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The sensations began as soon as he saw her swing those long legs from the Hummer. The sensations accelerated, as his eyes took in her sensuous hip-swinging spike heeled walk in the skintight, ass-hugging pants. Once again she had triggered that familiar feeling in his crotch. Once more embarking on it’s own specific schedule… his cock began to rise.

Damn, he thought. She is so fucking hot. I have to get that ass in my hands. Some how… some way… she has to be mine… even if it is for only one more time.

Her taste was still on his tongue. Her ass was still in his hands. Her hard nipples were still between his teeth. Her cries of pleasure still rang in his ears. All were indelibly tattooed into his brain where they remained as fresh and vivid as if it had been only minutes, instead of the realities of the eight or so years since they had been together.

She approached… he wanted to grab her ass… pull her to him… press his hardening cock into the softness of her belly. Instead, he reached out to caress her arm. “Damn you look hot.”

Knowing precisely how she looked and knowing precisely what he was thinking, she gave him a perceptive smile yet answered with an incredulously innocent, “I do?”

“Yes, you do.”

His eyes now fixed on the rhythmic undulations of her spectacular cheeks, he followed her toward the restaurant entrance.

“Your ass looks absolutely fantastic in those pants.”

She turned at the door to make eye contact, once again offering a discerning smile.

“It does?”

“You know exactly how you look,” he continued, as he held the door for her while simultaneously attempting a mostly unsuccessful adjustment to the growing bulge in his pants.

The loud buzz of noise in the crowded dining room markedly diminished in the three or four seconds it took them to walk the few feet from the door to the counter.

As he recited their order, he surveyed the occupants. He took satisfaction in that, while most of the occupants were men, nearly everyone, even the handful of women, had their eyes fixed on her.

They’re all wondering, he thought. Wondering if I’m fucking her. Wondering why it’s me. They’re enviously wishing she were theirs. I love having something others want.

They took a booth… eyes immediately locked… sitting quietly… smiling as each enjoyed his or her own thoughts.

She had noticed the growing bulge in his pants as he attempted to reduce its obviousness. She had watched it continue to grow as they stood at the counter. Her thoughts drifted to how she remembered it… the purple tinted head wet with precum… the feel of it throbbing… the phenomenal electric sexual excitement that was theirs… all spun through her mind.

It was the wildest and most beautiful sex of my life, she thought. It was over too quickly. Why didn’t we make it last?

Her mind recalled vividly the powerful orgasms that had swept over and through her entire body… like nothing she had experienced before or since.

He had fucked many beautiful and desirable women over the years, more than he could immediately recall, yet he had never experienced with any woman the excitement, the passion that was generated with her. His mind churned with images of her nearly perfect body. Soft smooth skin, taut breasts, long hard nipples, beautifully formed legs, narrow waist, perfectly proportioned hips, no cellulite anywhere on her 5′ 8″ frame. One of those rare beautiful women who looked even better naked than she did clothed. And as the restaurant patrons attested, she was unbelievably hot when fully dressed.

He once again surveyed the crowded room. It pleased him that most of them were still staring. Some still swiveled in their chairs attempting to secure a better look. Understanding that none of them were ever likely to experience a relationship with a woman as beautiful and desirable as she was, he gave them all a knowing smile as his telling eyes swept slowly over them. He tried Escort bayan his utmost to give them a look that would answer the question plaguing their minds. Something that would tell them exactly what they wondered.

Yes, I’ve had her and it was even better than you could ever possibly imagine. It’s something you can only fantasize about, because I’d guess the only way you’ll ever enjoy what I’ve experienced is in your dreams.

Turning his attention from their lustful looks and lurid thoughts he listened as she told him of the things that had transpired in her life since their last conversation, mostly stories of failures in attempted or short lived relationships.

“You need to find someone who is very secure with who they are, otherwise it will never work. You’re far too beautiful… too much of a flirt… got too many things going on in your life for anyone who’s even a little insecure to be comfortable with long term. You have so many people in your life and so many things going on they’re going to be jealous of everyone and everything that you have happening, unless they are exceptionally secure.”

She laughed. “You think I’m a flirt?”

“Sure you’re a flirt… just like I am, and even when you’re not outwardly flirting you have very telling body language.”

“I do?”

“I knew the first time I met you, the first time I was ever around you that you were interested in me.”

“You did?”

