Lovely Tragic

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First gay story, hope you enjoy :). Don’t think negative about me… um… this is a fictional story, not true. Again, hope you enjoy it and hope you would want more. I didn’t use a editor so I apologize for the mistakes. Bye.

I decided to get off 3 hours early for my husband, it’s his birthday and I wanted to do something special for him. He had the day off, I didn’t. Someone had to fill in his gap right. I work for an industry company and so does Nathan. I stand maybe 6’2, I’m 30 years old have dirty blonde hair, bright green eyes, narrow nose, big beautiful smile, nice muscular tone. I signed up for a muscular build contest, came in 12th place… don’t judge me. I decided I would keep my muscle tone and Nathan was okay with it.

Nathan stands about 5’3 or 5’4, he’s 29, have jet black long hair(he keeps in a ponytail) that goes to his ears, big adorable blue eyes(he dyed his hair and won’t tell me the color before), cute button nose… he’s basically a twink. I’m not going to lie and say I don’t love Nathan and he’s just here so I can fuck him, its more than that. If it wasn’t I wouldn’t had married him then.

Anyway, Nathan birthday is today. Oh, I forgot to introduce myself, I apologize. My name is Ben Smith, married to Nathan Smith. We married in Washington, he was disowned by his parents. I loved him through the pain and anger and he shortly got over it. My parents died in a plane crash when I was 11 and I lived with my Grandma and Grandpa on up.

Back to the point! Nathan’s birthday is today and I decided to buy a bottle of wine and celebrate in bed all day… but why was I coming home to my husband, of 4 years, celebrating in bed with my best friend? It shocked me more than it shocked Nathan because he got caught.

I walked in the door and stopped mid-step, Nathan was on his hands and knees with Pat fucking his ass, and the door was wide open.

“What the hell is going on?” I was furious, my anger bubbled each second of looking at the scene in front of me.

“B-Ben!” Nathan wasn’t moving to get up or anything.

My best friend, Patrick or Pat, kept fucking my husband as if I didn’t exist! I knew Pat was stronger than me, possibly smarter eryaman escort too. I was the body and Nathan was always the brain, that’s what made us the perfect couple. I felt broken inside, I might be a big guy but that doesn’t mean I don’t have feelings.

“Pat, get off my husband.” I warned him, I wasn’t going to do anything, I couldn’t.

“Shut the fuck up, sit down, and wait your goddamn turn, punk.” Pat spitted at me and kept drilling my husband up the ass.

I watched in shock as he pounded my husband hole in an unbelievable way. The headboard bumped the wall hard. Nathan moans and groans filled the air as the headboard moved faster. I heard Pat groan and mumbled something to Nathan.

“Here it comes!” Pat yelled suddenly.

Nathan groaned and released all over my side of the bed, he came so much… maybe 4 big loads and 2 small ones. I hope I wouldn’t have to sleep there. From the position they were in, across the bed, I could see Pat ball sac rise a little and then he started filling my husband abused ass with his spunk. I heard Nathan moan loudly, never once have I heard him moan like that with me, I did get a little jealous but then again his moan got me a little hot.

“He’s all yours, fucker.” Pat just pulled out my husband and laid down on the bed beside him.

I leaned against the dresser and thought for a minute.

Damn, did they really just fuck in front of me?

Are they together?

How long have these been going on?

Was Pat my friend all alone or was he here just to fuck my husband?

Someone needed to answer my questions. I looked over and saw that Nathan was looking at me with those big pleading blue eyes. The look he would give me if he wanted something. He would give me that look if he wanted me to eat his ass out before I make love to him. I looked away.

Hold the fuck up, could I have at some of Pat’s cum from Nathan’s ass before?

“How long how you two been fucking behind my back?” I needed to know.

“Fuck me.” I heard Nathan say.

I looked up and saw Nathan still on his hands and knees, looking at me over his shoulder.

“How long have you two been fucking?” I asked again, trying to stay eryaman escort bayan calm.

“Fuck. Me.” Nathan repeated.

