Fact And Fantasy Ch. 01 Pt. 2

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“Sylvia, don’t worry, I’ll explain everything.”

“Oh no you will not Sam, Laura wouldn’t believe you. Do you really think you can explain all this away, just like that?”

“Well why won’t she believe the truth?”

“Sam, please listen to me, I’m wet through, and not really very happy at the moment, so I might just swear somewhat. Laura won’t believe you, you bloody idiot. How the hell did you think that looked? It won’t be long before she convinces herself she saw us actually doing it. How do you think you’ll make the fat bloody bitch see sense?”

“Anyway, I’ll explain it all to mum if she tells her, mum thinks I’m still some kid.”

Exasperation ran through my veins like poison. Counting to three wasn’t an option, right at that moment. I think the number one would have been spat out in a ball of fire.

“Look, all I’m saying is if she tells mum, then I’ll tell mum what really happened.”

“We’ve already said she won’t talk to your mum, because they don’t get on.”

“Yep, but I’ve been thinking about that. What if mum really pissed her off, don’t you think she might say something then?”

“Oh bloody brilliant, the one bit of hope I have left, you’ve just picked up and dropped in a shitty puddle. Sam, I’ll deal with this, on Friday, don’t you say anything to her tomorrow, just lock yourself in the stores all day.”

“I’m not working tomorrow, I swapped with Rod.”

“Good then you don’t have to face her……….wait a minute……..hell…….we are both off tomorrow.”

“Oh fuck it. Do you think Laura, will think?”

“Yes………..I bloody well do!”

As we walked the rest of the way home, I had visions of Laura spreading it all around the store. It was bad enough that she knew about Nathan, and now she had some right juicy gossip to spill about Sam and me.

Teasing Sam had given me such a thrill in the past, and now I just wanted to crawl under a stone until this had all died down. As for Sam, he didn’t say a lot normally anyway, but now he seemed to be even more withdrawn.

That night in bed I woke up in the early hours. I had images of being sneered at in the store, and all the huddles of my gossiping work mates talking about me. One of the older guys in the stores referred to me as A.L.T, it took me a few months to find out why. Apparently my nickname was “All Legs and Tits.”

Maybe it was time to start wearing trousers to work, and playing down the exhibitionist side. Then again they would find that odd. What was Sylvia trying to cover up? Maybe Sam is screwing her, and here she is trying to act like a nun.

I slipped out of bed and went downstairs in the dark. I sat at the kitchen table, smoked a cigarette, and tried to find something positive in all of the goings on. I couldn’t. I yawned and went back up stairs. I stopped on the landing, and strained an ear at Sam’s door. I could hear him breathing, but it didn’t sound like he was sleeping. I moved silently to the gap in the door. The moonlight shone on his bed, on the naked body on his bed, on the masturbating naked body on his bed!

I swallowed and tried to peer at his face. He was laying flat on his back with his head on the pillow. Something dark covered his face, but I couldn’t make out what it was. His hand was slowly moving up and down his erection, but that too seemed covered in something dark. His ankles twisted slightly on the quilt as he pleasured himself.

For a few minutes I just stood there, watching his slow and deliberate strokes. His panting was lazy, and now and then I heard what I thought was him inhaling deeply. My eyes watched his cock, and the hand that glided up its length.

Even after what had gone on earlier, watching Sam stroking his 18 year old cock was drawing me back to fantasy land. What would he do if I quietly crept in his room and replaced his hand with my mouth? What if I crawled on the bed, and just lowered myself down in one easy slow motion, and started riding him? Yes, he’d probably jump a mile!

I started to move back from the door. My ears picked up the sound of his breathing getting a little more urgent. I tucked my hair behind my ear, and moved back to the door. His grunts became louder, but still I had to strain a little to make out the odd swear word. I watched again, and this time his feet moved a little further, and twisted deeper into the quilt. A few whimpering groans later, Sam’s hand seemed to falter a little. Then I saw it, shining white through whatever he had over his cock. I heard a slight squelch as his hand became slick with his own spunk.

I rolled away from the door, and leant against the wall, with my head tipped back and my eyes shut. My left hand groped my breast, my right hand cradled my pussy, and a finger flicked over my clit. My silent orgasm made me shudder, as I imagined Sam’s cock coming in my mouth, and then my pussy.

As sleep started to get the better of me, I wondered why I could twiddle myself to an orgasm when hanging over my head was Laura, and what she’d say work?

