Incestuous Bedtime Tale Ch. 04

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Daughter’s Incestuous Miracle

Avalon Young — September 2037

I trembled as Mommy rubbed the wand vibrator up and down my pussy. I loved the birthday gift she bought me, the buzzing end of the massager humming against my entire pussy at once, sending wicked sensations through me. It made listening to my parents talk about their first dinner date even more naughty.

I was on the edge of my seat (figuratively). “What happened when Daddy said that he loved you?” I asked. My stomach squirmed with excitement, my clit aching as it drank in the vibrator’s massaging pleasure. “What?”

It was so exciting. I was in bed with my parents as they continued telling me the story of how they entered into their incestuous delight. I wasn’t the only daughter in bed with Daddy. My pregnant pussy clenched. I had found out that Daddy had bred me. The third generation of incestuous love.

They were telling me about this amazing dinner they had when Mommy was my age. Eighteen and just awakening to her sexuality. She was dressed up in an elegant, black dress and wearing grandmother’s earrings and perfume. I never knew my grandmother. She passed away a few years before Mommy and Daddy fell in love.

“I was so scared,” Mommy said. “It sounded like Daddy meant he loved loved me. But I couldn’t believe it. I kept thinking that it meant something else, but I was so in the moment that I was about to risk it. I was about to tell him I loved him right there in the restaurant.”

I shuddered, the humming wand vibrator pressing tight into my pussy as she spoke, her eyes distant. “So you said it?”

“The waitress interrupted us,” Mommy said. “She broke the spell right before I was about to say it. I was just so embarrassed. I pulled my hand away as the waitress asked for our drink orders. Daddy was so stiff. My ears burned. I began to think I was wrong. He was just being a loving father. My doubt was undermining my desires. Fear was keeping me from saying anything. When the waitress brought back the champagne, I grabbed my glass and gulped it down. I’d never had alcohol before. It was a mistake.”

“Oh, no,” I gasped, my hand grabbing Daddy’s cock as I trembled, my orgasm building and building. I stroked him. This was the cock that made Mommy in grandmother, that made me in Mommy, and had made my little child growing in me. “That dumb waitress.”

“The dinner was great,” Mommy said, turning the wand vibrator so its thick tip pressed into pregnant cunny. My labia throbbed and ached. I shuddered, my toes curling. My heart pounded, pumping bliss through my veins.

“It was,” Daddy said. “But awkward. We both felt it. We were both afraid that we were misinterpreting the other, weren’t we?”

“Uh-huh,” Mommy groaned. “The waitress really frightened me. What if I had blurted out that I loved my daddy before her?”

“Yeah,” Daddy said, his cock throbbing in my hand. “I was just playing it safe, realizing that I was in a public restaurant with my eighteen-year-old daughter. If someone realized that… So we just made small talk. About college and stuff.”

Mommy nodded, rubbing the wand massager’s tip into my pussy in circles, brushing my clit. My body trembled with the pleasure surging through me. I whimpered, my hand stroking Daddy’s cock faster and faster.

“How did you get past that?” I asked, wanting to know even as I came closer and closer to my orgasm.

Mommy pressed against me, her red hair spilling over her face. Her round breasts snuggled against my side. She pulled the massager from my pussy, leaving my cunt shockingly aching for sensation. My toes curled as I whimpered.

“Why don’t we take care of Daddy’s cock,” Mommy purred. “He looks like he’s getting too hard. Then we can tell what happened when we got home.”

“What happened?” I asked, my excitement surging through me.

“Let’s just help him out,” Mommy said. “Why don’t we both give him a blowjob? Doesn’t that sound like fun?”

I nodded. “Can I use your wand massager on you, Mommy?”

Her eyes lit up. “Of course you can. You know Mommy loves her wand massager.”

Daddy burst out into laughter. “Oh, yes she does. The naughty minx fell in love with her first one when I bought it for her nineteenth birthday. The first time she came with it, she squirted. She panicked and thought she peed herself.”

Mommy and Daddy both laughed no.

“That sounds like a fun bedtime tale,” I said, sitting up.

Mommy opened her nightstand drawer and pulled out her wand massager. Hers had a blue tip and looked a little bigger. She reached down and plugged it into the power strip next to mine. She grinned and handed it to me.

As I moved between Daddy’s thighs, I turned on Mommy’s wand massager. The tip blurred into a fuzzy, gray bar, humming away wildly. I licked my lips. Mommy joined me between Daddy’s thighs. She was beautiful, twice my age and still hot. Her breasts were round like mine, her hair the same beautiful shade of red. Only her eyes were blue, unlike the green I shared with Daddy.

He grinned down at us, kaçak iddaa his hair red, too, though he had gray. He was still fit, still coaching and teaching PE at my college. She gave me a hot kiss on the lips, her tongue dancing over my lips. Then she broke the kiss and said, “Ready?”

