He’s Got them Both Ch. 02

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Author’s Note : When I wrote “He’s Got them Both” it was intended as a one-shot story, yet it went over very well and readers asked for a sequel. Okay — I had to think fast and I didn’t want to be too predictable, so here’s what I came up with. Maybe I should have called this one “He’s Got Them All”. Enjoy ~~ BrettJ


Candy Hope rolled over in bed and expected to throw her arm and legs around her young lover, Barry. They had both been in a very amorous mood tonight and despite his giving her 3 wonderful orgasms and falling asleep at 4 AM, Candy realized that she would quite like another. She didn’t worry about Barry’s reaction, he adored his older, sexy lady and was never shy about PDA, save around people that might get word back to his parents. They knew about his relationship with Michelle, Candy’s daughter. They didn’t know it was a very happy, very sensual, very decadent and permanent three-way relationship.

What Candy did not expect to find was an empty bed. The moonlight was still streaming in so it must have been sometime before 6 AM. She looked around the bedroom and wondered where Michelle had gotten to until she recalled Michelle was spending the night with an old friend. One of her closest friends had recently run into Michelle at the mall and Barry said “Those two squealed so loud there are deaf dogs as far as 5 miles away.” Michelle punched her boyfriend in the arm but admitted that she and Sharlene had gotten rather loud.

Despite their being only the two of them in their new home, Candy through on her negligee and then a housecoat. She didn’t know why, they were often naked around the house. Barry would tease his girls that he’d never get any work done with those two around. He had decided to go for his doctorate and the girls supported him whole-heartedly, when they weren’t dragging him off to bed.

Candy located her young lover in the kitchen. He wasn’t drinking coffee either, he was nursing a beer. He wasn’t much of a drinker and a beer at 6 AM was very unusual. She walked around in front of him and could tell something was bothering him. She perched on his lap and threw her arms around his neck. He was so strong that at times, Candy felt like the younger of the duo. “You’re bothered by something and in this house, we share things,” She told him. “Would you like to tell me what’s wrong or do I have to drag it out of you?”

He smiled up at her. “Knowing the way you’d drag it out of me I might not mind that too much,” He chuckled. “My mom called last night to tell me my cousin Colette is coming for a visit.”

“So, what’s the problem with that?” Candy wanted to know.

“Problems hon, plural,” Barry told her. “She wants to come and see her favorite cousin. Huh — you could’ve fooled me, when we were kids, she put me through hell, but I endured it. You know why? Because she’s fucking gorgeous, that’s why. Even when I was ten and she was 16, she was hot. But she’s a prude and if she found out about what we’ve got going on here, jeez, my parents would find out in an instant,” Barry groaned. “Colette would call them and tell them about our entire setup.”

“Sweetheart, don’t you worry about it,” Candy said as she hugged her young paramour. “We kept it a secret back home, didn’t we? I can play `girlfriend’s mom’ while she visits and your relationship with Michelle isn’t a secret. You worry too much, it’s one of the things I do adore about you but it is also one of the things that drives me and Chelle insane.”

“I do worry a lot, I get that from my mom,” Barry grinned sheepishly. “Okay then, beautiful, I put the fate of our relationship in your capable hands.”

“Great, so now I’m the one that gets the pressure,” Candy groaned. “So tiger, tell me about Colette — you said she’s gorgeous? How gorgeous? Me gorgeous or Michelle gorgeous or …”

Realizing she was trying to lighten his spirits a bit, Barry decided that he would have a bit of fun with his sensual, older lover. “Oh no, she’s much more gorgeous than you two. I’d say Colette is Playboy centerfold gorgeous.” He barely evaded a throw cushion that was tossed at him from the living room. “Seriously Candy, Col’s gorgeous but she was always so damned stuffy. She always had these good-looking dudes hovering around her but she worn these frumpy clothes and old-fashioned glasses. Even still, you could see she was hot. When I got old enough to date, I was able to clue in a few of my older buds to my hot cousin, but they all said the same thing — ice princess.”

“Maybe she’s changed over time darling, you’ve certainly evolved,” Candy told him. “Perhaps Michelle and I can take her shopping, loosen her up. Take her to lunch and share a few nice glasses of wine — what can it hurt, right?”

Barry wasn’t too sure about that, the two women he adored could certainly be a bit … over-exuberant … when they wanted to be. Still, he knew that Candy was bright and careful, she wouldn’t let anything happen to ruin their arrangement. “You might be right,” He smiled çanakkale escort and felt himself relax for the first time in a bit.

