Job Done

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My thanks to Patricia51 for her invaluable input. The story wouldn’t be here, without you.

I had come home from the gym, and surprisingly found you at home, slumped on the sofa, a cup of coffee standing neglected on the table, the newspaper scattered over the floor. Knowing you were working on an important project, I had not expected you until much, much later.

“Hullo darling, I wasn’t expecting you home yet, anything wrong?”

Rising wearily from the couch, you followed me to the bedroom, and wrapped your arms around me, your tired body drooping against me.

“They sent me home, the work is all done, at least my part; all that’s left to do is put the document together, a word processing job, so there was nothing more for me to do.”

You sighed deeply, your head lying against my shoulder, “But I can’t sleep. I’m too wound up.”

Pressing my lips to your hair, my arms holding you, hands caressing you softly, I suggested, “Perhaps a shower and a massage might help. How does that sound?”

You chuckled softly into my shoulder, knowing exactly what I meant. “I think it would be the perfect treatment.”

“Then we’d best get these clothes off.”

I easily removed your trousers, then bra and pants, my hands gliding over your soft skin, loving, as always, how you felt when I touched you. I quickly removed my own sweat shirt and trousers, shorts and t-shirt, leaving them all in a heap on the floor. Taking your hand, I led you to the shower, turning to smile at you, “Would you care to share a shower with me? If I promise to behave?”

“I’d love to, but if you’re going to take the fun out of it… ” you pouted at me.

Grinning at your comment, I squeezed your hand, and pulled you into me, my arms snaking around you. I whispered in your ear, “But, I never said how I would behave.”

“Ah…I stand corrected”

“Exactly.” I replied, stealing a quick kiss, smiling up at you. Your lips parted, allowing my tongue to slide into your mouth, just to tease you. I felt you shiver slightly, as I released you to turn on the water. When the temperature was right, I stepped into the shower and held my hands out to you.

Taking my hands you stepped into the water with me, and as I drew you to me, I smiled, “I have a special technique for relaxing you in the shower. I think you’ll like it.”

Your eyes smiled back at me, “I’m sure I will.”

Reaching for the soap, I lathered up my hands and began to soap your shoulders.

“Mmmmmmmm, you do look delicious with all those little droplets everywhere”, I murmured, my hands spreading the lather over your back. “So much so…” I spoke softly, as I bent my head to suck the water running off a breast, my lips moving down to cover your nipple, gently nibbling it with my teeth.

Your long drawn out ‘oh’, made me smile, and I felt your hands fluttering over my shoulders.

“Oh, you liked that? ” I questioned, “in that case…” my mouth moved to the other breast, repeating the action, my hands moving behind you, spreading the soap lower over your back and arse.

I could feel your nipple hardening in my mouth, as you arched slightly pushing your breasts into me more, and your arse wiggled against my hands.

I smiled against your breast, then hissed as you tickled my izmit rus escort ears with your fingertips, and a matching moan escaped from your lips.

Moving slightly away, pressing on your hips, I signalled to you to turn around, and place your hands on the wall, whispering that I was going to wash your back.

You obediently turned, and I sighed happily at the sight of your beautiful backside. As you placed your hands on the wall you looked back at me, cheekily winking at me over your shoulder.

I moved my hands to your shoulders, pressing them down slightly so you bent at the hips, grinning at the wink, and the sound of your giggle. Placing my hands on your shoulders I began to softly but firmly soap over them, down your long, silky back, dipping under to cup and caress your breasts hanging so enticingly away from your body. As my finger and thumb squeezed and gently twisted each hardening nipple, once more you moaned, then whimpered, your head lifting slightly. My hands reluctantly released your breasts and moved around your sides, down over your hips, drawing a contented sigh out of you.

My hands lingered on your hips and cheeks, moving one finger to your crack, drawing yet another ‘ooohhh’ from you.

Leaning over your back, I whispered to you, “I have to clean everywhere love, can’t leave anywhere untouched,” and gently pressed one very, very soapy finger to your rose.

Your response was to moan again, and lean further back against me, opening your cheeks to my probing finger. Pressing gently back and forth, the ring opened allowing my finger entry in a soft, silky slither, up to the knuckle, twisting the digit gently, caressing your inner tissues, coating them with soap.

Your long deep gasp echoed around the shower cubicle as your head touched the wall and you pushed your hips even further back towards me. Slowly I moved my finger back and forth, while my other hand continued to soap over your cheeks.

When you felt the finger removed, your moan of pleasure became a moan of frustration. I gently slapped your bum, admonishing you, telling you to “Be patient woman,” as I reached above you for the shower-head, taking it from the bracket and removing the spray head from the hose.

“Now I have to rinse the soap away, ” I grinned, tapping inside your thighs to spread them slightly, allowing me to move myself closer between them, allowing your cheeks to press against my hips and belly.

Slowly I moved the flow of water from the nozzle of the hose over your cheeks as you bent over, adjusting the temperature of the water to warm. Very gently I placed the nozzle of the hose on your hips, allowing the water to flow over your cheeks. I watched, mesmerised, as the water ran down your crack, over your rose, to cascade over our thighs and my bush and pussy, pressed close to yours.

Once more you moaned softly, at the feeling of the water running down your skin. Gathering some of the soapy lather covering your back, onto my finger, I placed it once more against your ring, and so very easily slid in to the knuckle, pressing firmly into you, withdrawing it, then adding a second, and very slowly, very gently pressed both of them into you, stretching and filling you.

Gradually I felt you begin to rock yourself izmit escort back and forth against my gentle probings, your hands supporting your head against the cool tiles.

I spoke softly, “Be calm, darling be calm. Rest. Let me for now.”