“Let’s make Daddy cum!” I moaned.

“She’s definitely our daughter,” Mommy said, glancing up at him. “A Daddy’s girl.”

He chuckled. “Yes, she is. Though she’s gotten into more naughty fun at school than you ever did and it’s only been her first day of college.”

I gave a wicked grin.

Mommy and I leaned our heads down as we shifted our wand massagers. I shoved mine up between her thighs. Mommy gasped as I found her pussy. I pressed the buzzing toy against her cunt and stroked up and down her flesh.

Then Mommy found mine.

My pussy celebrated the pleasure of the wand massager. That amazing buzzing teased my pussy lips and clit again. I groaned as I nuzzled into the tip of Daddy’s cock. I flicked my tongue out as the humming bliss surged through me.

Mommy joined me. Her lips pressed into the other side of Daddy’s cock. Her tongue and mine danced over Daddy’s crown. We brushed each other as we did. My hips wiggled back and forth as I rubbed Mommy’s cunt with the vibrator and she did the same to my juicy twat.

Daddy groaned. “Mmm, just a pair of naughty daughters. Both so beautiful.”

I beamed at him. My cheek rubbing against Mommy’s. Her tongue danced over his cock, swiping up his bead of precum. I flicked out across his slit, gathering the next bead. The salty flavor melted across the tip of my tongue while the pleasure rippled through me.

“We’re both so wicked, aren’t we, Daddy?” I purred.

“Yes, you are,” he groaned, his eyes flicking from Mommy to me.

Our massagers rubbed up and down each other’s pussy. Mommy pushed the massager tighter against my pussy. The pleasure surged through my cunt. Our lips nibbled on his cock, brushing each other, almost kissing. His precum spilled over our mouths. Our tongues caressed each other.

Then I slipped my mouth over Daddy’s cock, groaning about it as the wand massager brought me closer and closer to cumming. We caressed each other as we pleased him. I pressed the vibrator hard into her cunt while my pussy lips drank in the buzzing bliss. Rapture rippled through each of us. My toes curled.

I groaned around Daddy’s cock. My tongue darted around his dick. Her head bobbed up and down. I sucked on him while Mommy kissed and nibbled at the corner of my mouth. My hips wiggled as the massager buzzed against my pussy.

My labia throbbed. My clit ached. My orgasm swelled.

“Mmm, that’s it,” moaned Mommy, her voice throaty. “Yes, yes, that’s it. Blow your daddy. Make him cum.”

“Make your mother cum,” Daddy groaned, his cock throbbing in my mouth. “You’re such a naughty daughter.”

I was.

“Mmm, you are,” Mommy purred, pressing the wand massager into my clit. My little nub throbbed.

My pregnant pussy clenched.

I popped my mouth off Daddy’s cock and moaned, “Your turn, Mommy! Let’s love Daddy and make him cum!”

“Such a sweet daughter,” Daddy groaned. “Little Ava…”

I beamed at him as Mommy sucked Daddy’s cock into her mouth. She moaned around him and worked her lips up and down him. Her hips wiggled and rubbed against my thigh. I shuddered, my juices flowing out of my shaved pussy. The cream ran down my thighs. My breasts swayed as Mommy bobbed her head, her red hair brushing my cheek.

I licked my lips, my toes curling. That amazing vibrator brought me closer. Stars danced on the edge of my vision. I whimpered and groaned while Mommy sucked hard and loud. I rubbed the wand massager up and down her pussy, her juices running down the shaft to my hand gripping the handle.

Mommy popped her mouth off. “Your turn, Avalon.”

I engulfed Daddy’s cock with my greedy lips. I sucked on his dick. My cheeks hollowed. His cock throbbed in my mouth. The pleasure rippled through me. I whimpered and groaned. My tongue danced around the head of his cock.

I came.

My pregnant pussy convulsed. I squealed around Daddy’s cock as the wonderful pleasure rippled out of my twat. Stars exploded across my vision as the waves of ecstasy spilled across my mind. It tingled over my thoughts. I whimpered. I sucked. My tongue danced around his crown.

“Ooh, our daughter’s cumming,” Mommy moaned. “Her juices are gushing out of her.”

“Such a wicked daughter,” groaned Daddy. “She’s sucking so hard.”

“Uh-huh,” Mommy purred. She nibbled on my ear. “That’s it. Mmm, keep rubbing me. I’m going to join you soon.”

The wand massager kept rubbing against my pussy. I held her vibrator against her pussy as the buzzing bliss assaulted my cunny. I kept cumming. The pleasure surged through me. Stars burst before my eyes. I groaned, my juices gushing out of me. Soaked my thighs. I sucked so hard on Daddy’s cock, his precum spilling over my mouth.

