Jaya Raped in Detention

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(All characters in this story are 18 and over)

Jaya got the short end of the stick again. The principal has assigned her to the third to twelfth grade detention room. It was pretty much a glorified babysitting job, except the teens are the worst of the worst. She was warned the teens could get rowdy, so be prepared to do some yelling.

Planning doing some paper grading, Jaya had her head down for with her nose stuck in her student’s papers. Every once in awhile Jaya would hear the teens gasp, then giggle loudly. When she looked up, they were huddled around one student’s laptop. Curiosity got the best of Jaya so she walked over to see what they were so interested in.

When Jaya looked over the student’s shoulders she saw a video of a Japanese teacher being held by her students. One boy had his fist in the teacher’s pussy up past his wrist, while another student forced his cock into the teacher’s mouth. Each student stood there with their mouths hanging open as they watched the digital filth on the laptop’s screen.

Jaya was horrified. She quickly took the laptop away from the student. Jaya closed the video and located the file only to discover a folder loaded down with gigabytes of teacher rape porn from Japan. Jaya quickly went from shock to disgust that teenagers would want to watch such filth.

“Where did you download this filth?”

“I got it off the net,” laughed Sanjiv.

“You’re not suppose to be watching smut like this,” screamed Jaya.

“Give me back my laptop! You have no right to touch my things,” screamed Sanjiv.

“I’m going to delete that entire folder! There is no reason for boys your ages to be watching this crap! That wasn’t even the right to be having sex!”

Before Jaya could react Sanjiv snatched the laptop from her. When Jaya tried to retake it Sanjiv yanked it away. Jaya over compensates and falls across the desk. The boys still huddled around the desk pounced on Jaya. She could hear her blouse pop and rip as the teens pulled and ripped at it. Another teen unzipped the back of Jaya’s dress. The more Jaya squirmed the more her dress slid off her.

When her dress slid down to her knees Jaya felt the boys tear at her bra and panties. They pulled and tugged until the elastic fabric ripped right off Lara’s body exposing her breasts and hairy bush. The students let out a cheer as Jaya hunched over naked on the floor trying to hide her shame. Jaya’s worst nightmare has come true. Her face grew red from the embarrassment.

“Pleas don’t hurt me.”

“We ain’t going to hurt you, we are going to fuck you,” laughed Sanjiv. Sanjiv and all the other male students began undoing their flies and pulling their trousers down to expose their erect cocks.

Jaya tried to scream, but the boys gag her with what was left of her torn off blouse. Once Jaya was gagged they all began groping and caressing Jaya’s naked flesh. Goose bumps rose up on her brown skin. The thought of these students molesting Jaya, made her tremble from the humiliation and feat.

“Wow, Ms. Chopra is hotter than the Jap teacher on the video,” yelled a skinny student.

“Look how hard her nipples are! She wants it bad,” laughed a chubby student.

“Oh man. This is just like on the video clip. I want to cum in her face so bad,” moaned a nerdy student with his erection standing rock hard.

Jaya’s head spun with fear, humiliation, and sexual excitement. Every time Jaya tried to stand up to run off they knocked her back down. Young hands grabbed greedily at her breasts and fingers ran through her thick thatch of pubic hair. Sanjiv stuck two fingers into Jaya’s pussy as the other students forced her legs open. All the teens could see her hidden most private parts in the open, and there was nothing she could do to stop it. When Sanjiv held his fingers up in the air, Jaya cringed when the boys laughed at how wet she was. Jaya was so mortified she started sobbing.

The twelfth graders seeing Jaya cry began mocking her tears. They all used chants of “Cry baby, cry baby!”

Jaya’s humiliation grew as two students latched on to her dark pink nipples and began suckling her. Jaya hated the effect of the teen boys sucking on her nipples had on her pussy. She felt guilty getting sexually aroused by the boys sucking her breasts. Jaya could not believe she was moaning and sopping wet with sexual arousal.

“Holy shit! Look how red her face is getting! Awww, are you embarrassed Ms. Chopra?”

“Look how wet her pussy is. She must be ashamed we’re getting her off!”

“Look at the pig, she is leaving wet marks on the floor,” laughed the chubby boy as he pointed to a wet spot on the floor Jaya’s pussy left behind.

The boys began to position Jaya on her side. “This is it! They’re going to fuck me! Please god; don’t let them fuck me in the ass. I don’t think I can take the humiliation of those students fucking me there,” thought Jaya.

