Janice’s Husband

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My first job after college was in a small office. There were 8 people working there, and I liked most of them… except for my boss, Janice.

Janice was a bitch. She seemed to believe that as a manager of a small regional office, she was better than everyone who worked there. My coworkers had their own theories, but I believed that Janice was overcompensating for how miserable her life was. She was a workaholic, didn’t have any friends and had let herself go over the years.

The one thing she had going for her was her husband, Brian. He was a good looking guy, but the few times I met him in passing he seemed like a genuinely good man. I felt bad that he was stuck with such an insufferable bitch.

The first time I got to spend a significant amount of time with Brian was at a volunteer event the company sponsored. Janice of course found an excuse not to go, but Brian was there, helping the team distribute food to people in need.

We spent a few hours working together, and I found him to be quite charming. He teased me a little bit, and I found myself a bit flustered when he did. He seemed to enjoy talking to me, and I caught him glancing at my chest on a few occasions. This caused me to start thinking some naughty thoughts.

What if I seduced Janice’s husband?

Before finishing our day, I found an excuse to text him my phone number. I anxiously waited to see if he would do anything with it. My heart skipped when he texted me that night, saying that he really enjoyed talking to me. Over the next few days, we texted back and forth.

Unfortunately our texts didn’t seem to go anywhere. When I dipped my toe into sexualizing our conversation, he didn’t take the bait. I thought about letting this dalliance fizzle out.

Later in the week, Janice came into my office with a look on her face. For a moment I panicked, thinking she found out about my texts, but instead she dropped a stupid report I wrote, told me all the stupid things she thought was wrong with it, then told me to do it all over.

I had to stay late into the night working on this silly project, and when I gave it to Janice the next morning she told me that actually she didn’t need it. This put me in a vengeful mood. I knew that Janice needed to stay in the office late that night to prepare for an important client. I got off work and, instead of heading home, I took a little detour.

Brian looked surprised when he opened his door and saw me standing on his front porch with a bottle of whisky.

“Sorry to surprise you like this. You told me you liked Four Roses, so when I saw it in the store I thought of you.”

Brian let me in and poured escort izmir us each a glass. At first both of us were nervous and stifled, but as the drinks were poured and our conversation flowed, we both felt more comfortable. I enjoyed being around him, but I grew frustrated that he didn’t make a move or go along with my attempts at flirting.

After spending an hour waiting for him to make his move, I resigned myself to the situation. I said my goodbyes and headed to the door.

Before I could get to the door, I felt Brian grab my shoulder. He turned me around, kissed me and pulled away. We both stood there surprised by what just happened.

“I’m sorry… I thought” he started to say. I leaned in and kissed him. He pressed me up against the door and we started to make out. As his hands explored my body, I felt his hard cock rubbing up against me.

I turned him around so that his back was against the door. I got on my knees and unbuckled his pants. I revealed his stiff, impressively sized cock. As his hands stroked my head I wrapped my lips around it and took it deep into my mouth.

I sucked his cock like a woman on a mission. I desperately wanted this man to experience the best blow job of his life.

I looked up at him with his cock buried in my mouth. His eyes were closed, a cocky grin on his face. I started to bob my head, taking his cock in deeper and faster. His hand directed my head to go even faster, and his groans started to pick up.

“Fuck Jennifer… that feels so fucking good.”

I kept going, taking his cock deep in my mouth.

“Oh God, I can’t believe it.” I kept sucking his cock as his hand encouraged me on.

“Oh shit, I’m going to cum, oh shit…”

I refused to let his cock leave my mouth as he shot rope after rope of cum in the back of my throat. He clearly hadn’t cum in a while… and he probably didn’t get enthusiastic blowjobs from his tired old wife.

After swallowing all his cum I gave his spent cock one final kiss, got back up and looked Brian directly in the eyes and said, “Tomorrow night, it’s my turn.”

I spent most of the next day at work working directly with Janice. She was her normal self, but I took her abuse with a smile, knowing that her husband was thinking about getting his cock sucked by me, and fantasizing about all the things he was going to do to me that night.

When I got home I had just enough time to put on my power outfit: a navy blue bra and lacy underwear, covered by a short blue dress which showcased my impressive cleavage. I put on dangling silver earrings and a silver necklace which hung just above my cleavage.

As soon as Brian escort izmir entered my apartment he was all over me, hungry for my body. We went into the bedroom and he spent a few minutes near the bed feeling up my body through my tight dress, whispering in my ear.