I popped my mouth off his dick, unable to contain my moans. “Yes, yes, kaçak bahis yes!”

Mommy engulfed the tip of Daddy’s cock. She sucked on him as she kept rubbing the wand massager against me. My birthday gift sent wave after wave of rapture through me. My entire body trembled.

“Mommy! Mommy!” My pregnant pussy spasmed harder. My labia and clit drank in the vibrations, transforming them into bliss. “Oh, my god! Daddy, Daddy! I keep cumming.”

“And you look so beautiful doing it, Ava,” he groaned.

“Are you going to cum?” I asked him as Mommy sucked with such hunger.

“Your mother is an expert at making me cum,” he groaned.

“Isn’t every daughter an expert at making their daddy cum?” I asked him through the delirious flood of bliss shooting through me.

Mommy popped her mouth off Daddy’s cock. I darted down and engulfed him as she moaned. “Yes, daughters are skilled at it. Make your daddy cum. Make me cum. Oh, my god, Daddy! Daddy! Our little girl… Yes!”

Juices gushed down the wand vibrator and soaked my hand. Mommy cried out in bliss. She must have squirted. I shuddered, both our toys humming loud, buzzing against our pussies. My pregnant twat kept convulsing, driving me wild.

I sucked so hard on his dick, drool running down my chin. My breasts swayed from side to side as I trembled. My body rubbed against Mommy as I sucked. Daddy groaned. His cock throbbed in my mouth while Mommy groaned beside me.

Daddy grunted as another orgasm burst through me. So much incestuous bliss fired through my cunt. Stars burst before my eyes. I groaned and whimpered as this amazing rapture roared through my body. It was the best thing in the world. It was truly wondrous. Stars burst before my eyes. This awesome bliss burned across my mind.

I sucked on Daddy’s cock.

I whimpered around it.

“Cum, Daddy!” Mommy howled as she trembled beside me.

“Little Ava! Michelle!” Daddy groaned, his face twisting.

Hot cum spurted into my mouth.

That wonderful, incestuous seed filled my mouth. It splashed across my tongue and swirled around. That wonderful taste had me shuddering. My breasts swayed. My pussy clenched. Heat billowed through me as I came again on the vibrator.

I gulped down Daddy’s thick cum. I swallowed it. That wonderful passion spilled down my gullet to my tummy. It felt incredible to swallow it. My heart pounded hard and fast. An amazing treat. My eyes squeezed shut as the pleasure surged over me.

“Yes, yes, swallow all of Daddy’s cum,” Mommy moaned. “Just drink it down. Mmm, it’s so good.”

So good!

My pussy convulsed as the wand massager pressed so hard into me. Juices gushed out of me again. Another wonderful orgasm surged through my body. My cunt juices gushed out of me. They spilled over the toy as I sucked out every drop of Daddy’s cum.

“Damn, little Ava,” he groaned, staring down at me with those green eyes.

Mommy pulled the wand massager from my pussy. I did the same as I popped my mouth off Daddy’s cock. I panted, cum running down my chin. Mommy darted over and licked up at the cum from my chin and found my lips.

I kissed her. I savored sharing Daddy’s seed. I wished I hadn’t swallowed most of it. We could pass it back and forth. Then we’d be such naughty sluts. I groaned as she broke it. Then I threw myself down beside Daddy, snuggling into his side, rubbing my round breasts into his chest. My body trembled. My pussy clenched, heat rippling through me.

Mommy cuddled up behind me. She hugged me, nibbling on my ear. I smiled, feeling so loved right now.

“So, what happened when you got home?” I asked. “Or did anything spicy happen at dinner.”

“Nothing spicy happened at dinner save your mother got a little tipsy.”

Mommy giggled, her breasts rubbing into my back. She had such hard nipples but soft breasts. It was so wonderful to feel. She stroked my side as she said, “I was so nervous and the waitress kept feeling my glass when she came by. I felt amazing but also scared, and then we came home. Daddy was helping me to the house because…”

* * *

Melissa Young — October 2018

I clung to Daddy. I still squirmed with embarrassment from almost blurting out my feelings, but it was a fading. Why did that waitress have to walk up right then? Or maybe it was a good thing because if I had misread Daddy’s words… I felt so bubbly despite the burning at the tip of my ears.

I stumbled, frowning. My head felt so light and my feet didn’t seem to want to work. “I can’t remember how to walk, Daddy.”

He chuckled. “I should have cut you off the champagne. You might be drunk.”

I giggled again, clinging to him. That felt nice. I had my arm around him as my feet kept tripping up on each other. It was so funny. I laughed louder. We reached the front door as this warmth settled from my stomach lower and lower.

We were finally home. Alone.

