File Under T

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Christina smiled happily as she looked at the time on the start bar of her monitor. Quarter past five in the afternoon and everything was up to date. She had done the filing, made all the necessary travel arrangements for her boss and even managed to get some letters typed up that didn’t need to be sent until Friday. Third day on the job and Christina had it all under control.

Christina took a look at her desk at decided that it would be best to try and arrange it a little before heading home. It was only her second job as a personal assistant, and at her old workplace she managed to get things settled just the way she wanted them. Her new desk was completely different though. Where her old one was a beautiful mahogany monster with more draws and hidey holes than anyone could possibly use, her new desk was a sleek chrome and glass number that had a single set of metal draws tucked underneath it. The trick was getting her new desk to hold all of her stuff, yet still look nice and neat.

The first thing that had to go for the afternoon were the post-it notes on the monitor. They were Christina’s own brand of super-advanced self-reminders. She usually went through at least two post-it note stacks per week. Today she was splitting her tasks between fluro yellow and baby pink; yellow for urgent and pink for tasks that could wait. It was with much pride that Christina begun to remove the sticky notes from her computer screen. Each one, to her, felt like a job well done.

“Oh shit.” Suddenly Christina’s day just went from a complete success to a complete failure. “Shit, shit, shit!” She snatched away at the row of pink post-its and gasped when she saw the last lonely note on her computer monitor.

It was yellow.

It was urgent.

And she should have given it to her boss well over two hours ago.

Christina’s face went deep red as she snatched the note off the monitor and leapt up from her chair. She turned around and saw that her boss, Mr. Alex Bennet, was sorting through several large stacks of paper work. Christina smoothed her skirt, took a deep breath to center herself, and then tried to figure out what the hell she was going to say as she made her way across the large open-plan office space and towards the glass haven that was her boss’s office.

If she were completely honest with herself Christina had to admit that the thought of telling her new boss about her oversight was only half of the problem. The other half was that she turned into jelly in his presence. When she had gone to the interview he had been called away on business. Instead, she had met a lovely middle-age woman from HR and a younger lady who worked as a personal assistant for one of the other partners. When she met Mr. Bennet on the first morning of her employment she had been rendered speechless and turned an unfortunate shade of pink.

Alex Bennet was stunning. He had a strong chiseled face that framed deep brown eyes that were the most gorgeous Christina had ever seen. She could easily tell that he was older than her – there was just the lightest splattering of grey hair around the edges of his deep brown hairline, but instead of making him look old Christina decided that the terms experienced and knowledgeable would be more accurate. He was stunningly attractive in an insanely-hot-older-guy kind of way.

When Christina knocked on the door it took a few moments for Alex to look up from his work. When he did his eyes were glazed and his face was tense. It made Christina’s stomach turn uncomfortably; the news she had would only make his afternoon more stressful.

“Can I help you Miss Smith?” He asked, his dark brown eyebrows creased.

“Er- sorry to interrupt sir, but I just remembered something that I forgot earlier and it was kind of urgent but I didn’t see my memo until half a minute ago and it was yellow. It was hidden beneath all the pinks otherwise I wouldn’t have forgotten.” Christina babbled far too quickly.

“Yellow? Pink? What are you talking about Miss Smith?” Alex asked, his deep brown eyes filling with confusion.

“This-” Christina held the note out to him “Ms. Petler called while you were out to lunch and said it was urgent.”

Alex’s deep expression went from confused to sharp in an instant. His entire demeanor changed and he clenched his teeth. Christina couldn’t stop the blush from rising on her cheeks as she realized that this was turning from a bad stuff-up into a monumental oversight.

“Ms. Petler called just after lunch and you are telling me now?” Alex snapped irritably. Christina flinched and nodded, then tried to calculate how whether her stuff would fit into the single box she had in her car or if she’d need another one to clear her new draws out.

“Yes sir. Sorry sir. Like I said, the note was yellow and it was hidden under the pink.” She said with an apologetic frown.