I imagined I could see your eyes closing at my words the slow breath you took to calm yourself and still your hips in their tiny movements.

As I bent my head to softly kiss your cheeks, moving my lips up and down each side of your crack, my other hand took the hose and placed it against your ring, the two fingers pressing slightly apart, opening you up, allowing the nozzle to slide just inside the entrance.

Your gasp made me stop briefly, until I realised, as your hips moved against the nozzle, it was a gasp of pleasure. A long drawn out moan followed as I saw your muscles relax, your rose relax and open to allow the nozzle entry.

I whispered against your skin, “How does that feel darling?”

“oh yes…so warm…filling…just fantastic.”

“Good.” I murmured, pushing the nozzle further into you, and removing my fingers, each movement of the hose deeper inside, producing more and more moans, gasps, and imperceptible movements of your hips back and forth against it.

I pressed my hips against you, holding the hose inside you, feeling the water and soap running out of you, over both of us.

“Oh god, oh god, oh god…love…please…”

“I guess that means you like it,” I joked.

“Susie…” you whimpered.

“Yes, darling?”

“You…are…incredible… woman!”

Pressing myself against you, thigh to thigh, leaning over you, sandwiching the hose between us, I smiled at your words. “Thank you, I do try, but we haven’t finished yet.”

“It feels so good.”

My hands caressed over your hips, gathering the soap and moved them around the front of you, dipping low over your soft curls. One hand reached for your lips and opened them up. I felt you shiver.

The other hand, slick with soap, moved lower and caressed up and down your slit. When I fleetingly touched your very hard clit you gasped.

I pressed myself down on your hips, my weight making you slightly bend your knees. This allowed me to easily slide two fingers into your oh-so-wet pussy, while my other hand moved back to your clit and began to make very soft, feather-light, circles over it.

Your moans became louder as I lowered my head to your back, kissing along your spine, whispering, “Now the massage begins, my love.”

Your body was shaking now, as I whispered again, “See how long you can last.” Gently I began to saw my fingers in and out of you; began to press my hips back and forth, effectively fucking your arse with the hose and the water; I gritted my own teeth, holding back my own moans at the feeling of the hose against my clit, nestled between my lips.

“Its not…going…to be…long…” you moaned, as I began to move against and in you. Your hips rocked back and forth as my finger on your clit pressed harder, moved faster. Gasping between your words, you continued to moan at me, “You know how I love you fucking my arse…but this,…this…oh god, Susie…”

“That’s my girl, fuck back on me.”

Your hips moved harder and deeper against me, pressing the hose harder against kocaeli escort my clit…harder…rocking harder, fucking me, as I fucked you, as I moaned my pleasure along with you.

“Oh god, Susie, you are so good.”

I withdrew my fingers from your pussy, added a third and pushed deeply back into you. You slammed your hips back against me, and the hose, and then surged forwards onto my fingers.

Adding my thumb to the finger already teasing it, I gently squeezed your clit, drawing a loud cry out of you.

As my movements became faster, I felt the warmth begin to radiate out from me and my legs begin to tremble.

I felt one of your hands reaching blindly behind you, grasping my hips, pulling me hard against you. Sensing the end, I reached for the control, and turned up the power of the water, sending it surging into you, then out, pouring over both of us as my fingers sank deeper into you.

Your head flew up, as you screamed, “Oh god…fuck me…!!!”

I felt my orgasm rise inside me, heard you call my name, “Susie! I can’t hold it!” as I urged you, “Come darling, come for me”, and with a final surge of my hips against you I exploded with pleasure, any sounds stilled in my throat, my hips holding the hose in you. Your orgasm joined mine, your hips moved frantically against my own and my hands, as you cried out your pleasure.

Our movements gradually stilled, until you released my hip, your hand moving back to the shower wall, to support yourself, gasping for air.

Panting heavily, my legs shaking, I lay myself against your back, my breasts and very hard nipples grazing your soft, trembling skin, murmuring “Wow.”

“Wow, indeed,” you gasped.

Gently, I removed my fingers, my hands trembling, and moved slightly back from your shaky legs, to carefully remove the hose.

When you finally stood upright, trembling still, you leaned back against me within the circle of my arms. Your head lay on my shoulder, my lips softly grazing your neck, my hands lightly stroking your belly.

“Shaky legs,” you gasped, licking your dry lips, despite the shower. “Susie,” you breathed. “You wicked woman. You wicked, inventive mastermind.” Turning within my arms, smiling at my satisfied grin, you rested your face against mine, softly kissing me.

My hands dropped gently to your hips squeezing them as I grinned happily. “You liked?”

“I liked. Very much.”

“I’m glad. Feel more relaxed now?”, I asked, kissing your shoulder and neck softly, feeling you still trembling.

“Mmmm…yes, ready for a lovely nap.” You purred, wrapping your arms around my neck.

After a long, gentle kiss, I released you and stepped from the shower. Wrapping you in a towel I took your hand and led you to our bed. “Come on, I’ll tuck you in.”

Stopping beside the bed I turned back the covers and sat myself on the edge. Pulling you between my open legs, I rubbed your skin with the towel to dry you, smiling, as your arms encircled my head, holding me against your breasts.

I wrapped my arms around you briefly, closing my legs against you, holding you close and warm. Standing I removed the towel and stepped to one side to allow you into bed. “OK, my darling, sexy…very clean…woman. Into bed with you.”

As you climbed into the bed, I lightly swatted your delicious arse, before pulling the covers over you. With a final light kiss on your forehead I whispered goodnight.

At the door I turned to speak, but smiled happily to see you were already asleep.

Job done.

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