I konak escort got up in the night and went to the loo. My eyes finally focused on the small swing bin in the corner. Funny I thought? I pushed my ripped navy tights right in the bin earlier, so why were they hanging out now?

I didn’t wake up the next day until 9 o’clock. When I went past Sam’s room I stopped for awhile. I couldn’t hear him and assumed he was sleeping. I went to the loo and came back out. I jumped when I saw Sam holding a tray.

“Sorry I didn’t mean to startle you. I’ve made you coffee and toast.”

There was that bare chest again, which I did my best to ignore. I thanked him and took the tray into my bedroom.

“I’ll run you a bath if you like?”

“I think I’ll have a shower, thank you.”

He smiled.

“Sam, what’s this white stuff, on my toast?”

He came in my bedroom and looked at it, and then picked a piece up.

“Just butter….the non fat stuff you’ve got in the fridge.”

He took a bite and then turned it to me and pushed the toast gently in my mouth. I watched his eyes as they watched my mouth and teeth take a bite. He put the toast back on my plate as I started to slowly chew.

“Was I supposed to use the full fat butter? Sorry, mum always buys the same stuff as you; it goes a little white when it cools.”

“Yes, but that’s okay, thank you.”

I pulled off my dressing gown, and sat back in bed in my purple chemise. I ate the toast, and drank the coffee. I stretched and as I came back down, I heard Sam speaking quietly. I strained to listen.

“You should have seen her face. I think she thought I’d done something on her toast. Anyway like I said last night, I had a right hard on watching her at the back of the shop pulling her tights down. She wasn’t wearing any knickers underneath……..no she didn’t see me she had her back to me, cute fucking ass though. That’s when that whale saw me, she and her husband, she saw Sylvia, and then she noticed my dick……..no Sylvia didn’t notice, she was too worried about Laura catching her stuffing her tights in her bag……anyway I’ll see you at 10.30.”

Once again I jumped as Sam knocked on the door. I cleared my throat, but couldn’t clear what he had said on his phone out of my mind.

“Yes,” I half squeaked.

“My mate is coming round to meet me here, we’re going cycling in a while, is that okay?”

“Yes, I’m going out anyway.”

I watched Sam and his friend from my bedroom window. All that tight shiny cycle clothing hugged their bodies like a second skin, the bulges too were there. I imagined them both stood in my living room, me on my knees pulling those tight shorts down and sucking them both, as they stood with their hands tied behind their backs, and gags in their mouths. The fantasy grew quickly, until my vibrator was buzzing away between my legs.

When I got home a few hours later Sam’s bike was on the path. I went upstairs and stopped dead in my tracks. Sam’s back was towards me, his naked back, and his naked bum. His body was covered in droplets of water, and he was reaching into the airing cupboard. He pulled a towel off the shelf and wrapped it around his waist. I just kept quiet and still, and daring not to breathe. He walked back into the bathroom and closed the door. I heard him humming a tune, the same one I had been humming the day before.

I walked into my bedroom and sat on my bed. For a few minutes I wondered why all these situations kept presenting themselves. Did my H kink find a way of teasing me without me noticing? Was it so strong now it was sat on my shoulder, directing my life?

A little yelp, followed by a swear word came from the bathroom. The door opened and there he was stood in the hall, with just the towel wrapped round his waist.

“Oh, I didn’t know you were back. I cut my arm on the bathroom cabinet door.”

“Sit on the bed.”

I was in automatic mode now. I got a few cotton wool balls and sat next to him. I started dabbing at the cut high on his arm.

“My you’re a big baby,” I said as he winced a little.

“It hurts. Will I need stitches?”

“I don’t think so. Hold this on it and I’ll get a plaster.”

I covered the cut and smiled at him, “You’ll live. Now get dressed and I’ll make us something to eat.”

“I was going to ask you out for something to eat, to say thank you for looking after me, if you want to that is?”

“That’s not necessary.”

“No, but I’d like to, just a burger and chips if you like, or a Macdonald’s, it’s up to you.”

Even as I nodded and smiled, I knew that perhaps this would be a mistake. His face lighting up didn’t help either.

20 minutes later Sam told me he had booked a table at an Italian in town.

I thought of what had happened between us a few months ago. The flashing at him when I was cooking his breakfast, and then letting him see up my skirt had me trembling. Brushing my nipples across his bare chest, as I helped him with my manisa escort tee shirt was fantastic. But the best bit was rubbing my pussy on his bulge in his shorts. I was a teasing bitch.

