Gary and the Girls

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The straps on Gary’s backpack were really starting to hurt his shoulders. He’d been walking mostly since he got off the bus 2 hours ago. The dark, cool night air and the long walk were taking their toll on his resolve to find the two girls from the bar where the bus had stopped a few days ago, but he was too far into it now to stop. He had gotten lost when his smartphone battery gave out and he couldn’t use Google maps until he sat at a convenience store he wandered across, after almost an hour of searching, to charge it. He couldn’t even ask for directions because the address was in his phone and he hadn’t memorized it. He thought he was close to the address of the gorgeous blond and her equally beautiful red headed friend, but he didn’t think he could just ask the mini-mart guy if he knew how to find their house without describing them and sounding a bit ropey in the process.

But they had flirted with him at the bar, even though they knew he was a lowly bus passenger. And he was on an adventure to see the sights on the cheap, and they seemed like they’d be a good part of any adventure, plus they offered him a bed for free. At the bar, the minute the offer came up, he did the math in his head and answered as if he hadn’t thought about it at all “I’ll be there, but it will be late.” That didn’t seem to be a problem and they quoted the address while he entered it in his phone.

“Yeah, late,” he thought. “I’ll probably get shot or arrested just trying to get to this place or when I knock on the door at 1:00 AM”.

Finally, after his rest at the mini-mart, he could resume his walk to the girls’ address. It was a small, ranch style home with a decent front yard and two compact Japanese cars in the driveway. There was no porch light on, but he could see through the small window in the door that a light was on somewhere, so he knocked.

He could see blondie coming to the door, and even though the glass distorted his view, he could tell she had on a man’s collared shirt and nothing else below it except a pair of slippers. She peeked out, saw it was a friend and opened the door for him. “Hello!” she excitedly greeted him and held her highball glass to one side while she leaned in to hug him, putting the other hand on his back to pull him to her. “Brit and I figured you were just blowing smoke back at the bar and we’d never see you. Wow, good for you, come in and put your pack down right there. Don’t carry it a second more.”

He stepped in as she stepped back. He closed the door behind him, dropped his pack and took off his jacket. Blondie turned around and started walking towards the light in the back. “Brit’s in the kitchen,” she said as she walked taking a pretty big pull from her drink afterwards.

“Man, thanks for taking me in like this,” Gary said. He had a great view of her back. The shirt stopped as close to the bottom of her shapely, firm ass as it could get. Another inch and he’d see the bottom of her ass checks as she walked. Plus it gave him a great view of her long, slender legs. It was a little dim in the house, but he could tell she had a decent tan on her legs.

“Oh my GOD, Sarah!” Brittany exclaimed as Sarah led Gary into the kitchen. She put down her water glass full of some light brown liquid and Stepped into Gary, hugging him with both arms. He returned the hug and could tell she had on no bra, both because his hands felt no bra strap under her tshirt and her large soft breasts pressed unhindered against his chest through his tshirt. He could also tell that the liquid in the glass was alcoholic. He could smell it on her breath. The long, cold walk was becoming a distant memory as he started to warm up from his groin outward.

Brit released him and stepped back. “Wanna drink?” she asked as she turned and reached up into the cupboard for another glass, causing her shirt to ride up and exposing about half of her white backside. Gary could see some of her pink thong, but not much of it.

“Of course, he wants a drink, dumbass. It’s 40 degrees out there and the poor guy’s been walking for, what, an hour?” Sarah told her. She was right, he did want a drink and he also wanted to get comfortable. He had only intended to crash on the couch and have some good conversation and hot meal with these girls. They were friendly in the bar and flirted a little, but nothing they did there made him expect the pajama party he seemed to have walked into. In fact, he wasn’t even sure if he would find them alone or living with parents or boyfriends when they invited him to come.

Brit served him a healthy portion of his own brown liquid over ice. He took a long pull. It was whiskey and it burned pleasantly as he swallowed. “Thanks. I really needed that,” he said with a genuine smile.

The girls sat, Brit jumped on the counter deftly, and Sarah took a kitchen chair, sitting with the back to her side, resting her arm on it lazily. Gary leaned on the counter across from Brit. They talked easily for a while. The whole time Gary tried not to stare at the long exposed legs the girls were sharing with him unabashedly, Sarah’s nicely tanned, and Brit’s porcelain white. Sarah’s shirt was buca escort unbuttoned about 3 down from the collar, and Gary could tell she had no bra on either. Sometimes when she laughed at something, she would rock forward enough to give Gary a tantalizing view down her cleavage, and he assessed that she had very healthy, plump breasts and he guessed they were natural by the shape they made with no bra forming them.

