Getting Ready for Bed Ch. 02

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I’ve gotten some warm feedback about my little vignette with my wife, Jan, and some people were curious as to how we met. So, first of all, thank you all for the very kind words. Jan was thrilled to know you liked our little story. We didn’t expect this to resonate with quite so many people, and it’s great that some of you took the time to provide feedback. So, thank you!

The truth of the matter is that I don’t actually remember the instant we met, only that it was so natural it felt like I had known her all my life. 

It was at a science fiction convention; I was there with my friends, and she was there with hers. Someone in my group knew someone in her group, we were all at the same place at the same time, and Jan and I just… clicked.

It happened so quickly and so naturally that soon after we met, someone took notice of our banter and asked, “How long have you two been together?”

I looked at her and asked, “what time is it now?”

She looked at her watch. “About 3 o’clock,” she said.

We both looked at him and said, in unison, “About 3 hours.” 

Yeah, we gelled.

Being with Jan was like breathing air. It was simply just something that was involuntarily easy, part of my make-up. I don’t actually remember anything about the convention now, just that I went to sessions that she wanted to go to, and she went to panels that I wanted to see. Our horizons got expanded, and we learned a lot about each other through our respective fandoms.

Both of our sets of friends could see that this was something special. When it came time for the afternoon to turn to evening, we made dinner plans together as if it had been determined weeks before. When dinner turned to drinks afterwards, we touched and flirted. When the bar closed, we went to her hotel room together.

It just seemed to flow from one thing to the next. Effortless.

As strange as it may seem, I don’t actually remember which kiss was our first. At the time, we were very affectionate towards one another, and at this point it’s difficult to remember which one was the first. But there were a lot of kisses that first day.

When we got into her hotel room, she held the door open for me and swept her hand in a flourish, inviting me into her abode. Once inside, she pushed me back onto the giant bed and crawled on top of me. I plopped down unceremoniously at the edge of the bed, then lay back as she straddled my waist.

She kissed me hard, and our hands were all over each other. Her kisses were soft, but insistent. Mine felt frantic to me, and I tried to calm myself and relax so as to give her more comforting contact. That didn’t seem to matter, though, when she grabbed my lower lip in between her teeth and sucked, gently. 

Suddenly, she sat upright, her ass falling directly onto my hard cock, angled in an awkward (and uncomfortable) position. When she had pushed me on the bed, I “shifted” somewhat to the side, and now had grown hard pointing in that same direction. I wanted to reach into my pants and pull my cock free, but her ass was pinning my cock to my thigh.

She looked at me with a strange expression on her face. “I’m not wrong, am I?” she asked out of the blue.

I was as confused as I was uncomfortable. “Wrong about what?”

She looked at me, as if trying to work out a mildly annoying math problem. “There’s something here, I mean,” she said. “Between us.”

I opened my mouth to joke about the “angle of the dangle” between us, but she continued. “It’s okay if I’m wrong,” she said without heat. “I’ve misjudged things before, but if you just want a one-night stand we can do that too.”

I blinked. Truthfully, it was the first time that I had considered that what we shared might actually end at some point. No, seriously, I mean it. I never even thought that there was going to be a conclusion to all of this. I felt like I was simply on a raft riding the current, letting it take me where it lead.

“I don’t think you’re wrong,” I said. Then I started to think about it. Maybe I was wrong. “I mean, this just feels…” I struggled to find the word.

“Normal?” she asked.

I grinned. “Yeah!” I said, a little too enthusiastically. “I hadn’t really thought about it at all. Everything just seems so natural. I never had to put any thought into it.”

She smiled at that, and then leaned in to kiss me. “Jan,” I said, trying to catch my breath. “I’m sorry, and it’s a little embarrassing…”

She looked at me with a suspicious look on her face. “What is it?” she asked.

I glanced down involuntarily. “I’m, uh,” I said, my voice strained. “I’m kind of at an awkward angle, and need to adjust myself.”

She looked down, and laughed. “Oh, that can’t be comfortable!”

With that, she slid off the end of the bed. Now that I didn’t have her weight on top of me, I reached to my jeans but she batted my hand away. Immediately, she replaced it with her own, and cradled my bulge in the palm of her mersin escort hand. It didn’t help my situation at all, but I wasn’t about to complain.

