I Call on Lucy

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Hi, Readers. I am relatively new here on Literotica and I like to know what people think of the stories. I like feedback, positive or negative. I am always open to suggestions.

Ladies, if you are in the San Jose area and you would be interested in making this into a true story, with yourselves replacing Lucy, I am probably available. The opinions expressed by the narrator are those of the writer and my name expresses my favorite thing to do.


Lucy is a divorced woman whose husband left her, hoping to find someone sexier. That husband, besides being an asshole, was a stupid asshole because there are very few women sexier than Lucy. She has brown hair and devilish green eyes and, although only five feet tall, she is voluptuous, with big, firm breasts and big, sexy nipples. Lucy’s ass is built for bouncing on a bed with a man’s head or hips between her legs and she shaves her pussy, which makes it even more sensitive. Besides looking the part, she is one of the hottest women I know, and she usually cums four times when we get together. I know she uses her vibrator in between my visits to her, which is lucky for me because she would wear me out otherwise.

The most recent time I went to call on Lucy, she opened the door and closed and locked it behind me, then threw open her arms to greet me. Her bathrobe was thrown open also, showing off her very sexy body. With our first kiss, her tongue was in my mouth. “I’m really glad you could make it, George.

I’m so horny that my vibrator doesn’t do it for me.” Having said this, she pulled me by the hand to her bedroom, shucking off her bathrobe along the way, and jumped into bed, lying totally naked, on her back with her arms and legs open to me. As I said, Lucy is a very hot woman who really enjoys making love.

I pulled off my shoes and joined her, otherwise fully dressed, and kissed her ripe, red mouth. Our tongues did the Tango together. I kissed her eyes and the pulse spots on her throat then took one of her succulent titties in either hand and started to lick the erect nipples. Lucy put her hands on my shoulders and pushed me up from her chest. “George, I love what you are doing, and later on, I want you to do a lot of it but right now, it’s my pussy that needs your mouth, especially my clit.” Then she pushed me down her body to where her pussy was dripping, and already humping into the air in anticipation, and her clit was engorged.

Not to be denied my treat, I quickly licked the juices out of her pussy, then clamped my mouth firmly but gently on her clit. My tongue probed the top and sides of that precious love button and my lips sucked on the whole organ. “Oh, God! Oh, God! Oh, God”, and a few minutes later. “Oh, God!

Oh, God! I’m cumming! I’m cumming!” Lucy’s hands pressed on the back of my head, squashing my face tightly into her pussy and her thighs squeezed my temples. When I referred to Lucy’s ass bouncing on the bed, I did not exaggerate. Her thighs imprisoned my head but her knees bent sharply and her feet were squarely on the bed. All her weight was on her head and shoulders and her feet, and her ass was all the way off the bed, while her pussy humped into my face. Lucy held my head in place with her hands and her thighs and I kept licking and sucking her clit while she continued cumming. When she climaxed, her hips spasmed and her back arched, pressing her pussy even more tightly against my face. Then she collapsed back on the bed and her hands and thighs released my head. I devoured all the fresh cum juices in her pussy and looked at Lucy’s face.

Her face was smiling and she said, “I really needed that, George, but I hope you are not through eating my pussy yet. I really need a lot more.” Well, of course I was not through yet. If I had to stop this soon, I would feel cheated because I had hardly sucked on her delightful titties or licked her fragrant pussy or eaten her delicious pussy juices. My mouth was ready and eager for a lot more action before I would be through.

First, I got up off the bed and removed my clothing. Then I washed off my face, in keeping with sexual etiquette, and lay back beside Lucy and kissed her lips again. And again. And again. Our tongues didn’t start connecting until the third kiss, and then she wrapped her arms around my head and held my mouth against hers, while our tongues renewed their acquaintance. Lucy let go of my head and I once again kissed the erogenous spots in her throat. Again, I held her succulent titties gently in either hand and licked the nipples. This time, Lucy didn’t push me away, but rested her head back in the pillow and purred contentedly.

