Frigid Hearts Ch. 01

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Character’s ages are:

Jalena – 21
Malakai – 19
Jouya- 22
Ranae – 20
Domanis – 23
Delano – 25
Thanasis – 29

*******~*_Frigid Hearts_*~*******

The streets were busy – the rush to get out of the blistering winter winds only spurred the crowds to finish up their tasks so they could hurry home in the comforts of a warm home. Not everyone had a home. A cat peered at the passing humans with narrowed yellow eyes. Sensing that there was no food available, the creature turned back into the alley. Powdery snow tickled it’s whiskers as it lowered it head to the ground – a new scent invaded it’s sensitive nose. Curious, it gave a mew before venturing towards a pile of boxes tucked back against the wall that ended the alley. And there, huddled in the corner was a teenage boy in torn clothes that barely clung to his body.

It was cold. Very cold and wet. Sitting up slowly, the boy would’ve cried out in pain if his voice would work. W-What’s wrong with my voice?? He blinked in worry; there was no change to the black he saw. Fear gripped at his mind; he shakily brought his hands to his face, searching for a blindfold or whatever it was that impeded his vision. His hands pulled away empty-handed. Why-Why can’t I see? What’s wrong with me? Now scrambling to stand, the boy bit his lip as intense pain ripped through his body. Why-What happened to me? Why is it so cold? Why can’t I… Scared, he gently sat down again, careful not to hurt the other injuries he felt on his body. W-Without sight….How can I… The voice he had in his mind trailed off as he raised his hands – he could still feel things with his hands. Hesitantly, the boy let his fingertips run gently over body, feeling for any other injuries. M-my clothes…They’re almost shredded…No wonder it’s so cold…

“Meow?” The boy raised his head, listening hard so he could home in on where the sound was coming from. He’d heard that sound before, but from where?

“Meow?” Hands reached out, searching for the source of that sound that stirred something in his mind. He felt his lips curl with smile when he felt soft fur touch his cool fingers. Careful, the boy picked the creature up and nuzzled his cheek against. A strange sound rumbled throughout the creature, reverberating against his chest as he held it close. I-It tickles… Liking it, he settled back before he thought worriedly about his situation.

Where am I? And why can’t I remember anything before this?


Alone in the upperclass apartments of District 18, a young man of nineteen sweated and scurried around the kitchen. Curses and pleas escaping his lips, he searched for scissors before returning to his dying flowers. They were already starting to wilt, the sudden snow fall affecting them too much.

Come on! You guy’s aren’t dying so soon! The rare flowers managed to bloom just a few weeks ago, and there was no way he’d let those flowers die. He had tried everything; those expensive plant feed kits, special formulas and altering where he placed the flower pots. Nothing worked.

After an hour of adjusting the various lamps placed in the living room, the boy gave up. Feelings coiled together, things unfamiliar but not. With a growl, he closed his eyes: he hated it when this happened. Everything felt so strange, like somewhere deep in him was being clawed apart. His body felt riled with sudden energy, ready to throw a punch or start screaming. What is this feeling? Anger? Fustration? Annoyance? So many times did his sister try and explain emotions to him, but nothing seemed to help him understand the foreign feelings. His normally furrowed brows lessened somewhat, as he stared out the window, looking at the delicate snowflakes descend from the dark skies. A laugh slipped past his mask and died as in a near sob. Now his chest hurt, like someone had ripped his heart out.

Gods…It’s hurts not being able to feel now…


It was almost evening now, and the crowds were dispersing as the light began to fade. The skies grew darker as the snow started to fall more steadily. On a street in District 28, people suddenly streamed out of a building. Smiles and happiness permeated the air, but most could not detect the feeling.

Jalena smiled, as people filed out of the bar. Her performance this night stained the air; she could feel it. I just wish they could feel it too… Already stored away her lyric sheets, the girl picked up her bag and looped it around her shoulder. There’s too many dark eyes…They’re starting to show up everywhere… Sadness hit her hard, knowing that her brother too, had lost the ability to feel. And what’s worse is that his eyes are completely black… Maybe her singing, her emotion-imbused words could help those in the crowd turn away from their self-induced poison and clear their minds of the misfortunes and problems they experienced. Luckily, she had managed to esenyurt escort pick herself back up, keep those thoughts away, but not everyone could with what was going on in the world right now.