I knew what was going to happen, and yet I didn’t want to move in case I ruined the moment and she stopped. I propped myself up on my elbows to watch her as she rubbed my erection. She leaned her face in, pressing her cheek against my cock through the denim, and then I felt her fumbling around below the edge of the bed, beyond my vision.

My feet were still on the floor, and I felt her struggle to take off my shoes. I tried to sit up to help, but she made an “Uh uh uh!” sound, and I fell back onto my elbows. Comically, she pulled my shoes off and threw them in opposite corners of the room. I couldn’t help but laugh at the exaggeration with which she was undressing me.

Immediately afterwards, her hands flew to my button fly and tore it open, my cock rotating back to a more natural (and blessedly comfortable) position. My underwear formed a distinct tent shape, and she stared at it as she began to pull my jeans off. I raised my hips to help, and she took the opportunity to kiss my shaft through the cotton fabric.

I moaned, and I could hear her chuckle. “If you like that,” she purred against my cock, “you’re going to love what happens next.”

Finally, most of my lower clothing was off. She had pulled off my shoes, my jeans, and my socks, and I lay there with a pounding erection that seemed visible from space. She stared at it, and I swear she licked her lips.

She stood between my spread legs, and pushed them open even wider. I felt vulnerable, yet excited at the same time. The anticipation was killing me.

I didn’t have to wait long. She grabbed my cock and began stroking it with her hand, while her other hand reached under her skirt and pulled her panties down. I only caught the briefest of glimpses of her panties before they fell to her feet, outside of my field of vision.

She wasn’t the most smooth operator here, and more than once nearly lost her balance completely. I actually felt like she was something of a kindred spirit, and was glad that I wasn’t the only one who didn’t have perfect dexterity. Even so, she managed to grip onto my cock for enough support that she managed to take off her underwear and still remain upright.

As soon as she did that, though, she fell to her knees at the end of the bed, and pulled my underwear down to finally reveal my aching cock. From tight constraint to cooler air to warm moist mouth, I felt quick and sudden shifts in textures and temperatures that nearly blew my mind.

And holy crap, she was amazing. Her tongue seemed to dance across my cockhead while her hand worked its magic in perfect synchronization. I know that I had been on a high pressure steam-cooker type sexual simmer all day, but even if I hadn’t been I don’t think I could have lasted very long.

“Wait,” I said, trying to remember how my mouth worked. It suddenly felt very dry. She slowed, but she didn’t stop. “If you do that, I won’t be able to last.”

I felt, more than heard, her chuckle around my cock. But she didn’t stop, and in fact she may have sped up a little. “At least turn around so that I can taste you too,” I said, hoping to occupy myself with a task that might help me hold out from erupting.

I reached for her, but she pushed my hand away, and then pushed against my chest to lie back down. Things were starting to feel desperate. I didn’t have much time.

“Oh Jan,” I warned, “I’m going to come, but you don’t have to…”

I wanted to tell her that she didn’t have to let me come in her mouth. I wanted to tell her that I didn’t expect anything beyond what she was already doing. Then I felt her finger press against my ass, and it was all over.

I gripped at the sheets of the bed, and felt my entire body wind up like a giant spring, pause for a moment at its crescendo, and then release. There was nothing I could do. I felt as if every ounce of energy that I had simply evacuated my body and into her mouth.

Now, I wasn’t the most experienced lover on the planet, but I had had a few encounters and there is always a moment of truth when you come for the first time from a woman’s blowjob. Personally, I usually had a hard time (no pun intended) relaxing enough to actually climax during oral sex, because I would get too much into my head about the whole thing.

I never really believed that women liked it. Sure, some would do it, but they don’t actually like it. Some are dirty perverts, and want you to come on their faces. Some will let you get off on their tits.

I had one friend-with-benefits who would let me come in her mouth, but immediately would spit out into a sink or a tissue. She thought she was doing a nice ‘compromise’ because she didn’t like it – and wouldn’t swallow – but she didn’t want to ruin the blowjob for me either. I don’t think she ever realized kocaeli escort that it was a killer blow to my ego (okay, that pun was intended!), but the way I saw it was that I got a blowjob – what the hell was I complaining about?