“What time is it?” Alex asked, ignoring her pathetic attempt at an excuse and turning to look at the clock on the wall behind him. “Oh for nikki bella says i do izle the love of…. Quarter past five already?”He looked at the massive piles of paper on the desk in front of him and again at the clock and groaned. “This day just gets better and better. On the only night that I am supposed to be leaving the office early…”

“Sir, is there anything I can do to help?” Christina asked quietly, tucking a strand of her long black hair behind her ear.

“I’d say you’ve done more than enough.” Alex growled, his brown eyes meeting hers. Christina had to look away.

“I really am sorry Mr. Bennett. I swear it won’t happen again.” Christina turned around and made to leave.

“Actually…” She stopped and bit her lip before turning around. “There is something you can do for me. I have to call Ms. Petler right now, but I also need this paperwork filed before I go home. While I’m on my call you can put all of this away.” He gestured at the mountains of paperwork on his desk and didn’t even bother to wait for a response before he picked up his phone and started dialing.

If her old boss had done this to her Christina would have glared at her and told her that she’d only stay back if she was going to get paid over time. However, this was not her old job, and after such a monumental mistake Christina could not afford to have an attitude. So, ignoring the fact that the paperwork would take the better part of an hour to put away, she gritted her teeth and decided to atone for her sin. Plus, even if he was angry he was still a treat to look at.

Christina made her way over to Mr. Bennet’s desk and picked up the file that was closest to her. She looked up, and then around, and then back at the file with a frown. Mr. Bennet’s office was just as sparse as the rest of the offices. His large metal and glass desk was clear of everything except for his computer and his paperwork. There was a sleek black leather chair on the opposite side of his desk, a chaise lounge against the far wall and some strange modern art statue that Christina thought looked like a giant bent spoon. How on earth was she supposed to do his filing for him if there was nowhere to put it? There wasn’t a single filing cabinet in sight.

“Excuse me Sir, but where do these go?” Christina asked in a hushed whisper, felling like a complete idiot.

Mr. Bennet covered the speaker of the phone with one hand and reached under a stack of paperwork. He pulled out a black remote with several white round buttons. He pressed one and much to Christina’s amazement, the left half of the back wall started to push forward and slide aside revealing tall stacks of filing cabinets.

“Alphabetical order.” He whispered back. “A to M on that side, and N to Z on the other side. Let me know when you need the other side open.”


“No Pro-” Mr Bennet begun, but suddenly his attention changed and his entire body tensed. “Good afternoon Maureen, how are you? This is Alex Bennet from Bennet, Mars and Assosiciates. I was wondering if Annie was in please? I caught her just in time? Great.” Mr. Bennet gave Christina an acidic glare and nodded at the mountains of paperwork before turning the back of his chair luxurious leather office chair on her and waiting for his call to be transferred.

Hmph- that’s polite. Christina thought as she pushed past the back of his chair carefully and made her way to the wall of filing cabinets. Unfortunately the filing cabinets were just as designer-chic as the rest of the office. It seemed as if the designers had decided to forgo the typical labeling system and leave the front of the filing cabinets free of identifiers in favor of a ridiculously impractical but streamlined design. Perfect, Christina thought with a frown, this is gonna take forever.

Mr. Bennet’s conversation soon became indistinct when Christina’s drive to get her work completely took over. Check the name on the file, count the draws, put the file away, get a new file. If the file is N to Z pile it back up on the desk. It was a mantra that was so monotonous that she managed to use it to calm her jangled nerves. It wasn’t long before Christina no longer needed to count half of the draws. Just as she got the hang of it she ran out of A to M files and needed to move on to the rest.

Christina cleared her throat, not wanting to talk whilst Mr. Bennet was so intent on listening to whatever it was that Annie Petler had to say. After a few moments Christina realized that he hadn’t heard her and cleared her throat again, a little more loudly this time. After another minute without a response, Christina rolled her eyes. The high back of Mr. Bennet’s chair prevented her from seeing anything more of him than his black pin-striped suited arm.

“Sir?” She whispered, tentatively reaching out and placing her hand on his arm.