“Still here, Jally?” She turned, and gave a smile – only Axel would call her by that name. Jalena eyed the rather handsome man and gave a smile,”Yah, just thinking about stuff…” She left off; she knew he understood the topic of her thoughts.

“Hmm…That was good singing tonight, by the way. Really made me feel something in my heart.” The older man gave a smile, “You keep it up!” Jalena gave a laugh and saluted on her way out.

“Will do, Axy!”

“Don’t call me that!”

Ahh…That blonde bombshell is always good for a chuckle… The twenty-five year old owner of “Sable Infinity” Bar always had words that were said with ease, but full of sincerity that made her feel even better. There were only a few in the whole world who still had bright eyes. Eyes that had color. Not tinted eyes that don’t shine in the light… With a inward sigh, the petit girl brushed her dyed, long green hair over her shoulder and hurried on her way home. Better hurry home… Jalena smiled, knowing her older brother would be worrying about her right now.

“Meow?” The sound got her attention, and stopped infront of the alley entrance. It was dark, forboding. Maybe it’s a stray…I bet Jouya wouldn’t mind if I brought it home…

W-Wait! Come back! The boy in the alley felt the creature leave his arms, could feel the bitter bite of the cold weather embrace him once more. Wait!The act of giving comfort to another was something that helped calm himself, and now that the creature was leaving… The boy gave a sharp scream in his mind as he stumbled on something right after trying to follow the retreating thing. Pain throbbed in his back, especially his shoulders. Tears came to his eyes, but he couldn’t find the name for them as he whimpered silently.

Jalena jumped at the sudden crash in the alley; the sharp of metal clanging together still echoing in her ears. She heard scuffling, as if someone was trying to get up after a tumble. Considering to go and see, her hesitancy faded when her chocolate brown eyes fell on a small figure coming into view. She gave a gasp and rushed into the alley, kneeling next to the person who lay on the cold snow.

“Hey, are you alright? Aren’t you…cold…?” Her question died as her eyes adjusted to the darker surroundings; the person, a boy, was in terrible condition. His clothes barely hung onto his thin body, and was covered in bloodstains. Jalena gently tipped the boy’s face up, making sure he was consious and breathing, then gave a gasp.

H-his eyes…

Those startling lavender eyes were bright. Their sheen was spectacular compared to the dark, fading colors she saw on those who lost hope. Those who lost the will to keep fighting against the problems the world threw at them. But his eyes…They’re…filled with tears?. Jalena gave a gasp and laid the hand she used to tip the boy’s chin up, onto his cheek.

“A-Are you alright? You seem to be hurt everywhere…” Her answer was silence. Frowning, she watched the boy mouth something over and over again. His eyes darted back and forth, and were glazed over with tears and something else. Like…He can’t focus on anything The girl’s eyes widened; could he not speak nor see?

Please don’t hurt me, whoever you are…I can hear your questions, but I can’t answer you… The warm hand started to stroke his cold cheek; he shivered.

“Can you hear me?” The voice was soft, gentle and understanding. He nodded, and heard the girl give a relieved sigh,

“Can you speak?” Here, he shook his head and made his face into what he hoped was a wince as he rubbed his throat, shaking his head. Then he shuffled away and tapped at his closed eyelids in hopes to let the girl know he couldn’t see. Wait- Th-They’re open!! His body gave a shake, and more water streamed down his face. This water…W-What is it called? It had a name…

“You’re eyes? What…Can’t you see me?” Heart lightened that she understood him somewhat, he shook his head, feeling more water run down his face.

“You poor dear…Here…I’ll take you to my home where you can get warm and dry.” An arm hooked under his, and jarred his injuries, leaving him to scream in his mind.

‘Will you let me take you with me?” The girl sounded so caring it was hard to deny her help; besides, he couldn’t say no to dry clothes and a warm place to sleep. He nodded and felt himself be gently tugged to stand. He moved as best as he could, favoring his left leg because of the burning pain he felt on his right side. My back…Gods… It felt as though some of his skin had been ripped off and left great gaping wounds. He felt the girl pull him slowly and he walked, blindly following istanbul escort her lead.