Everyone’s glasses were refilled at least twice and Gary was seriously buzzed. The girls were also pretty tipsy, as they must have started before Gary arrived. Their flirtations increased in intensity and bawdiness. Gary realized that he was half aroused and was starting to worry about hiding a full boner while he talked to these girls. He closed his eyes as he took a pull from his glass. When he brought the glass down, he could swear Sarah was looking right at his junk, but she took a drink to cover it. He looked at Brit and she eye contact while smiling brightly.

They talked for 20 or 30 minutes, the jokes and topics becoming bolder in nature. Talk about old boyfriends and girlfriends, and what they did or didn’t do, things of the innocent nature: “Opened the door for me,” “scratched my CD’s”, “Watched too much TV.” Then, gradually, it turned into “He always fell asleep after sex,” and “Seriously, he was great, but can you say ‘micro-penis'”, “She didn’t like me to touch her boobs about 28 days of the month”. Then Sarah looked right at Gary’s face and said, “and he never liked when I would make out with Brit. Weird, Huh?” Gary tried not to look shocked, but couldn’t help smiling. “Yeah. What a dumbass,” he said as he took a pull from his glass, trying to look cool and casual.

The conversation finally ran dry. Gary was extremely attracted to both girls, and had pretty much resigned himself to standing in the kitchen talking to two half dressed girls while sporting a full boner under his jeans. They either didn’t notice, or were too polite to say anything about it. It looked like the flirting and bold behavior had run its course and Gary didn’t think he could move forward with either one of the girls without making it really awkward for all of them, so he finally said “well, I need to get some sleep. Where do I set up?”

“Oh, well we only have two bedrooms, and as much as you’d like to see Brit and I sleep together, I think it’s better if you just sleep on the couch. It’s pretty comfy. I fall asleep there watching porn sometimes.” Gary could tell that Sarah was joking.

The girls went to bed and Gary stripped down to his boxers and slid under the blankets they had given him. Compared to sleeping in his tent, the couch was a 5-star hotel bed, and before he could turn the lamp next to the couch off, he was asleep.

Then he was awake again, aware of someone in the room. He opened his eyes. Brit stood looking at him. Completely naked, red hair down over her shoulders, her large dark nipples erect on her voluptuous, firm breasts. He looked her over, too tired to be sly or polite, from head to toe, stopping at the bright red hair neatly trimmed, but not shaved, around her vagina. Then his gaze moved on, but she noticed that he lingered there and said “I like to keep some of my fire-crotch hair, or what’s the point of putting up with the nickname?” He lifted the covers and she climbed under with him, laying those gorgeous breasts on his bare chest and covering his erect dick with her crotch. They kissed and Gary’s hands made their way to her bare, smooth ass, squeezing her cheeks and letting his fingertips find their way to her ass crack. The contact of her skin to his hands sent quivers through him like he was getting electricity from her.

She ground her pelvis into his cock. They stayed like that for a moment or two, and then she was moving down his body, lightly dragging her boobs on his chest, then stomach, then over his cock and down to his thighs as he moaned quietly. She slid her fingers under the waistband of his boxers and pulled them down, sitting up and letting him pull his knees up so she could take them completely off. Then she was taking his hard dick in her soft lips, moving them over the engorged purple head and working her tongue around it a little. He closed his eyes and kept his hands on her shoulders as she blew him, sliding more and more of his dick in her mouth slowly with up and down motions until she had the bulbous head far back in her throat and was nearly licking his balls.

“What the fuck?!” Sarah exclaimed, surprising Gary and Brit. Gary started, and Brit dropped his cock out of her mouth, but neither said anything. They just looked at Sarah, who was now in boxers and a T-shirt-the sexiest boxers and t-shirt Gary could remember ever seeing. The froze in a porno movie tableau, staring open mouthed at each other. The moment passed and Sarah huffed and turned around, walking back to the bedroom she came out of. Gary looked at Brit and said “maybe we should…”

But Brit cut him off. “She’s fine. She’s just mad that I got here first. Don’t worry about it. She’ll be fine in the morning.” Then she went back to giving Gary one alsancak escort of the best blow jobs he’d ever had.

