Got Me To Thinking…

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Now as bright as I am, I thought taking an eight a.m. class would be easy and beneficial to my life. School in the morning and work in the afternoon and evenings. Not the greatest idea when you forget to take into account that you’re suffering from insomnia and have a ridiculously high libido. Having phone sex at three a.m. didn’t help at all either. My vibrator had been on the fritz and I was too aggravated to get any useful sleep anyways.

I’m sitting in class, bored out of my brain and falling asleep. What’s the professor talking about? I can’t even concentrate. All I can think about is her. How sexy her husky voice sounded on the telephone last night and the way her high pitch moans excited me. G-d, I wish I could have been there to help you out. Great, now I have a boner. I hope class ends soon. I’m staring out the window, trying to calm myself down so I can focus. My mind starts to wonder to what I’d like to do to her…

I’d show up at her house. She opens the door, I’m looking at her body Mersin Eskort

up and down. Step towards her, my hand on her chest pushing her up against the wall. Bringing my lips down to meet hers in a searing kiss. Mmm, her mouth is so sweet. I pin her hands up above her head. Move my lips down to her neck and bite gently. She moans in my ear. Geez, I want to fuck her so bad.

Pulling her to the bed. Laying her down, taking off all of her clothes. She’s naked on my bedspread, wet and wanting. Licking my way from her mouth to her neck. I take her nipples into my mouth, alternate sucking and biting them while she pulls my hair. Can feel her hips humping my stomach as she gets more and more turned on, anticipating my next move. Trailing kisses down her quivering stomach, sticking my tongue into her belly button. She makes the best noises ever.

I can see myself tracing her lips with the tip of my tongue from hole to clit then back again. Slow circling, over and over and over. Gathering the taste Mersin Escort Bayan of her in my mouth, the scent of her in my nose. Sweet, sticky paradise. She takes a deep breath and holds it. Her cheeks are blushing red, her eyes squeezed shut. She looks like she might explode off of the teasing alone.

I imagine sliding my tongue inside her. She’s hot and gushing. It almost burns me. She releases her breath in a low moan. She grips the sheets, white knuckles. I take hold of her hips, pulling her down to my mouth, holding them in place. I move my tongue in and out of her, fucking her with it. She’s grinding her clit on my upper lip, moaning incoherently. Random words, a mixture of english and spanish, tumble out of her mouth.

I can almost feel her squeezing me. Feeling all of her textures on my tongue, the smoothness of her inner walls. I move my attentions back up to her clit. She gasps at the sensation of me wrapping my lips around it. She laces her fingers through my hair, holding my Mersin Escort head in place. I swirl my tongue and suck her clit into my hot mouth. She’s arching her back, throwing her head back into the pillow moaning and whining.

The feeling is overwhelming, she looks delicious. Untamed, powerful yet helpless against my assault on her. She’s moaning something in spanish, I can’t understand what she’s saying. I think she’s coming. I’d quicken my movements and slide my index finger inside of her. That’s when she loses it. She bites her lip to muffle the scream that is fighting to escape her. Her thighs tremble by my ears and her entire body shakes with the aftershock of her orgasm. Her cum gushes onto my tongue with every wave and I swallow as much as I can.

Her body would start to relax and lower back down on the bed. With broad strokes of my tongue, I’d lick her clean, every drop I might have missed from her lips and thighs. I reach my arm up towards her face. She takes my hand and sucks her juices off of my finger…


I hear my best friend calling me. What the hell is she doing here?! Wait, now I remember. I’m still sitting in class, books laid out on my desk. I smile to myself. Man! That was an awesome daydream.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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