Misery Loves Company Ch. 03 – Finale

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James went to the nightstand, grabbing a condom. Miranda laid back on the bed, her fingers still rubbing at herself between her legs. The sort of condoms the couple bought was always a random color and this time, it was hot pink. He looked over at her, locking eyes as he rolled the rubber down his member. She laughed hard as she looked at it. He joined in the laughter, climbing into bed and kissing her once more.

“What’s so funny about my cock?” He teased, running his fingers over her hip.

“It looks like my vibrator,” She said, giggling still.

He looked down then back at her. “Well, I hope I’m a bit more lively than a piece of plastic.”

“Much more,” Miranda said, leaning into his neck and kissing at it. “So much more.”

Climbing between her legs, James lined his cock up with her sex and teased the tip against her. Miranda reached down, giving his cock a few quick strokes.

“Guide me in,” He said gently to her.

Miranda grinned as she reached down and grasped his cock, pressing the head against her entrance. James pushed his hips forward and together, they moaned in pleasure. His hips pushed in firmly until their bodies were flush with one another. Miranda’s legs wrapped around his hips, digging her heels into his ass cheeks and squeezing around him. Her arms wrapped around his neck, kissing him deeply as he began to thrust.

“Oh yes,” Miranda moaned out.

James groaned in pleasure, rocking his hips back and forth slowly. Miranda’s hips worked with him, bucking herself up and against him, her nails dragging over his skin. His hands rested on her shoulder and her hip, holding her close. They ground their bodies together, lost in that moment of passion. Their lips were locked firmly against one another’s, moaning and panting into each other. Where their bodies ground together, their sweat intermingled and made them glide against one another.

“Fuck, you feel so good,” James said, squeezing her tighter as his hips began to pick up the pace. His member throbbed deep within Miranda, the cock ring keeping him from ending things too quickly.

Miranda smirked and clenched herself firmly around him. “How does that feel?”

James could only shudder, pausing in his thrusts for a moment. “Really good.” He said before starting to thrust once more.

She clenched herself around his cock every few thrusts, dragging her hands down his shoulders as he kept üsküdar escort thrusting. But she felt like changing the script a bit. Pushing James over onto his back, he was confused as she climbed over him. When he realized what she was doing, guiding him back into herself, he grinned. Resting his hands on her thighs, he clutched at them. She slid him back into herself and began to rock her hips up and down. James threw his head back with a deep moan, his hips thrusting up into her. Miranda’s hands rested on his chest, using him for support, her hips working up and down his member.

“Enjoying the view?” She teased.

“Oh yes,” He moaned, smiling up at her. “Wouldn’t miss it for the world.”

Her breasts bounced in his face, her hips working him harder, clenching down on his member each time her ass smacked against his lap. James felt like he was in heaven, grinding up into her, watching the way her body moved above him. His breathing was getting deeper as was hers. Sweat trailed down their faces as they worked together towards their climax.

“I’m close,” She whispered, grinding down onto him.

“Me too,” He panted. “Together?”


They continued to writhe against one another, clutching at each other’s bodies. The building tension within their bodies reached their peak. Miranda leaned in and kissed James firmly, holding his cheeks in her hands as she came. Her body pressed firmly against him once more sent off James. Her nectar dripped down his covered shaft as his release filled the balloon of the condom inside of her. They stayed like that, softly kissing one another, coming down from their sexual high together. Both of them smiled against each other’s lips. James brushed Miranda’s hair from her face as she eased herself off of him and laid down on his right, wrapping her arm around his chest. James rested his head back on the pillows, her head nuzzled into the crook of his arm.

“I needed that,” James said, closing his eyes to bask in the afterglow.

“Same,” Miranda said, giving his chest a light kiss followed by another. “Feel better?”

“Much, much better,” He said, running his fingers through her hair.

