First Meeting

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Female Ejaculation

At the airport arrival lounge through the crowds of busy people, I caught a glimpse of her for the first time. My heart starts to pound faster. The thoughts and excitement filled my head that I can finally touch and caress my online love (Leanne). She is everything that I had hoped and dreamed. I loved how her hair flowed and caressed over her breasts in her low cut top that she said she would be wearing. She made her way through the crowds of people to get to me.

Finally, within touching distance, I take her in my arms and pull her close to me. My emotion flowing as it takes over me. She smells so good and her skin feels so soft on my lips as I kiss her on the cheek. We walk hand in hand to her car stopping occasionally to kiss and hug each other.

Her brother (Jason) turns and says. “Hey you love birds behave yourselves.”

We get to the car park. Her brother opens the trunk and I put my suitcases in. She gets in the car first allowing her legs to part just enough to flash her thighs at me. I climb in sitting next to her.

Her brother’s voice breaks the silence

“You have a good flight over from England Rob.”

“Yes it was great not as scary as I thought it will be” Being my first flight.

Leanne said, “Lets get going! I’m sure he needs some rest after such a long flight.”

“Ok sis, keep your panties on.”

I hold Leanne’s hand and watch the scenery flying past as Jason drives. A mixture of nervous and excitement full me at being in a strange new country. We finally reach Leanne’s house. I go to the trunk to fetch my suitcase out.

“Leave that Rob, Jason will get it I want to show you round my house.”

“Ok Leanne.”

I follow her in to her house into the front room and grab hold of her and kiss her passionately on the lips warping my arms round her and holding her close to me. As I slip her some tongue she circles her tongue round mine before gently starting to suck it.

“I thought you was showing him round your house not the inside of your mouth.” Jason sarcastically says as he brings my suitcases in.

“Bring your suitcase to my bedroom and I’ll unpack for you while you go take a shower to freshen up.” Leanne says has she pulls away from me.

Leanne hands me a robe and a towel from my suitcase and directs me to the shower. I head to the shower her brother says as I pass him. “I have to go I’ll let you the offer izle pair have some privacy I’ll be back round later with my girlfriend.”

“Ok see you later’s Jason take care.”

I close the bathroom door turn the shower on and start to get undressed then step in to the shower. Taking the shower gel I pour some on my chest and begin to wash my self I begin to daydream as I lather myself up thinking of Leanne and all the intimate things that I been wanting to do with her. I start to stroke my aroused cock as I drift further in to my daydream.

“You need some help with that sexy.”

My heart miss’s a beat as I realise Leanne had entered the room and had been watching me I wasn’t sure how long she had been there.

“Oh I was just thinking of you.”

She looks down at my hard soapy cock and say’s. “Hmm I bet.”

She undoes the zip on her dress and lets it fall to the floor to reveal round firm breasts straining to get out of a black lace bra. My eyes move down lower she as no panties on. She parts her legs to give me a better view, Wow her pussy is amazing big juicy inner lips and an oh so sweet clit peeking out.

“I look much better live then over a cam on NetMeeting, Don’t you think.”

“Oh yes your unbelievable Leanne.” I stutter out.

She steps in to the shower with me I bring my hands up to her breasts to start exploring her circling my hands round her breasts then cupping them then bringing my head down to start kissing them all over she throws her head back and moans my name. I Move my mouth to her nipple and gently flick my tongue over her hardening nipple then gently sucking it in to my mouth swirling my tongue all over it before moving across to her other nipple.

“Oh baby feels so good to be caressed again.”

Leanne had been keeping herself celibate for me ever since she met me online some 12 months ago in spite of her high sex drive.

I trace my tongue from her breasts working down her seductively she parts her legs a little and I flick my tongue over her hard erect clit. She sighs. “Ooh yesss baby feels so good.”

I teasingly move down away from her pussy as her moans start to get louder caressing my hands down her legs and tenderly kissing and nibbling her thighs. Before moving back up to her pussy licking longly along her slit parting her juicy inner lips to taste her for the the old man izle first time. Mmm she tastes so good. Tracing my tongue up over her mound working slowly up her kissing and licking cupping a hand on each breast flicking my tongue over her fully aroused nipples.