“Okay then, that’s all settled, so why don’t you come back to bed?” Candy flashed him her most alluring smile. “It’s cold and lonely all there by myself.” As he nodded, she tilted her head back and added “Be sure to brush your teeth first, you’re not kissing me tasting like a distillery.”

Barry laughed because one of the things he adored most about Candy was her ability to see things with a bright, chipper attitude and to inject levity into any situation. He did as she asked and was soon twisted around his mature lover, the both of them rutting like animals. Candy was quite possibly the most demanding fuck he had ever known, although he hadn’t been with a lot of women in his young life. Once Michelle and Candy had ensnared him in their dual web, he hadn’t made too much of an effort to escape. No sane man would walk away from these two and their incredible passions.

The Colette that showed up a few days later bore scant resemblance to the woman he remembered. For one thing, she was driving a sporty Corvette C7. For another, when she got out of the car, he wasn’t sure if this was the same Colette he had known. The frumpy clothes were gone and long legs were on full display in a tight, short yellow skirt and black heels. Colette’s formerly short blonde hair was now long and past her shoulders. The only way that Barry could be certain that it was her was when she pushed her sunglasses down the bridge of her nose and looked at him with those same aqua eyes he clearly remembered. A lovely smile crossed her beautiful face as she walked towards a totally gobsmacked Barry. She wrapped her arms around him and gave him a huge hug.

“Hey cuz, long time, no see,” She laughed. “Not quite the Colette you remember, huh? Of course, you’re not quite the Barry I remember either. I hope you’ve got something to drink, I’m thirsty.”

“I’m Candy Hope, Barry lives here with my daughter, Michelle,” Candy said as she held out her hand to Colette. She was able to flash a quick smile at Barry. “My daughter is inside and has prepared lunch.”

“Lunch sounds great, I haven’t eaten a thing all fucking day,” Colette said, surprising Barry once again with her usage of the profanity. She looked over at her younger cousin and chuckled.

“I’ve changed a bit cuz, you’ll see,” Colette told him. “I’m going to be 30 in a few years, it was time to lighten up.”

Barry nodded but he was still overwhelmed at the drastic changes in his cousin. He watched with fascination as she introduced herself to Michelle. The two women hugged and seemed to be hitting it off right away. Colette and Michelle were laughing and chatting and by now, it wasn’t hard for Barry to recognize signals his girlfriend was sending out. She found Colette just as attractive as he did himself.

“Is it just me or is Michelle flirting with my cousin?” Barry asked Candy.

“It’s not just you and you know Michelle, she’s incorrigible at times,” Candy smiled. “It doesn’t look as if Colette is putting up too much of a fuss though.”

“No, she isn’t,” Barry observed. “I gotta tell ya, this new Colette is freaking me out a bit.”

Barry spent the entirety of the day in a state of arousal. Michelle changed into one of skimpiest swim suits and flaunted her perfect body, she loved to tease Barry and could be shameless about it. She worked out daily so that every inch of her was smooth and sleek and she loved the sun, so her skin was a lovely bronzed shade. Colette was in a white bikini that matched Michelle’s for skimpy and she was a few inches taller than his girlfriend. Even Candy’s one-piece was far from modest as it was cut low in front and high on the hips. He hoped that he would get a chance to work off his frustrations with Michelle later on tonight because his libido was raging about as high as it could go.

He grilled steaks for all of them and watched them enjoy each other’s company. If Colette suspected anything regarding his relationship with the both of them, she didn’t let on. After dinner, the women all wanted to watch some movies. At 10, he found the film they had chosen to be far too much of a “chick flick” for him so he went up to bed. Barry assumed that Michelle would join him when it was done. As it had been a busy day, it didn’t take him long to fall into a deep, satisfied slumber.

He had no idea what time it was but knew that it must be late as there was a cool breeze coming in through the open window and he could hear crickets chirping. He felt a faint rustling and someone joined him in bed. He knew that Michelle was feeling frisky and he’d sensed that all day. His sexy girlfriend had joined him in bed and was already caressing him intimately. He fell back and let out a satisfied sigh. Just then, the moonlight illuminated her figure and face. It wasn’t Michelle or even Candy. Colette had joined çanakkale escort bayan him in bed and was sucking and fondling his cock.