Sometimes my tongue just flicks the nipples but Lucy’s were so big and firm that I painted them with broad back and forth strokes of my tongue, first one then the other, then back again, I thoroughly covered both of her adorable nipples. Lucy lay back, smiling and purring. Flicking is good too, though, and I flicked one of her nipples with my tongue, then sucked the luscious Escort bayan globe into my mouth. I sucked on it and licked the nipple with my tongue and traced the lovely areola. I turned my attentions to its gorgeous twin and sucked on it the same way, my lips forming a seal so I could enjoy the soft texture of Lucy’s skin and the harder feel of her nipple. I looked at her pussy and it was squirming on the bed and I could smell the fragrant juices lubricating her pussy, so I knew it was time to move lower. We both like it when I suck and lick on Lucy’s titties but we like it a lot more when I suck and lick on her pussy.

Usually, I put a pillow under the woman’s ass because that presents her pussy better to my mouth, and makes eating it easier and more comfortable, but Lucy had been in such a hurry before, I hadn’t done it. I did it now, then knelt between her upraised legs, put my shoulders against her thighs and leaned forward to bury my face in her fragrant pussy and enjoy the aroma. I sucked all the delicious juices out of her precious love hole, then I squirmed my tongue in because I love the taste and feel of that delightful place on my tongue. When I took my tongue out, Lucy reached under herself, took hold of her asscheeks and spread them. The middle finger of my right hand, lubricated by my saliva, slipped into her ass and I fucked her ass with several slow strokes, pushing my entire finger in, and pulling it almost all the way out. Lucy’s purring was louder as I buried my face again in her lovely pussy.

Lucy’s whole pussy is sensitive and loves to be licked, especially since she had shaved it just before I arrived. The outer surface of one of her outer pussy lips was where I started licking her, even though this is usually the least sensitive part of a pussy. Starting from the bottom, right in her crotch, I licked the lip slowly, using broad strokes of my tongue and considerable pressure. The freshly shaven area felt good to my tongue and I’m glad there was no stubble. I licked one lip all the way to her mons, then started on the other lip. Lucy was purring contentedly but her pussy hadn’t started humping yet. When I got to her mons the second time, I kissed it and sucked on it briefly. My middle finger continued slowly fucking Lucy’s eager ass.

The inner surface of Lucy’s outer pussy lips are much more sensitive than the outer surface so when I started licking there, beginning at her crotch, I used much less pressure. My tongue moved slowly, covering the entire area. The taste and feel of her smooth, moist pussy lip was a delight to my tongue, and I delighted in the feel of my finger in her ass. Lubricating juices were starting to be secreted by her vagina and they were a delight to my sense of smell and soon they would delight my taste buds also. Lucy’s contented purring as I slowly and thoroughly ate her pussy was a delight to my ears. After I had licked the entire pussy lip all the way to her mons, I licked her there also and pulled my face away to gaze on Lucy’s beautiful, smooth pussy as it humped into my face. That was a delight to my fifth sense.

After I had consumed all the fresh juices, I delighted both of us by giving the same treatment to her other outer pussy lip, beginning at her crotch and slowly licking the inside surface all the way to her mons. When I passed her clit hood, I brushed it with my tongue, and was rewarded with a twitch of Lucy’s pussy and a fresh spurt of lubricant. After I sucked briefly on her smooth mons, I devoured all the fresh juices and started probing with my tongue just under Lucy’s sweet vagina. My finger was all the way in her ass and I twisted it so I could rest my chin on the back of my hand while my tongue probed this very sensitive place. Her purring became louder, almost moaning and, as I moved my tongue to probe between that moist, pink love hole and her inner lips, and resumed slowly finger-fucking her ass, she started humping her pussy more strongly into my face.

As I slowly insinuated my tongue under Lucy’s inner lip, her thighs rotated outward, presenting her pussy fully to me and it started humping even stronger. Pleasurable moans had replaced her purring and I knew that if I started sucking on her clit, Lucy would be cumming within minutes. We were not in any hurry, though, so I would wait until she really wanted to cum and couldn’t wait any longer. Lucy would not be shy about telling me.

My tongue had found a very nice spot, and I kept it there, slowly moving it back and forth. Lucy began swiveling her hips, thrusting her legs over my shoulders. I knew she was close to cumming but I wanted her to pick the time, and I wanted us both to get the most enjoyment possible out of what we were doing. The other inner pussy lip has a corresponding spot, and I moved my tongue over there, slipping it in, and slowly moving it back and forth.