On rare occasions I had found women who truly loved giving blowjobs. They took great pride in their talent, and in one case there was a girl who came because I came in her mouth. Too bad she was practically insane, but even a masterful cocksucker can’t overcome “too much crazy.” Usually, though, no matter whether they liked to do it or not, they let go almost immediately as soon as the last shot of come roped out of my cock.

They never seemed to understand that when you come, it’s the beginning of an orgasmic phase, not the end.

In its own way, it’s very frustrating, because the orgasm doesn’t actually stop there – at least not for me. I usually need to take some time to come down from my apex, and when the warm wetness of a woman’s mouth is unceremoniously ripped away from my cock because she thinks I’m done, well, I’m not. Don’t get me wrong, it’s kind of like whinging that the best cupcake in the world has the wrong color icing on it, so there really isn’t much room for complaining.

But still.

Jan, for her part, held me in her mouth, her gentle suction holding the crest of my wave at the knifepoint of ecstasy and the torment that comes when you are too sensitive. She held me there, suckling, until my body slowly began to relax, and a warmth flushed over me. It started with my hips, and then moved outward like some lewd cartoon thermometer.

It was the most… complete… blowjob I had ever received. At that moment, I learned how oral sex was supposed to be performed, how there was a rise, then a plateau of ecstasy, then a slow fall, and then a denouement that was supposed to happen after the actual ejaculation. Sure, Jan could have simply let go like everyone else, or she could have just patiently waited until I stopped spurting and then unceremoniously let me fall out of her mouth onto my belly.

That’s not what she did, though. She kept me there, actively feeling me with her mouth, coaxing my erection to stay with her. Even as I was finished, my orgasm ebbing away like the sound of a freight train that has passed and disappearing across the horizon, my penis remained hard. Well, hard-ish.

I looked at her, watched her eyes slowly open and look at me. Her suckling continued, and my cock was grateful. Every once in a while my body convulsed involuntarily, just to let me know that I still had some electrical charge in reserve.

Jan stood up, then, and turned around so that I could see her perfect feminine backside. Keeping one hand on my cock, she began to sit back down as she aimed the head underneath her skirt. I felt the head rubbing against her pussy lips, and moments later I sank into her moistness.

She wiggled herself down so that I was buried completely inside, which turned out to be the exact thing necessary to keep me from growing soft. She slid up and down a few times, and then sat completely down on my hips.

I was about to reach for her waist, when she reached for the hem of her skirt, unzipped it, and let it fall to the floor. I was treated to one of the most perfect bubble-butt asses I had ever seen, and I could feel my cock continue its resurrection. She pulled her shirt over her head, and unclasped her bra from the front, and then I saw her naked form for the first time.

From the back, that is.

She had a muscular, taut swimmer’s back. Tight athletic lines flexed and stirred under perfect olive skin, mesmerizing me. I watched as those muscles stretched and pulled as she moved on top of me, and once more the exquisite sensations of her body wrapped around my cock began to draw my attention. Now, though, I had the additional joy of watching her body at the same time.

I reached for her waist to keep her balanced, because our legs were off the side of the bed and she simply couldn’t get a good enough purchase for leverage. She reached for one wrist and grabbed it, and then guided my hand into a mime of a slap on her ass. It was the first time I had ever been told to spank a woman, and I wasn’t exactly sure how to do it.

Okay, let’s be real here for a second. People asked to know how Jan and I got together, and, well, this is what happened. I’m just a guy who had to learn things like everyone else – one thing at a time. So, no, I didn’t know how to spank a girl, even when she pointed out exactly where to do it. Truth was, I was afraid of hurting her and, well…

I missed.

Specifically, my hand glanced off her waist and struck air, with just my finger tips actually touching her bottom. She stopped her rocking, and slowly turned back to look at me. Her disbelieving look on her face lasted only a moment, before both of us broke out in laughter.

“Really?!” she asked, samsun escort incredulous.

“Um, yeah,” I stammered. “I got nothing.”

“You’re not going to hurt me,” she said, reading my mind. “Trust me, I like it.”

I aimed again, and this time my spank was true. The resounding smack rippled across her ass cheeks, and I could feel her pussy squeeze me as she flinched.