“Yes, your body language gave your thoughts away. And whether you realize it or not, mine probably did the same. And to be honest, I knew the second time we went out that you would go to bed with me.”

“I didn’t go to bed with you the second time I went out with you.”

“That wasn’t what I said. I said I knew you were going to go to bed with me. And you did. I believe it happened the third or fourth time we saw each other.”

She laughed, then sat quietly thinking about their conversation and their past relationship.

We jammed a months worth of activity into those first few days. Every day… every night… the hot kisses… the lust… the electricity… the sex. Oh God… the sex and the animalistic pleasure of it all. It seemed he knew how to pleasure every erotic hot spot my body possesses.

“What I need is someone like you. You’re the only really secure man I know. I can’t seem to find anyone like you.”

“They’re out there. Maybe you only want relationships with those types you subconsciously know won’t last.”

She thought about that for a minute… running the merits of the last two guys she had attempted relationships with through her mind. “Maybe you’re right. I just know they have trouble lasting.”

The time passed far too quickly. They got up to leave.

“Are you in a hurry,” she asked as soon as they were outside?

He had several things on his afternoon agenda but his desire for her pushed them all to the far recesses of his mind.

“Not particularly, why?”

“I want to go to the garden shop. The one on Sanderson Highway that we’ve been to before. Buy some plants. Want to go with me?”

“Sure. I’ll follow you there?”

It took them only 5 minutes or so to make the drive. He trailed her into the store but not too closely as he wanted to watch that tantalizing ass-swinging walk.

“Jesus,” he said as he moved up next to her. “I want you.”

Once again she feinted surprise.

“You do?”

“You know I do. You look so fucking hot.”

Not responding, she walked away from him, pausing about 10 feet away. Bending over from the waist to inspect a plant, she poised her ass invitingly in the air.

“I love these plants. Such beautiful yellow flowers. I saw them last week in Tucson.”

His cock grew as he stared at the inviting target. He wanted to jerk her pants down. He wanted her bare ass in his hands. He wanted to jam his cock in her tight hot pussy from behind and pound her hard until she screamed with pleasure. Instead, Bayan Escort he moved next to her and utilizing the back of his hand he briefly rubbed her ass cheek.

“If you keep doing that I am going to grab your ass.”

“You can’t be grabbing my ass in here.”

“Then don’t bend over like that. If you do, I’m gonna grab your ass.”

Not answering, she moved away from him, appearing to inspect plants as she went. When she was about 20 feet away she paused and looked back to see if he was following. He wasn’t.

She looked at him for over a minute before speaking. “Let’s go to that shop on South. The plants here don’t look that good.

A plant shop on South ain’t where I want to go with you, Baby, he thought. “Okay. I’ll follow you there.”

Things looked very good on South and we aren’t just talking plants. On arrival, she immediately went on an ass swinging tour of the entire area of plants. Pausing several times to do her bend over at the waist… ass stuck high in the air… would you like to fuck this… routine.

He knew she was doing it with full knowledge that it was turning him on, as well as the young clerk who was following their progress, as they moved through the plants. He also knew it was working as his cock was once again hard and this time it was aching for relief. All plans for that day had been wiped from his mind, erased by the flaunting of that beautiful ass. Every path his mind went down somehow led to the same destination — the tight hot pussy that neighbored with that beautiful ass.

He stood behind her, mesmerized by the view just in front of him. It was so close, yet so far away.

“Spend the rest of the day with me.”

“I can’t Sweetie.” She straightened up to give him that I know what you want, and of course I’d like to do it, but you’re out of luck today, smile. “I’ve got work to do.”

“How about this evening?”

“I have dinner plans.”

She bent over once again… ass again thrust tantalizingly up toward him.

Fuck, I want her, he thought. I’ve got to think of someway to get her alone with me.

“How about we go to the race track and casino in Dobbs?”

“That sounds like fun… but I don’t know when I’ll have time.”

She had told him during a conversation a few weeks before that trying to plan sex wouldn’t work. Explaining if it was going to happen it would have to be spontaneous… just happen. Not wanting to chance on it just happening, he wanted to somehow create an opportunity for spontaneity. Quickly, he ran a variety of scenarios through his mind.

“Tomorrow? Thursday? Make time. We’ll have fun. I’ll play the horses at the race book. You can play the machines.”

And maybe… just maybe we’ll fuck.

