How I Spent My Summer Vacation

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(as told to him by Jenni)

For my summer vacation I went to California in order to spend some leisurely time on the beach, soaking up the sun. Arriving at my hotel in the late morning, I checked in as quickly as possible and made it to the beach early in the afternoon where I met Laura.

Just lying there admiring all the cute girls in their tiny suits, I noticed her walking towards me. I had my sunglasses on and was admiring her cute, tight, young body. She stopped about 10 yards from me and proceeded to lay out her blanket. My god, her ass looked so delicious as she bent over to fix her blanket in the sand. I just kept staring, filled with desire. She looked over towards me and gave me a big smile as she obviously noticed I was looking at her. I smiled back and we both mouthed “Hi” to one another at nearly the same time.

That was all it took! Laura grabbed her blanket and came over to me. Since I was on my towel, she asked me if I wanted to share her blanket and I readily agreed.

We started talking and it was obvious that we were both thinking the same thing. As we lay there joking and making comments about all the other girls around us, how pretty they were, whose hair was nice, who had the nicest butt, and so forth, Laura suddenly rolled towards me and gave me a quick little kiss. I flushed with surprise and pleasure at the touch of her lips and I longed to pull her more closely to me, but somehow managed to resist.

We stayed for another hour or so, moving more closely toward each other, gently touch our fingers to the others arms. The sexual tension began to grow between us, and when we took turns applying sun lotion to each other’s back and legs, it got to be too much. Laura asked me to go back to her house with her for drinks and dinner.

Walking to her house, I let Laura lead the way so that I could watch her walk and wiggle her cute ass. She caught me looking at it a couple of times, but just smiled coyly. Laura seemed so innocent and sweet, but she obviously knew what she was doing. The walk took us about 20 minutes and the whole time we were talking and joking like two little school girls.

When we got to her house, Laura opened the door and I walked through. As soon as she closed the door, she grabbed me and pushed me against the door, kissing me with a passion that was so hot that I just melted into her.

Within seconds Laura had me naked and pinned against the door with her fingers inside my pussy, kissing me and bringing me to my first of the many orgasms I would have that day.

As soon as my ecstasy subsided a little, Laura pushed me over to a nearby couch and wasted no time getting my legs spread wide. She started tongue-fucking me, darting it deeply into my wet pussy, and then expertly sucking my swollen clit. I came in a gigantic wave that made my whole body shake.

I lay there breathing heavily, my tits rising with each breath, my heart beating quickly.

Then it was my turn. Asking her to stand up, I had her slowly undress for me. Laura has the most perfect little titties. Her nipples are soft and about the size of quarters. Pulling her swim suit bottoms down, I was pleasantly surprised to see that her pussy was cleanly shaven. I was so turned on by the sight that I reached for her and pulled her hips toward me. Soon I was smelling the fragrance of her pussy and felt its wetness against my face. I turned to get my tongue into her tight pussy and began licking her up and down and nibbling on her clit. Laura put her hands to my head and pulled me tightly into her. She began moaning and moving with each lap of my tongue. In a matter of minutes she erupted in orgasm, forcing my face into her pussy so that I thought I might not be able to breath, but I kept my assault on her sweet pussy going until she collapsed on top of me on the couch. We kissed passionately. We ground our cunts together. We were like two bitches in heat as we kissed and touched and licked and sucked and fucked each other.

I’m not sure how long we played, but finally we were exhausted. As Laura lay in my arms, we talked and decided to go out that night. “I know the perfect izmit escort place,” Laura said.

I told Laura that I needed to go back to my hotel and get cleaned up. “I’ll be back in a couple of hours,” I called over my shoulder to her as I left to go back to my room.

Taking a shower, I thought about what to wear for the evening, finally deciding on a very tight, short sun dress with string bikini panties and no bra. Wearing my hair down (since Laura had hinted that she liked it better that way, I put on a pair of 3-inch pumps and looked in the mirror. I looked like a bitch in heat. Just the effect I was after. Then I went to meet Laura.

Much to my surprise, she had another girlfriend over when I arrived back at her place, because I was greeted at the door by Laura and immediately introduced to her friend Marcie. Both girls gave me a kiss on the cheek.

Laura, as I said before, has great little titties. She was about 5’6″ and slender with shoulder length sandy blonde hair and the most gorgeous green eyes I have ever seen. Laura’s ass is tight and perfectly round. She was wearing a short red mini-dress with no bra. Marcie is slightly taller than Laura, about 5’8″ and 2 years older. Her hair was longer and she had an excellent tan and larger tits. She has brown eyes and small lips, which were accentuated with red lipstick. Marcie was wearing a short, miniskirt and top that showed off her tight belly. She had on a lace bra which could be seen when she bent down.

