Going Out On A Limb

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So there’s this girl in my lit class whom I’ve had a thing for since day one. She’s a lot shorter than me, a lot younger, and far wiser than her age lets on. She was one of those types that you could never really get a read on. She had an air of intensity about her that screamed “wow, I wish everyone would just leave me the fuck alone!” but in those eyes I always seemed to find a hint of “OK, everyone except you.” Not necessarily in a sexual way, but more that she wanted to know me.

I took a chance at trying to find out what that hint meant, so I asked her out after class one afternoon. She stopped walking and looked at me like I was an asshole. No some random jerk-off, but a full blown asshole who somehow wronged her in a past life. It was the kind of look you’d expect from a twenty-something woman being told by her parents that she had to be home by 8:00, like “what the fuck? You can’t be serious.” This look stopped my heart because I was expecting to either be told to go fuck myself or just get kicked in the shin with the same message implied. To my surprise, she smiled a little and said “Sure!” I was cautious because this girl had a tendency to let loose with vicious sarcasm to the idiots in our class, and even though none of it ever came my way, why start now? I played it cool for a second despite my excitement, and she lunged forward, so I reared back a little. She grabbed my hand and wrote her number on my palm, telling me that she got off at 6, so I should call right after that so we could make some plans.

I called at 6:02 and instead of wading through the pre-date crap of picking a day and time and making plans that would most likely not get followed thus ruining the date, she told me to just come pick her up now. Without any thought out intention, we hit the mall, walked around shooting the shit, and finally grabbed a bite at The Cheesecake Factory. We sat through dinner making fun of everyone in our class from the slightly obese, red-headed, middle-aged nightmare in the flesh to the creepy glasses guy who could have been the star of his very own Cold Case Files episode 10 years from now after a seven year rampage of killing and then raping retarded girls. I can’t even remember what we ate, but even though the meal was spent almost entirely laughing at people, I still found a way to watch every bite touch her lips. It was quite a sight. This was totally involuntary, of course. I barely knew this girl. She was cool, but I’d never thought of her in that way at all, but she just always seemed like the “cool chick” to me, not a woman whom I would be trying my damnedest to hook up with. More like someone I could share a laugh with at some other poor douche bag’s expense. For some reason, after seeing her outside school I couldn’t think about her the same way again.

After we ate, I figured we could still make it in time to catch a late night movie at the drive-in, so why not do that? Without a second thought, she suggested that we take off now so we didn’t miss the previews. Now although this was a pleasant date, it seemed to be moving a lot faster than I expected, so when we were at the drive-in I regained my focus and put the terribly filthy thoughts that I was having about her in the back of my mind, kept my hands to myself and shut up through the movie, even though I’d already seen it with my friends a couple days before.

The joke was on me though when I returned to the car from a quick bathroom break to find her sitting in the back seat with her hands lost down the front of her pants. As it turns out, she’d seen the same movie twice already and had no intention of letting me sit there silently bumbling my way through first-date jitters. See, it was her plan all along to get me alone somewhere dark and pretty much make me do whatever she wanted. I couldn’t complain at all, that was pretty much my plan from the get go if you stripped away all the pretense and cultural dating rituals, so I felt that it would be prudent to oblige before I lost the chance. She wasn’t into taking things slowly at all, so once I hopped in the back seat she was already directing traffic and passing out orders. Great, I’m in the back seat of my shitty car getting ready to fuck a dictator. Not very liberal of me, I know, but I did it anyway.

Her hand was busy getting things warmed up in her izmir escort pants, so I decided to take the high road and started kissing her. Her tongue still tasted like the stick of Juicy Fruit that I gave her after dinner, so it was hot and sweet. She bit the edge of my lip as her fingers slowly circled her clit, I could tell without even seeing it happen based on the way her breath shortened and her hips slightly bucked forward. I could see her hand dive deep each time she slid her fingers between her lips because her elbow bent slightly, and her whole hand disappeared up to the cuff. Once I could see her wrist somewhat, I knew she was back up on the clit. No slouch at multitasking myself, while I was kissing her, I undid her bra strap and started to massage her breasts. They were quite nice, perfect handfuls, and within seconds her other hand found its way to my belt. I cupped her breasts in my hands and swirled my tongue around hers, eventually backing off to kiss my way down her neck.