Jaya felt Sanjiv running the head of his cock up and down her vaginal slit. After the head of his penis was slick with Jaya’s pussy juices, he plunged it into her pussy. Jaya began squirming trying to get Sanjiv to stop fucking her. All her resisting in squirming does is excite Sanjiv and the other students. A boy named Kevin around the Shetan could not wait for his turn in Jaya’s pussy, so Shetan spit onto Jaya’s asshole to lubricate her anus for his hard cock. When Jaya felt the boy spit on her asshole, she knew the boys were not leaving anywhere on her body unexplored. Jaya let out a grunt when Shetan stuck his cock up her ass. She could not believe how much it hurt her tight asshole. Sanjiv and Shetan gradually coordinated their thrusts like the pistons in an engine. Jaya felt ashamed that she was about to cum.

Sanjiv pulls his cock out of Jaya to cum into her face. Jaya flinched when the teen’s load spattered her across the nose and lips. All the students watching or helping hold Jaya down laughed hardily, when Jaya shook her head to try to get it off of her. A boy named Uday took Sanjiv’s position as he banged away at Jaya’s pussy. Jaya did her best not to cum, but it was not for her to decide. Her body was having the best time of its life. Jaya closed her eyes and bit down on her makeshift gag when she came.

Jaya felt a tremble in her belly and thighs. She thrashed her head around trying to fight back the orgasm. But the students kept fucking Jaya so good. None of them let off sucking on her nipples or rooting around in her ass or pussy. Jaya felt drunk as her head spun with lust, she tried to resist the coming pleasure but the pressure was too great.

She felt her pussy pulsate as she came. The sounds that came out of her mouth were like someone or something else was making them. They sounded so bestial; Jaya denied she made them. After the boys started mocking the sounds she made, she realized she indeed made them. Jaya was humiliated that the student brought her to orgasm and making her sound like an animal. Jaya will never forget the sound she made, it will forever haunt her.

“Did you fucking hear that,” laughed Sanjiv.

“I bet she has always wanted us to do this to her,” said the nerdy student.

The chubby looked at Jaya then smiled. He undid his pants and pulled them to his knees. Jaya could see there was no way the teen could do anything sexual to her with such a little cock. “I’m going to take your gag off so you can lick my asshole. If you try to scream I’ll kick you in the face.”

Jaya’s eyes grew wide when the chubby student said that. He undid her gag then turned his ass toward Jaya. He spread his hairy ass cheeks apart so Jaya could see his hairy asshole. Jaya was so afraid of being kicked in the face she began licking the boy’s asshole. The laughter of the other students made Jaya wish they would kill her to make the humiliation to stop.

While Jaya gave the student a rim job she felt the other boys switch places with new students wanting to fuck her holes. One desperate boy grabbed Jaya by the hand and made her jerk him off. “When will this end,” thought Jaya as she was embarrassed how the teen boys are using her as a fuck toy.

Another student wanted Jaya to give him a rim job. The teen that is getting his asshole licked like a lollipop refuses to give up his position. The two teen boys began to push and fight to see who gets their assholes licked. The chubby student getting his bunghole seen to, lifted his ass off Jaya’s mouth to fight off the other student.

Seeing her opportunity to scream Jaya took it! “Help me! For fuck sake, someone help me!”

“Re-gag that bitch,” yelled Sanjiv.

Sitting in the computer room Kavi worked on his extra credit English project. He thought he heard a woman scream for help. Getting out of his seat the curious nerdy twelfth grade student left the computer room to see who screamed. Kavi had a nervous feeling in his stomach. He wanted to help, but prayed nothing was going on. He went room from room, looking in to make sure no one was in trouble.

A fat student smiled at Jaya before he stuck his cock into Jaya’s mouth. The fat boy fucked Jaya’s face. For the first time in her life, Jaya thanked god a male with his cock in her mouth had a small dick. Jaya did not know what to with the cock being thrust in her mouth. Out of reflex Jaya began sucking off the fat teen’s cock. The teen boy moaned as he ran his fingers through Jaya’s hair.

Jaya’s eyes bulged out of her head when she felt a student cum inside her pussy. Before she knew what happened student shoved his fist almost up to his elbow into Jaya’s pussy. The boy slid his arm in and out in a rapid fashion. The way he moved his arm, it put pressure against Jaya’s g-spot. Lara hates how she moved thrusting her pelvis back and forth. escort kocaeli Having her pussy filled with the student’s arm felt like a massive cock was fucking her. When the teen boy pulled his arm out of Jaya’s pussy, she let loose an arc of clear fluid across the boy’s face and naked body. The orgasm was so strong Jaya’s body arched. When her head went back Jaya saw a face of another student looking at her through the window in the door. Having someone else see her enjoying cumming in front of these students was the ultimate humiliation.

