Helen Middleton Ch. 2

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Chapter 2: Helen Rides Again

Before I could move Peter reached and unfastened my blouse completely and my bra so that now |I stood completely naked.

Peter looked at me, his gaze lingering over my breasts with their hard red nipples standing proud from my dark brown aureoles which appeared even larger than normal, being about two inches in diameter. His gaze travelled down over my stomach, lingered on my mound then on to my cunt which was open to his gaze. I must have looked the complete slut.

“Well, Mrs. Middleton”, said Peter,” I suppose introductions are rather superfluous after that entry. However, I am Peter.”

I turned to him, smiling, and without thinking held out my hand, I suddenly remembered where it had been. I dropped my hand as I said, “Sorry peter, yes…What an introduction.” I dropped my gaze to his still hard cock. “Oh Yessssss what a marvellous introduction.” I breathed.

Peter caught my hand as it dropped to my side, the fingers of which had given me a lovely orgasm, he adana escort raised it to his mouth and before I could stop him, kissed my fingers.

Without taking his eyes off me, he spoke. “Jane, your mother has admitted to being frustrated after watching us fuck. her cunts soaking wet. Also she keeps gazing at my cock. I have a feeling its ‘Like mother, Like daughter’. I would love to watch you tongue your mothers cunt darling.”

I was astounded, not by what he said, but at my own easy compliance. I actually took a step closer to my daughter, then bent my knees and thrust my mound closer to her face. Peter bent over and took one of my nipples, which now were like hazelnuts into his mouth as he watched my daughter bury her tongue in my quim. Jane was crouching down and |I could see that she was rubbing herself as she licked me, suddenly I could stand it no longer. I gently pushed Jane away, my labia were full and fat my clitoris engorged, Jane looked up at me.

“Would eskişehir escort you like Peter to tongue fuck you mum? He is very good and his tongue is longer than mine.” Her words turned me on even more. “No darling I dont want his tongue fucking me, I would love him to fuck me with that big cock that looks as if it is ready for action again. Believe it or not, I haven’t been fucked since daddy left and now I want it, please, I really need fucking. I’m wet, I’m horny and I dont need more foreplay I just want that fucking big prick up my starving cunt.”

I dropped to the couch and opened my legs wide. Peter knelt between my spread thighs. Jane seated beside me picked up a packet of condoms. “He likes me to put it on with my mouth, Shall I do it while you watch mum?” she said.

“No another time, just let him get it in me darling, if you can suck it bare he can fuck me bare. If he has half as much ‘cum’ left in those big balls as he shot into that condom sakarya escort then I want to feel shooting up my cunt. As you know darling, no womb means no pregnancy so lets just fuck.”

Jane smiled at me and as she spread the lips of my quim and fed Peters thick cock into my open hole as she said. “My God, you are a randy cow mum, I reckon I must take after you, I never knew you were so sexy. As his big dick slid in I felt the large helmet stretch my channel.

“Fuck me, fuck me, for gods sake fuck me, “I moaned as to my surprise, amazement, and delight my unbelievable randy daughter leaned over and sucked my large prominent clit into her mouth. In out, in and out, Peters dick stroked up and down my channel. I was in ecstasy.

Between the two of them and the earlier ministrations I began to ‘cum’ I lifted my ass and met every stroke of that gigantic prick, its head pounding at the top of the uterus where my womb would have been, his balls banging on my vulva, on my cunt. He rammed that what one is and any case I have bought myself a very lifelike vibrator which besides vibrating imitates the action of a cock going up and down. Its covering is a soft latex with knobbles and veins and there is an attachment which looks like a male ball sac. It’s hollow and can take liquid!!!


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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