“Surprise baby cuz, although you’re not a baby anymore,” Colette smiled and then resumed sucking him for a few more minutes. “Damn, none of the guys that I have ever fucked have had a rod as big as yours. You fucking bastard, I am going to enjoy myself with this.”

If Barry needed any further evidence how much his cousin had changed, he could have taken a photograph. Her body was meant to be lit by moonlight, it was slender and perfectly formed, with high breasts that tapered nicely into her body. There was a sensual sleekness to her and she seemed to enjoy what she was doing. At that moment, Barry seemed to regain his sense of decorum.

“Shit Colette, it’s not that you aren’t good or – fuck – that I haven’t thought about this for years, but Michelle’s my girlfriend and I don’t cheat on her, I’m not that kinda guy,” He protested.

Colette smiled and came up for air. “Wow — what a cool guy you are, baby cuz. Hey, don’t sweat it. It isn’t cheating if your girlfriend tells you that she’s okay with it, y’know?”

“She did?” Barry said, not sure what to make of all of this.

“She did,” He heard Michelle’s familiar laugh coming from the door. “Col and I spent a good part of today talking and she told me that she’s between boyfriends. She told me if she had known how hot you were going to grow up to be, she would have been in your pants a lot earlier than this. I told her not to let me stop her and she could fuck you any time she wanted as long as you were cool with it and if I was free to watch or join in. She took it all in stride babe, are you sure you had Colette’s number all those years ago?” For the first time, Barry noticed that aside from sexy black stockings and heels, his girlfriend wasn’t wearing a stitch of clothing.

“You’re okay with Michelle joining us?” Asked an awestruck Barry? He just had no understanding of the new persona that had taken over his cousin although it might be an interesting journey to discover her.

“Okay? If she doesn’t, I’m going over there and dragging her into bed with us!” Colette smiled. Michelle looked at her boyfriend’s cousin and a very happy, sensual smile crossed her face. She joined them in bed and instead of paying attention to her boyfriend, she and Colette began making out. Barry knew now that he had to be dreaming, no way was his cousin acting like a lesbian with his openly-bi girlfriend. Didn’t matter, this was still freaking hot and he still wanted to enjoy as much of the action as he was able.

“Hey buster, are you going to let the two of us do all the work?” Michelle’s commanding tone could be heard in the room. Okay — not a dream, the dream Michelle was a bit more docile. He grinned sheepishly and as Colette was the guest, he pulled her close and began kissing her while his girlfriend helped to remove the pale, gauzy lingerie Colette had been wearing.

“He’s a good kisser, holy fuck, I wish I’d known about this a lot sooner. I would have visited home a lot more often.” Colette was kissing him with the hunger of his fantasy Colette and he felt himself … um … rising to the occasion. Colette gasped and looked at Michelle with newfound admiration.

“You fuck that every day?” Colette whistled. “Lucky fucking bitch.”

“No, we fuck that every day,” Candy said from the doorway. “I heard all the ruckus from downstairs and had to investigate. Obviously Colette isn’t the prude you thought she was, Barry.” At this point, Barry felt like sinking under the covers until he realized that Michelle was still caressing Colette and she didn’t seem to be in the slightest bit freaked about this latest revelation.

“He was right if we’re talking about the old me,” Colette said as she fondled Barry’s semi-rigid tool. “I was Miss Polly Prissypants until I moved away from home. I’d only had sex once or twice and didn’t much enjoy it. I knew I was pretty but my mother taught me that nice girls didn’t dress like whores.”

“Shit, the old double standard again,” Candy sighed. “I’ve always had a good body and I’ve never been afraid to show it.”

“Good for you, I now realize that you have the right attitude,” Colette smiled and squeezed the tip of Barry’s cock. “Don’t worry stud, we’ll get to you — promise.” She turned around and watched Candy’s robe fall to the floor. Her eyes openly approved of the older woman’s lean, supple body.

“After I moved away from my parents, I found a beautiful condo that I really wanted to rent. Unfortunately, two other people had already beaten me to it. It didn’t matter, as it was out of my price range anyway,” Colette explained. “As it turned out, it was just outside of theirs too until they realized if the three of us pooled our money, we could easily make the rent. I liked Stella and her boyfriend and over coffee, we agreed to try being roomies.”

“So escort çanakkale what happened next?” Candy said. She didn’t want to be the only one that Barry hadn’t kissed, so she gave him a little sugar while everyone paid attention to Colette’s story.