Kavi peered through the window just in time to see Jaya arch her back as she had a wet squirting orgasm. He saw her squirt all over a twelfth grader. At first he thought Jaya was a willing participant until he saw Sanjiv slap Jaya in the face and Jaya began to cry.

Looking around the room Kavi saw Jaya’s purse on her desk. It had a can of mace attached to her purse strap. Kavi eased the door open to try to sneak in the room to get the mace. When he crept in the room, a student putting his pecker back into his trousers after fucking Jaya spotted him.

“Hey Kavi, come over here to get piece of Ms. Chopra. She’s fucking and sucking everyone. You better get some before we use her all up,” laughed Sanjiv as he slapped Jaya on her ass.
Kavi walked up to Jaya’s purse to remove her mace. When he took the mace off the strap, Kavi spotted Jaya’s car keys, so he made sure to pocket them. Kavi walked up to the mob of students’ gang raping Jaya’s tight pussy and asshole. Kavi looked down at the writhing mass of naked boys, he saw the hopeless look on Jaya’s face when the students forced her to fuck. Her eyes pleaded with Kavi to help her. She would scream for help, but another boy was forced her to suck his dick. Jaya could not stand having the little nerd staring at her. She knew he felt sorry for her and it humiliated Jaya.

Kavi did his best to sound bigger and badder than any of the punks in the detention room. “Get off of her or I’ll mace all you assholes,” said Kavi.

Everyone stopped at once. They all looked at Kavi with mouths in slack jaw surprise. Jaya was able to take the cock out of her mouth. She then rolled over to forced the boy behind her to quit fucking her sore asshole. When Jaya ran up to Kavi, she hid behind him pushing her face into Kavi’s back, she did her best to cover her tits and pussy while using Kavi as a shield.

Every student in the room looked like they were going to jump on Kavi.

Jaya leaned over to whisper in Kavi’s ear. “Please don’t turn your back on them.”

Kavi and Jaya walked backwards out of the room with Kavi holding the can of mace in front of him at the ready. All the boys in the room were quickly getting dressed. Sanjiv looked at Josh and made a throat cutting motion across his neck with his finger. His evil look put a chill up Jaya’s spine, as she looked at Sanjiv’s sneering face.

Jaya and Kavi took off running up stairs. Kavi led Jaya to a chemistry room in hope of hiding out until the little rapists gave up looking for them. Lucky for Jaya the students took the time put their clothes back on before giving chase. They could hear the little brats screaming and yelling when they ran down the halls checking doors. Jaya made sure the door was locked and the lights stayed off.

Jaya stood there fully naked before Kavi until she realized she was naked. Jaya gasped in shock as she leaned forward to hide her nakedness from Kavi. Kavi being the gentleman ran over to grab a white lab coat for Jaya to cover her naked body. He looked away as Jaya put it on. Once the lab coat was buttoned up, she did not notice half her hairy pussy was exposed. Jaya did not notice, but Kavi enjoyed looking at Jaya’s thick bush of pubic hair.

Kavi and Jaya sat with their backs against the door to hide from the rapists. Jaya looked over at Kavi and saw he was looking between her legs. His pants had a bulge in front of them, so Jaya knew he got a good look at her. Jaya looked down noticing that he could see the bottom half of her pussy. Jaya covered her pussy with her hand causing Kavi to giggle. Lara gave off a nervous giggle

“You saved me back there Kavi. No telling what those punks would have done to me to keep me quiet. If there is anything I could do for you, I would gladly do it,” Jaya said sweetly.

“Can I touch it?”

“Touch what Kavi?”

“Your pussy, Ms. Chopra.”

Jaya thought for a second. Kavi did rescue her for being raped and god knows what else. Jaya smiled at Kavi and gave him a kiss on his cheek. Reaching down Jaya lifted the bottom of the lab coat up to her belly button, exposing her pussy to Kavi. Kavi’s eyes lit up when he saw Jaya’s pussy. Jaya’s face grew red with embarrassment, but she let Kavi have what he wanted from here.

With a dirty smirk on her face, Jaya undid the top buttons of her lab coat so Jason could see her breasts. Kavi swallowed hard then positioned himself in front of Jaya on his belly so he could look at her pussy. Jaya spread her legs so Kavi could see every part of her pussy.