Worshipping her body with my hands and mouth she holds my head and lifts me up to her lips kissing me with lust and slipping her tongue in to my mouth I gently suck on it while teasing the tip of her tongue with mine. She caress’s her hands down my back moving them onto my bottom. Then round to the front of me stroking her hands over my cock circling her fingers round the rim of my knob before moving her hands down to cup my balls in her hands.

“Mmm baby I want to suck you dry.”

She kneels down in front of me letting the underside of her tongue stroke down over my shaft as she lowers down. Tracing her tongue over my balls as she grips my shaft and starts to stroke my rock hard shaft. She moves up and flicks her tongue over the tip of my knob. Tasting my precum for the first time she expertly licks my jap’s eye before pulling my foreskin right back and flickering her tongue round the rim of my knob then sucking my throbbing cock in to her hungry mouth.

“Damm Leanne you sure now how to give head girl.”

Harder she sucks on my knob while stroking me up and down.

“Oh god baby much more of this and I’m going to shoot my load.”

She moves her hand down on to my balls and holds them and takes me deeper in to her mouth. I rest my hands on her head as she takes more of my length in to her hot mouth. Deeper my cock goes she deep throats me the sensation of this sends me over the edge and my body begins to shake as I reach the point of no return. Leanne pulls back till my knobs just in her mouth

“Oh fuck I’m cumin Leanne.”

She squeezes my balls as I spray my hot cum in to her mouth harder she sucks getting every drop of my hot cream. She unclamps her mouth from my cock and licks her lips showing a cum covered tongue a little dribbles down her chin.

“Wow baby your no stranger to cock sucking that’s the best blow job I’ve ever had.”

She winks at me, I kneel down with her and kiss her tasting my cum on her lips. We sit in the shower kissing and caressing each other giving me time to recharge. We step out the shower and dry each other off the passage izle before heading to the bedroom.

I sit her on the edge of the bed and part her legs then kneel down and look up at her and say.

“Now let me give you some long overdue pleasure.”

I lick up along her leg up on to her thigh licking and kissing running my tongue over her pussy then back down her other thigh kissing and licking. She leans back some more and spreads wider.

“Oh god baby stop teasing and eat my pussy.” She screams out.

I take her legs and push them wide and back on to her breasts as she lye’s back exposing her sweet pussy to me. I lick from her ass hole up over her pussy lips and over her clit then licking down over her pussy with the underside of my tongue. Then tugging on her juicy inner lips with my teeth pulling them out then letting them go doing it over and over. Her pussy cream starts to drip out of her as I do this I take my tongue and lap her cream up she tastes so sweet.

Parting her lips with my tongue I start to tongue fuck her moving a hand up on to her clit I roll her clit between my fingers as I do this. Deeper I push my tongue in to her feeling her hot twat tighten and squeeze my tongue as she gets close to orgasm. I move up and suck her hard clit in to my mouth alternating between sucking and licking.

“Oh yes, Oh yes, baby don’t stop.”

Harder I suck her sweet clit as she gets close I move down to catch all her juices in my mouth as her cum gushes out of her pussy.

“Mmm baby that’s it take all my cream in your mouth.” She moans out.

I lick all her juices up, “Leanne get on all fours for me.”

She turns round and arches her back sticking her ass up in the air. Shit I got to say what a wonderful view her pussy lips hanging down between her creamy thighs. I stand up and Take my cock in my hand and start to rub my knob round her clit. Then up between her slick pussy lips her lips look so sweet flickering over my knob. I take hold of her hips and push hard right in to her hot cunt.

“Ooh that’s it Rob fuck me hard I been needing it for so long.”

Deeper and harder I fuck in to her with long thrusts banging all the way in to her pussy then sliding out to the tip of my knob. My balls slapping against her thighs I reach underneath her and start to stroke her engorged clit tugging it with my fingers as I slam in to her pussy.

Her cunt starts to spasm round my shaft as she reaches another orgasm the effect of this brings me close and I shoot my cum deep in to her pussy. I collapse on the bed next to her gather her up in my arms and we lie there cuddling and chatting until we both fall asleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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