“Cum. I wanna cum”, was Lucy’s panted demand. “Suck my clit. Suck my clit.” I slid my tongue into her vagina and, after sucking out all the fresh juices, Bayan Escort started massaging the top of that delightful hole, stimulating the underside of her clit. Lucy’s pussy was going wild against my face, and her legs were slamming into my temples as her hips gyrated. The time had come to fasten my mouth onto her precious clit.

I clamped my lips onto that engorged love button, and started sucking on it. While my lips were sucking, my tongue was probing and licking the sides and top. After a few minutes of this, Lucy exploded “Oh, God, I’m cumming.

I’m cumming”, and her hands again squashed my face into her pussy and her legs squeezed my head. Lucy’s ass lifted off the bed again while her pussy bucked into my face. The muscles in her ass clenched around my middle finger and I couldn’t move it but I held on to her thigh with my left arm and kept my lips clamped on her clit, while my tongue continued its dance of pleasure. As Lucy continued cumming, her pussy kept bucking into my face, and she babbled incoherently. My lips remained locked on her clit until, with one last spasm of her hips, her back arched again, and she climaxed.

Then she sagged back onto the bed; her hands dropped off my head, and her legs released me. I slowly pulled my finger from her ass, sucked and licked all the delicious fresh cum juices from her pussy, and went to the bathroom again.

When I returned, Lucy was still lying on her back, a smile of blissful contentment on her face. “George, you are the greatest. I haven’t cum like that since the last time you were here. I ought to throw away my vibrator and keep you here all the time.” She was lavish in her praise, and she almost meant every word of it. “Now, lie here beside me for a while. I still have some things I need for us to do.” Of course, I knew what those things were, and I was eager to do them as soon as Lucy was ready. I lay on my back, with a pillow under my head to wait, because I knew it would only be a few minutes and Lucy would want me on my back when she was ready.

When that time came, Lucy got a condom out of the nightstand. Before she put it on me, she took my cock in her mouth and sucked it for a few strokes although she is not really much for sucking cocks, and this was more a courtesy than anything else. Also, she got my cock wet so the condom would go on more easily. If there is anything Lucy loves more than having her pussy eaten, it is fucking, and her favorite is the cowgirl position. With Lucy, this is my favorite too, for various reasons, but especially because she enjoys it so much, and that results in a more pleasurable time for me.

Lucy straddled my legs, on her knees facing me, and carefully slipped the condom on me. Once this was done, she moved forward, put her hands on my chest and prepared to mount me. From sucking and handling my cock, her pussy was already dripping.

Lucy raised herself up and over my cock and then slowly lowered herself. I held my cock in my hand until the tip was even with her pussy, then rubbed it against her clit. She smiled in pleasurable anticipation then lowered herself, and I guided my cock into her pussy. Once the tip was in, Lucy lowered herself even more slowly and my cock slipped into her tight, wet pussy until it was all the way in, with my pubic hair tickling her smooth, sensitive pussy lips. She sat on me for a minute, smiling with the pleasure of my cock all the way in her, while I smiled for the same reason. Then we began slowly fucking.

Lucy started by rocking sideways, letting my cock mostly massage the sides of her vagina. As she leaned to one side, I timed the thrusts of my cock for just as she started back, to ensure the maximum penetration and to most forcefully press my cock against the sides of her love hole. We continued our slow rocking and fucking motion for a several minutes. Lucy was purring happily and she had a contented smile on her face, and I probably did also because we were both enjoying ourselves so much. Besides enjoying the feel of my cock sliding in and out of Lucy’s hot pussy, I can watch it sliding in and out. This position is a visual delight because I can also see her sexy body above me, and I can reach up and fondle her big titties. Later, Lucy would switch to a motion where I could lick and suck on them, but for now I just admired them as my cock plunged in and out of her pussy.

Lucy changed her motion so she was rising up and slightly forward then back down. This produced greater penetration into her pussy and allowed for more contact between my cock and the underside of her lovely clit. Lucy’s pussy was wetter now and I could smell the fragrant juices and even see them, running out of her vagina and soaking into my pubic hair. I regretted the waste but I had consumed a lot of her juices already and I would consume more before we were through making love. My hands were on her hips while she was stroking with this motion and I was thrusting my cock into her pussy on her stroke back, for greatest penetration Escort and contact with her clit.