Kavi ran his fingertips down both of Jaya’s thighs at the same time. He was so gentle, it put goose bumps on Jaya’s arms and legs. When his fingers got down to Jaya’s pussy he began running his fingers through Jaya’s pubic hair. The smile on his face let Jaya know he was having a good time. She soon got over her humiliation of Kavi touching her. For some reason it did not feel dirty or shameful. Kavi began to explore Jaya’s vagina. She knew this was the eighteen year old’s first time seeing a woman up close and personal. Jaya allowed him to take his time with her. Kavi was curious with Jaya’s clit; he pushed back the clitoral hood then gently blew on it.

“What’s this Ms. Chopra?”

“It’s my clit. It feels good when you rub or lick it.”

Jaya took Kavi by the hand and moved his fingers around on her clit. When Jaya took her hand away Kavi continued to rub her clitoris like she showed him. Jaya smiled down at her new student at how well he learned from her.

“You said I could lick it too?”

She smiled at Kavi, as she took Kavi’s hand, so she could show him the proper way to eat pussy by demonstrating on his knuckle. Once Jaya was sure he was ready, she let Kavi try it on her clit. When Kavi began licking Jaya’s clitoris, she was surprised at how well he is doing. Some woman one day would thank Jaya for what she is teaching this eighteen year old.

Kavi kept eating Jaya’s pussy until she was ready to cum. Jaya put her hand on the back of Kavi’s head as he kept eating. She loved how soft and sweet smelling his hair was. Kavi ran his fingers through Jaya’s thick pubic hair as he ate her box out. Jaya could not wait for Kavi to be the first woman Kavi ever made cum. She felt the orgasm build in her body.

“Oh my god Kavi! You’re going to make me cum!”

“I’m sorry Ms. Chopra. I’ll stop if you want me to.”

“No keep going, whatever you do don’t stop!”

Kavi kept licking Jaya’s clit. He began experimenting by sucking hard and gently biting Jaya’s clit. The nerdy eighteen year old was driving Jaya made with his quickly developing pussy eating skills. She began playing with her nipples as Kavi soldiered on the champion pussy licker.

“Oh man, here it is! I’m coming Kavi!”

When Jaya came, she writhed around on the floor while Kavi continued working her clit with his tongue. After finished her orgasm she laid on the floor breathing hard as Kavi gently ran his hands across her abdomen and inner thighs. He loved the way Jaya’s skin felt. Jaya was both warm and soft to his touch. He could spend the rest of the day petting Jaya like she was a cat.

“That was good Kavi. You’re pretty good for a first timer.”

Jaya looked down at how Kavi’s cock was pushing against his trousers like it was trying to force it’s way out. She ran her fingers up from the base of his penis up to the head of his cock. Jaya grabbed and gently squeezed his penis head. Kavi moaned and his body made a jerky motion. Jaya loved the way Kavi’s body reacted to her touch. While making eye contact with Kavi she smiled as she undid his zipper. Giving off a sigh of relief Kavi loved Jaya took the pressure off his cock. Reaching into his pants, Jaya pulled out Kavi’s penis. It was a good size for a teen his age. It was eight inches long.

Pulling down Kavi’s trousers Jaya loved how Kavi trembled. She planted gentle kisses on his hairy abdomen. Lara gently ran her teeth across where she kissed Kavi. To Lara’s delight Kavi was ticklish there. He squirmed and flinched as Jaya continued to tease Kavi.

Jaya’s chin brushed against Kavi’s cock, she felt how it moved with his pulse. Jaya knew she would have to take of her little hero before his teenage nuts explode or he has an accident.

“Do you like being touched by me Kavi?”

“Yes Ms. Chopra! I really want to put my cock in your mouth. I want cum in your mouth so fucking bad.”

“Ask me better than that Kavi.”

“Please let me cum in your mouth Ms. Chopra.”

Jaya smiled at Kavi and then used her mouth to engulf his cock. Kavi loved how hot and soft the inside of Jaya’s mouth was. Jaya immediately began gently sucking Kavi’s cock. As she ran her head back and forth on his shaft, Kavi began caressing Jaya’s cheek as she sucked. When Jaya looked up at Kavi her pretty brown eyes made contact with his baby blue eyes. Jaya gave him a cute wink that caused Kavi to blush.

Keeping up her sucking Kavi began to moan. Jaya loved how she was going to be Kavi’s first sexual experience. She knew Kavi was going to grow into a great lover one day by how gentle he is.

