Little Big Man

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Big Tits

When Eleanor Duvall saw the strange car pull into her driveway she wasn’t sure exactly who it was since the few friends she had that were still living seldom dropped in on her, and never without calling first, but when she saw the little fellow climb out from behind the wheel the mystery was solved.

It was the boy that delivered groceries from the supermarket, a service that Ellie enjoyed using because it saved her from lugging the bags in from the car when she went shopping herself, and as the little guy grabbed the bags from the back of the car she reminded herself that the boy didn’t like to be called that.

“I’m a man,” the boy she knew as Mark had told her emphatically on a previous delivery, informing her that he was just about to turn 20 and adding, “I’m all man, believe me.”

Eleanor had apologized profusely, although the fresh-faced lad that looked a lot like Dennis the Menace from that old TV show was just about her height – 5’2″ or so – and likely didn’t weigh much more than her own petite frame carried. Eleanor had bit her tongue before she asked the boy whether he could reach the pedals in the Chevy van the market used for deliveries.

Before she opened the door she thought back to the last time she got groceries. Little Mark liked to hang around and chat a bit, sometimes flirting with her in a way that made her smile, and just before he left the last time she offered him a tip.

“I’d rather have a kiss,” Mark had said with a smile.

“Oh – well – okay. You can have both,” Eleanor had stuttered as she handed him the dollar bill, preparing to give the lad a kiss on the cheek, but he had other ideas.

“Oh my,” Eleanor had said after he moved his face and the kiss landed on her lips, and to prove it was no accident he made the kiss last a long time, only breaking it off when she fell back against the sink in shock.

There were other signs that he wasn’t the cute innocent boy he looked to be, in particular the way he would look at her while she unpacked the groceries. That one time when she put the dish soap under the sink he even seemed to be trying to look down the front of her blouse, although Eleanor knew that certainly must have been her imagination because there was precious little to be seen down there.

And now he was back with the dimples in his cheeks that didn’t seem to have ever felt the sting of a razor, his smile a mixture of angelic and devilish as he watched her open the door for him.

“Hello Mrs. Duvall,” Mark chirped as he entered the humble home she had shared with her late husband for nearly 40 years until his passing a couple years ago. “You look extra pretty today.”

“I do?” Eleanor replied, shaking her head at the impudent manner of the delivery boy as she followed him into her kitchen, and as she watched him put the groceries on the table she asked, “What happened to the store’s van? Broken down?”

“No, this is my last delivery so they let me use my own car. That way I don’t have to go back after I deliver to you,” Mark explained. “You’re my favorite customer and since you seem to like me hanging around, this way I don’t have to hurry back.”


“You do like me around, don’t you Mrs. Duvall?” he asked. “I mean, especially after last week – that kiss?”

“That? Well you’re a rather brash young man,” Eleanor told him. “You certainly took me by surprise.”

“And you liked it,” Mark grinned as he moved over and helped her empty the bags, making the incidental contact he often did. “Maybe as much as I did I bet. Maybe that’s why you got extra pretty for me today.”

“Honestly!” Eleanor scolded playfully as she brought a few things over to the counter so she could put them in the cupboard, a bit embarrassed that the lad had noticed her rare use of makeup. “The way that a boy’s mind works these days.”

“I’m not a boy, and I can’t help it if I think you’re hot.”

“Sorry. Young man,” she corrected with a chuckle. “As for hot, I’m almost 50 years older than you are.”

“I like older ladies, and you remind me of my grandmother,” Mark explained as he moved next to her.

“That’s nice, but if you wanted to be a gentleman you could help me put this soup in the cupboard,” Eleanor suggested.

“I like to watch you reach up,” Mark said as he put his hand around her slender bicep. “Your arms are so tiny I can almost reach my fingers all the way around your bicep. See?”

“Well then I better not make a muscle,” she kidded as she put the chicken noodle soup up on the shelf, but Eleanor jumped when she felt the boy’s hand move under her arm. “Hey!”

“You shaved under your arms,” Mark commented as he stroked the smooth moist skin, holding her skinny arm up as he did. “Last week you had hair under your arms – not much but it was there. Did you shave your armpits because you saw that I noticed that?”

“Don’t be silly,” Eleanor replied as she tried to get out of the lad’s grasp, but he hung on to her.

“I didn’t care. Kinda thought you looked sexy that way,” Mark replied as the elderly Beylikdüzü escort woman’s eyes darted around nervously, and she shivered when she felt the boy’s fingers stroke the smooth moist skin under her arm. “This is nice too though.”

