

Without thinking, I opened up my sleeping bag. “Come on.” I whispered.

She crawled into the tent, zipping up the flap behind her, then scrambled into my sleeping bag with me, still fully dressed. She was freezing. I pulled her in tight to me, spooning her from behind, and wrapping my arms and legs around her, to transfer body heat as quickly as I could. Her shivering escort bursa eventually subsided.

As she drifted off to sleep, she said in a barely audible whisper. “I hate the cold.”

I’ve had a few girlfriends, but none of them were very serious. Even though I thought I loved them, I now knew that I had no idea of what love was. Until this moment. As I watched Melissa sleep, I realized that I loved her, truly and deeply. I nestled my face against the back of her neck, breathing in the smell of her, and fell back asleep with joy in my heart.

When I awoke again, it was just getting to be light out, and the first birds were beginning to sing. I looked at Melissa, still wrapped in my arms, and sleeping with an expression of serene contentment. It was at this time that my body caught on to the fact that it was pressed up against a very beautiful female, and I started to get worried that the rock hard penis pressing into Melissa’s lower back would wake her up.

I don’t know if it was because of that, but she did wake up before too long. She shifted and stretched, before nestling back against me.

“What happened last night?” I asked. “Don’t you have a sleeping bag?”

“I do, I got it at Goodwill, so it was cheap, but it’s not very good.”

“Well, I have a blanket you can use, and I’m pretty sure there’s extra bedding in the cabin.”

She sighed contentedly and pulled my arms back around her. “Or I could sleep here again tonight.”

“Or you could sleep here tonight.” I replied.

After a little while she said. “You’re warm.”

And hard, I thought. There was no way she didn’t know. I yearned to kiss her. I yearned to grab her hips and grind my cock against her. I wanted to explore her whole body with my hands. I wanted her to put her hands on me. But I was terrified of doing anything, even suggesting anything that she didn’t want. I was torn, because I was pretty sure that she did want something. The looks she gave me the previous day, the little smiles, and now snuggling up against me and my hard dick, all screamed in my head to do something, anything!

I was just about to slide my hand down to her hip when she announced. “I have to pee.”

As she was leaving my tent, she turned back and gave me a small kiss on the cheek, a quick smile, then was gone. It took a while for my hard-on to subside, but once it did, I got dressed and went outside.

Chapter Three.

With a slight detour through the trees, (being a guy has some advantages, the whole forest is my urinal) I joined the family in the cabin yard. One of my uncles was making eggs and bacon on a grill top griddle, and everyone else were in different states of waking up.

My mom asked Melissa and I if we were warm enough in our tents last night, and informed us that there were extra blankets. I said that I was fine. Melissa cheerily replied that she was toasty warm, and I had to look away to avoid being seen smiling like an idiot. Even though nothing happened, it still wouldn’t look good for the whole family to know that I was spooning my cousin all night.

After breakfast, it seemed like everyone but me and Melissa had plans to do things during the day. Some were going fishing, some were going into town to shop the antique stores.

Melissa looked at me with that smile that somehow was more than just an innocent smile.

“So, what do you want to do today?” She asked me.

“We could go for a hike. Find some of the trails we used to know?”

Her face lit up. “Yes! We could bring lunch and make a picnic out of it too!”

“So, what do you want to eat for lunch?”

“I don’t know, what do you want to eat for lunch?” She said mockingly, then laughed. “Oh, no, I don’t play that game. I know what I like to eat, so I’ll get the lunch together.”

She hopped up from the camp chair she was sitting in and skipped to the cabin. Like, actually skipped. It was adorable. Though, how her butt moved in her jeans as she went was an even better sight.

I stuffed a blanket into a backpack, then after a moment’s thought, crammed in two hoodies. It might get cold earlier tonight, I was not going to let Melissa be cold if there was anything I could do about it.

Soon we were walking side by side along the dirt road that lead past the cabin. From there we cut along an ATV trail to one of the DNR forestry roads, heading deep into the woods where there weren’t any other cabins.

We chatted as we walked, about music and school, and a host of other mundane things. It really didn’t matter to me what we talked about. At some point we started holding hands, and it seemed like the most wonderful, natural thing ever.

I began to notice that, unlike literally every other conversation I had ever had with anyone my age, Melissa was being absolutely honest and forthright. Like an open book, she wasn’t hiding anything, so I made a conscious decision to do the same for her.

When the conversation came to the topic of previous relationships, I told her about some embarrassing things that happened to me when I was with my first girlfriend, things that I had sworn to myself to never speak of again. She laughed, but with me, not at me, and countered with an even more embarrassing story from her past.

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