Kavi and Jaya played with each other for another half hour when they waited for the thugs kocaeli anal yapan escort to run off. Jaya figured the little thugs were gone, so now is the time to sneak off. Kavi handed Jaya her car keys. Jaya let out a sigh of relief and gave Kavi a full open mouth kiss. Kavi blushed when Jaya pulled her head away. They held hands as they went through the hallway back to her class to get Jaya’s purse.

When they got to her class the boys removed every scrap of her torn off clothing. The contents of her purse were spilled out on the top of her desk. On the black board was written, “We know where you live Ms. Chopra.” Jaya found her driver’s license sitting on top of her wallet. All of her money was gone but they left her credit cards and medical insurance card. Jaya nervously loaded up her purse then ran back to her car with Kavi.

“Do you want to come over to my house to make sure no one is waiting for me?”

“Okay, can I touch your pussy when you drive?”

Jaya laughed and said, “Only at red lights honey! When I get home you can help me take a shower then you can really fuck me.”

Kavi had on the biggest shit-eating grin on his face when he got into Jaya’s car.

When Jaya and Kavi stopped at a red light Jaya put the car in park then spread her legs. Kavi fondled Jaya’s pussy playing with her clitoris. A woman in a car next to Jaya’s looked over at Jaya and smiled at her. “I wonder what she would say if she knew what Kavi was doing to my pussy,” thought Jaya.

Jaya’s car pulled into her driveway. Kavi and Jaya looked at the house to make sure no one was hiding out waiting for them to show up. Jaya made sure none of her neighbors were looking as she ran to her house. Kavi followed her laughing at her ass as it peeked out of the white lab coat.

When they got into the house Kavi did not waste anytime undressing Jaya. She laughed as Kavi removed her lab coat. Jaya could not help, but blush when the nerdy student made her naked. Jaya completely undressed Kavi, who seemed to be excited as Jaya when she removed his clothes. His cock was rock hard; Jaya looked down then grabbed Kavi by his erection, so she could drag him to the bathroom. The two giggled as they ran to the bathroom. Jaya could not wait to get to take a hot shower and get the filth those little thugs left on her. Her back and waist hurt from having her bra and panties ripped off of her. They were torn off so roughly, she had evil looking yellow and purple bruises on her. Kavi got the water just right, and then he told Jaya it was ready for her. Jaya stepped in the shower followed a smiling Kavi. Lathering Jaya’s body up, Kavi made sure Jaya was clean as a whistle. Jaya did the same for Kavi. She loved how soft Kavi’s teenage body was.

“You want to fuck me in the shower?”

“I’ll fuck you anywhere you want me too Ms. Chopra.”

Jaya got onto all fours with her ass in the air. Kavi positioned himself behind Jaya so he could mount her from behind. Jaya reached between her legs to help direct Kavi’s cock into her pussy. Kavi gasped when his cock entered Jaya; it was his first piece of pussy. Jaya was proud of the fact she was the one to make Kavi into a man.

“Oh wow! I can feel your pulse!”

Jaya giggled then said, “Take your time, and don’t rush it! Keep your thrusts at a steady rhythm so we can both enjoys this.”

Kavi began to fuck Jaya from behind; he could not believe how hot Jaya looked from when she looked over her shoulder at him. He did as he was told and kept a steady pace when he thrusted into Jaya. She played with her clit when Kavi let Jaya have it. Jaya was glad she was on the pill, but those things are not one hundred percent accurate making her a little nervous.

“Kavi, when you’re ready to cum, make sure to cum onto my ass or back. I don’t think you want to be a daddy yet,” laughed Jaya. Kavi began to start to breathe funny; Jaya guessed he was about to cum.

“Are you going to cum for me, Kavi? You think you can cum like a man?”

“Please let me cum up your ass Jaya. I want to see how tight you are back there,” grunted Kavi as he fucked like a champ.

“Ok. But just the tip,” Jaya giggled. She winced a little when Kavi eased his cock in her asshole.

Kavi began feeling himself about to cum. He was a little disappointed, Kavi wanted to keep his erection buried deep into Jaya’s pussy, but nothing good lasts forever. Feeling he was about to cum, Kavi put just the head of his cock up Jaya’s ass. Jaya’s butthole was still a little sore from the fucking the little boys gave her asshole back in the classroom.

With just his head of his cock up Jaya’s ass, Kavi began to stroke his shaft until he spurted into Jaya’s anus. He wanted to drive his cock up Jaya’s sweet ass, but he denied himself this pleasure.