Christina felt the muscles in Mr. Bennet’s arm tense beneath her touch and he turned to face her, eyes wide and shocked. nolly izle Christina gave him an apologetic smile and pointed at the other side of the wall. With a curt nod he reached out and pressed another button, and there was a faint mechanical buzz as the first door slid back into place and the second opened. Christina gave him a nod of thanks and got back to work.

Within moments Mr. Bennet begun talking animatedly again. It was all extremely technical and thoroughly boring terms that Christina could understand just about as much as she could understand binary; not at all. Once she got back into the swing of things Mr. Bennet’s deliciously deep voice washed over her and even though she couldn’t understand the content of his conversation she still enjoyed the sound of his voice.

At one stage Christina turned around and noticed that Mr. Bennet had turned his chair around to face her. Just as she looked up he looked away and at his blank computer screen. Christina gritted her teeth and felt the weight of her failure well up again in the pit of her stomach. The filing had helped her to calm down, but seeing that Bennet was watching her to make sure she was doing her work properly set her nerves back on edge.

A few minutes later Christina realized that the talk had stopped and she turned around again to see that Mr. Bennet was still watching her. His eyes were dark and the look he was giving her was thoroughly uncomfortable. He was off the phone now, and had his arms crossed over his chest as he gazed at her.

“Sir?” Christina asked, picking up one of the last of several files and checking the name on it. P.

“Your oversight nearly cost me a contract Christina.” He said in a tone that made her shiver.

“I’m sorry Sir. It won’t happen, I swear.” She stammered.

“Please see that it doesn’t.” He said. The room was filled with a terribly thick silence.

“Would you like me to finish this filing now?” She asked, her eyes flicking up at his computer screen and widening when she realized that almost an hour had passed already.

“Yes please. I have a few things to attend to before I call it in for the day.” He said, but he didn’t turn back to face his computer.

Christina bit her lip as she turned around to put the file in the cabinet. She heard the wheel’s of Mr. Bennet’s chair slide on the stone floor as she leant over to put the file in the second bottom draw. As she flicked through the multitude of files to find the right spot she felt a strange shiver and looked back over her shoulder.

“Sir?” His eyes were still on her, a strange mix of emotions playing behind the gorgeous brown façade.

“Continue.” He said with a slight shrug. Unnerved Christina turned back to her work. When she finally slipped the file into place she stood up straight and turned around. Just as she was about to pick up the next file Mr. Bennet put his hand on it.

“Wait a minute.” He said, giving her a serious look. He took the file out from under her hand and looked at the label on it.

“File this under T please.” He said, holding out the file to her. Christina looked at the label and frowned.

“But sir, the name starts with R.” Christina said slowly.

“Really?” Mr. Bennet took the file back, looked at it again and hmphed to himself. “So it does. Let me fix that.” He reached into his jacket and pulled out a heavy looking silver pen. He twisted the top of it and then scribbled out the R in Ryall and replaced it with a T before handing it back to Christina.

Christina looked at the file carefully and then back up at her new boss. There was a glint in his eye and his facial expression spoke of a silent challenge. One that she didn’t quite understand.

“Was the name spelt incorrectly?” She asked, unable to help herself.


“Then why do you want it under T?”

“Please Christina, file that under T.” Bennet said slowly, looking at her calmly.

With a very pathetic attempt at a nonchalant shrug Christina turned around. M, N, O, P, Q, R, S, T… Oh! The very bottom draw, in an awkward space between Bennet’s chair and the desk. Christina looked back at her boss to see a smirk on his chiseled face and she rolled her eyes. Christina pulled the back of her knee-length skirt down and then squatted down. When she tried to pull the draw open she found that there wasn’t enough room to get it open enough to slide the file in. She looked up at Mr. Bennet and saw that playful smirk still plastered on his face. Fine, Christina thought, don’t move. Christina got back to her feet, moved to the side a little and then leant over.

The further she leant over the further her skirt rode up. She couldn’t help but blush when she realized that the top of her stockings, and the suspenders they were connected to, would now be showing. Christina was relieved when she finally slipped the file into place.

Her relief, however, was extremely short lived. Just as she was about to straighten up she felt a firm normal people izle hand come up to cup the curve of her arse. Instead of standing up gracefully she let out an undignified yelp and jumped up in shock.