What he said about me to his friend, seeing me with my vibrator, and then what happened in the alley, went round and round. And now I had agreed to go on a date with him, okay not a proper date, and not for a burger, to an Italian restaurant, for a sit down meal, with candles on the table and waiters running around asking if we had everything we wanted.

Sam walked past my bedroom door wearing a bloody suit. This saying thank you was going to turn into more than that if I didn’t watch my step. I flicked through my wardrobe, several times. In the end I settled on a black knee length dress, yes I do have dresses which come to my knees, well two actually, but this one I had worn to two funerals. I chuckled at that, did this have some meaning on what was going to happen?

Sam did look nice, hell who am I kidding? He filled out that suit just perfectly. Any girl would be proud to be seen with Sam, he looked handsome, and dead sexy.

Although we were just going out to dinner, I felt like this wasn’t just a fantasy anymore. Why the hell would I fuss about trying to find a nice pair of panties, was my subconscious that far ahead of me? Before I knew it I was wearing white underwear, and not tights, white stockings with a white suspender belt, No bra though, only because the clips would make unsightly bumps in the back of my dress. Having said that, why was I not worried that the tight dress showed the bumps of my suspender belt?

“You, look beautiful Sylvia, really pretty I mean.”

“Oh this old thing, it’s just the first thing I grabbed out of wardrobe,” I said trying not to take in what he had said.

He moved forward and kissed my cheek, just a quick peck, but it was a kiss. As he moved back I grabbed his arms and looked deep into his eyes. He gulped a little.

“Sam, where is this, going to lead?” I asked faintly.

His eyes told me the truth, but his mouth couldn’t, “Nowhere, I mean, I’m just taking you out, to say…….thank you.”

We knew this was falling into place, and there was nothing we could do to stop it. Finally I let go of his arms, but he didn’t move away.

Sam took a deep breath, “Sylvia, when Laura saw us in the alley…..I wished something.”

I put my finger on his lips stopping him from saying anymore. I knew what he was going to say, but I couldn’t let him speak the words.

Sam’s cycling friend turned out to be a waiter in the Italian restaurant. He seated us at a booth in the corner, and then winked at me and smiled.

“I thought you’d like a little privacy. Sam told me about the woman in the alley.”

He walked away and I looked at Sam.

“Sorry, perhaps I shouldn’t have said anything, but I needed to tell someone, and ask for a little advice.”

“I see, and what advice did he give you?”

“We can go if you like?”

He had a cute little worried look on his face.

“Sam, have you been phoning him to ask about me? Having you been telling him things?”

“Look, he said I wouldn’t stand a chance with you. He thinks, well I am a virgin, but I told him I’m not. Shit I never meant for this to happen. Let’s go.”

“Sit down,” I said firmly, “I’m not cooking now, so we’ll stay here and eat something. I want a nice meal, and if you ever pee in my bath or do anything disgusting on my toast then your mum will get to hear.”

“My god, you heard the phone calls? I didn’t Sylvia. I wouldn’t do anything like that. I was just, well.”

“I know, now can we relax and eat, and smile Sam, if not for yourself do it for me.”

After the meal we left and started walking home. I got the odd whiff of aftershave and I smiled inwardly. He really had made an effort, and that thought lodged in my head. Despite all the crass things with the phone calls to his mate, I found myself warming to him even more.

We went to cross a busy road and he held out his hand. He wasn’t looking at me and the tentative way he offered it I imagined his stomach turning with worry. I didn’t take his hand. I slipped my arm through his. We walked over the road, and he lifted his arm so I could take mine out.

My fingers tightened on his arm and I watched him gulp, still not looking at me. We walked up the road like that. We turned into a quieter road and I stopped, still holding his arm. He turned and looked at me. We smiled at each other and I moved closer to him.

“Thank you for the meal,” I said quietly.

“I’m really sorry about phoning my mate.

I moved closer still, until the words coming from his mouth dried up, and our lips met. We kissed for longer than a thank you kiss. We kissed for long enough to know that this was going to lead to something when we got home. I moved back and again we smiled, and then walked on, arm in arm.

It was nearly 11 pm when we reached my doorstep. I pushed menderes escort open the door and switch on the light. He followed me into the lounge and I turned facing him.

“Well, is this going to stay a fantasy, or do you really want to sleep with me?”