Jaya felt the hot semen fill her anus with a hard spurt. After Kavi was done, Jaya stood up and tenderly washed Kavi’s cock and balls off. Getting out of the shower Jaya dried Kavi off with a soft white fluffy towel. Kavi gave her a big smile when it came to drying off his genitals. Jaya handed him the towel to dry off her. He spent his time concentrating too much time drying off her pussy and breasts. Jaya loved how the towel felt against her flesh, but she needed to be completely dry.

The two lovers went into the living room where they watched the TV naked together. They held each other in a loving tender embrace. Jaya found this strangely erotic. This was one of her students and they are both naked as the day they were born. It started to get late so Jaya and Kavi dressed one another. Jaya wished Kavi could have stayed longer, but his parents must be worried about him.

“See you in school tomorrow Jason.”

“You’re all I’m going to be thinking about tomorrow.”

Jaya blushed and gave Kavi a big smile then said. “You got to keep an eye out for Sanjiv to make sure he doesn’t get me again?”

“I swear I’ll do what I can to protect you Ms. Chopra.” Kavi leaned over to give Jaya an open mouth kiss. Jaya was impressed that his kissing is getting better. Before she is through with him, Kavi will be sweeping girls and women off their feet in no time.

“I hope Sanjiv tries something again. Being rescued by Kavi was so fucking hot,” Jaya thought when she waved bye to Kavi.

Before Jaya left for school she duct taped a spare car key behind her rear bumper and placed extra clothes in her trunk, just incase Sanjiv tries something. Jaya walked down the hallways of the school, she noticed the way the male students looked at her. They were actually openly leering at her. The female students just shook their heads in disgust.

“Oh god please don’t let these little shits know what happened to me yesterday,” thought Jaya. She started to feel a little queasy at the thought of her students knowing how badly she was raped the day before.

Getting to her class her students were in the middle of changing their desks around. It looked like the girls moved theirs to the back of the room while the boys moved to the front, if not too far up front.

“Okay, what’s going on?”

“We heard you got ganged banged by the everyone in detention! You even let a student stick his fist in your vagina. So the guys want to be closer to you incase you get the urge to have sex with students again.”

“It didn’t happen. If I was raped, I would be in the hospital and there would be police all over the school.”

The class began arguing amongst themselves. Some felt it was true others think Sanjiv is a liar. There are a few diehards who believed Sanjiv and the rest of the detention room fucked Jaya silly.

“The entire detention room said they fucked you. They have been showing off your panties and bra to everyone. Where did they get those from,” a smug girl named Harsha said with a smirk.

“Probably from Sanjiv’s mom’s clothes hamper!”

The class erupted with laughter. Jaya let out a sigh of relief until someone in the back threw Jaya’s torn to shreds bra up to the front of the class. Jaya’s eyes just about popped out of her head when she saw her torn bra fly through the air.

“Is that your bra size,” asked Harsha with an evil smirk.

“Of course not.”

Jaya picked up the bra then put it on over her white blouse. The bra was so stretched out it sort of flopped around.

“If the bra doesn’t fit. You must acquit. That bra would fit a woman with water melon sized breasts, but not me.”

“That’s because it was stretched out.”

Harsha reached into her gym bag and pulled out her spare bra. She and the girl sitting next to her helped to stretch the bra out. Then Harsha put it on. The bra was loose and floppy like Jaya’s torn bra. Once the class saw that they were all arguing again. Harsha stood there laughing at Jaya.

“Anyone who has their bra ripped off like that would have bruises and cuts on their back. Show us your back Ms. Chopra.”

“You have been watching too much American cop shows on TV. I’m not exposing my back to a bunch of students.”

Five teenage boys stepped up. They began to get into position like they were going to do something. Jaya not knowing what they were going to do began to head to the door, but three more students jumped up to block the door. Jaya started to feel butterflies in her stomach and her legs felt like they were turning into rubber.

“Turn your back to the class and take your blouse off. You can keep your bra on, but the blouse has to come off,” commanded Harsha.

Jaya cried as she turned her back to the class, then unbuttoned her blouse. She cannot believe a bunch of eighteen year olds are forcing her, a twenty eight year old to disrobe at their command. Not one of these izmit yabancı escort teens even shaves yet.

When Jaya took her top off, she was left standing there in her bra. The students gasped when they saw Jaya’s back. Harsha ran up giggling to Jaya and then unzipped the back of Jaya’s dress. She pulled the back of Jaya’s panties to get a good look inside. Harsha looked up smiling and yelled.