T-The cat! He turned sharply, then regretted it as pain blossomed over his body. Ignoring it, he reached a hand out, pointing in the direction he heard the cat. I-Its cold out! It’ll get freezing at night. It meowed again, strengthening his attempt to get the girl’s attention.

“What is it? Is something wrong?” She finally asked when he stopped walking with her. Yes! I-I want to bring that furry creature with me! P-Please! He ached to hold something to him, something he could comfort and be comforted by touch.

“Well…Come on then…”

I don’t want to leave the cat behind…

* * *

Cigarette smoke flew out of Jouya’s mouth as he chuckled quietly. Malakai’s attempts are just too funny… The stubborn kid wouldn’t accept that his flowers were dying, and wouldn’t survive for long, even with the use of all the lamps of the apartment to appease the dying weed’s picky needs.

“Jouya! Nothing I do works! I’ve tried everything and still- Can’t you do anything besides smirk at me? And put out that cigarette…You know I hate those things…”

Jouya couldn’t help it; Malakai’s confusing mood changes were much too amusing although he felt guiltly for laughing. It had been days since he found anything worth a tug to his lips, and the young teenager’s antics were too funny to ignore. Of course…I’ve always liked the boy… Malakai had never really managed to grasp his emotions ever since his parent’s death, and lost his ability to feel emotions or understand what he felt. The questions the boy would ask him were always to the point and the needful look on his face made Jouya want to tell him and hide it from him at the same time, to save him from the pain of knowing he couldn’t feel. Him and Jal…I can only hope Jalena can bring those feelings back soon… The cheery young girl had an aura about her that made everyone smile somehow – an ability much needed now. She’s a good influence…

The twenty-two year old young man let his body slink back into “his” chair as he inhaled his cigarette, There are even times when I think I can understand some emotions now…

The younger boy collapsed onto his knees next to his chair, face stuck between pain and the expression of anger that Jalena had pointed out to him, how to recognize the emotion. Many times, Malakai knelt on the floor, fists unclenching and clenching as he mumured silently, face hidden by his long brown bangs. Jouya ran his crimson eyes over the younger, and felt the need to comfort Kai again. After so many times of offering a comforting hand to the boy, Jouya found it natural to just reach out and run his fingers through those long brown locks. Out of routine, whenever Malakai collapsed from stress, Jou would calm the boy.

Feeling gentle fingers wind through his hair, Malakai gave a sigh and laid his cheek against Jouya’s armrest of “the chair”. Dark velvet covering, and a lamp next to it, the area was strictly Jouya’s. Opening his completely black eyes- When had…I closed them? – Malakai looked around their average sized apartment, just perfect for the three of them to live without trouble. Plant pots were now spread out across the whole living room; they used to be in one corner, but since the plants started to die… No matter what I do…

“M-My flowers…” He whimpered, and suddenly moved so his cheek rested on the black-clothed knee of Jouya. The older shushed him, telling him that everything dies eventually, but never ceased the movement of those comforting fingers. The rattling emotions burned his mind and skin, something like what Jalena described to him as anger. Why can’t I save them? They…They were doing so well… Water prickled at his eyes, and kept his gaze blurry, even when the door burst open, he had no trouble to recognize who it was – no other girl lived with them. Only Jalena did.

“Jou! Malakai! I-I need help!”

Jouya let his fingers linger in Kai’s hair only for a few extra seconds, the boy had given a terrible jump at the sudden noise, before gently pushing the boy off his knee. Striding over to the door, he gave a gasp at what Jalena struggled to keep upright. A boy, covered in bloodstains and injuries, was slinking to the floor slowly, as if he had no more strength to stand.

“I-I found him about half a block away, just past the Axel’s bar! He’s hurt bad and-” She let out a yelp as her slick arm fell away from the boy’s bloody shoulder and slipped from her grip. Jouya caught the boy, and hoisted him up into his arms. Scooping around his knees and shoulders, he nearly dropped the boy because of the scream the newcomer gave out. Oh Gods! Quickly, he made for Malakai’s old bedroom and sat the injured boy rather than laying him down. Suspecting something wrong with his back, Jouya beylikdüzü escort quickly scanned over the barely clothed teenager.

“Jal, get me clean towels and the first aid kit! Malakai! Get me a bucket of warm water and bring them back!”