He heard Sarah coming back down the hall and opened his eyes to look at her. He was shocked to see that she was now completely naked and carrying a small bag the size of a purse. Her tan lines showed that she liked very small bikinis both top and bottom, with Just a small triangle of white around each nipple in fact. She walked right into the living room, sat down in a recliner across from where Gary and Brit were, and put the foot rest up, keeping eye contact with Gary the whole time. Gary was confused and excited to be seeing her lovely, fit body. But he almost blew his load in Brit’s mouth when Sarah reached in the bag and pulled out a large dark brown realistic looking vibrator and some lube, lubed up the sex toy, spread her legs and began working the slick toy up and down her spread pussy. She winked and said “Don’t mind me.” And pushed the huge tip of the toy into her moistening slit.

Gary nearly forgot about the work that Brit was doing down on his cock as he watched the beautiful blond work the tip in and out of her, and then slide about half of the 10 inches she had to work with into her pussy, watching Brit and Gary the whole time. Gary could hear the sound of the vibrator getting quieter as she pushed the toy into her tight, eager hole, thrusting her hips up to meet the toy. Gary’s hips lifted up to push his cock into Brit’s mouth at the same time.

His dick was almost as big as the toy Sarah was using, and it definitely had the girth, and Brit was handling it very well in her mouth. She would let it come out all the way until her lips and tongue were playing with just the tip for a moment while she made “Mmmmmm” noises, then she would push it all the way into the back of her throat almost the full length, still swirling her tongue, and making the “Mmmmm”, but as his dick went farther in her throat, the noise she made would turn more into a “maaagghhh”. It was still very pleasurable and like nothing Gary had ever experienced. The whole time his dick was going in and out of Brit’s mouth, the brown toy was going in and out of Sarah’s pussy to nearly its full length. When she pulled it out, she would move the huge tip up over her clit and push hard making little up and down motions and Gary then had a perfect view of her perfect, engorged, and completely hairless pussy.

Brit’s mouth came off him. “Um. Hello. Gary. Giving a great BJ down here.” Gary looked down at her and she was smiling. “Just kidding. How could you not stare at her, right?” But she didn’t go back to her job. Instead, she got up and walked the short distance to Sarah, lay down on the foot rest of the recliner and began licking Sarah’s pussy around the big toy. Gary’s dick was rock hard, but if possible, it got even harder now. Brit reached over and threw the lever on the recliner, lowering the footrest, so she could kneel while eating Sarah. She turned her head to see if Gary was still there, yeah right, like he was going anywhere. She wiggled her hips teasingly back and forth and raised her eyebrows. Gary looked conflicted. He stood up and walked over to behind her ass, but didn’t move to fuck her like she obviously wanted. “I, um, don’t have any condoms.” Brit reached into the bag Sarah had left on the floor and took out a strip that had about 6 of them on it and threw it at his feet.

He tore one off, ripped it open and put it on easily and kneeled behind Brit’s behind and began teasing her pussy with the thick head of his member. She went back to licking Sarah and moaned a little and reached up to play with one of Sarah’s awesome boobs. Gary pushed the head of his dick in easily and Brit pushed back against him. Gary pulled out and Brit went back in to Sarah’s pussy, making her moan with pleasure, but her eyes never closed. They all moved like this for a few minutes, Sarah sliding the brown toy full length in and out of her pussy, Brit licking Sarah and Gary plunging in and out of Brit from behind. The pleasure they were all feeling was rising like waves on the beach in an incoming tide.

Soon, Gary knew he was about to come and said so. “No you don’t,” Brit said back to him. She moved off of him and left him with his rock hard dick pointing at the place her warm pussy used to be. She stood up and moved over to the couch and sat facing Sarah and Gary, feet up on the coffee table, porcelain colored legs spread wide, her red lipped pussy inviting Gary over. Gary moved and kneeled in front of her and bent to start working his tongue over her pussy and clit. He softened his tongue and made it wide and slid it from the very bottom of her slit all the way to her clit, where he would then flick his tongue over and around. Brit tilted her head back, put a hand on the back of Gary’s head and kneaded one boob with the other, pinching her nipple between two fingers.

Sarah stood up with the toy still plunged deep inside her and started to move over to the couch. The toy fell out and onto the floor still vibrating. She didn’t move to pick it up or turn it off. But she stopped and reached bornova escort into the bag, pulling out a modest sized pink anal plug. She sat next to Brit on the couch and put her feet up to spread her legs. As she watched Gary work over Brit’s pussy with his mouth, she fingered her own clit and worked the tip of the anal plug around her pussy. Then she spit on her fingers and moved them around the bulbous part of the plug and moved the tip of it to her butthole. She worked it all the way in slowly while she firmly massaged her clit and watched Brit and Gary. When it stopped at the base, she moaned through clenched teeth. Gary glanced over and could just see the pink base of the toy in her ass.