“Yes,” she breathed out. She took a beat, and then said, “do it again!”

I did, on the other side. Her muscles clenched me again, and she started to rock back and forth on my dick a little faster. I was at a rather awkward position, and couldn’t really do a proper swing with my hand, but I did the best I could and slapped her ass once more. She made a noise that sounded incredibly close to a growl, and was now grinding her hips down onto me.

I saw her ass start to react to the spanking, a soft pink starting to turn more crimson. I hadn’t slapped her very hard – I was still afraid to hurt her – but apparently the surface area of my hand was enough to get her flesh to react. I tenderly ran my hand over the reddish skin, and tried to soothe it with a comforting touch.

“Oh god, one more,” she panted. “One more!”

There was a short lull, almost as if the air got sucked out of the room. Then my hand came down one more time on her ass.

She squeezed my cock with her pussy muscles once more, and then I felt a tremendous wetness inside her, like slipping my dick into a warm ocean. She began to ride me like a madwoman, and I grabbed onto her hips to keep her from lifting off of me too high. I was afraid that if she did, she may come down wrong and, well, that is no fun for me. Very few things can kill off the joy of an intense fuck like a bent dick.

As she rode me, though, something felt… off. Or maybe odd. I don’t really know how to put it. Every time she came down on me, I felt a slight tug that I’d never felt before. It was almost as if she was wearing a chain around her waist, and it pulled her womb towards the front of her body with every slam.

It didn’t feel wrong, exactly, and I wasn’t entirely sure that I wasn’t imagining it. It was just something that different than what I had experienced before with other women. I really didn’t think twice about it.

See, everyone’s body is shaped differently. No two women are exactly alike in physiology (just like no two men are shaped the same). The inner canals of a woman are affected by bone structure, hormones, and all kinds of things. I had sex with one friend way back in college whose pelvis was so twisted it felt like I had stuck my dick into a moist sponge-covered cheese grater.

So, no, I wasn’t really concerned about this unusual feeling. Not at all. I just wanted to feel her body as thoroughly as I could, from the inside. My dick was happy, therefore I was happy.

Suddenly, her body locked in a rigid martyr pose, her arms flailing back and reaching for my hands in frantic desperation. She grabbed my forearms in a vice grip, and curled her legs up to her chest. She was still completely balanced on top of my hips, and I felt the strain of all of her weight bearing down on my hips. No one had ever done that before, and all of my attention focused on keeping her from falling.

Her orgasm seemed to center entirely on her pussy, and it grabbed at me, pulling, trying to take me in. Unfortunately in the position she was in and with how wet she was, she only managed to push me out of her completely.

By this point in time, I was ready for my turn. My cock was iron hard, and I could feel it bumping up against her mound. When I get erect, I can’t feel much in the way of specifics. It’s just too sensitive, and while I know that it’s being touched, I don’t always know exactly what’s going on. I could swear, though, that instead of sliding my cock into her pussy lips, I felt something a bit rounder.

I didn’t care. I sat up, and lifted her tiny frame into the air, turned around, and threw her onto the bed. I heard her gasp, her air being taken out of her lungs, as she tried to say, “No, wait…”

I hoped that she had the ability to have multiple orgasms too, but either way I needed to have the full leverage of my legs to fuck the ever lovin’ hell out of her.

She landed, spread-eagled, her eyes wide with fear and horror.

I froze when I saw her face. I was ready to take her, slide myself back inside her body, and pound her until I came again. It was a playful move, one that I thought was in keeping with the spirit of the day and of the sex we had had so far. When I saw the look in her eyes, though, I seriously wondered if I had done something wrong.

In a split second, I second-, third-, and fourth- guessed myself. Did I spank her too hard? Did I misread a signal somewhere? Was this not what she wanted? I didn’t even know what I was sorry for, but an apology had already formed on my lips.

Then I saw it.

Rock hard, throbbing against her flat belly, was a bona fide, genuine, this-is-not-something-you-see-every-day-on-a-woman cock. I had never seen anything like it. It seemed to blend down into a root that was just above where her clit would have been, and then it folded and petaled (is that even a word?) into a pink, wet, freshly fucked pussy.

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