Both nodded shakily and ran to get what he needed. Jouya turned to the strange new boy and bit his lip. Eyeing the long, tangled mess of purple hair, he fished out the hairtye he kept in his pocket, the one he usually used on Jal’s hair, and quickly bound the hair from the boy’s face and injuries.

“Jouya! Here! I got you the towels and kit! Mala’s just getting you a sponge!”

“Here Jou!” Malakai ran in, depositing the bucket of water on the ground, “A-anything else you need?”

“No, close the door and leave me with him, I’ll need to concentrate while working over him.”


After shooing the other two away, Jouya down the lights in the room, guessing the boy would be startled when he woke up. He eyed the boy from a distance, trying to guess what the boy had been through. H-His back… Moving closer, he saw two long diagonal cuts that ran with the line of his shoulder blades. The cuts were deep, as if a sharp blade had sliced the skin very quickly. Unknown to Jou, a look of great sympathy crossed his face as he reached out and let his fingers ghost along one of the cuts, not actually touching the wound. The boy on the bed stirred, shivering suddenly as he twisted on his stomach. The movement startled the older from his thoughts and swirled his fingers gently into the boy’s tangled hair as carefully as he could.

“Sh…Shh…It’s alright…” And the boy calmed, just as Jouya thought he would.

With knowing hands, Jouya cleaned the boy’s back so that it was free of blood and the dirt. With no trouble, he turned the boy so he was facing him and wrapped a bandage around his stomach, where large cuts had been made, then laid the boy on his stomach once more. This isn’t good…He’s far too light… The boy was cleaned and bandaged now, but would it be enough? He let his hand sink back into the boy’s long purple hair, taking a liking to the color. Maybe I’ll get Jal to stay in here for the night…

“-from our realm forever. Take him away!” Hands grabbed him roughly, and the next thing the boy knew, pain inflamed his body as knives cut into his body, then it grew into more that made him scream. Before passing out, he felt hands, hands everywhere…Shouts…Someone crying? And hands pulling at his hair, at his limbs and laughter…


Lavender eyes creaked open, faltering until he realized he was awake now – the hand touching him wasn’t a dream person. Panicked and terribly scared, he started to thrash around, hoping to make the person go away. Don’t touch me! Don’t hurt me, please! P-Please go away!!! His mind screamed as did his best to crawl away from the person who was touching him, frightening him.

Jouya froze, and felt something call out to him, words from somewhere. Don’t touch me! Don’t hurt me, please!… There was more, but the shock to where it was coming from. But there, Jou could somehow feel the words in the air, coming from the boy who was still on the bed, thrashing around. But wait…How can I…How can I feel? He blinked and suddenly knelt by the bed, trying to calm the boy.

“Shhhh…I’m not going to hurt you…I want to help you but if you keep moving around like that…You’re hurt…I won’t hurt you…” Whispering quietly, he hesitantly placed his hand back on the boy’s head, just resting it there before letting his fingers slide through his long locks. The boy gave a shudder and turned his face towards him. Jouya stared at that face, and something hammered him in his chest.

The boy was crying, tears welling up in his eyes as he silently shook his head back and forth. H-His eyes… They were so…alive with emotion. Lavender and so…expressive. Jou’s crimson eyes softened, as did his movements till his fingers slide through the boy’s hair at a slow pace. The boy closed his eyes, and looked to be crying, but no sound came out. Then he realized the boy’s gaze was darting around everywhere, as if he couldn’t focus on one thing.

Where are you…Oh…I-I wish I could see you… More words from nowhere hit Jou. The older didn’t stop to think how the words got to him; he knelt closer to the boy’s bedside and placed a hand on the boy’s cheek, something he always did with Malakai.

“Can’t you see me?” The boy shook his head; At least he can hear me… Jou gave a small shushing sound,

“Oh…Poor kid…No one’s going to hurt you here…You can close your eyes and sleep.” Shifting into a more comfortable position, Jouya let his fingers start to run through the boy’s hair again. I should brush it when he up and about… For a few seconds, as the boy looked around more carefully and with purpose, they locked eyes. Those few seconds before the boy turned his gaze elsewhere, was enough to make that hammer feeling happen again in his chest.

Thank you… And the boy laid his head back down hesitantly, before closing his brillant lavender eyes. Jou stayed with him until he was fully asleep, and found it hard to leave the strange boy’s side.

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