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Another Friday night has come upon us as I invited over my best friend Marcus to spend the weekend with. We decide we want to have some fun so we invite Grace to spend the weekend with us. I’m still the only guy Grace had ever fucked. After my 14th birthday, Grace and I had hung out several times after to fuck. She had gotten adventurous the last few times and she had me fuck her in the ass. She enjoyed it and had expressed several times that she would want to do two guys at once. Madison and Amelia hadn’t gotten to that stage yet.

Grace arrived at my house wearing very limited clothing. Grace had on short shorts with a sports tank top on with a sports bra on underneath. Grace found us upstairs in my room just hanging out. She climbed into my bed between Marcus and I. Marcus and I were wearing simply athletic shorts and t-shirts. We all began casually talking about what was going on in life, before Grace put her left hand on Marcus’ shorts while she put her right hand on my shorts around our dicks. I saw Marcus get instantly hard. As far as I knew, Marcus wasn’t a virgin as Madison had told me they both fucked each other along with one of Madison’s best friends. Marcus’ dick seemed to be the same size as I was which was around 7 inches. (I have also fucked Madison’s friend named Chatam along with Madison, but that’s another story for another day).

I also began to get hard as well. Grace climbed down from the bed and got on her knees. Marcus and I got up to strip down naked and we naked back on our backs on the bed as our hard dicks sticking up in the air. Grace took both of her hands, one for each dick, şişli bayan escort and began to stroke them. She leaned her head towards my dick and began to suck my dick with her warm mouth. Marcus stood up to strip Grace of her clothes. This revealed Grace’s slender body with B sized cup boobs along with her cute bubble butt. Marcus continued to stand and Grace would transition her mouth from my dick to Marcus’ dick.

As Marcus was getting sucked on, I moved myself onto my bed where I was laying on my back stroking my own dick. Grace got up and positioned herself over my dick and lowered herself until my dick was completely inside her dripping wet pussy. As I began to move my dick in and out of her pussy, Marcus was on his knees on the bed allowing Grace to suck his dick. Grace’s moans vibrated through Marcus’ body as I felt across Grace’s body rubbing her clit for her pleasure.

Marcus was beginning to climax and released his load inside Grace’s mouth. I was beginning to climax as well and I also released my load inside her warm pussy. Marcus and I switched positions allowing my to get sucked off as Marcus got the opportunity to fuck Grace for the first time ever. My best friend was seeming to enjoy the tight wet pussy he was fucking while Grace, my best friend, loved the dick that was inside her. You could see Grace’s cum dripping down Marcus’ dick. Grace was moaning in complete enjoyment of what she was experiencing. Grace began to rub herself viciously before she squirted all over Marcus and I.

Grace hopped off Marcus’ dick and began to suck us off once again. Grace was enjoying her first time getting the chance to fuck to dicks at one time. Grace didn’t know that Marcus and şişli escort J had a plan before she arrived to fulfill one of her deep fantasies. We had planned to stick both of our dicks inside her at the same time. I pull my dick out of Grace’s mouth, I pick her up and place her on top of me on the bed. We are laying there as I stick my dick back into her pussy. While Marcus gets behind Grace, wets his fingers, rubs her asshole, and stick his dick inside Grace’s extremely tight asshole. Grace screamed a few times in full excitement. Marcus and I alternated our thrusts as Grace was getting use to feeling two long dicks inside her at the same time.

We began to speed up our thrusts as Grace moaned with every thrust. I leaned her down and we began to make out while Marcus reached around and began to pinch her nipples. Her moans began to vibrate through my mounts as our lips were still connected. Marcus pulled his dick out of her ass and I pulled out of her pussy. We moved Grace off of the bed and to where she was standing next to the bed. Marcus lifted Grace off of the ground to where he was able to stick his dick in her pussy while I came in from behind and stuck my dick in her ass. Grace’s screams filled the room once more. Marcus and I moved her up and down our shafts with a decent pace. We were both pretty strong so we were able to hold up Grace with our combined arm strength. Grace now shared a few passionate kisses with Marcus as they were face to face for the first time all night. I leaned into Grace’s neck and kissed her passionately. All of us once again were beginning to climax as we were all beginning moan very loudly. We released grace from our dicks and got her onto her knees as we began mecidiyeköy escort to stroke our dicks. Grace had her face with her mouth wide open as a target for us. Marcus was the first to blow his load as large rope of cum ran across and some cum landing inside her mouth. I shortly after released my load out onto her face. I had a few ropes of cum drip across her face with more landing inside her mouth.

Once we were done, Grace went to the bathroom to shower. As Marcus and I layed in the bed with clothes on reminiscing on what we had just experienced together as best friends for the first time. Grace returned from the shower and layed in the bed with us. Grace and I were on the outsides and Marcus was in the middle. Grace fell asleep quickly as I knew Marcus and I had made her very tired. We all layed in the bed naked not caring whatsoever. I began to replay in my head the night we had experienced together, noticing that I couldn’t take my mind off of Marcus as his back was towards me only leaving me with a view of his ass. Marcus and I were the same height, he was a little skinner than I was, as I was an average built guy.

I began to wonder what it would be like to ever stick my dick inside Marcus’ ass. I had always had these thoughts about my best friend as he had told me he had thoughts about getting fucked at one point in time. My dick began to get harder and harder as I was beginning to touch his ass. My dick was super hard as I was hoping Marcus was in a deep sleep to where he didn’t notice. Marcus began to move and flip over. I had closed my eyes to make it seem like I was asleep. Once he had finished flipping over, I opened my eyes to his dick as hard as me right next to each other.

And before I knew it Marcus leaned in and began to kiss me….

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Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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