“Jennifer, I’ve been thinking about you all day.”

“Oh yeah?”

“I’ve been thinking about all the things I want to do to you. All the ways I want to have you.”

He picked me up and tossed me on the bed. He roughly pulled up my dress and kissed the inside of my leg. I felt his tongue work its way under my panties and start licking around my pussy.

I arched my back as his tongue brought me to new heights of pleasure. As my moans grew louder he inserted a finger. That was all it took to bring me close to the edge and start buckling against his face, desperately trying to get over the edge.

It wasn’t long before I came. Wave after wave of pleasure washed over me. My pussy became extra sensitive so I grabbed his hair and pulled him up to me. He kissed me deeply, his tongue giving me a taste of my wetness.

As we kissed I felt his big cock slide into my waiting pussy. For while he was still, and we just gazed into each other’s eyes.

Then Brian started to move his cock in and out. He started slow, but soon picked up the pace. Soon enough he was fucking me with more passion and intensity than any other man I’ve been with. Years of sexual frustration poured out as he relentlessly pounded my pussy. I egged him on the whole time, telling him to go faster and harder. To hold nothing back and make me scream.

We started in missionary, but soon I was on my hands and knees taking him from behind. He thrust his cock deep inside me, making my necklace bounce off my tits.

“Brian, do you like fucking this young, tight body?”

“Oh yeah. I fucking love it.”

“Do you like fucking it more than your wife’s?”

He responded by flipping me onto my back and put his right hand around my neck as he rammed into me with slow, powerful thrusts. He looked deep into my eyes, as if he was pissed off that I made him cheat. The thought of that was enough to give me my second orgasm of the night.

Brian didn’t give me a chance to come down. He kept fucking me with these powerful, angry thrusts. Then he suddenly pulled out and came all over my tits.

He collapsed next to me. Both of us were breathing heavily. I was in bliss. I thought it was sexy that he came all over my chest, but part of me wished I felt his cum inside me.

“Wow,” Brian said. “It’s been a long time since I’ve done that.”

Brian didn’t stay much longer that night. He seemed conflicted about the situation, but we continued to text. He came over a few nights later and we had sex again. Once again he fucked me from behind, and after making me cum I asked him to cum inside me.

He didn’t respond, and after fucking me for a couple more minutes he pulled out and finished on my ass. He left soon after.

Throughout the week, I was on a high. I really liked Brian. He was sexy and fun to be around. He was also a great lay. The fact that he was Janice’s husband and clearly desired me more than her just made it even hotter.

However, I was determined to get him to cross the final line and cum inside me.

The next week I was at work, and Janice berated me for messing up another report. I was pissed off, and decided to let off some steam.

I texted Brian, “find an excuse to get off work and meet me at your place. 2 hours from now.” 1 hour and 45 minutes later I went out for my lunch break.

Brian was waiting for me when I arrived at his house. We started making out on his couch. Then I started sucking his cock. As his cock swelled and his moans picked up, I could tell he was close. I took his cock out of my mouth and told him I needed to use the restroom. When he came looking for me 10 minutes later I was laying on his bed, naked, with nothing on but my necklace and earrings.

If Brian had any reservations about having sex with me on his marital bed, they went away in a hurry. Soon he was inside me, thrusting with long, deliberate strokes as he looked down on my tight young body – my jewelry and tits bouncing up and down.

After a while I rolled him over and started riding him, giving him an even better view of my breasts.

“Do you like my tits Brian,” I asked as I pushed my boobs together.

“Your tits are amazing.”

I looked over at the mirror on the side of the room, the sight of me riding my boss’s husband turning me on even more. As my orgasm built, my moans became louder, and my pussy squeezed his cock.

“Oh God” he said, clearly approaching the point of no return. I picked up the pace with my thrusts and the dirty talk.

“Oh Brian, fuck me Brian. I’m your little slut. You can fuck me whenever you want, however you want.”

Brian’s started to thrust into me.

“Oh Brian… oh Brian… cum for me. Cum inside me. Fill me with your seed.”

Brian gave one more upward thrust deep inside me. I felt rope after rope of his warm cum shoot into my unprotected pussy. We stayed like this for a while, both of us in total bliss. When I felt his cock soften, I leaned down, kissed this beautiful man, dismounted and headed back to work.

When I got back to the office, Janice berated me for spending too much time on my lunch break. I could only smile as I felt her husband’s cum running down my leg.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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