“Ms. Chopra has bruises where her bra and panties were ripped off. They fucked the shit out of her yesterday!”

The class broke out in cheers, as Jaya stood with her back to her student clad only in her underwear. Jaya began to cry into her hands. Her humiliation was so bad; Jaya thought she was going to drop dead from embarrassment. Jaya heard a rush of students come up behind her. Unknown hands undid her bra, while someone produced a pair of scissors to cut her panties off. All Jaya had on was her white garter belt and white stockings. When Jaya reached down to cover her shame the students caught her hands pulling them away from her privates.

Jaya stood there with her cantaloupe sized breasts and well hairy black bush on full display for all of her students. Jaya’s dark pink nipples stood fully erect in anticipation for what is about to happen.

“Holy shit, Ms. Chopra is fucking hot,” yelled Sulya Kapur.

“Oh wow, Ms. Chopra has a thick bush,” bellowed Vasin Verma as he ran his fingers through Lara’s pubic hair.

“Look how hard her nipples are,” screamed the Harsha.

“You guys gotta fuck her,” yelled some fat girl in the back row.

Jaya’s students positioned Jaya on the desk with her hand on either side of it, so she was forced to bend over. Vasin Verma dropped his pants and underwear, but Harsha said.

“Wait, play with her pussy first to make her wet. My mom told me if I ever have sex, to make sure they play with your pussy to get it wet. Do you want to be fucked with a dry pussy Ms. Chopra?”

Jaya shook her head no.

“Ok Ms. Chopra. Pick a boy to play with your pussy,” laughed Harsha.

Thinking for a second, Jaya picked Pitar Singh. That boy has always been nice to her and was a good student. Jaya was so mortified she began to stutter.

“Pa-Pa-Pitar Singh, please ca-ca-come to the front of the room!” Jaya felt her face grow bright red embarrassment. When Pitar ran to the front of the room he looked as embarrassed as Jaya.

“I don’t know how to make a pussy wet Ms. Chopra.”

“You’re a teacher, so get to teaching,” laughed Harsha as she smacked Jaya on the ass.

Jaya took Pitar by the hand and showed him how to pleasure a woman. Pitar stood there with his mouth hanging open in awe when he played with Jaya’s pussy. Jaya began to moan and move around a little.

Harsha reached between Jaya’s legs then gives Jaya a beaming smile.

“Ms. Chopra’s pussy is nice and wet now. Vasin, she’s ready for your cock now.”

Vasin Verma stuck his cock into Jaya’s pussy. To add insult to injury, Jaya had to squat down for Vasin to fuck her. Vasin just humped away clumsily, until he pulled his cock out to cum on Jaya’s leg.

“Here’s a tissue Ms. Chopra! Clean yourself, you look disgusting,” commanded Harsha, as she handed Jaya a tissue. A humiliated Jaya cleaned Vasin’s cum off her leg, she looked up to see her students laugh at her. As soon as she was done, Jaya put her hands back on the desk with her head hung low. She did not want her students to see how mortified she was. Jaya began to openly sob as Pitar Singh put his cock into Lara’s pussy and began fucking her. The other students chanted his name as he fucked Jaya silly. All Jaya could do was close her eyes and wish for Kavi to rescue her, but he was on the other side of the school in another twelfth grade class.

After four other students pulled a train on Jaya’s pussy, they let her go back to teaching. There was one exception, Jaya had to teach naked except for garter belt and stockings. Jaya was not going to let these little shits get to her. Jaya lifted her chin up and began to teach her class like nothing was wrong while the entire class snickered at her.

The students had a study break so Jaya used that time to send text message to Kavi’s teacher asking to send him immediately to her classroom. Jaya just about cheered when Kavi’s teacher sent her text back saying “ok.”

Jaya’s classroom door opened up and Kavi walked into the room. He had a look of rage on his face when he saw Jaya naked in front of her students. Jaya busted into tears when she saw Kavi. He reached into his pocket to pull out his can of mace. When the horny students saw the can of mace in Kavi’s hand they all gasped in unison.

“Who did this?”

Everyone pointed at the six boys who fucked Jaya and to Harsha. They were visibly scared and shaking. None of them knew what Kavi had planned for them. Each one of them shook their heads no, but Jaya walked up to them to point them out.