I know he wants to fuck me, she thought, eyeing his still prominent bulge. Knowing exactly what was there for her, memories of their times together danced through her mind. It seemed he could play her body like some fine instrument… going from one sensitive erotic area to another… kissing, licking, nibbling, sucking… lifting her to sexual heights she had never achieved before or since.

“Let me see what I can work out.” Once again she thrust her ass invitingly toward him as she bent to inspect another plant. “It does sound like fun.”

As soon as she reached her office she went directly to the bathroom to check her clothes for wetness from her pussy drippings. Finding her thong was saturated; she put it in her purse. Her pants were only a little damp.

God… he turns me on, she thought.

She resisted the urge to masturbate as she wiped herself with some tissue, but did spend just a little extra time rubbing her swollen clit.

As the afternoon wore on, the texture of her tight pants added another dimension to her problems. Every time she moved they rubbed her already sensitive clit causing visions of his magical tongue and hard cock to reinvade her thoughts. Two hours after they had parted she Escort was naked on her bed feverishly pleasuring her aching pussy and engorged clit with a vibrating dildo… her mind filled with images of the wonders she had previously enjoyed from his hands, tongue and cock. Wishing it were his teeth inflicting the pain, she twisted her nipple as she simultaneously stroked faster with the dildo… plunging it deep inside. As her orgasm neared, the sound of balls slapping against her ass joined the picture in her mind of his hard cock plunging deep inside her aching swollen pussy. Feverishly he pounded… deeper and deeper… faster and faster… in and out… harder and harder. “Oh God,” she moaned. “Fuck me! Please fuck me,” she cried! Her ass rose from the bed… hips flailing in the air… juices flowing. A powerful orgasm swept over and through her!

Several times he had massaged his cock through his pants… resisting the urge to take it out… to jack off as he drove home. He couldn’t remember when he’d been this hot and this frustrated. It wasn’t like before. Then he had known from the beginning he would eventually have her. This time he didn’t know and he wanted her so fucking badly… and he may not ever have her again. To make matters worse she was teasing him mercilessly with her actions. It appeared to be intentional and she was unquestionably enjoying it.

His clothes were off as soon as he was home. It was quick. An afternoon of admiring… an afternoon of desiring… an afternoon of lusting… had more than primed his pump. His mind filled with incredible pictures of a swollen wet pussy nestled between those beautiful long legs and stunning ass as he bent her over the couch to fill her with his cock. Tight grip… frantic strokes… his moans of ecstasy… her cries of pleasure. In less than a minute he was spurting in the air, his stomach and hand covered with hot creamy sperm.


He had nearly given up… not given up on wanting her because the passionate wild sex of their past remained vivid in his memory and would often return in the form of fantasies, but he had nearly given up on it happening again. His mind frequently dwelled on it… about having her phenomenal ass in his hands… his head wedged between the beautiful smooth skin of her thighs… his tongue lapping her succulent juices… his lips pleasuring her engorged clit… his cock packing her hot swollen pussy. But he was no longer convinced she wanted him the way she once had, believing instead that she was only interested in knowing she could have him if she desired even though he was in a relationship with another. Time and again it seemed she had enticed him with suggestive words and actions… touching him… kissing him passionately… rubbing on him… then smiling at his suggestions of sex and telling him not right then.

Suddenly he knew! It was as if a light had come on in his frustrated mind. There was no need to agonize about anything. There was no need to ever be frustrated. She was actually there for him anytime he wanted her. Why hadn’t he thought of this sooner? It was all so simple. She was there for the same wild uninhibited sex they had enjoyed so many times in so many different ways. Anytime he wished, he could hear again her moans of pleasure… once again hear her sexy voice whisper his name… once again savor her cries of ecstasy as the orgasms swept through her. Once again they could be wild passionate lovers exactly as they were before. Once again they could speak soft words of love. Once again his cock could throb as it hardened to the task. Once again he could experience the fulfillment of having her.

She was there for him to have whenever he wanted her, whenever he needed her. It was as simple as letting it happen. It was all there for him, every electrifying moment conveniently packaged in the storage files of his mind. He only needed to choose a time, place and situation and she would be there, playing it out in vivid detail. He could have her just as he had before, actually anyway he preferred having her. She was there for his beck and call for the rest of his life. It was only necessary for him to close his eyes and let the beautiful memories in his mind bring her to him.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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