We just stared at each other, and his expression turned slightly, just for one moment his look was an enquiring one. He didn’t know how to react, or maybe whether he should.

“Sam, I’m trying to make you see everyone has fantasies. Some they would never dream of doing in real life, and some are best left in fantasy world.”

“So, do you or don’t you want to do it?”

“What I’m trying to say is, would you rather stop now and keep me as a fantasy, or run the risk of not liking it?”

“But I would, I know I would.”

“Really, I’ve had men who I thought were gorgeous, and I would get so excited about getting them into bed, don’t look like that Sam, women have sexy feelings too.”

“I know that.”

“Do you know what it is like to build yourself up about one person, and you are so desperate to get them in to bed, and then when you do, it wasn’t as you imagined? Hiding the disappointment is hard to do, and you sometimes wish you had left it as a fantasy?”

“But, you wouldn’t be like that, I just know it. Sylvia, I’ll never regret this.”

I paused for a moment just watching his face for the slightest sign of doubt. I took his hand and led him upstairs. I’d love to say I could have made the decision to stop this, but I was too weak. I wanted him more than I let on, but I had to give him that one last chance to back out.

In the silence of my bedroom we stared at each other for a few moments.

“Sylvia, you know I’m a virgin,” came from his mouth, “but I know what to do,” quickly followed.

Giving him a little smile hid all sorts of thoughts behind it.

“You don’t mind, do you?” he asked.

My smile stretched a little more. Did I mind? What a silly question! When he mentioned it in the Italian I felt a flutter in my heart, as well as somewhere else.

We both heard the zip going down on the back of my dress. I let the dress fall to the floor. I stood braless, in just white stockings and suspender belt, and my high heels. My naked pussy had Sam hooked, he gulped.

I smiled a little and lay down on the bed. He pulled off his jacket and shirt, and then undid his trousers and pushed them down. He hesitated for a moment, with his thumbs in the waist band of his pants.

“You’ll have to take them off, they’ll get in the way,” I said with a grin.

I took hold of his cock as he lay on the bed, and then rubbed it along my pussy lips. He shuddered and let out a little gasping breath.

When I saw his cock for the first time when he jerked himself off it did surprise me. It was long and it looked so ready. I’ve had older guys with less between their legs, but who knew what to do with it, and now I had a sexy bloody virgin with such a nice sized cock, who I could teach how to use it.

When I first touched Sam’s cock, I felt a twitch between my legs. My pussy would have to wait awhile before she got her lips around it.

“Kiss me, slowly.”

He did, and I could feel his slightly quaking excited body against mine.

“Lay on your back.”

I pressed my body against his, making sure he could feel my tits squash against his chest. I offered my neck to his lips and he kissed it, again little slow soft kisses, which had my eyes closing so I could savour the delight.

My head jumped back as his tongue slithered in my ear.

“Shit, sorry, don’t you like that?”

“No I don’t, don’t worry. Kiss just behind my ear, I love that.”

He did as I asked him, and I could feel his own arousal sticking in my thigh. I moved down the bed kissing his chest. My eyes looked up at Sam.

“Sam, put your head on the pillow.”

He gulped, “But I want to see.”

I grinned, “No, lie on the pillow and feel, feel what I’m doing, close your eyes and feel my mouth kissing you, and feel my tits rubbing around your cock and down your legs.”

He lay back and I carried on kissing my way slowly down to his flat belly, making sure my nipples lightly grazed over his cock, and thighs, and down his legs. He whimpered and groaned, and both sounds were filled with a lustful expectancy.

“That’s good….that’s real good,” he mumbled dreamily, “oh fuck!” he added, a little more in shocked surprise, as my mouth slipped over his cock.

My head bobbed as slowly as I could make it, and as far down as I could take it. After a few moments I came back up, I didn’t want him coming in mouth. Well, not until my pussy took his virginity first.

I lay next to him on my back, and took his hand. I wrapped my fingers around just his index finger, took it to my mouth, licked it, and guided it between my legs.

He gasped as he felt my pussy for the first time.

“No not there Sam, there,” I whispered as I placed his finger on my clit, “Just tease her all around, slowly.

I let go of his hand and turned his face to mine, we kissed as his finger did the magic between my legs.

“Is that okay?”

“Sam, can you feel my hard nipples against your arm, can you feel my shaking slightly, and can you hear my soft groans?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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