Without warning, her hands flew out of positions a. and b. and stripped off her shirt in half a second. It had to be some kind of world record. Seriously, look it up in Guinness. Anyway, her new task was to somehow get out of her pants while I continued to kiss my way down her body so as to clear a path between my roving tongue and her already warmed up nether regions. She was soaking wet by the time I went down on her, and she tasted sweet like honey. I slithered in, out and around her pouting pink lips while she dug her nails into my shoulders, reaching over to occasionally tease her clit a little. I spent a little time doing the old wax on, wax off method to get her used to simpler motions, only to surprise her out of nowhere by slipping my tongue into her as deep as it would go while wiggling my nose against her clit. She’d stop breathing for a few seconds and then regain her composure. I played games with her like using my tongue to write little messages along the sides of her pussy. She was far too oblivious to even follow that little game though, writhing back and forth as I lapped away at her. Each time that I could feel her getting ready to come, I would slow down or kiss my way back up to her nipples, giving them a bit of attention as well. After a couple times, she was on to my little trick, so she held on to the sides of my head as she started to come, giving me nowhere to go. So I just tongue-fucked her until she came, and kept going until she finally physically pulled me off and practically cried uncle. Victory was mine!

She was getting more and more into it the rougher I got, so after she came she was ready to return the favor. It was at this point that I was expecting a nice hot blowjob in return for my valiant service, so I eased back and waited for her do deliver. She reached down and unbuttoned my jeans, lowered the zipper, reached into my pants and pulled out my cock, which by that time was hard enough to hammer nails with. She got down close and looked me in the eye, playfully asking if I wanted my cock in her mouth. I, of course, told her yes, that would be just fine. Instead of lowering those sassy lips around the head of my prick, she shook her head slightly from side to side, telling me that it wasn’t going to happen.

You’d figure that this was pretty much an event that would signal the unofficial end of the date, but instead she pulled one hand off and licked it up and down, then followed it by doing the same with her other hand and started to slowly stroke it up and down two-handed. Her slippery fingers slid up and down the shaft, slightly grazing the head with each stroke, and honest to god, it felt just as good as any blowjob I’d ever had. She never looked away from my eyes, always watching my reaction with a cunning smile. Her hands were soft and warm, and whenever they got a little dry she would close her lips, look down and spit on the head of my prick. That was the most cliché porn bullshit that I had ever seen in my life, and yet it was still probably one of the hottest things I’ve ever experienced. This had to rank number one on the “top one hundred greatest hand jobs ever to occur anywhere on earth” list. She could feel my heartbeat in the veins of my cock, and could tell when it sped up that I was getting pretty close to coming. alsancak escort She stroked faster and started to pant a little, telling me that she wanted me to come and seemingly getting ready for it, but seconds before I would have blown, she took her hands off my cock and looked me deep in the eyes and whispered “How do you like it, big boy?” Touché sweetheart, I pulled that trick on her, but she got me back with it. Damn.

At this point there was no place else to go but horizontal, so she lay back on the seat and spread her legs, inviting me to come aboard. I slid my way up her body, kissing every inch as I went, taking a quick little bite on her left nipple, which made her moan out loud. I felt that I was pretty much in control in this position, so no matter how she begged, I took my fucking time. I grabbed hold of my cock and started circling the head of it around her moist lips, and could almost feel them pulling me toward her. She wanted me inside her, but I just slowed things way down and teased her some more. I would slip the head into her pussy just a little bit, but not even the whole thing, just an inch or so. She was getting hotter by the second, but also a little annoyed with my lack of speed. She wasn’t in a rush, but she sure as hell would rather get fucked right then and there than wait around for me to play with her.

Once I had gotten her plenty wet and ready, she had had just about enough fucking around and told me “you’d better put your dick in me right fucking now, and I’m not even kidding a little.” So, without hesitating, I slipped nine and a half inches into her, and I’m guessing it caught her a bit off guard since her hands practically crushed my pelvis. “Hooooooly fuck!” was all I could get out of her. See, I thought that this girl’s sassy mouth and brilliantly entertaining sarcastic wit in the real world would somehow translate to a $55 an hour chat line temptress in the throes of passion, but she’d said barely a word the whole time. I spent several minutes burying my cock into this woman, as deep inside as it could possibly go, pulling back out until I could feel her lips part slightly around the head, and back in again without either of us saying a single word. I took long, slow strokes, wanting this night to last forever. She was totally into that for a while, but began to grow restless. She asked me if I would let her take over for a while, and I happily obliged.

I sat up, let her rise up off the seat and sat in her place, getting ready to watch her do her thing. Before she got back to fucking me, she climbed on top, but much higher and far more awkwardly than sex would necessitate. She brought her hips all the way up to my shoulders and put her right leg over my left shoulder. She forced her pussy toward my mouth demandingly barking out “Now, lick my cunt.” This was heaven, right? I mean, this shit happens in terrible C-level porno magazine letters to the editor. “Dear Penthouse, I totally fucked this broad in my car…” Ugh. Back to reality, I greedily sucked on her clit, swirling my tongue around it like an ice cream cone while slipping two fingers inside her. I wasn’t going to play around with this woman; she obviously liked it a little bit rough, with no nonsense. Leave your bullshit at the door and let’s fuck. After a little bit of eating her out, she moistened up and got nice and warm, then pulled her leg back and lowered herself to my lap.