I looked over at Pat and saw he had his arm over his eyes, stroking his, what I believed to be a, 9 inches of fat meat. I was maybe half an inch smaller… he was maybe a little thicker. I was never the one that disappointed Nathan, that’s what he told me. Then why was he sleeping with Pat? That’s what I’m trying to figure out.

“Nathan Alexander Perks. If you don’t tell me- Since we been married, god! Are you happy now! Now, come and eat me out then fuck me! And don’t call me by my old surname, you know we’re married! You catching me fucking your best friend got me so fucking hot! I need your cock inside my freshly fucked ass!” Nathan kept rambling and rambling.

Nathan flipped on his back and raised his legs up for me to see his leaking asshole. It disgusted me, how the fuck do he expect me to act when I just caught him fucking cheating on me? Be glad and saw ‘oh it’s whatever, now let me fuck you ass baby’. Hell no!

“Pat, you need to leave.” I said, sternly to show that I wasn’t playing.

“I ain’t going nowhere, dickhead, now you sit and watch me fuck your husband again, enjoy the show.”

Pat yanked my husband by the hair and forced Nathan’s head toward his throbbing cock. I wanted to leave but it was as if my feet were super glued to the floor.

“Since we been married. Since we been fucking married!” I yelled, my anger was getting the best of me.

Nathan pulled his mouth off of Pat’s cock and looked at me.

“Yea, not like it matter.” He said, shrugging and taking Pat’s cock back in his mouth.

How can he sit here and suck off a stranger, someone who he barely knew. Pat never really talked to Nathan. Nathan just knew that we were friends and whenever Pat came over, Nathan would be gone or in the room exhausted from our hot sex. Nathan only really sucked me off if I did something really special for him, if I begged him enough, or if it was a special occasion. I always ate Nathan ass whenever he wanted me too, because I was a good husband. If I had to jump off a bride to prove how much I love Nathan, I would.

“You escort eryaman know what, stay. I’m leaving.” I said, leaning off the dresser and heading toward the door.

“You can’t leave.” I looked back at Nathan, he was giving me those big pleading eyes again.

“Whatever, Nathan.” I was so fucking furious.

“The bitch said… you can’t leave.” I watched as Pat grabbed Nathan head and through him down on the mattress.

He climbed out the bed and walked over to me, I tried to stand my ground with a solid face. Nathan was looking scared, I would take a glance over every once in a while as Pat slowly stacked to me. I slowly broke the wall and my real emotions started showing, I looked over at Nathan and saw him sitting on his knees. His knees where apart to where we could all see his 5 inch cock, hard as a rock.

“Take a seat, bitch and watch me. Fuck. Your. Husband.”

I backed down and took a seat in the rocking chair by the dresser, angled to the bed. I watched as Nathan was man handled.

Pat grabbed Nathan hair and made him take the head of his cock in his mouth. Pat looked over and we made eye contact. He smirked at me then started face fucking Nathan. Holding his head still and pumping his face. Nathan gagged every once in a while, I was disgusted. Nathan threw up a little around his cock and was slapped in the face for it. I didn’t move to object either.

“Get it real wet bitch, I ain’t wastin’ no lube on you.” Pat said, gagging Nathan again for the fun of it.

I saw the little tears well up in Nathan’s eyes as he looked over at me and bobbed his head on Pat’s cock, his eyes never left mine. Pat suddenly pushed him off, grabbed his right ankle, and pulled him to the side of the bed, where he was standing.

“Alright, Ben, this is how a real man fuck a twink.” Pat said, he lifted up Nathan’s legs and positioned himself.

He didn’t once lube up or put a condom on. He just shoved it in with one thrust, it shocked both me and Nathan at how aggressive he was. Nathan gasped loudly from pain and tried to put his hand on Pat’s thigh to stop the rough penetration but it wasn’t working. Pat kept forcing himself deeper inside Nathan, I heard Nathan gasp in pain again. Pat started fucking Nathan full on and slowly Nathan started liking it, moaning and groaning under Pat, not once would he act like a total slut of me. I just couldn’t take any more of the scene.

I ran out the door.

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