Laura had prepared some margaritas for us and we sat and chatted for about an hour before leaving for the club.

Once we arrived at the club, Laura and Marcie introduced me to a couple of their friends who were already there and we joined them at their table. The club was not a lesbian club, but a very nice dance club and the people there pretty much knew one another. The single guys in the club didn’t come over and bother us so we had a lot of fun, just like a big group of friends. I danced with Laura and Marcie and a few of the other girls. A couple of the girls touched me and felt me and I did the same to them. Anita was the sexiest dancer. She straddled my leg and rubbed herself up and down and we grabbed each other and gyrated sexually, feeling each other’s asses, and generally laughing up a storm.

The evening was a blast, and when we finally left, it was 2 a.m. We went back to Laura’s place and I was thrilled to learn that Marcie was staying over. Laura had a queen size bed and all three of us fit perfectly in it.

Since I was the “new girl”, I was approached by both Laura and Marcie, sandwiched between them with Laura behind me and Marcie in front. Marcie and I began kissing each other, searching out each other’s tongues, our bodies pressed tightly together. Laura was nibbling on my neck and ears and rubbing my ass with her hands, pulling it up slightly so she could get her hands into my panties. As Marcie and I continued our kissing, Laura quickly pulled my panties down to the floor. As I stepped out of them, I felt her pulling my ass cheeks apart and then felt her hot, wet tongue licking at my tight asshole.

Marcie slipped the shoulder straps of my dress off of my shoulders and, ever so slowly, pulling my dress down to reveal my tits, my nipples hardening immediately as I fet the cool air on them. Kissing her way down my neck, Marcie began pinching one nipple while sucking the other between her hot lips.

All the while Laura was exploring my ass with her tongue, stopping just long enough to let my dress fall to the floor. So there I was, totally exposed to these delicious young girls as they continued to lick my ass and suck my nipples. Laura took the opportunity to run her fingers between my legs and into the opening of my cunt, which was dripping wet. I moaned as her fingers probed me and I felt like my legs would buckle at any moment. Meanwhile, Marcie kissed me farther down, across my belly, stopping momentarily to lick my belly button before finally finding her way to my clit. Slowly, she began licking it as Laura continued to lick my ass and finger-fuck my pussy. Marcie licked my clit, and when yahya kaptan escort Laura started to remove her finger from my cunt, Marcie sucked my juices from Laura’s finger. Then she spread my legs and replaced Laura’s fingers with her own tongue. I almost fell to the floor as my first orgasm began, and my juices flooded Marcie’s mouth.

I fell onto the bed and Marcie and Laura quickly undressed and lay down beside me, one on each side. Since I had already tasted Laura earlier in the day, I wanted Marcie’s pussy first. Positioning myself so that my head was between her legs, I sarted to lick at her wet pussy. I was so wrapped up in eating Marcie’s pussy, I hadn’t noticed that Laura had left the bed for a moment. As I continued to tongue-fuck Marcia, I felt Laura move onto the bed and I felt something against my pussy. Using a strap-on dildo she had retrieved, Laura began to fuck my pussy. Marcie began moaning and I knew that she was close to cumming. Licking her vigorously, she came into my mouth, her juices tastes sweet as nectar.

Laura was fucking me hard and fast now, and soon I began to feel the pleasure build from the depths of my cunt, and I exploded in orgasm, shock waves streaming through my body. I cried out in ecstacy and Marcie’s pussy sprayed my face with more of her cum.

Pulling the plastic cock from my pussy, Laura positioned it against my asshole and pushed it violently into my ass. I felt the plastic balls hit my pussy as the dildo was buried deeply into my asshole. I returned to eating Marcie’s sweet pussy as Laura fucked my ass hard and deep until I came yet again. After Marcie climaxed again, we all fell together in a heap and eventually fell asleep.

The next morning, Laura and Marcie had to get up and get ready to go to work. We all had coffee and made arrangements together again after work. Eventually I left and went back to my room to clean up and get ready for the day.

About 1 pm, Laura called me from work and confirmed that we were still on for the evening. I passed the time by window shopping until Laura got off work. Meeting me at my hotel, we took the opportunity to fuck one more time before leaving for the evening’s activities.

Since we both liked to tease, Laura and I dressed as slutty as possible, before going to one of her friend’s houses for a party. Driving about an hour to her friend’s house, we arrived to be greeted at the door by one the most beautiful older women I have ever seen. She was Asian-American and very, very erotic-looking. Dressed in a short black dress that was opened down to her belly button, you could just see her small tits hiding behind the fabric.