Lucy was moaning her pleasure by that time and I expected her to cum soon and then we would cum together later. Four climaxes is standard when Lucy and I get together, especially when she starts out as horny as she did today.

“I’m getting ready to cum, George. Can you handle this?” I nodded my head yes, and Lucy leaned toward me and changed her stroke to rocking back and forth. With this motion, every time she swung her hips back, the underside of her clit massaged the top of my cock. I timed the thrusts of my cock into her pussy to match her swings back, to provide the most contact with her clit.

“Suck my titties”, she told me, and held them with her hands to present them to me. I had no problem with this, and took one of the twin treasures in either hand, and started sucking gently on them while plunging my cock into her pussy in rythm with her strokes. I would continue sucking with my mouth and fucking with my cock until Lucy started cumming and then I would have to let go of her titties and hold onto her back when she started bucking. I hoped that wouldn’t happen too soon, because my cock and my mouth were in ecstasy.

Ecstasy doesn’t last forever, however, and Lucy announced “I’m cumming. Oh, God, I’m cumming”, and started stroking faster. My hands let go of her titties and her nipple slipped out of my mouth. My hands slid down to around the small of her back because I wanted to keep up the same stroke while Lucy was cumming, and I knew she would not have sufficient control to do it. She sprawled forward on top of me and her legs straightened out beside me and started their pistoning motion as her hips swiveled on top of me. My hands were on her hips and I continually jammed her pussy down onto my cock while I rammed my cock into her pussy, keeping the best contact I could with her clit. This continued for several minutes, until Lucy climaxed with one jerk of her hips; her back arched and she would have pulled her pussy off my cock if I hadn’t been holding on to her so firmly.

After her climax, Lucy lay on top of me, and I continued fucking my cock into her pussy, but slowly and gently now.

When Lucy was ready, she started responding to the slow thrusts of my cock into her pussy by thrusting back to meet me. For the time being, she lay on top of me with her arms under mine and her weight on her elbows and knees, instead of returning to the cowgirl position, but I expected this to change soon. “I love your tongue and I love your cock”, she told me. “I think I will throw away my vibrator and keep you here chained to the bed.” I laughed but I enjoy flattery as much as the next person. My hands were still on Lucy’s hips because I like the feel of her soft, smooth skin but she was stoking her pussy at her speed and I was thrusting with my cock to match the pace she was setting. Lucy likes to control the speed and other things, which is fine with me because I derive the maximum enjoyment from making love when Lucy, or any other woman, enjoys it as much as she can.

Lucy stayed where she was but started using a circular motion that she likes. At the appropriate point of each circle, I thrust my cock into her pussy, achieving maximum penetration and contact with her clit. Already, she was expressing her pleasure by purring, and her smile was beatific.

Around and around went Lucy’s pussy and in and out went my cock and her purring became louder. “Put your finger in my ass”, she told me and I was glad to comply. “Fuck my ass with your finger”, and I started plunging my finger slowly, in and out of her ass, matching the thrusts of my finger with the thrusts of my cock into her pussy. Lucy’s purring became louder and her smile became happier, and she frequently whispered “Oooo, that’s good”, as our slow fucking went on.

Lucy likes to change her motions to stimulate her whole pussy, but this time she wanted to change back to the cowgirl position. My cock and my finger stayed in place as she pushed herself up with her hands against my chest and curled her legs up underneath her so she was back on her knees. Once she had achieved the position she wanted, she started rocking sideways on top of me again, and I resumed thrusting my cock into her pussy the way I had before, on her down strokes. I coordinated the thrusts of my finger into her ass again, and our slow fucking continued. As it continued, her purring turned to moans of pleasure, and I was also moaning by then.

She changed her motion again, using another of the same ones as she had used before She rose up and forward, lifting her pussy almost off my cock and then sat back down again so my cock again penetrated all the way into her pussy. I bent my knees to change my angle of penetration slightly and thrust my cock into her as she sat back. This produced maximum penetration and rubbed my cock against the underside of her clit. We continued like this, fucking silently except for our moans of pleasure, because we were both enjoying ourselves immensely. My finger was still fucking into her ass, synchronized with the strokes of my cock into her pussy. “I’m going to be ready to cum pretty soon”, she told me. ” Let me know when you are ready.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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