Brit put her hands on his shoulders and pushed him back. He looked up at her and she tilted her chin towards Sarah with her eyebrows raised. She lifted the leg that was keeping him from moving in front of Sarah’s spread pussy and tapped Sarah on her leg so she would lift it too. Gary took his cue and moved over to eat Sarah as he had been eating Brit. Sarah finally closed her eyes, tilted her head back and moaned loudly as she ground her pussy into Gary’s tongue. “Hooo, hmmmmm, mmmmm”. Brit stood up and walked to the vibrating toy on the floor to pick it up. She came back to her place on the couch and resumed her position, filling her pussy with the large toy, its dark brown a stark contrast to her white skin.

Gary licked and fingered Sarah making her squirm. His own near orgasm was a thing of the past, and he was ready to put his dick into one of these girls. He stopped licking her and, like a choreographed dance, they all moved without speaking, Gary guiding Sarah around and over on her knees so he could do her from behind. Brit put one leg on the back of the couch and one foot on the floor so her pussy was in front of Sarah’s face. Gary pushed his steel hard dick from tip to balls all the way into Sarah’s spit slick pussy easily. “Huuunnnnhhhh!” she gasped. Every time he plunged into her warm hole, he could feel the hard rubber of the butt plug stroking his dick from the top.

The sensation was amazing and he played for a while pulling his dick completely out of her and then plunging back in. She rocked back into him every time, making a slapping noise as his pelvis ran into her ass cheeks. He rammed in and out of her faster and faster as he felt his need to come building stronger and stronger until he could hold back no more. He shoved his dick in as far as it would go and held it there as a huge spurt of warm cum shot into the condom. He pulled out is throbbing cock, ripped off the condom, dripping the first of his splooge on Sarah’s ass as he did and continued his ejaculation, shooting the rest of his load on her back. Brit saw this and leaned up to play with the creamy jiz on Sarah’s back.

Sarah lay her head down between Brit’s legs, head turned to the side on her hands, ass up in the air, shuddering. Gary realized that she had orgasmed at the same time he did. “Wow, selfish much?” Brit teased. She leaned over Sarah’s back to take Gary in her mouth, sucking the rest of his fluid from his softening muscle and smearing his cum on her ample boobs. “Wind this thing up again,” she said after he was clean, and clearly soft. “It’s got more work to do.” As she was talking, she stealthily removed the plug from Sarah’s asshole. When it came all the way out, Sarah flattened all the way laying on her belly on the couch, arms curled up under her, hands near her chin, eyes closed, breathing deeply.

It took a few minutes, but eventually Gary was hard again, and the girls were wet, and Gary’s thing did good work. He came several more times as the three of them just gave in to pretty much anything anyone wanted to do. Sometimes they spoke their desires “Brit, lean over on Sarah’s back and line up so I can fuck both your pussies” Sometimes no words were spoken until after, like when a modest sized vibrator found its way into Gary’s ass while he was getting blown by both girls. “That was a little surprising,” he said after he shot a dribbling 3rd load in their faces. Other times, nothing was said at all, but the dance went on perfectly, like when Gary and Sarah were doggy style and Brit reached in and pulled his condom covered dick out of Sarah’s pussy and moved it the few inches to put it in her ass for them.

At some point, they had all done whatever they wanted to do and lay in a tangle on the floor, cum, lube, sweat and some wine covering their bodies in a sticky, dirty fun mess. Several sex toys lay around, most of them turned off. Gary passed out with his arm slung over Sarah’s inviting, soft tits. Brit was spooning him with a firm grip on his soft cock. When he woke up, he was alone and naked on the floor, covered by a blanket. The sun came through the windows. He had a headache and was starving, so he went to the kitchen. There was a note on the faucet from Sarah. “Had some errands to do. There’s plenty of food in the fridge and Brit is naked in her room. I’ll be back by 5. Help yourself, but save some for me.” Gary held the note smiling. He looked at the fridge, then looked down the hall to where he guessed there was a ready, naked girl. He dropped the note, opened the fridge and grabbed some deli meats, cheese, mustard and mayonnaise. He couldn’t find bread, but didn’t look very hard before he started down the hall to find Brit so he could eat with her and replenish their strength.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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