She introduced herself as Mimi and offered us some drinks. A picked up a glass of wine and we followed her into the house, and I watched every move of her body and ass as she walked into the “Game Room”. There were several other people there, both men and women, and I was introduced to them all. Laura already knew most of them, but there were a few new faces for her as well.

As the evening progressed, we mingled, played some, pool, drank wine and chatted. I couldn’t help but watch Mimi as she bounced from guest to guest being a courteous hostess. I still didn’t know if she was “into” other girls yet, but I did notice her looking at me a few times and smiling. Was she attracted to me or was she just courteous? I don’t know or, should I say, I didn’t know then.

Finally she came back to Laura and me as we chatted with a couple that Laura knew. Mimi came up and stood next to me and put her arm around my waist. Pulling me close to her, she asked if I was enjoying myself. I replied that I was having a great time and that her home was beautiful.

Mimi seemed delighted at my comment and asked me if I wanted to see the rest of the house. “Let me give you the grand tour,” she said.

I looked at Laura for approval and she just smiled and continued talking to her friends.

Mimi took my hand and led me through the house, showing me the kitchen, the dinning room, and the rest of the rooms on the lower level. Throughout the whole tour she gebze escort never let go of my hand.

As she led the way up the stairs to the second floor, I couldn’t help but stare as her long legs and shapely ass. How she stayed in such good shape was a mystery to me, but she was definitely hot. Showing me a few more rooms, we eventually made it to the master suite. The room was gorgeous, with a master bath and a garden window, hot tub, the works.

She told me that she had divorced her husband several years ago and got the house in the settlement, so she now lived there alone.

Teasingly I plopped myself down on the bed on my back with my arms above my head. I commented how wonderful it must be to live in a house like hers. Looking over to her, she smiled back at me, obviously checking me out as I watched her eyes move up and down my body. I spread my legs a bit and I knew that she could see my panties, although I did it in a way that wasn’t very obvious. At least that’s what I thought. I wasn’t sure whether Mimi was interested in girls, but I soon found out.

Mimi set her wine glass down on a table and walked over to the bed, her gaze filled with lust, her face with the most incredible and desirable look on it, and she sat down nest to me. Holding one of my hands, she bent over to kiss me. She was on fire!

We kissed each other, searching out each other’s tongues, and she moved her free hand to caress my breasts through the fabric of my dress, my nipples stiffening to her touch. Mimi stopped long enough to stand up and pull the dress straps from her shoulders, letting the dress fall to the floor. Mimi stood before me in only panties and heels, her small, firm tits looking so sexy. As I lay there watch her little strip show, my pussy started to get wet with desire. When she came back over to the bed, she stood in front of me and slowly leaned down so that she lay on top of me and when we kissed again, my hands found their way around her beautiful ass. Her cunt was grinding against mine as we kissed and I massaged her ass, pulling her tightly into me. As she began kissing me slowly down my neck, she simultaneously pulled my dress from my shoulders. Then kissing my shoulders, she pulled my dress down more and more. Mimi was obviously a woman who liked to take things slowly. I didn’t care. I was in heaven.

As my dress moved past my breasts, I felt her warm breath on them as she started to lick and suck them. Lifting my hips so that my dress could be removed, Mimi pulled it off and began pulling down my panties as well, kissing my belly and moving lower until her mouth was nibbling on my clit. That was all I could take and I grabbed her head and rubbed my pussy against her mouth until I came with a violent shudder. Mimi continued to lick and suck at my pussy, retrieving all of my juices. Her face was slick with my cum as she stood up to remove her panties. Then she came back over to me and laid down next to me. I immediately went to work on her dripping pussy, licking and sucking every inch of her hot cunt, savoring the taste and aroma. Reaching under her, I rubbed her little asshole and inserted a finger into its tightness.

Her pussy tasted heavenly and I continued eating it and fingering her ass until she came, her body twitching in spasm of ecstasy as her orgasm overtook her. After her cumming subsided, she moved so that her body and mine were scissoring each other and our cunts ground against one another and we continued pussy-fucking until we both reach orgasm again. The excitement made this second orgasm more intense than the first.

When we finished cumming we lay in a heap and kissed and fondled each other for few moments long. Then Mimi said she had better get back to her guests. After dressing, we hugged each other, and returned to the party on the first floor. We found Laura and with a hug, Mimi went back to her hostess duties. I looked sheepishly at Laura and she smiled and winked back at me.

Staying for another hour or so we left and I spent the night with Laura, and as we fucked again, I told her all about my adventure with Mimi.

Over the course of the rest of the week, Laura and I met up with Marcie a couple of more times and I got the chance to fuck Mimi on two more occasions, one of them in a three-way with Laura. Needless to say, my cunt was happy and I had an extremely wonderful, well-needed vacation.

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