“Please Mark. You’ve had your fun,” Eleanor told him as he leaned into her, their eyes level with each other.

“We haven’t had any fun – not yet at least,” Mark told her as he leaned closer and kissed her reed thin neck. “”Man, last week when you let me look down your blouse…”

“I did no such thing,” Eleanor protested as the lad nibbled her neck.

“Says you – but I saw your tits perfectly,’ Mark explained. “Never saw tits that small before but that’s cool. My grandmother had kinda little ones too and I think it’s sexy.”


“The way they hung when your padded bra bowed down,” Mark continued as he kissed around her ear. “Looked no bigger than eggs and most of them were nipple too. Bet I could fit the whole thing in my mouth.”

“This is crazy.”

“You want it. Bet you haven’t gotten laid since your husband died,” Mark suggested as he moved a hand up and squeezed the fabric surrounding Eleanor’s breast.

“I can’t…”

“Sure you can. I’m on my own time now so we have all night. Is your pussy wet?”

“I’ll scream…”

“I know you will. I’ll bet you cum hard and loud,” Mark cackled as his hand left her breast and grabbed her bony wrist, forcing her hand down to his crotch. “Still think I’m a boy?”


“I’m going to go in your bedroom and wait for you,” Mark told Eleanor in a matter-of-fact tone that made it sound like she had no choice, and to the elderly woman’s horror she watched as the kid went down the hall like he lived here.

Eleanor grabbed the store’s receipt from the counter and went to the phone, dialing the phone number on the top while her hands shook even more than usual. After the second ring she hung up and looked down the hall towards her bedroom.


Eleanor paused at the doorway, the sight of the boy looking at pictures on her dresser making her head spin. The boy had his back to her and was naked as the day he was born, his pale little butt starkly white compared to his tanned legs and arms, but when he noticed she was in the doorway he turned around to face her.

“You call the market?” Mark asked but the elderly woman hardly heard the boy because she was stunned at what she was seeing, her eyes going down to his privates and doing a double take despite her best efforts to look him in the eye.

“No,” Eleanor replied, her voice not much more than a whisper as she stared at the naked lad who stood there unashamed, practically flaunting his manhood which seemed to be nearly erect and swaying obscenely in front of him.

“You like this, don’t you Mrs. Duvall?” the delivery boy asked, grabbing his over-sized penis by the stump and waving it at her. “Ever have one this big before?”

“I…” Eleanor choked out, leaning against the frame of the door as her head spun.

Eleanor wanted to tell the boy that she seen quite a few naked men in her life besides her husband, but the words wouldn’t come and she couldn’t look away either as the boy slid his foreskin up and down the shiny red head of his member.

“In the locker room at school the guys used to call me tripod,” the lad boasted. “They always used to make fun of me and call me a dwarf and stuff, but after they saw this monster they shut up fast.”

“Cat got your tongue Mrs. Duvall?” Mark asked as he moved slowly towards the petrified woman who seemed ready to run down the hall, but she stayed in place as the boy faced her, their eyes level with each other.

“I could never,” Eleanor mumbled as she tried and failed to look at the over-sized penis which looked to be as thick at the base as the lad’s wrist was. “Regardless of what your birth certificate says, to me you’re still far too young for what you’re talking about. Why, you don’t even have any pubic hair yet.”

“Course I do. I shaved it to make my cock look bigger. What do you think?” the delivery lad asked as he moved up next to the trembling woman.

“Well?” Mark asked as he brushed the silver hair away from the side of her face, smiling as Eleanor jumped when his cock nudged against her. “If you want me to leave I will. I ain’t the kind to force myself on anybody.”

“Please don’t hurt me Mark,” the elderly woman’s quivering voice begged, but the lad recoiled at that suggestion.

“Hurt you?” the little man repeated. “I would never hurt you Mrs. Duvall. I really like you and I think you like me too, and I also think you want it even though you’re too old fashioned to admit it. Here – just hold it for a minute.”

The delivery boy took her wrinkled hand and brought it down to his cock, helping Eleanor’s trembling fingers onto it, and when he let go of her wrist the elderly lady’s hand stayed where he had put it.

“Feel it Mrs. Duvall?” Mark asked. “Feel it throbbing? Do you?”

“Yes,” the Beylikdüzü escort dewy eyed woman replied as the swollen organ pulsated under her grip.