“Well, it didn’t take long before I discovered that Stella, who is a tall, leggy blonde like myself, made her living as a nude model. Nils wasn’t her boyfriend, he was her manager and her primary photographer. I was a bit uncomfortable with it at first, but they were both so nice and Stella had such an incredible body that I got used to it,” Colette confessed.

Continuing, Colette said “Stella would walk around our home in little or next-to nothing, she wasn’t at all self-conscious about her body. It was her Swedish upbringing. Nils wasn’t bothered by it, he said he’d seen her naked hundreds of times. He was always out hustling work for her and she was gone at least 3 days a week on photo assignments.”

“Sounds sexy,” Michelle giggled.

“One night, our heat went out and Stella asked if she could crawl in with me for warmth. I didn’t think anything of it until she spooned up against me and one of her hands draped across my front. I felt very odd, as if I was aroused. I turned around and saw that Stella was grinning at me. She wasn’t doing anything overt, but she knew that being so close to her fabulous body was arousing me,” Colette sighed, recalling the moment vividly.

“I asked her if she knew what having her beautiful body pressed so close to mine was doing to me.” Colette groaned. “She gave me this coy smile and told me that she thought I was every bit as beautiful as she was and furthermore, Nils thought so too. She pressed closer to me and nuzzled my neck. Stella asked if I wanted her to stop. No, I most certainly did not want her to stop. I shook my head as best I was able and she began removing my night clothes. It was freezing in the condo but the both of us were burning up.”

Barry was hanging on every word of his cousin’s story. That the Colette of his youth could turn into this woman was astonishing.

“Her lips were as soft as a hummingbird’s wing and her hands were everywhere. Every part of me kept screaming out that this was wrong and evil and perverted, but it couldn’t be because it felt so good. When I felt her agile tongue fluttering between my legs, I lost it. I pushed her head down between my thighs until she made me cum,” Colette panted as she recalled the story.

“Wow,” Michelle sighed, sucking one of Colette’s pink nipples into her mouth while Colette still fondled her cousin’s cock.

“That was only the beginning. I knew right there and then that some of the things I had been taught were pure bullshit. I asked — no, I practically begged – Stella to teach me about the things she had just done to me. She nodded and had me get on top of her and instructed me with patient, loving care. We were really into it when things changed a bit,” Colette sighed.

“I think I know what happened next,” Michelle giggled.

Colette nodded. “Nils came home and he wasn’t angry about me being with Stella. He just smiled and said that it appeared as if his little sister had won the bet. His sister! I thought I’d done, heard and seen it all but I was oh-so wrong because Stella just told him to get naked and join the party. He did just that and I watched in total amazement as Stella started sucking her brother’s cock. She told me that they had been doing this for quite some time and as I looked at his huge rod, I couldn’t say that I blamed her. Incest or not, Nils was the kind of guy a girl just has to fuck. So we did — and we still do to this day. I support myself the same way that Stella does, by modeling,” Colette smiled as she concluded her story.

“Oh wow, hot absolutely fucking hot,” Michelle sighed as she moved between Colette’s slender, model-perfect legs. She began licking Colette the way she had wanted to ever since meeting the sexy blonde, with eager delight. Now aware that her actions would not “freak out” Colette, Candy got between her daughter’s legs and gave her equal treatment.

Colette looked behind her and smiled. “When you’ve made her cum, I want to be next. Right now, I think my gorgeous cuz needs a good fucking. I’m under the impression that you naughty ladies had intended to behave while I was visiting here. I’m going to show you all why that won’t be necessary!”

Colette slid her lanky, perfect body on top of the cousin who’d been crushing on her for several years. She saw the satisfied look on his face and leaned over to kiss him. “Hang on cousin, I’m about to show you why the fantasy is so much better than the reality.”

Colette may have been a puritanical prig in an earlier incarnation, but that was long gone by now. This blonde tornado fucked with a fury that astonished even Michelle and Candy. The mother & daughter were locked in a heated `69′ beside their shared boyfriend and yet neither of them could resist looking over every so often. Colette’s granting of Barry’s most fervent youthful fantasy was simply too good to ignore.

Colette was stunned to find she was unable to wring an orgasm out of her younger cousin. “We have him well-trained,” Candy purred, taking the younger blonde into her arms. “You said you wanted a go-around with Michelle, let me have him for a while.”

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