This wicked tremble raced through me. He unlocked the door as my heart beat faster and faster. The giggling stopped as I felt the weight of the empty house around illegal bahis us. These trembles raced through me. I held onto his arm as he headed to the stairs.

To our bedroom.

I felt so dizzy as I clung to him. The world seemed to spin around me. Only Daddy felt real. Solid. He was so strong. I felt the muscles of his arm through his suit jacket. I felt my little, black dress rustling around me. My mother’s diamond earrings swayed, brushing my neck. My naughty thong felt wet. I was so hot down there.

I wanted Daddy so much, but he just saw me as his dumb daughter. I knew it. He was just giving me a treat, and I was thinking to much. He didn’t see me as a woman. I was his little girl. He would be horrified if I tried anything.

But the way he held my hand across the table, the candlelight painting his face…

The look in his eyes…

If that dumb waitress hadn’t shown up…

“Michelle,” Daddy said, his voice rumbling through my thoughts.

“Yes, Daddy?” I asked, staring up at him.

“We’re, uh, at your door,” he said, his voice soft.

I blinked and stared at the door before us. I blushed at it. I grabbed the doorknob and twisted it. I opened it, my bed waiting. What if Daddy was to come in with me? My body ached to tell him that. I felt so warm right now. So bubbly.

I turned around to face Daddy. “Thank you for the evening.”

“I had fun,” he said, his hand resting on my shoulder. His thumb brushed my bare skin. A hot flush rippled through me. My nipples throbbed and ached. “You were a wonderful date.”


My heart thundered. Then I remembered that we were just playing that we were on a date. All make believe, but I wanted it to be real. I stared up at him, wobbling on my heels. He was so handsome. His green eyes stared at me, his face strong, chin square. He filled out his chest. My virgin pussy clenched as I wanted to just kiss him.

We were alone.

My bed was right behind me.

I just had to throw my arms around him.

Do it.

Please, do it.

This tension surged through me as he cupped my face. His thumb stroked my chin. “You are so beautiful.”

Did he want me?

I wanted to kiss him. I knew I would regret it. He would recoil. He would stare at me in shock. He was just being a good father. He wanted me to be confident about myself. Good fathers didn’t think of their daughters like I thought of him.

Incestuous lust and burning shame roiled through me. I trembled there. If he did want me, he would be leaning down to kiss me, but he was just standing there. Staring at me. He must think I’m so weird. Why won’t he kiss me?

I should kiss him.

It would change everything.

I licked my lips.

“Daddy…” I said, the tightness squeezing about my chest. My toes wiggled in my shoes. “I… I…”

Just kiss him. Don’t be scared.

What if he rejected me? What if he hated me?

His head lowered. I trembled. He was going to kiss me. This was it. He was going to do it. I lifted my lips, ready for it.

He kissed me on the forehead. “Good night, Michelle.”

* * *

Avalon — September 2037

“What!” I exclaimed. “You kissed her on the forehead!” I couldn’t help but burst in. “She wanted you, Daddy!”

“I know,” Mommy said. “But I’m sure he had his reasons. I was reeling though…”

* * *

Michelle — October 2018

My emotions recoiled as he finished the planting the kiss on my forehead. He didn’t love me. He did just see me as a daughter.

“Good night!” I gasped in shame and bolted into my room. I slammed my door shut in his face.

Tears suddenly spilled down my cheek as I stumbled to my bed. I kicked off my heels and sank down on it. I didn’t know why I was crying. Was it in shame for what I wanted, or because I’m such an idiot for not kissing him first. For not letting Daddy know just how much I loved him and allowing him to think I was just his daughter.

Now it was clear how he saw me. Just his little girl. Nothing more.

These emotions were burning inside of me. Tonight could have been so magical if I just told him how I felt even with the waitress there. I had my chance to make him see me as a woman, and I blew it. I fell onto my back, my pussy burning and itching. I shuddered, the dress rustling around me. My breasts jiggled, nipples throbbed.

That heat between my thighs swelled…

I groaned as I closed my eyes. I pictured how this night would have gone if I had the courage to tell Daddy. If he actually loved me as a woman and not as his daughter. If he was a pervert like me. I had to be a pervert, didn’t I?

I wanted my daddy to love me. That was wrong, wasn’t it?

My hands slid up my thigh as my crying stopped. I imagined Daddy standing over me, staring down at me with such hunger in his eyes. The way a man stared at a sexy woman. My eighteen-year-old body trembled with that fantasy.

“You are such a gorgeous woman,” he groaned in my mind’s imagination. “Just as beautiful as your mother. Such a sexy, little girl.”

“Daddy,” I moaned as my hand slipped beneath my skirt. I climbed higher, pushing up my black dress. My other hand found my breast, kneading it through the thin, silk blouse, the triangular cloth that cupped my little titty.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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