“That’s because of you Mrs. Duvall,” Mark told her as they stood in front of each other, their eyes almost level and the boy noticed that she had put a little eye makeup on for him, something he thought was a sweet but unnecessary gesture.

As he slid his hands up her skinny arms and began to unbutton her blouse the elderly woman closed her eyes. “You turn me on so much,” he reminded her.

“Please,” Eleanor whimpered as her blouse buttons were freed, her hand still grasping the lad’s manhood until Mark eased it off him.

“Please what Mrs. Duvall?” Mark asked as he eased the blouse off her bony shoulders, her collarbone prominent as was her ghostly pale skin. “Please stop? Please don’t stop?”

“I don’t know,” Eleanor responded as the boy’s hands went down to the front of her old and worn out brassiere, somehow knowing that the single hook was in front, hidden behind the faded little pink flower, and when he deftly undid it the bra parted.

“Beautiful,” Mark sighed as the heavily padded cups let go of the little orbs, the breasts no larger than limes. “What incredible nipples.

Indeed, the elderly woman’s little hangers were mostly areola and nipple, and when Mark’s hands cupped them and gently kneaded the very pliant flesh Eleanor shivered despite herself.

“Sensitive too, aren’t they?” Mark asked, ducking down and kissing her breasts before trying to take the entire bud into his mouth and coming very close, suckling hungrily at her teat and making her knees wobble.

“Please dear – you’ve had your fun,” she pleaded while seemingly frozen in place. “You’re a nice looking boy. There must be plenty of girls your age. Pretty ones.”

“Of course there are. Why?” Mark sneered as his hands roughly kneaded her pliant breasts. “You want to do a threesome. I could bring a girl up here – no problem. I would love to watch you go down on some girl.”

“That’s horrible!” Eleanor choked.

“Come on lady. I bet you ate a whole lot of pussy in your time,” Mark cackled before cocking his head and looking closely at the silver haired woman. “Wait a minute. You’re all upset and carrying on?”

“Of course I am!”

“No tears though. Not even close,” the teen challenged. “I think I get it. You like it like this.”


“You want it. You want me to do sorts of stuff to you but don’t have the guts to ask for it so you play this game. You want to be forced into stuff.”

“That’s insane!”

“I don’t think so. Mom always says I’m not as dumb as I look and she’s right. I bet this is how it was with your husband. He got you to do all sorts of shit – probably brought in women, maybe other guys. Probably sat over there in the corner and watched guys he brought home screw you, and you always told yourself that you weren’t that kind of woman. That way you could go to church or the bridge club with a clear conscience,” the delivery boy challenged as he took a step back from the trembling woman. “Now you play the game solo so if the guy doesn’t take the bait you don’t feel rejected.”

“And now there’s the tears,” Mark said with a shake of his head.

“You don’t understand,” Eleanor mumbled.

“You know damn well I do. I’m not the first guy you’ve tried this with since the old man died, am I?”

“No. You’re right. I’m a horrible person. I won’t bother you ever again. Please just don’t tell the store – or your mother!”

“Relax Mrs. Duvall,” Mark said gently, reaching over and rubbing a tear off her cheek. “I can tell an horny oversexed woman a mile away. I’m not going to say a word to anybody, ever.”

“Thank you. Thank you so much.”

“I’m also going to give you what you want just the way you want it,” Mark said and then explained. “Now take off those slacks for me, unless you want me to rip them off you.”

“Or I can leave,” he added but Eleanor was already lowering the beige slacks, exposing her pale and slender legs and spacious granny panties.

“Like to see you in a thong,” Mark chuckled while the senior peeled them down, and after stepping out of them she straightened back up and felt the ten’s eyes examine her. “Leave those little white socks for me. They look cute. Nice big bush you have there. Real old school. Run your fingers through it for me and fluff that jungle up. Sweet. Now why don’t you get down and get acquainted with what you’ve been staring at since you came in here?”

The delivery boy offered his help as the elderly woman knelt down in front of him, her eyes fixed on the swaying prong waving in her face before looking up at the lad. Then Eleanor wrapped her weathered hand around the stiff member and leaned forward while opening her mouth and taking the bulbous knob in.

“That’s it. Just like riding a bike, ain’t it Mrs. Duvall?” Mark said while cradling her head in his hands and helping guide her head a little further down with each bob of the Escort Beylikdüzü head. “Take a little more in. Bet you can deep throat that cock.”