The two of them stayed like that for a few minutes, softly stroking one another’s bodies, catching their breath. James went soft, the filled condom still clinging to his member. Miranda yenibosna escort got a devious little idea, sitting up and peeling the used rubber off of him. Before James could ask what she was doing, she looked into his eyes as she brought the condom to her lips. Sticking out her tongue and tilting the open end towards her mouth, she let the warm, gooey semen leak from it and directly onto her tongue. She let out a moan, rubbing her bare thighs together, drinking his release from the condom with a grin on her lips. His cock twitched from excitement as she lapped the last few drops from the hot pink condom before swallowing it all at once.

“Tasty,” She said, licking her sticky lips before leaning in and kissing James once more.

He was a bit caught off-guard. She had always been a bit excited when it came to cum and he shouldn’t have been surprised. It wasn’t the first time she drank it from a used condom. But kissing him afterward? He wasn’t sure how to feel about it. At first. He could taste himself on her tongue as she kissed him. Her touch was tender, running over his jaw and his neck lightly, their tongues dashed against one another. She kissed him with a firm passion before breaking away with a playful smile.

“Hope I didn’t shock you too badly there,” She said, running a hand over his chest.

“A bit,” He admitted, stroking his fingers along her side. “Maybe warn me before doing something like that again?”

She frowned. “You didn’t like it?”

“I wouldn’t say I hated it,” He said. “But I would definitely prefer not having that sprung on me like that.”

Miranda nodded. “I’m sorry. I’ll warn you before I do that again.” She leaned in and kissed his cheek. “How about I make us some tea to make it up to you?”

He smiled, giving her ass a playful swat. “That sounds good to me.”

She climbed from the bed and strut out, heading back into the kitchen to put on the kettle for the two of them. It was something that she did every time they had sex: a bit of post-coital tea. She always craved a cup of it after sex and it was something that James was starting to enjoy as a habit as well. James stayed in bed, resting himself for a long moment. The stress of the day had melted away from him and he couldn’t be happier. Thoughts of what he had to do tomorrow began to creep into his mind but he pushed them away. He was zeytinburnu escort not going to let work ruin this moment.

He heard the kettle go off and decided to get up and head in there. Removing the cock ring and setting it on the nightstand, he stumbled as he took to his feet once more. Finding his footing, he crept into the kitchen and smiled as he saw Miranda. She was humming lightly to herself, shaking her hips to the tune as she made the two cups of tea. Sneaking up behind her, he held her hips and leaned in, kissing gently against her neck.

“Somehow you make tea-making look sexy,” He whispered into her ear.

Miranda had jumped, a little startled by her sneaky lover before breaking down into a fit of giggling. “Of course. I make everything I do look hot.” She said, dunking the tea bags into the water to let them steep.

“We have a few minutes before the tea is ready,” James said, running his hand up and over Miranda’s side to her breast. “Maybe we should have a quick round?”

She moaned softly, feeling his fingers cupping her breast. “Mmmm. You’re insatiable tonight. I love it.” She turned and kissed him once more, the two of them stumbling towards the couch, wrapped in each other’s arms.

The tea was forgotten as the two collapsed onto the couch, kissing with a hunger that had only been partially sated. Miranda went down onto James, bringing his cock back to life for another round. After collecting a condom, this one forest green, James pushed Miranda over the coffee table and slid into her from behind. Miranda bucked wildly against him, her hands gripping the edge of the coffee table as they fucked. James’ stamina was drained but he kept up a slow, unrelenting pace into Miranda that brought them both so much satisfaction. Daylight finally ceased as night took over. They went at it for close to a half-hour before, both sore and spent, they fell onto the couch in a sweaty pile of aching limbs and tired minds. Sharing a few more soft kisses and only then realized they forgot about the tea.

Together, they took a quick shower to clean off their messy bodies, scrubbing each other down with soap. Throwing on their bathrobes, James reheated their teas in the microwave as Miranda pulled up the show they had been watching the night before. Setting back down onto the couch, her legs draped over his lap with steaming tea in hand, they settled in.

“Thank you, honey,” James said to Miranda, kissing her forehead. “This was just what I needed tonight.”

“Anything, for you,” Miranda said, kissing his neck as the title theme of their show began to play.

It was said that misery loves company. The statement was true, in its own way. Pleasurable company to the miserable often made the stress and mundanity of life much better.

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