“Harsha made the other boys strip me naked and then rape me in front of the class,” Jaya cried and pointed out her attackers. Kavi made the other boys and Harsha run to the front of the classroom. Each of them was afraid Kavi was going to spray them in the face with the mace.

“I want you assholes to take your fucking clothes off,” Kavi ordered as he waved the can of mace around. Kavi sprayed five of the boys in the cock and balls with the mace causing them to jump around and scream. Kavi left only Pitar Singh unsprayed with the mace. He had other plans for Pitar.

Harsha slowly undressed out of her school uniform. She had a pouty look on her face as she took her clothes off. Harsha’s little breasts’ dark red nipples stood erect when she removed her bra. She placed her thumbs into the waistband of her panties. Harsha let her panties drop down to her feet.

“Any of the boys in the class want to touch Harsha’s pussy do so now,” ordered Kavi. All the boys in the class surrounded Harsha. They squeezed her little tits and teased her nipples. Her fellow students smiled as they ran their fingers through her soft pubic hair. The shame of being groped caused Harsha to cry uncontrollably.

All the boys who got sprayed on their cocks ran around screaming, Harsha still was sobbing uncontrollably. Jaya walked up to Harsha with a look of hatred in her eyes. She grabbed Harsha by her hair and said. “You ordered those six punks to rape me! Lets see how you like getting fucked by just one of them!”

Jaya reached down to Harsha’s hairy pussy and began to rub her little clit until it got good and wet.

“No stop Ms. Chopra! I’m still a virgin,” cried Harsha as she grabbed hold of Jaya’s wrist to stop Jaya playing with her pussy.

“Don’t worry Harsha after today you won’t be a virgin anymore!”

Once Harsha’s pussy was dripping wet, Jaya made Harsha put both hand on the desk like she made Jaya.

“Pitar, come over here and fuck Harsha for me please,” Jaya said with a sweet tone in her voice.

Pitar Singh ran up to the Harsha and pulled his erect penis out of his trousers. Harsha shook her head no, but Pitar stuck it in her anyways. Harsha let out a scream when Pitar broke her hymen. She sobbed uncontrollably while kicking her legs around. Harsha would have never guessed her first time would be so painful. Having to loose her virginity in front the entire class was the ultimate humiliation for her.

“Please Ms. Chopra! Please make him stop, I’m sorry!”

“You shut up and let Pitar finish fucking you! When Pitar is done with you, you can suck every boy’s cock!”

Harsha shook her head yes and was relieved she did not have to fuck the five other boys. Jaya moved her chair to the front of the classroom, so Kavi could sit with his back to the class and Jaya would face the students while she rode Kavi. Jaya wanted to watch the students as they watch her enjoy Kavi’s cock. She sat Kavi in the chair and pulled his trousers down to ankles to expose his erection. Jaya then mounted Kavi taking his entire cock inside of her. She rode his cock for all she was worth, while her students watched Jaya fuck Kavi. Jaya loved how excited everyone was when the watched her ride Kavi’s hard cock. Harsha went from male student to male student to suck their cocks.

Jaya loved watching Harsha got what was coming to her when she just about choked on every cock in the classroom, when the eighteen year olds blew their loads in her mouth. Kavi kneaded Jaya’s tight round ass as she rode him. She loved having every eye in the class watched her when she had forbidden sex with Kavi. Every boy in the class wished they were Kavi when Ms. Chopra rode his cock.

Jaya began to feel an orgasm brewing inside of her belly. She planned on making a big production of her climax so the students would know how much of a stud Kavi was. As Jaya writhed on top of Kavi, he reached down to rub her clit. Jaya looked up at the ceiling as she began to cum. She began to moan and tremble with ecstasy when her orgasm hit her like a ton of bricks. Jaya could hear desks and chairs scoot across the floor when her students ran forward so they could touch Jaya as she came.

Their hands went all over her body groping her tits and rubbing her pubic hair. Harsha stood there staring at Jaya with cum all over chin and cheeks. She was jealous her pussy only felt pain when she was fucked and Jaya is in front of the class enjoying her pussy.

Jaya made animalistic grunting noise when she finished her orgasm. She leaned forward and kissed Kavi on his mouth. Their tongues wrestled in their mouths playfully. Jaya’s male students gently caressed Jaya’s body while she still had Kavi’s cock in her pussy. Lara loved the attention the eighteen year olds paid her.

Harsha bitched and moaned as three boys who still needed their cocks sucked cornered her. She dropped down to her knees, and then opened her mouth. The little brat will think twice before she tried to dominate Ms. Chopra in front of her students again.

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