The senior’s eyes opened wide as she looked up in horror, shaking her head no as best she could under the circumstances, and after her gloss coated lips went down a few more times Mark eased backwards until his cock came free. He kept her head in place and unsheathed the glans, pinching it until a drop of pre-cum emerged from the tip.

“Taste it. Taste what I’m going to fill your pussy with,” he ordered and Eleanor complied, licking the milky sap until Mark playfully slapped her cheek with his over-sized organ before pulling it upwards. “Now lick my balls. Lick them good. Probably sweaty after I worked all day but you don’t mind do you?”

Judging by the way the senior lapping at the wrinkled pouch she didn’t care, and after she had licked the salty sac clean Mark stuck his cock back in her mouth before reaching down under her arms and lifting her to her feet.

“You did good, and something tells me you liked it as much as I did,” Mark said with a salacious grin while reaching down between the senior’s legs, and when his fingers found their way inside he nodded while probing.

“I thought old ladies dried up when they got older?” he mused aloud while exploring. “Big pussy lips too. Let me see how my face fits in there.”

Gently ushering the petite lady onto her back on the bed, Mark parted her thighs, exposing the full display of mostly light brown hairs that guarded her sex, but even though their was a lot of hair down there it had likely thinned over time so that her glistening labia were clearly visible. Just like the delivery boy had predicted, his nose and mouth slipped neatly in the wet fold and when his tongue went to work Eleanor’s body writhed in the sheets.

“Oh mercy!” Eleanor cried out as her pale legs trembled in the air.

“No mercy,” Mark muttered as he raised his wet face out of the delta, and as he got up on his knees and inched up against her backside. “Gonna make you scream.”

“Please don’t hurt me – I beg you!” the senior implored him as he slapped his cock against the gates of the opening, but her hands were on his hips as she said that, trying to pull him closer as he teased her. “Your penis is so large.”

Mark cackled at that, proud of his endowment, but even he knew that while he was above average in both length and girth, the illusion of size was magnified because his equipment was attached to a torso much like a jockey’s. That didn’t stop the lad from enjoying the words as he brought the tip of the bulb just inside Eleanor, and as he eased in he delighted in watching her eyes roll back in her head.

“That enough for you?” he asked rhetorically introducing half of his weapon to the lady, but then pushed deeper while insisting, “No, you want it all, don’t you, you nasty thing?”

Without waiting Mark began moving in and out of Eleanor, the loud squishing noise that followed each thrust adding to the excitement as the delivery boy got the mattress rocking. The vintage bed might have been as old as its owner if you went by the creaking and squawking coming from underneath them, and the thumping from the frame hitting the wall provided a steady rhythm to the increasingly savage coupling.

Mark felt the lady’s nails clawing at his back as he humped, the sweat from his face splattering all over Eleanor’s face as he watched her reactions to his lovemaking, and he was starting to have trouble holding back his orgasm when the elderly lady let out as feral howl as her pussy clamped down on his weapon and her frail body bucked wildly under him.

The teen came as this was happening, filling the senior’s womb with his seed until he went limp, and only then did he roll off to her side and joined her in staring at the ceiling in the bedroom that now reeked of sex. They both rested like that for several minutes until Mark started to squirm.

“Honey,” Eleanor said as she leaned over towards the young man, putting her hand on his chest and rubbing the pink nubs of his nipples softly. “Must you leave?”

“I thought you were sleeping,” Mark sighed. “You want to call my Mom and tell her I’ll be late for dinner?”

“I – uh – well,” the senior citizen mumbled before the delivery man rescued her.

“No, my old lady works evenings anyway. Why do you want me to stay? Haven’t got enough?”

“Well, there’s no telling whether I’ll ever have a stallion like you in this bed again,” Eleanor reasoned as she let her wrinkled hand go down to the limp organ resting on his hip.

“You going to let me fuck you in the ass?” Mark asked hopefully.

“I don’t,” the woman said as she looked around while wiggling the flaccid dick. “Don’t have anything to use to – you know? You would split me in two without some lubrication. I could make you happy though. Let me show you.”

The spry little lady began kissing her way down Mark’s smooth body as she made her way towards her goal, and when she reached his cock she climbed over his leg and positioned herself between his thighs.

“Lean forward for me. Put your hands at my sides,” Mark instructed, and after following orders Eleanor blushed when she saw he was smiling at the way her breasts dangled down.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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