She slowly inched her slick lips toward my dick and slipped the head inside her just a little. She worked her way down the shaft sloooooowly, inch by inch, until I was once again buried to the hilt. I could feel her hard clit rubbing against my pubic bone at this point, and she took full advantage of that by not riding the my cock up and down, but by keeping the full length of it inside her as she rocked her hips back and forth, her g-spot grinding against the head and her clit rubbing against my skin, pinched between us. It felt so good when the muscles in her cunt started to tighten little by little, and I could tell by the rise in intensity of her bucking and the increased heaviness of her breathing that she was on her way to a vicious orgasm, so I grabbed her by the hips and pulled her rocking pelvis against mine harder and faster. She clenched up around my cock buca escort and it felt like it was going to be ripped out by the roots when she started to stutter and bite her lip. She was coming hard and fast, and I was still a good bit away from getting off myself, but she rode it out, fucking me pretty intensely until she was shivering. It was amazing because once she came, there was a flood in the basement, soaking the two of us and lubing her up even further.

She knew that I hadn’t come yet, so to be a gracious hostess, she climbed off and bent over on all fours. “Now I want you to fuck me from behind as hard and as fast as you can, and when you get ready to come, let me know.” I couldn’t just deny her that, but the car was not a happy fit for the two of us fucking doggie style. Even when I ducked to the point of almost breaking my neck I couldn’t get her hips high enough to get inside her, so she casually popped the rear passenger door open and trotted out into the woods naked behind the snack stand, calling me hither.

I followed without a word of course, and a few yards into the woods she stopped and put her hands up on the trunk of a big oak tree and spread her legs enough for me to see her hot pink pussy lips glistening in the moonlight. I walked up behind her, fell to my knees and ate her out from behind. She didn’t see that coming, so she started to grind herself against my face. I ate for a few minutes, savoring the taste and enjoying the quiver in her thigh muscles as little waves of ecstasy teased her.

Once I got my bearings, I stood up behind her, grabbed two handfuls of boob and slid my cock inside her, running my hands down her sides to grab hold of her hips for leverage. Although I had originally thought that the fact that she was so short was kinda cute, I now realized that she was the perfect height for fucking from behind while standing. It’s funny how you don’t calculate those things in everyday life. “Hey, you know, you’re the perfect height. I’m betting I could lean you forward and fuck you from behind without having to reach on my tip-toes or anything. Wouldn’t that be cool?” There’s another conversation that never happened anywhere, but probably should have. She held on to that tree for dear life as I pounded that perfect pinkness like a jackhammer with a death grip on her hips. She was so soft inside, so warm and so wet, it was like fucking perfection in the flesh. Every time my dick was thrust into her, my balls slapped against her clit and she would let out a soft sigh. It was heavenly to hear that sigh just inches ahead of me as her head turned back toward me to look me in the eye. This was too fucking hot for words. I would occasionally give her a nice smack on the ass to remind her that I was there, (as if my dick wasn’t enough of a reminder,) and she seemed to respond pretty well to that, letting out a little moan every time my hand cracked across the surface of her white tush. It got a little pink, and she pushed her ass back toward me whenever I did it driving my cock just a little bit deeper each time.

After a while, I knew that I was done for. I just wouldn’t be able to hold it off any further. When I whispered in her ear that I was about to come, she let me pound it in a few times more before dropping to her knees, licking her hands and double fisting my cock, jerking it off frantically. Just as my dick throbbed hard enough to signal that I was coming, she turned her shoulders sideways and I came hard in long ropy white jets out in front of her. Other than a couple of little drops hitting her on the tit and shoulder, most of my load shot off into the darkness, disappearing into the shadows in slow motion. She pulled it completely dry, squeezing out every drop of come, never taking her eyes away from mine, and once it was completely drained I fell to my knees in front of her, propping myself up against her.

Exhausted, she let her head fall against my chest as we kneeled there in the darkness, tightly embracing and shivering. I pulled her as close as we could be, feeling the sweat all over her body cooled by the night air. Moments passed over what seemed like hours, and we finally regained the strength to stand and sneak back to the car. Luckily we were parked right next to the snack bar, so not a soul caught us in the act. Once we were back in the car, we dressed awkwardly and tried our best to contain the new found excitement rushing through our veins. Involuntarily we both started to laugh, knowing that the next day in class would be interesting, to say the very least. I get the feeling this is just the beginning of a very long friendship.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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