“Sir!” She snapped, her admonishment clear in her voice. He shrugged at her and gave her an innocent smile before tapping the next file on the pile. Conveniently labeled as a W name.

“After your mistake today, Christina, most employers would have dismissed you immediately. Need I remind you that are, and will be, on probation for three months?”

“Mr. Bennet! That is thoroughly inappropriate!” Christina said, spitting out the words as her anger rose.

“Why do you think you got this job?” Mr. Bennet asked her. Christina’s mouth dropped open in shock.

“Because I did well in the interview, got excellent reference and because I am very good at my job.” She said indignantly.

“No, you got the job because I like having a PA that has mediocre talent and exceptional presentation.” He laughed.

“I do not have mediocre skills!” Christina snapped.

“This is only your second job as a PA Miss Bennet. Do you know how many othersapplied for this position? People who came to Bennet, Mars and Associates with a very long background in similar roles?”

“You weren’t even at the interview to see my presentation.” Christina said, glaring at him. If truth were told she did wonder just how she managed to get the job. She just figured that her old boss gave her an excellent reference and that there was little competition.

“Facebook Miss Bennet. Just about every twenty-something year old female has it.” He said flippantly. “Your profile picture is quite interesting, if I might say so.”

Christina’s face turned burning hot as she realized what her profile picture was. It was taken three weeks earlier at her best friend’s hens night. It was a picture of her, dressed to the nines, holding a large yard glass shaped like a cock with a drunken grin plastered on her face.

“Now are you going to finish this filing or would you rather clear out your desk?” Asked Bennet with an impatient glance at his computer clock. When he did Christina looked out of the glass terrarium of his office and realized that most of the lights in the outer offices were off, and that all of the other staff members had gone home. They were alone. Very alone.

Christina’s thoughts turned immediately to her brand new Volkswagen Beetle that was parked happily in the office lot. Then she thought about her severely depleted savings account that had been abused after she had been made redundant in her last position. If she lost this job she would have to forfeit her car and maybe even move back in with her parents.

Three more files to go and she was home free.

With an acrid glare at her boss she snatched the last three files off his desk and turned around. Luckily two of them were names that started with R. It meant that she got to step away from her boss and open a draw that was at chest height. A moment later she shut the draw and looked at the last file. She wanted to look back to see if Bennet was watching her, but decided not to give him the satisfaction. Instead, she took the file with Maclean, J’s name on it and shifted over, her thigh pressing against the arm of Alex’s chair. She pulled the draw open, raised herself onto her toes to check the order of the files in the draw, and then slipped the final one in place at the same time that Alex Bennet slipped his hand up her skirt.

Christina’s entire body tensed as his long fingers caressed the smooth satin of her knickers. His hand was burning hot against her and she held her breath. If she lowered herself back down onto her feet properly then she would be lowering right into his waiting grasp. She turned and looked over her shoulder to see him watching her with a fervent gaze that made her stomach flip-flop and her lower regions flood with arousal.

When she made no move to escape his sudden contact, his fingers began to trace light circles over the seat of her panties. As he leisurely made his way from her arse to the junction between her thighs her calf muscles began to burn with the effort of staying on her toes for so long. When her legs began to shake she couldn’t tell whether it was from exertion or arousal.

As her bosses fingers reached the fabric that was resting against her quickly moistening entrance, a short Oh! escaped Christina’s lips and her legs gave way. She closed her eyes, expecting to feel her back slam into the hard edges of Alex’s desk, but instead she felt a strong arm reach out to catch her as she fell. When she opened her eyes she saw Alex’s deep brown orbs staring back at her, a roguish smirk tickling the corner of his lips.

“Falling for the boss already Christina?” He murmured, voice rolling with waves of heat, “So soon?”

When his lips came down to meet hers Christina felt the first of her resistance slip away. His tongue pushed into her mouth and she moaned at the clean minty taste of him. As they kissed his hands ran the length of her back and cupped the back of her head, pulling her against him more firmly.

“The door is still open, Miss Smith.” Alex Bennet whispered through deep, laborious breaths, “This is your last chance to leave.”

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